13 Websites To Learn Reading Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn reading lessons online

learn reading lessons online

While most of us are privileged enough to attend a school where we have been taught reading fundamentally so it doesn't feel like a big deal to us anymore, numerous people around the globe did not have that opportunity and they are lacking on the part.

Speaking is easy and everyone can understand and speak their hearts out. Listening is also totally different as you have to interpret what somebody is saying and understand the meaning of it.

Reading however is a whole another story as you have to grab the context, meaning, and the purpose of each sentence and understand it. Experts suggest reading to be one of the most complex parts of understanding a language as you need to get familiar with fonts, alphabets, grammar, punctuations, and a lot more.

It involves reading those words and creating an image of the context in your mind through the interpretation of those words. Hence, you need to understand and learn how to read properly. Speed reading is one such skill that is not most commonly known but if you can get your hands on it, you can truly increase your intelligence and capable of better understanding.

Reading is taught as a part of various language training programs across the world and many people believe it to be a fundamental aspect of learning any language. However, reading is a skill itself and if you are looking to learn reading online, you can do it with the help of these websites with great content available that is designed for such distant learning programs

13 Websites To Learn Reading Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn reading lessons online

If you are familiar with online learning and looking for any courses on any subject or skill, Udemy.com is the first name that you might think of. They are the world's number one platform for online courses as they have so far, the largest library of online courses available on any website.

You can randomly think of any course that is possible to do online and you can find it listed on Udemy.com. One of the major reasons for Udemy's popularity is that they don't need you to have a monthly subscription or pay anything extra.

You just have to pay for the course you want to learn from and get lifetime access to that particular course in your account. This method allows you to freely learn at your own comfortable pace and have a chance to revise whenever you feel like it.

You can find thousands of courses listed on reading on Udemy.com that can enable you to not only read but memorize things in a batter way. With the help of these courses, you can train your mind to read better and faster than you already do and develop a solid focus.

These skills will allow you to not only increase and develop your focus capability but also make sure that you are understanding what you are reading faster and in a better way. You can find courses on Reading for every age group easily on Udem.com

2) Coursera

coursera learn reading lessons online

Coursera is unlike any other online learning platform. They are offering authentic education online with efficiency. All the courses listed on Coursera.com follow a carefully designed curriculum from most major institutions around the world to ensure the quality of online learning and providing everyone a chance to get the same level of online learning that is enjoyed by the students of these top institutions.

Along with the courses, they are also offering some guided projects and degree programs online that you can enroll with to not only have top-quality education but also an authentic degree that is accredited by most major bodies across the globe.

You can find a number of courses listed on Coursera.org that are exceptional in terms of comprehension, information delivery and are filled with insight on how you can improve your reading skills and take it to the next level.

Not only that, but these courses are also good to enhance your understanding skills so you can improve your reading speed along with a better understanding of the topic. All these courses listed on Coursera.org have thousands of students enrolled from all over the world and you can find reading courses that are suitable for everyone on this website.

3) LinkedIn

linkedin learn reading lessons online

We are all aware of the name LinkedIn.com and the value they are adding to everyone's life. LinkedIn.com is probably the first online social media platform that allows everyone to have a profile based on their academic and professional achievements and interact with the right organizations and people in the corporate sector to network and grow.

They have taken this new initiative to enable online learning on their website and they are offering some of the most needed skills that are in demand. LinkedIn.com is filled with employable skills that might just be the difference between you and your next job. These courses listed on LinkedIN.com are impeccable in terms of understanding and they are all the insight you need to have a practical approach towards these skills.

You can find thousands of courses listed on the LinkedIn.com learning portal that will enable you to read faster and improve your comprehension skills. Reading is not the same for everyone and if you have set goals to achieve more in your life, you need to opt for the habits of the high performer and stop settling on anything less than the best. These courses will enable you to have all the guidance to improve your reading and comprehend the content in a better way.

4) edX

edx learn reading lessons online

edX.org is another online learning platform that is offering you access to a wide range of learning modules. They are offering their solutions for schools to partner with them and have their curriculum listed online so students across the world can get access to their curriculum and have a chance to learn from these institutions.

There are also some solutions for businesses to train all the employees on certain skills with a state-of-the-art learning method that is designed specifically for online learning.

You can find numerous courses and programs including some online degrees listed on edX.org that will help you grow your reading skills online. These courses are designed by some of the top universities including Harvard, University of Michigan, and Berkeley University of California so you can have an assurance that you are in good hands and going to have a learning approach that is followed by top experts in the field.

These courses on reading will enable you to read and understand in a better manner with more speed than before. You can also have your focus optimized with the help of these courses listed on edX.org.

5) FutureLearn

futurelearn learn reading lessons online

FutureLearn.com is another interactive website that is offering you access to some of the very best curriculums available on the internet. The best part about FutureLearn.com is that all their courses are designed by the world's best universities to be taught online.

This way, you get access to learning modules and information with these courses by the best institutions specifically designed to make online learning more efficient and fun for you.

You can see some top names around the world listed on the website that are offering their courses to be taught on futurelearn.com bridging the gap between traditional and innovative study methods.

There are tens of courses listed on FutureLearn.com that can help you with improving your reading skills online. Each course is designed by one of the famous institutions across the globe and follows a comprehensive approach to help you from scratch to end with reading. You can enable yourself to read and understand the concepts faster and more efficiently with the help of these courses listed on FutureLearn.com.

6) SkillShare

skillshare learn reading lessons online

SkillShare.com is another widely popular platform known for its interactive approach towards online learning. They offer you a unique opportunity to get access to thousands of courses that are listed on their website on multiple topics, subjects, and skills with a single subscription.

This way, you don't have to worry about paying for each course and you can not only learn a skill completely with the help of multiple courses but also switch between courses if you think that a certain course is not working out well for you.

There are also a lot of free courses listed on SkillShare.com that are accessible without any membership. The best part is, you get a 2-months free trial of their premium subscription upon signing up an account with them and you can pursue courses on as many skills as you want to easily on this website.

There are several courses on reading listed on SkillShare.com that can help you master the skill of reading and understand all those concepts efficiently. You can learn some top speed-reading tricks on SkillShare.com that will enable you to grasp the context and contents of any written topic in a more comprehensive manner and abruptly. There are thousands of courses on Speed Reading and reading skills listed on SkillShare.com to choose from.

7) Study

study learn reading lessons online

Study.com is the best place for you to be at if you are looking to get a better understanding of any subject in a more academic way. While other websites follow a method that is comprehensive and might miss crucial details to get the things going, Study.com follows a hybrid approach towards bringing the same level of education that is followed in institutions and top universities around the world online.

With Study.com you are certain to get the most authentic information and guidance towards any course you choose to pursue on This website. There are also some cool features like course plans for skills, online courses, degrees, and programs offered by their partnered institutions, and much more.

There are plenty of courses on Study.com that you can enroll in to grow your reading skills online. These courses include some guided projects with assistance in reading and understanding the concepts in a much better way.

You can find an extensive list of different courses listed on Study.com that will help you with reading and enhance your comprehension skills. These courses are all the assistance that you might be needing to take your reading skills to the next level and read more in lesser time.

8) TakeLessons

takelessons learn reading lessons online

TakeLessons.com is an interactive platform that offers you access to a truly innovative form of online learning. While there are plenty of websites over the internet that is offering you access to a variety of courses that are pre-recorded.

Those courses are fundamentally prepared to cover the needs of a wide range of students and hence you might not be able to take advantage of your learning from them as you have planned.

TakeLessons.com is offering you to have the best possible assistance from live teachers through one-on-one sessions that will allow you to have personalized guidance and assistance with the goals you have set for your growth. The best part is that you will only have to pay for the time that you will spend on learning online.

There are plenty of teachers listed on TakeLessons.com that can help you with online learning on reading in multiple languages. You can choose from these teachers with extensive experience of teaching online to get help with any issues you might be facing with reading.

These teachers will help you to understand the problems you are facing and enable you to read anything you want to. They can help you with reading together through personalized sessions in a more effective manner.

9) Reed

reed learn reading lessons online

Reed.co.uk is one of the most authentic names in the world of online learning. They offer you a complete and comprehensive platform that is not only offering online courses but also have plenty of other useful resources such as job portal and career advice portal that will enable you to get access to some of the best career choices from the experts with experience in the field and also get your next dream job easily.

All these courses listed on Reed.co.uk are accredited and you will be getting a certification upon completion as well as marking your success.

You can get your hands on several courses on Reading listed on Reed.co.uk that will help you to read faster and better. There are thousands of courses on the website that have training on reading, fundamentals of reading, and laying a strong foundation for your understanding and much more.

You can also get access to some practices on Reed.co.uk that will enable you to read better and grow your skills online easily. You can filter out the courses based on tutor-support, exams inclusion, and certification along with prices and methods of study easily by using the website filters and choose the best course for yourself.

10) Legentas

legentas learn reading lessons online

Reading is important for everyone as it enhances the knowledge scale. Through regular reading, people can enhance their vocabulary and grammar. But for that, one needs to be a good reader. If you don’t know how to read, online lessons will help you understand these things. For all the reading enthusiasts, Legentas.com is a platform that helps them improve their reading skills.

The website has designed reading courses in multiple languages. Even more, the website is constantly working on adding more languages to make the reading course accessible to everyone. In this modern world, you can get all the news online but you've got to be fast with it. With this website, you'll be able to read faster (twice as fast!). With Legentas.com, students will be able to read the newspaper, emails, articles, and other reading material, promising higher productivity.

Legentas.com has designed around twenty video lessons for positive learning. In addition, the website has designed an eBook that improves the learning experience. The best thing about this website is that students can get unlimited access to lessons. By the end of the certificates, the students will be able to earn a completion certificate. All in all, you can get robust feedback that improves reading through regular exercises.

11) UniversalClass

universalclass learn reading lessons online

Whenever you are applying for jobs and higher studies, you need to have an increasednumber of skills on the resume. The fast reading skills will add weightage to your resumeand increase the chances of selection. However, not everyone has these skills because it’snever a priority.

If you want to learn how to read quickly and effectively, UniversalClass.comis a suitable website that helps everyone learn how to read impeccably. With this website,you’ll be able to gain higher scores in SAT, CLEP, and ACT. This website has an integration of video lessons that optimize learning. The students canfocus on the details because videos have engaging illustrations.

The videos are availableonline and are designed with HD resolution that helps focus on the details. In addition, thecourses on this website are self-paced, so students can learn whenever they want. Thereare no strict schedules to follow. UniversalClass.com has a wide range of courses available24/7.

UniversalClass.com’s reading course takes six months to complete. Besides, there is highcompatibility because students can access the course on all computers, tablets, andsmartphones, irrespective of the operating systems. Last but not least, there are accreditedCEUs available on this website.

12) IllumineOnline

illumineonline learn reading lessons online

Reading is an integral part of everyone’s life. Some people have to read the newspaper withbreakfast, while some of them have to go through emails. It doesn't matter what type ofperson you are, reading is essential and you need to be a quick read if you want to haverobust information.

Fortunately, there are online courses through which students can learnhow to read quickly. If you want to access the online reading course, IllumineOnline.co.uk has a wide range of courses available. IllumineOnline.co.uk has designed a plethora of quick reading online courses that helpstudents learn new techniques.

This website has been offering reading courses since 1996. The students can access the reading courses that match their skills and learning courses. Allthe courses are optimized with video lessons and extra reading material. The reading material will help students learn the intricacies of reading, such as grammar,sentence structure, and other punctuation techniques.

With this website, the students will beable to read faster and interpret the meaning of words efficiently. As for the price, thecourses are very reasonably-priced, so students can learn without putting more a dent on theirwallets. Overall, you'll be able to learn practical techniques and skills with this website!

13) LiteracySolutions

literacysolutions learn reading lessons online

Over the past few years, learning methodologies have changed. Not so long ago, peopleused to learn everything in schools and colleges, but in this modern world, students areopting for online learning. Online learning is trending high among students simply because iteases learning.

Similarly, if you want to learn how to read quickly and effectively, there aremultiple courses available on websites. One such website is LiteracySolutions.com that hascombined multiple reading courses at one platform. This website has been designed with guided reading courses through which students canlearn how to read. They have implemented a quick and engaging learning approach.

Thevideo sessions are held in group settings, so students can interact with each other. Thisinteraction positively impacts the learning experience and helps achieve learning goals. Thewebsite has designed video lessons, and also, there is supporting material available as well.LiteracySolutions.com enhances reading skills by offering relevant articles and sources.

The website also takes regular quizzes with which students’ performance can be tracked. Bythe end of the course, the students can earn the certificate of completion. Even more, onceyou sign up for the course, the website offers three-month access, liberalizing students tostrengthen their concepts.

Choosing The Best Reading Lesson Online

Reading is a necessary skill that everyone must-have. There are some people who are slow at reading or are unable to grab the context or meaning of the content they are reading. There can be several reasons for this.

However, you can ensure to have optimal reading skills with the help of these courses. All these courses are specially designed to help students understand what it takes to read efficiently. You can choose from these websites depending on your needs to have the best possible assistance with learning to read online.


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