13 Websites To Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

PowerPoint or PPT presentations are a necessary part of our lives these days. No matter we are in school, in college, university or working with some organization, we might need at some point in our lives to have ample knowledge to create the PowerPoint presentations the right way to get the job done.

The scope of PowerPoint presentation is growing huge as not even the students but teachers are required to have sufficient knowledge to use PowerPoint efficiently so that they can teach better.

With bigger corporate organization, the need grows more as you have to pitch all the ideas to your clients with right efficiency. You need to use PowerPoint for internal meetings, to highlight all the necessary parts of an idea, or to get the right clients understand its value.

PowerPoint is not that complicated or hard to learn, but you need to understand certain aspects that will make your presentations stand out. A right presentation is the key to pitching your idea the right way and builds all the impression. Similarly, a presentation done wrong can spoil the impression and that might cost you more than just a client.

Hence, it is imminent that you understand PowerPoint usage efficiently and learn all that you need to know to make your presentations count. There are some great websites that can help you understand the fundamentals of making a presentation right way, and some of these websites are:

13 Websites To Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

Udemy’s website is far too wide to limit it to a certain aspect. But they are doing great when it comes to advanced technological courses that can help people understand not only the basic concepts that are needed to get acquainted with day-to-day technological stuff but also some highly advanced skillset that can be the difference between you and your next job.

Udemy works in an interactive way, that allows you a free membership so you can manage all the courses you get on the website under one place, this way, you don’t have to go through the hassle of managing multiple websites, subscriptions and credentials.

You simply have to buy the course you want to learn from, so you can have indefinite access to the course material. This suits perfectly to regular students and those who are working in the field, so they can learn at their own pace comfortably.

You can find some great, helpful courses on PPT on the website that can help you learn all there is about making the right presentation.

These courses do not only contain elaborative guidance to use the basic PowerPoint tools for an engaging presentation, but also have a deep insight on how you can use some tricks to get your way around things and make the right impression with your presentation.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

Coursera is renowned for its authenticity that counts towards the efficiency of the learning process on this website. They might not have a huge library and their courses are limited in numbers but they are highly remarkable in terms of quality of learning.

They have engaging narratives that captivate the attention and have a smart information delivery method that is going to change your perspective about the online courses. The website is all you need to learn a course properly and understand in-depth concepts that you might need.

The website offers Guided projects and Degrees & Certificates as well along with the pre-recorded courses to learn the right skills. There are several courses on PowerPoint listed on the website that are equally good in terms of learning and you can choose these courses on the basis of what your goals are to learn PowerPoint.

On this website, you can find courses on creating effective business presentations, do the data analysis right way to make your presentation impressive and some other designing skills that are going to polish your presentations and enable you to leave the impression that you have always wanted.

3) LinkedIn

Linkedin Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

There are seldom people who are not aware of the name LinkedIn and the value it brings for anyone who is working in the corporate sector. The platform provides you with the right opportunity to create a strong professional profile that covers all your achievements and qualification.

Not only that, you also get to connect with the right organizations and corporates across the world that can be the just the thing you need to make a step forward towards the betterment off your career and making it count. With these optimistic opportunities, one can never deny the fact that you need the right skillset to land your next dream job.

LinkedIn learning provides you with the access to thousands of highly informative courses on employable skills. These courses can aid you in not only growing your skillset but will also add a certification to your profile.

You can find some cool courses on using the PowerPoint efficiently on this website that are going to help you through every step of the way. Also, the importance of confidence and presenting the presentation right always counts the more.

Hence, you can get assistance on building confidence and find some helpful courses that can be the guidance to all the information you might need to present your case in a perfect manner.

4) Lynda

Lynda Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

LinkedIn has a significant place in corporate world as it allows everyone to interact with corporations and some best people in the corporate culture easily. You get to create your professional profile on the platform that can help you make right contacts that is what you might need to land your dream job, or get the next big opportunity for your career.

However, contacts are not all, and you will need to have the right skillset that might be needed for a certain job. Lynda comes to help here, as it is a highly interactive platform focused on helping all the individuals with whatever they might need to learn to get employed or take the next step in their professional career.

The website caters to a wide range of courses on employable skills that are exceptional in terms of learning experience.PowerPoint being a necessary basic skill for most modern-day job is a must learnt skill if you want to move up in the corporate sector.

There are some super-cool courses on PowerPoint listed on the website that will help you learn the fundamentals of using PowerPoint and all the tools that it carries. Not only that, you can also get insight on how you can make your presentations more attractive, efficient and precise to get the job done and leave the right impression that you want on audience.

5) GoSkills

Goskills Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

This website has so far, the most interesting and interactive interface. The homepage welcomes you with an interesting color scheme and with all those amazing button animations.

With the first look on this website, you can be certain that they know how to present something and this might be the best website for you if you are not just looking to learn how to use all those tools but also get some polishing for your creativity. You can get a wide range of courses on multiple skills on this website including some cool courses on PowerPoint as well.

You get a star-based reviews rating on the front page of course that will give you a sense of surety that they know what they are doing and are pretty good at it. With each course, you get a list of bulleted features to get a better idea of what the course entails.

Moreover, there is also an elaborative overview of the course as what it includes and what expectations you can set in your mind for the learning experience from such courses. There is also a brief summary, a list of accreditations and syllabus mentioned on each course so you can know what you are signing up for.

6) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

This is another highly useful website that is focused on sharing the skills with everyone who is willing to learn. The content on this website is not centralized but have strict quality measures so you can rest assured that you are not going to face any sort of quality issues, or learning difficulties in case you decide to learn with this website.

The overall interface is kind of short and interactive that makes everything you might need available on a single page. The website offers free content along with the premium content that comes under a premium membership.

The best part about this website is that they are offering you a 2 months trial period for free for the premium content so you can weigh out the odds and decide if the website will be worth your money and time.

Another great aspect is that you don’t pay for a course individually and with a membership, you get access to all the courses listed on the website. This way, you can switch between courses or learn from all the courses listed on any topic on this website.

They got an extensive library on courses on PowerPoint that range from data visualizations, charts, basic tools that you can use to make your presentation attractive and much more. Not only that, the website also contains some cool courses that can allow you to learn how to create presentations that will leave the right impact and you can always impress the audience with such presentations.

7) Reed

Reed Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

This is a UK based website that has millions of courses listed on a wide range of niches online. The website is well known for its easy to use and engaging interface that allows you to learn without any hassles.

This website also offers you a dedicated career advice portal to help you with your career and also some cool jobs that you might always wanted to have. The registration is easy and you can sign up for free on this website.

Not only that, you get a sign-up coupon and some cool coupons regularly that will allow you to save on your learning as well. You can pay for the courses you want to learn from and start your learning journey conveniently on this website.

They are offering some highly efficient courses to learn PowerPoint perfectly including certifications from most major bodies like Microsoft, Camtasia, ECDL and more. You get some courses with exams included on the website that will enable you to not only test your journey but also feel confident about your skills.

There are CPD courses listed on the website as well, that will add to your profile and you can earn CPD with your learning as well.

8) LearnDirect

Learndirect Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

While you can get your hands on numerous websites on the internet that publish the content from different experts and other platforms. Undoubtedly, they run a quality check for the authenticity and efficiency of the content that is being uploaded on those websites.

However, this unique website allows you the opportunity to learn from the courses that are designed, recorded and being taught in-house. That means, you can expect top-notch quality standards that are not possible otherwise.

The website also has get a job portal and some funding options that can help needy students to learn without having to worry about any sort of financial issues.You can find a whooping range of courses on this website along with some highly informative courses on PowerPoint.

These courses can help you understand the basic features and tools of the latest versions of PowerPoint such as 2010 and above so you are aware with the best of what PowerPoint has to offer and make it count towards your presentation.

You can find all the information you might need on basic courses, advanced level tools like data visualization through charts and some other insight on how you can make your presentations that can get the job done.

9) Study

Study Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

Study.com is a multipurpose, highly diverse platform that caters a wide range of needs in a single place. The website is focused on brining traditional studies and most advanced means of education such as the use of technology together.

The website has several partnered institutions with magnificent reputation and they are accredited across the world. You can find some awesome opportunities on this website to learn the curriculum of such reputed institutions and not only that, there is much more like studying online to earn credit scores on your degree and getting access to multiple micro degrees.

Computer literacy is considered a fundamental aspect of any educational degree these days and that is why, its importance cannot be neglected. This website provides you with the opportunity to learn all about the PowerPoint that you might need.

No matter if you are a student, teacher, an entrepreneur or an employee, you might encounter a situation in your life that will require you to have PowerPoint knowledge and skills. You can learn it all according to your needs on this website with the help of informative courses that they have listed.

10) Alison

Alison Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

This website got a catchy interface that attracts the attention and you can feel the vibes of being in the right place once you land on the homepage.

The website is renowned for their advanced and informative courses on all the multiple niches including technology and software that are impeccable in terms of information delivery and the quality of those courses.

These courses will add a great value for your learning journey and make every penny and moment spent on learning count.You can find some cool courses on IT and PowerPoint that are being offered for different perspectives and people with different goals or roles can benefit from them.

A certification is offered on completion of all courses that will help you move forward in your career and build a strong profile. These courses include Presentation skills as you might need those skills to present a presentation efficiently.

You can also get assistance on this website on how you can make some efficient and cool PowerPoint presentations.

11) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

You can get all the courses on the Internet to help you learn a skillset but they cannot replace the guidance and information delivery method of an actual person who is helping you with the skills.

TakeLessons is one of such unique websites that allow you with the opportunity to learn with one-on-one skills and lessons that will make it count towards your learning journey. With this website and personalized lessons, you can get focused assistance and guidance to learn any skill you want and that too at the comfort of your home.

It is just like having your own personal tutor that you can ask questions and have your mistakes rectified, and that too online.You can find some experienced professionals listed on TakeLessons.com that will allow you to have the liberty of learning PowerPoint firsthand from the right experts.

This will help you the right way even if you already have sufficient knowledge of PowerPoint as you can simply learn where you lack and don’t have to go through all those long courses for one simple question. Also, this method can help most students learn from beginning to advanced level real quick as you will be getting undivert attention.

12) Nexacu

Nexacu Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

This website is dedicated to software skills training and covers a relatively vast range of software that are essential in the modern world to get things done. On this website, you can find access to a variety of basic, intermediate and advanced level software skills that are considered a necessity.

Not only that, you can also choose to learn the levels of learning on that software that are based on your requirements from the software. This allows you to learn dedicated software tools, features and options that are going to help you the way you want and expect them to be.

There are some highly informative courses on PowerPoint with self-paced learning module that can help you grow your PowerPoint skills in no time. On the website, you get a brief description of what is included in the course, entailing information on how it can not only help you learn all the tools and features but also use them creatively.

The course is also going to help you with building up the confidence and acing some presentation delivery techniques that will leave an overall perfect impact on your presentation.

13) YodaLearning

Yodalearning Learn PowerPoint PPT Lessons Online

This website is one of the best online learning websites. Although, they are not in the filed for a long time but they have covered the void for a website that pretty much covers everything that you might be needing for your online learning expectations.

The website enables you with the opportunity to learn expert level tips and tricks and the usage of basic fundamentals with their online classes.You can have a look at the website curriculum on each course to understand what the course is all about and if it will be a right fit for you.

The website is offering an in-depth course on PowerPoint that entails usage of animations, button triggers, using the flow charts and infographics and much more. The course will also help you with creating some of the most dynamic presentations using PowerPoint that will add the right impression to your day.

There is also chat support on the website that will allow you to get support and assistance whenever needed, 24/7.

Choosing The Best PowerPoint PPT Lesson Online

PowerPoint is the most commonly used software for presentations around the world. It is used in educational institutions, corporate organizations, government bodies and almost everywhere.

Hence, no matter which filed of life you are in, you must have the necessary PowerPoint skills to go through your day effectively. These courses and websites can help you learn all that you need about PowerPoint efficiently at the comfort of your home.

We have reviewed these websites critically on the basis of features, pros and cons and you can choose the best website for your needs by going through these reviews.


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