14 Websites To Learn Portuguese Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

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Portuguese is a European language mainly spoken in Brazil and Portugal. It is actually the 3rd most spoken language in Europe with regards to native speakers.

Portuguese is also the fastest growing European language falling short to only English language. Portuguese is also spoken as a second language by millions of people all over the world.

It’s actually one of the rapidly growing languages in the world and mostly spoken in Europe. Originating from Galicia in Northwest Spain, Portuguese appeared as a seed language in the 14th century.

There might be various reasons to why you might be interested in the language known as Portuguese. It has an interesting history to it, and there are 8 countries in total that takes Portuguese as its native language.

You might be interested enough to learn the language, but don’t have the time or motivation to join a physical class in regards to learning Portuguese.

However, there is no need to worry as this article will cover everything you need to learn Portuguese online. We have added multiple courses to help you pick the one which suits you best and is according to your taste.

14 Websites To Learn Portuguese Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Udemy, being one of the best websites for online courses, should be one of the better choices when it comes to learning Portuguese lessons online. It features diversity in the courses it offers to you. While maintaining quality, you can expect multiple courses about learning Portuguese.

The website offers a wide range of courses on learning Portuguese. These courses will teach you how to speak Portuguese fluently on a day-to-day basis. There are special courses dedicated to tourists as well as others who want to completely learn the language.

What’s more is that the website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you picked the incorrect course for yourself. From beginner to intermediate to expert level, Udemy is able to offer you everything you will need to learn Portuguese lessons online.

By the end of the course, you should expect yourself to be speaking Portuguese confidently without any complications. You will also understand the structure of the language itself, and the vocabulary used in the language. In short, Udemy has a lot to offer when it comes to learning online courses.

2) Preply

Preply Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Preply is an online learning platform where the website offers you the opportunity of learning directly from its tutors. Any subject of your liking can be learned by the tutors they offer.

The website mainly focuses on teaching foreign language and does a good job providing its users with all the requirements needed to learn in a decent way. You can also arrange for a private online tutor in this website, making the website one of the top picks for learning Portuguese online.

Once you have chosen the tutor of your liking, you can then start scheduling your lessons while viewing the tutor’s calendar. As soon as the process is done, you can finally start taking lessons on Portuguese and learn everything you need to about Portuguese.

This website is a very good choice for you as it will provide you with experienced tutors and give you the option of picking the tutor yourself, and start learning without any complications.

Thus, if you want to learn Portuguese in a private online session with a tutor of your choosing, Preply should be your pick!

3) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Skill Share offers a good number of online courses and is a good choice to start from. With the courses being totally free, you can expect the website to maintain its quality when offering you online courses you can learn anytime!

Luckily, the website also offers online Portuguese lessons free of cost! Most of the Portuguese courses are done by Kieran Ball, he offers a unique way of teaching you Portuguese online. Lessons are mostly divided into a multiple 3 minutes video for the ease of learner.

Kieran Ball has a history of teaching foreign languages for over a good number of years. With his experience, anyone can learn his Portuguese classes online even if he only has 3 minutes to spare sometimes!

All the website needs from you, is a free sign up which should take you seconds to do. After that you can start learning anytime without worrying about anything. You can learn Portuguese in an efficient manner and start speaking Portuguese fluently without any worries or difficulties.

So, if you want to learn Portuguese in a logical, simple, and easy way, you might want to pick Skill Share.

4) Reed

Reed Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

You might want to learn everything there is regarding Portuguese language, not just learn how to simply speak it. What then? Well, Reed has an exclusive way to offer you not only just how to speak Portuguese fluently but also understand the structure of it, along with the grammar and punctuation of the language.

Although the courses are paid, but the website offers courses that will teach you Portuguese to an advanced level. It also offers an excellent technical support which can be accessed easily via either email, telephone or online chat.

All you need is a device in which you can start learning Portuguese in an efficient and effective manner. As the website will offer you a wide range of courses to start from, you can pick whatever suits your taste and get started to learning Portuguese online.

Whether you are a tourist or just have a keen interest in the language, the website will offer you a variety of courses you can choose from. You can expect to learn the language even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of the language and be able to learn it from a beginner to an advanced level.

5) LearnDirect

Learndirect Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Learn Direct is a great choice for beginners looking to learn online courses with ease. The website has online courses specifically made for beginners and offers an exceptional and unique way of teaching its users.

Learn Direct features multiple online courses on Portuguese for beginners. The best part about learning from this website is its unique way of teaching courses through the use of simple yet effective games.

They offer addictive games which plays a key role in learning the language.This website might offer you the best courses available if you are a complete beginner and just want to learn basic Portuguese vocabulary.

The website also has an option to increase the difficulty of the game gradually so you can really test yourself.The learning game featured by the website offers you a recording method through which you can compare your accent to that of a foreigner.

This website might be your best bet if you want to learn Portuguese courses online not in a boring way but in a fun and interactive way.

6) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Lesson Face is another website providing you with skilled teachers on different topics from whom you can learn with ease. They feature some highly professional and experienced Portuguese teachers for you.

The website offers a cooperative way of helping you interact and learn with your tutor in a series of private lessons so you can learn in an effective method.

They also have a search feature which can be used to search for a teacher who matches the exact criteria as required by the user.

Although they don’t provide you with a whole lot of teachers, the teachers that are listed on the website are highly professional and experienced enough to teach you according to your needs.

The background of these teachers is also checked by the website to make sure that you can learn from them efficiently.

Some courses also provide the option of trial courses, and by taking them, you will be able to set your goal line and finally be able to learn Portuguese according to your requirements by the teacher of your selection.

7) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Take lessons provides you with an interactive way to start learning any topic from the teacher of your liking. The website provides a very user-friendly interface, meaning the website is super easy to use.

They have a good number of skilled Portuguese teachers registered on their website.They also provide a complete profile of the teachers listed on the website to give you a better look at what teacher would suit you the best while learning your desired course.

The teachers are qualified, and native speakers of the language.You will be able to learn from these teachers in a private online class, and soon be able to master the language itself.

Some teachers will teach you in a fun and simple manner while some will take a more active and serious approach to teaching you the language.

Nevertheless, the website will provide you with pretty much everything you need to learn Portuguese online with enough teachers listed on the website to match your liking.

Although each teacher might have a different approach to teaching, all of them have the same end goal- teaching you Portuguese language online according to your wishes.

8) Busuu

Busuu Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Busuu is a website purely dedicated to teaching you foreign languages online including Portuguese. They have a global community of around a 100 million learners.

They also feature native speakers as part of their community to enhance their quality of learning experience.Not only being a website, Busuu is also available to download for free at the Android’s play store and Apple’s app store.

As the website purely focuses on teaching multiple languages to its users, you can expect great quality when It comes to learning Portuguese online on this website.The website also offers you the ease of choosing when and how much you want to learn, and then will progress to create a modified study plan for you.

The website will give you the comfort of learning the language online at your own pace.At the end of the course, you will be able to speak Portuguese effortlessly.

If you are someone who likes to learn at a pace of his choosing but effectively, this website might be the solution to your problem as it will meet most of your requirements.

9) LusaSchool

Lusaschool Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Located in Lisbon, Lusa school is an online language school. They deliver a distinctive way of teaching online languages to others in a group course. You will study together with a bunch of other people with the same goal as yours.

But what if you don’t want to study in an online group? There might be various reasons to why you wouldn’t want to study in a group, you might not be able to meet the time in which the online group course starts or some other specific purpose.

Not to worry as Lusa School also provides you with the opportunity of learning in individual courses. Their individual courses will allow you to take private classes at the time of your ease.

These private classes will be focused entirely on your learning and improvement. Lusa School is a great choice for many as it offers both group and individual courses. You can go for either.

If you’re socially active, you can go for the group course which allows you to learn with other people having the same goal as yours, or if you’re someone who wants to study without any constraints and all by himself, then individual courses are made for you!

10) Verbling

Verbling Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Verbling is another great website allowing you to learn foreign languages online with the help of an online tutor. They have a wide range of certified and professional teachers to help you learn Portuguese online.

Providing you with a good number of experienced teachers, you can have online lessons from the teacher of your liking and take lessons from them in an hourly basis. The website also gives you a flexible means of learning Portuguese.

You can learn Portuguese while sitting anywhere in the world, from a number of highly professional and verified teachers that will help you speak like a native speaker.

After signing up and choosing the teacher that meets your requirement and is according to your taste, you can finally start learning after setting a schedule.The website also offers the option of free trial, you can try out the lesson of any tutor for free and if it is according to your taste, finally get started on learning Portuguese.

11) VerbalPlanet

Verbling Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Verbal Planet offers you the opportunity of learning your favorite language with a private tutor on a series of one-on-one online session. You can start learning Portuguese from wherever you want and whenever you want without any complications.

Their tutors are native speakers of the language and will help you speak like one as well. They have an online booking system, you can choose the teacher by yourself after looking at their availability, rating and profile.

After selecting the tutor, you will then be asked to select the time in which you want to take the online lessons.Through live conversation with certified tutors, you will soon develop the skills required to speak Portuguese in an efficient and fluent manner.

As the website enables you to have your own personal teacher in an interactive and easy way. You can finally start learning Portuguese with comfort.This website proves to be a fantastic choice for a certain audience as it provides you with a number of certified and expert teachers who are also the native speakers of the language you want to learn.

12) PortugueseLanguageLessons

Portugueselanguagelessons Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Portugueselanguagelessons.net is a website entirely devoted to teaching Portuguese. The website provides you with a real teacher who also guides you in real time. They mostly conduct group classes in which you will learn alongside other people with the same objective as yours.

Apart from teaching you in a group class, the website also gives you other great options such as self-study, along with a bunch of quizzes that you can take all by yourself.

They also have some free material and lesson listed on the website.There’s also the option of booking specific classes with self-studying. Featuring a highly experienced real teacher, you will start to learn and soon be able to speak Portuguese without any difficulty.

Giving you many choices such as group studying, self-studying, quizzes, free classes, the website proves to be a very good means to learning Portuguese online.

Whether you want to learn the language solely out of interest, or you’re a tourist, or want to open your business, or you’re a student in need to learn Portuguese, this website can prove to be a solid choice for you.

13) SuperProf

Superprof Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Super Prof is one of the few websites providing you with the opportunity of not only being able to learn online but also providing the convenience of home tutoring. The website provides a variety of different teachers for you to pick and start learning from.

The website will also search the right teacher for you if you specify your level. The website has a lot to offer if you want to learn Portuguese. They give you a number of teachers and you can select any one of them based on your liking and taste.

While providing you with a wide variety of different teachers, each one of them is experienced and extremely professional when it comes to teaching. After taking your address or postal code, the website can also find any available tutor for you who will teach you at your home!

Super Prof can prove to be a very solid choice as it gives you the ease and comfort of learning both online and provide you home tutoring as well if its available. With all the website has to offer, you should definitely give Super Prof a try!

14) Mondly

Mondly Learn Portuguese Lessons Online

Mondly is another great website that is available as an app in Android and Apple’s store as well. The website gives you a wide range of languages you can choose and start learning without any problem, including Portuguese.

They have a great way of teaching you Portuguese in a scenario or situation-based learning. Some courses will help you get through everyday situations while speaking Portuguese. Apart from that the website also offers faster and easier way of learning Portuguese.

While being a simple and fast language learning platform, it will still provide enough high-quality content for you to be able to master the language and speak Portuguese easily and efficiently.

Teaching you how to deal with everyday situations in Portuguese, you can expect to learn the language pretty easily.

If you want an efficient, easier and quick way to learning Portuguese, this website might be the solution to your problem as it does everything required to learn Portuguese and be able to speak it while doing it in a way that is very quick to learn.

Choosing The Best Portuguese Lesson Online

Portuguese, being the 6th most spoken language worldwide, is a language that takes up a good part of Europe with its native speakers. It is an interesting language which is spoken as a first language in several countries.

There might be a number of reasons to why you are looking to learn Portuguese, but whether you’re a student, or a tourist, or simply a person with keen interest of the language, we have carefully reviewed and provided you with a number of websites that can help you achieve your goal.

These websites can help you learn Portuguese in no time, all you need to do is spare some time from your schedule, start learning, and master the language!

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