8 Websites To Learn Pottery Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Pottery Lessons Online

Learn Pottery Lessons Online

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We have seen evidence of pottery and utensils made of clay from the early days of human civilizations, which means we have been using those clay pots for all the basic needs of our lives in such times.

Not so long ago, pottery was considered a profession and was in high demand. You got to see a great number of potters around you making pots of clay and they were being used for versatile purposes. You can still see the trends being upheld in some remote parts of Texas or south American region where people prefer using clay pots.

In modern times like today, we have moved to more delicate and advanced materials of pottery such as marble, glass, and more. What is left of the clay pottery is considered an art that also probably started long ago.

The clay pots were being cooked for sturdiness and then painted with different colors to look good. While we have stopped using the clay pots, it has turned into art to carve pots out of the clay and paint them delicately.

A lot of youngsters with interest in history or arts are getting attracted to it and they are trying to learn the art. If you are among those people and want to get some pottery lessons, these might be the perfect websites for you to have online lessons at the comfort of your home:

8 Websites To Learn Pottery Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Pottery Lessons Online

Udemy is unlike any other online websites out there. It is the perfect website for everyone who wants to learn a new skill online as the website contains elaborative courses on the most diverse range of topics across the world.

The website never ceases to amaze and you can find a course on any possible topic that you can think of. There are complete courses listed on the website that can take you from beginner to advanced levels quickly.

These comprehensive courses are all the assistance you might need to learn the art of pottery and how to cover any mistakes you might be making.

You can find several courses on pottery listed on the website that include Wheel-thrown pottery for beginners, personalizing your work through paint and colors, the fundamentals of wheel pottery, how to craft different shapes out of pottery and much more.

You can see the duration for each course listed below so you can schedule your study appropriately. There are also ratings on each course that will allow you to choose wisely.

You can find self-paced and guided courses on this website and get lifetime access to the course by paying only for the course you want to learn from.

2) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Pottery Lessons Online

This is another highly popular platform in the world of online learning that offers unique interface and interactive teaching methods. The website is known to learn any type of skill you want with convenience, in the comfort of your home.

The best part about this website is the way it works as they have a unique module. The website offers qualitative free content that can be accessed by all, along with premium content that is listed under the premium category.

You just have to sign up for the premium membership and pay for the month's subscription to access all the courses listed on this website at once.

Unlike other websites, they are offering you a chance of a 2-months trial period to their free membership that means, you can extensively check the courses, their teaching methods, and if they are working for you.

You can find a number of great courses listed on pottery on the website. These courses are not limited to certain topics but are covering a vast range of skills, arts, and other necessary techniques that will help you master pottery in no time at all.

You can find several basic, beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of pottery on this website.

3) Reed

Reed Learn Pottery Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk holds a significant place in the world of online websites that can help you learn the skills you want. The website is known for its authentic and right content that can help you with online learning easily.

The website is making formal learning easier by offering you the right opportunity to learn from the experts firsthand and also get a chance to earn CPD with online learning.

You can also find a dedicated career advice section on the website that will help you get the right insight and guidance that is required to take your career to new heights.

The website has numerous pottery courses listed online that will help you feel connected to the culture and very roots of this art. This UK based website has strict quality standards and you can see detailed and elaborative descriptions under each course that will help you make the right decision.

Lastly, you have nothing to lose with their 14-day money-back guarantee if you don't think that the course is working for you. You can also get some insight by FAQs listed below each course to help you understand and make the right decision.

4) Study

Study Learn Pottery Lessons Online

Study.com is a futuristic platform that is devoted to bringing the best of both worlds together. It puts most of the authentic institutions online by giving them a chance to enlist their curriculum with the website.

This is a perfect spot from students across the world who are passionate about studying with an institution that is located in some other country and is unable to do so. The best part is, they offer you a chance to earn credit score with their partnered institutions by studying online.

As the name suggests, this website is about making study online and they offer you the most in-depth insight on any topic that is being listed on the website.

That means, if you are the guy who pays attention to detail and wants such a course for you, this is your go-to website. You can find some highly informative courses such as the history of pottery, symbols, and facts that will allow you to understand the art better and detailed.

You can find courses on different ancient pottery styles on this website along with some certifications in the modern pottery arts that will not only add value to your learning journey but also help you through the steps of your career and make you grow.

5) Courses.Ceramic.School

Coursesceramicschool Learn Pottery Lessons Online

The time has changed and it brought innovation to all aspects of life. Pottery has got its fair share of the advancement and pots made of clay are scarcely being seen. In fact, they have become just a remainder, serving on our shelves.

A memoir, of how far we have come and what we used to be. Ceramic pottery is being most commonly used in the modern world for all the pottery needs. We can hardly see a culture that is not using ceramic pots these days.

Not only that, but ceramic pottery is also considered an excellent choice for all kinds of needs and pottery art has been shifted to ceramic pottery as well. This website is your token to get the right insight on how ceramic pottery works.

If you are on the first step and just amazed by the art, this website will serve you rightly. This innovative website offers lots of enticing features like sculpturing classes with world's top artists, online pottery classes, Instagram webinars, and a lot more.

The website is an all-in-one solution as they will not only teach you how to get the pottery done, but also how you can market it, or set-up your very own art studio. If you are looking to dive deep into the world of pottery, this is the perfect website for you.

6) Ancientpottery.How

Ancientpotteryhow Learn Pottery Lessons Online

The history of pottery goes long beyond the known human history. The first pots were made and used thousands of years ago. Human innovations never cease to amaze, and we have a certain gift to invent or design anything for our needs.

We have sought comfort and convenience and we use all necessary means in our power to get the right tools. Pottery is one such necessity that turned out to be one of the most ancient inventions.

These days, we are still using pottery in our daily lives. We use crockery and pots made of ceramic, glass, and many other conventional materials. However, the art of ancient pottery is not dead and there are admirers who still have the touch for those ancient pots made off a spinner.

The art has made an opportunity for those who are attracted to pottery to learn and try out their creativity on some ancient pottery techniques. If you are among such individuals, this website might be the perfect place for you to learn pottery online.

This website presents you with an opportunity to learn ancient pottery history, techniques, and styles at the convenience of your home.

On this website, you can get access to classes, video lessons, and multiple other resources to help you learn ancient pottery techniques and styles easily.

7) PotteryOnTheWheel

Potteryonthewheel Learn Pottery Lessons Online

Potter’s wheel has been in existence for thousands of years. We can all have a mere reminder of how it works and clay is shaped into exquisite pots by the hands of skilled potters at the wheel.

Well, times might have changed but the art is still being kept alive by those who love history and have a thing for art.

The ancient art of clay pottery on the wheel is being kept alive and many modern artists are following the same patterns and styles of ancient pottering techniques from the multiple civilizations to not only relive the memory but create some magnificent art-pieces that are being adored and appreciate worldwide.

This blog-based website is the right choice to learn if you are looking to learn the pottery on a wheel. There is so much content on the website that can help you learn clay pottery that it is hard to summarize briefly.

In short, whatever assistance you might need if you are starting the journey, stuck somewhere, or want some extra insight on perfecting your work, you can find it easily on this website.

The best part is, the website is free for use and anyone can access it. You can find photos, videos, and text content that will help you learn clay pottery on a wheel easily.

8) Lakesidepottery

Lakesidepottery Learn Pottery Lessons Online

This is another blog-based website that has free resources to help everyone with the pottery lessons. You can find multiple skills like sculpturing, Kintsugi, and more to learn on the website.

On this website, there are multiple lessons, tutorials, and answers to some common questions listed on the website.

The website is all about convenient learning and that too without paying much. You can find a whole new photo gallery that has step-by-step photos on how you can make those perfect sculptures and potter on the wheel. 

There are also exclusive repair lessons on the website that will enable you to repair any time of ceramic or clay pottery easily and restore it to its original shape, paint and make it look like it was never broken or damaged.

This website is perfect for you if you are comfortable with self-paced learning as you might not get timely guidance, but the information will suffice if you can find the right material on the website for you.

Choosing The Best Pottery Lesson Online

Pottery has become an art from a popular profession and today, it is being a part of most art-studios, exhibitions.

Pottery is being taught in art schools to sculpture the perfect shapes that are exquisite to see and paint them with enticing colors as a way to reflect your creativity.

If you are an aspirant and want to get the right guidance on pottery, these websites might serve well for you. You can read these critical reviews, and make the right decision for yourself.

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