14 Websites To Learn Python Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Python Lessons Online

Learn Python Lessons Online

Python is anything but an ordinary programming language. For those who are aware of the scope of python and its utility, it is not going away anytime soon.

Python is known to be a language of future as it enables a programmer to have full command over hardware resources. Being said that, there are a number of possibilities that have come true thanking to python.

These innovations wouldn’t have been possible without python and the world of computers would not be same without it. Python is a highly advanced programming language that requires you to have advanced knowledge of computers and programming languages.

Python is known as one of the top programming languages in the world. It has several notable utilities including Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, Data Mining and much more. All these would not have been a part of life it wasn’t for Python.

That is one of the reason that people are saying that like other programming languages, the scope of python is never ending and it is a right skill for everyone to have who wants to work with technology in the future.

Python is growing ever since it was released and there are new innovations and introduction of new features each day for the language. For all the computer science professionals, programmers, game developers, data scientists and students python is becoming a must-learn language.

If you are any of these and want to learn python for any reason, you should not wait a day more. However, for most people it is not possible to join a degree program to learn python or to join any classes.

There is a solution for you as, you can learn python online while sitting at your home. There are multiple websites that are offering these courses and you can take benefit from these great websites including the following:

14 Websites To Learn Python Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Python Lessons Online

Udemy is about convenience, flexibility and a variety of course options to choose from. It is far more than an ordinary website and provides you with the right access to all the niches of courses you can possibly imagine.

The website does not charge you any subscription or monthly fees that means you only have to pay for the course you want to learn.

Udemy has some great courses listed on the website that you can take advantage from if you want to learn online. Udemy’s platform is a right choice for all those who are into online learning and want to keep learning new skills.

There are hundreds of courses on Python listed on the website. These courses range from learning the basics of python, syntax of python and more.

The website does not only have courses from basic to advanced levels on python but also have some highly useful courses if you want to learn how to use python properly for a successful career.

Some top features that make Udemy one of the best choices to learn python online are:

• No monthly subscriptions

• Courses on basics to advanced level python programming

• Using python for game development, AI, Data Sciences and more

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Python Lessons Online

Coursera brings all the innovative and informative features of online learning websites in one place. The website is all about offering convenience and freedom of learning to all the members.

You can join the website for free and that will allow you access to multiple courses on different niches.

Coursera follows an interactive method that just not helps you with some of the topics but they have complete course materials listed on each topic that will help you from scratch to advanced levels.

There are some highly informative courses listed on python on the website that will enable you to not only learn python effectively but also use it for the right purposes like data sciences, and applications in artificial intelligence.

Whether you are looking for a crash course on python, want to learn the basics of the language or simply just want to learn the syntax so you can switch from another programming language to Python.

There is a course listed for you on Coursera.org. They offer some great benefits including:

• Easy membership

• No obligatory charges

• Complete course materials

3) Lynda

Lynda Learn Python Lessons Online

You all must be aware of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the next generation social media platforms that works pretty much like facebook but for corporate purposes.

LinkedIn is a platform focused on making the corporate world more powerful by enabling everyone to have the right contacts that can help them grown professionally.

They also have a website LinkedIn jobs that allow employers and employees to get their right match. Taking their initiative forward, they have created this super cool website named Lynda.com that focuses on essential skills that one might require to land their dream job.

We all are aware of the importance and scope of python in the upcoming days. Lynda.com is making it possible for everyone to learn python at the comfort of their homes and without paying any hefty fees.

They offer a free one-month trial and then for a minimal subscription fee, you can get access to hundreds of critical skill courses listed on the website.

Some of their top features are:

• Free Trial period

• Team subscription offers

• All the necessary skills to land the perfect job

4) edX

Edx Learn Python Lessons Online

edX.org is another highly popular online teaching website that does not only have the courses listed on the website but also offers you access to a number of other resources as well.

The website along with online courses have a separate section for micro bachelors and micro masters degrees that can help you not only learn a certain skill but also have a certified degree for that.

The website offers you insight to some great topics including python learning so you can polish your python skills or learn it for your career.

Python language is known as the language of future and it is believed that anyone related to programming, computer sciences, robotics, game development, artificial intelligence or data sciences must learn python language if they want to survive in the industry.

edX does not only provides you the access to learn theses necessary skills but also offers you degrees that are certified by their partnered schools and institutions to help you with your career growth.

Some of their top features are:

• Certified course material

• Partnered with well-reputed institutes

• Ability to get a degree online

• Authentic courses

5) FutureLearn

Futurelearn Learn Python Lessons Online

Future learn is another online learning platform that is helping people to learn python online. The website offers great features and some highly interactive teaching methods embedded with their python courses online.

They believe on quality rather than quantity and you might see lesser courses on their website but all these courses are unmatched in terms of the narrative and comprehension.

The website has an easy to understand interface and you can filter the courses based on subjects or courses you want to learn.

This website has an excellent support as well, that can help you wherever you are stuck with a course or simply want assistance to choose the right course for yourself.

The website offers a single membership that allows you access to all their courses listed online. Their top features are:

• Interactive and easy to understand interface

• Ability to learn online with qualitive material

• No sign-up fees

• Support for course selection

6) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Python Lessons Online

Skill Share is a great website that can help you learn any skill online. The website offers some highly informative skills in an interactive method.

There are thousands of courses listed on the website that offer these courses that can help you learn online. The website has free and premium membership that depends on your needs.

The free membership allows you access to some great courses that are totally free to learn and understand.The best part about website is that you can access multiple courses at once.

These all courses can be accessed with a single premier membership. This membership is being charged monthly and there are no obligations that means you can cancel anytime.

There are some highly useful and unique courses on Python listed on the website that can help you greatly. Some of the benefits of using them are:

• Multiple courses access with a single subscription

• A course for all your needs

• No obligations at all

7) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Python Lessons Online

Python is an advanced programming language that requires certain skillset to learn and understand properly.

You can be a programmer who has good command over programming languages and just want to learn the syntax online to help you make a switch. Those online videos might work for you, but sometimes they are not as efficient as portrayed.

Takelessons.com is solving that problem for those who want to learn online and are unable to understand the concepts of learning through online video lessons. The website offers you liberty to get access to tutors online and pay for only what you learn.

These tutors can tach you all you need to learn about python at the comfort of your homes. This is probably the most efficient and understandable way to learn python language online.

Take lessons have hundreds of authentic instructors available that go through an inspection process and it will be definitely be worth the money you are paying.

Some of their notable features are:

• Ability to learn from instructors online

• No pre-recorded classes

• Only pay for the time you spend learning

8) Reed

Reed Learn Python Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk is a UK based website and probably the most popular one across UK and European region. They have a huge library of courses on multiple niches. Whatever course you can think of learning online, you can find it on this website.

The website does not have any registration fee and all you have to pay for is the course you want to buy.

Once you buy a course, you get access to that course material for a lifetime. The website has a number of courses online listed on python.This website might be the perfect option for you if you want to learn python online and don’t know where to start with.

As, there are courses on the basics of programming languages, computer programming fundamentals of python.

Starting from there, you can get your hands on some advanced python learning courses that will also enable you get full command on some of the most popular applications like artificial intelligence, data sciences, automation and more.

Some cool features they offer are:

• Courses on multiple niches in one place

• No sign-up fees

• Ability to get your hands-on multiple courses at one place

• Lifetime access to courses

9) Study

Study Learn Python Lessons Online

Study.com is but anything like an ordinary online teaching website. This website presents you with the right opportunity to learn from the very best.

Study.com is aimed on making online learning a possibility for everyone and to change the traditional education system.

To make this come true, Study.com follows an interactive teaching method online that brings forward a number of reputable institutions.

Study.com is partnered with various institutions and offers you to get access to not only their learning material online but also have opportunity to get certificates, degrees or some extra credit hours while sitting at home.

The website is offering degrees on programming including python and much more as well. Some top advantages of using them are:

• Partnered with various institutions

• Nano-degree programs

• Authentic course material

10) RealPython

Realpython Learn Python Lessons Online

The world is advancing at a significant speed which means one needs to comply with it orelse, they will be left behind.

However, when it comes down to technology, it is progressing with leaps and bounds like never before. Even more, the number of websites is popping outwith each passing minute and laymen keep wondering how these websites are even made.

So, the mastermind behind the website development and creation is Python and we would not hesitate to say that Python isn’t any other coding language, because it’s a full-fledged lifestyle.

This course has been designed to teach Python in the most interactive way possible. Through this course, you will learn the Python pickle model through which you can change the objects in codes and bytes for easy transmission.

In addition to transformation of objects into bytes and stream of codes, the students will also learn about the safety and security measures to take if data is to be used from the unknown sources.

There are video lessons on this platform and discussion sessions with instructor to help clear the doubts. Some notable features are:

• Goal-oriented learning

• Dedicated website to learn python online

• Focus on the application, rather than concepts

11) DataCamp

Datacamp Learn Python Lessons Online

With each movement of advancement in the world of technology, the data sciences are enhancing at a steady speed. These new innovations have literally changed the way people think about the world.

However, on a bigger perspective, the implication of these innovation son businesses is impeccable.There are some businesses that are adapting to the advancing technology but some of them are still lagging behind in terms of productivity only because they aren’t accepting the new world that has technology as an essential.

So, for everyone who needs to upscale them businesses with implementation of data sciences, this is the course to opt for.

Through this course, the individuals or businesses will learn the foundations of data sciences, Python which is essential to coin if you are looking for effective and productive results.

The lessons are short yet informative to make sure you can learn easily without making your busy schedule an excuse.

In addition, you can keep a track of progress through the performance charts and with hands-on keyboard sessions, we are promising best practicing! Their top features are

• Learn Python for data sciences

• Purpose oriented training

• Interactive learning

12) Eduonix

Eduonix Learn Python Lessons Online

The technology is rising at an exponential speed and people are trying their best to comply with it because it has literally become mandatory to strive in the saturated and competitive world.

With these advancements, the trends of artificial intelligence is enhancing at a rocketing speed. With this course, you will be able to get your hands on the lessons through which you can learn Python and how it’s integrated with artificial intelligence.

There are multiple lessons through which students can learn about variables and strings as there is a comprehensive curriculum devised.

By signing up for this course, you will be able to implement Booleans, panda, data frames,logical operators, and dictionaries.

In addition, the students will learn how to scrape the web data while visualizing the data. In the progressive lessons, students will learn about natural language processing along with machine learning and deep learning.

By the end of the course, you will be able to create a Python environment on your own while implementing the functions and packages. The best features to be noted about the website are:

• Most in-depth training on Python

• Learn to use each feature in detail

13) HarvardUniversityOnline

Harvarduniverstyonline Learn Python Lessons Online

Harvard is one of the top universities in the world. Today, wherever you go it is a dream for students to study at Harvard due to their history and great educational structure.

However, it is not possible for everyone to learn at Harvard directly.To cut that issue, they are offering online courses on the website on python that anyone can join from anywhere in the world.

There are some pre-requisites involved. However, you can have the opportunity to learn at the comfort of your home and that too from harvard’s top instructors.

Once you learn python at Harvard, there is no other learning method good enough for you. Some top features are:

• Online classes with Harvard teachers

• Ability to join at your schedule

14) ClassCentral

Classcentral Learn Python Lessons Online

Class Central is based on an innovative idea that enables everyone to have full advantage of the online learning system.

While there are numerous websites that require you to choose only from the courses that are listed on their website and you might feel at a fix, as you may like or want to join a course from some other website.

Class Central is solving that problem for you, as this is one of the best online learning platforms that provide you access to multiple courses from various institutions and websites all at one place.

They combine the best of other websites and bring it all for you in a single place so you can enjoy the best features along with the course material of your choice.

These courses can be joined in the guided groups or self-paced training programs to help you move swiftly on the online learning journey.

There are some great courses on python language available on the website that are from numerous other institutions and online websites so you can effectively compare and make the best decision for yourself.

Some top benefits they enable you to get are:

• Effective comparison

• Best of all websites

• The liberty of choice

Choosing The Best Python Lesson Online

Python is called the language of future and it is seen as a necessary skill for all who want to have a career in data science, artificial intelligence or programming.

Python is a complicated language and if you want to learn it properly without joining a school, books are not enough.

We have compiled a list of websites for you that you can read about and choose for yourself as which website would be right for you to learn Python online.


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