14 Websites To Learn Pole Dancing Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn pole dancing lessons online

learn pole dancing lessons online

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Pole Dancing might get an image of dark bars and shady places to you but it has gained considerable popularity over the past few years and has been a common acrobatic practice as well. Pole Dancing involves a lot of body movements and flexibility allowing you more power and control over your body and is opted by enthusiasts in gyms or dance studios as a separate style of dancing.

Pole Dancing actually is a series of movements around a vertical pole. The performances of gymnasts and pole dancers are widely appreciated across the globe and thousands of youngsters are getting attracted to it.

It might look attractive and an enticing art to you but pole dancing is no joke and it must be taken very seriously. There are complex movements involved that if practiced wrong can cause serious injuries like muscles getting pulled or torn, or getting some serious cramps that no one would want to get.

Hence, if you are looking to get yourself into pole dancing, you must ensure that you have the right guidance and appropriate equipment for practice. There are many dance studios, and gyms that can train you with pole dancing considerably but not everyone might have time to join a dance studio.

There are tons of resources available over the internet that can help you with pole dancing but not every lesson or tutorial is the same. You can get the best guidance over the internet if you know where to look. If you are serious about Pole Dancing and want to learn it through a proper channel online, these websites will be of great help for you

14 Websites To Learn Pole Dancing Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn pole dancing lessons online

Udemy.com is a great website with a huge library that is unmatched in terms of the number of options you get on the website. They are offering thousands of online courses specifically designed to help people learn the subject/skill of their choice online.

Each course on Udemy.com is focusing on certain aspects and you can choose among these courses, the best match for your learning needs. The best part is that you will only be paying for the course that you have to learn from and get lifetime access to the course material so you can enjoy your learning at your own pace.

You can find some really cool courses on Udemy.com that are going to help you learn pole dancing. These pole dancing lessons are ranging from beginner to advanced level including courses on dancing solo or with a partner.

You can get your hands on courses on learning pole dancing for acrobatics, staying fit or some erotic moves for performing with a pole on this website and practice at your home with the right guidance. These lessons contain all the information that you might need to master the art of pole dancing.

2) Reed

reed learn pole dancing lessons online

Reed.co.uk is another great website that is offering courses on multiple niches, subjects, and topics to help you learn online. The website is renowned for its top-notch quality with all these courses and they only feature the best learning material on the website.

Not only that, each course comes with a certification that will allow you to pursue your career and also build a solid profile for feature endeavors. You can also get career advice from some of the best experts working in the field who can guide you on choosing the right course for you or simply where you can use your newly learned skills.

There are plenty of courses on Pole Dancing listed on the website ranging from basic courses on how to pole dance, containing elaborative information on fundamentals to some highly advanced courses that can make you learn the secret behind those super cool movements. These are self-paced and guided courses listed on reed.co.uk that you can choose from according to your preferred learning module.

3) OnlinePoleStudio

onlinepolestudio learn pole dancing lessons online

As the name suggests, this website is dedicated to learning pole dancing online. This is a complete dance studio with elaborative resources but online that can help you understand and learn the art of pole dancing while sitting at your home.

Onlinepolestudio.com is filled with resources, lessons, and moves from various artists that can make you learn pole dancing perfectly in no time at all. You can also get access to a shop on Onlinepolestudio.com that allows you to source top quality poles and have them delivered at your doorstep for practicing at your home with ease.

You can get access to a variety of lessons on the website prepared by some of the most famous artists across the world that can help you learn Pole Dancing in no time at all. All these lessons are focused on different key aspects to understand the art of pole dancing in a better way and making it count towards your goals efficiently.

These lessons contain elaborative information and guidance on footwork, maintaining your body balance, groundwork, and some exciting loops that you have wanted to learn.

4) PoleFreaks

polefreaks learn pole dancing lessons online

Studio.polefreaks.com is not just an ordinary website dedicated to pole dancing lessons online. The website is backed by a team of enthusiasts who love pole dancing and want to keep the art alive by spreading to other people and help them learn it.

The platform was created by Holly Munson to help all those who want to learn Pole Dancing in an optimal manner and equip them with all the right resources they might need to practice the art. Not only that, but these pole lessons on the website can also help you achieve your goal no matter what you might bee look for.

PoleFreaks Studio has an extensive 12-week program that is covering everything from basic to advanced level pole dancing. You can learn exclusive lessons for Spins, Seats, Climbs, Strength workouts, workouts for acrobatics, and other skills with the help of these tutorials and make your dream of learning pole dancing come true.

With Studio.polefreaks.com you get access to hundreds of video tutorials and they are adding new tutorials each week as well.

5) OpenDance

opendance learn pole dancing lessons online

Opendance academy is an interactive platform that is devoted to helping aspirants learn all they need to know about dance. Dancing is a physical activity that involves lots of body movements and energy, without the right guidance and practice it the right way, you have high chances of causing more damage than the good intended and that is not what any of us wants here.

Hence, this website is offering you an opportunity to enroll in their courses with lifetime access and learn the dancing style of your choice up to perfection with their strategically designed course curriculum.

You get access to a state-of-the-art pole dancing course on this website that is one of the most premium courses with great appreciation from students that have taken the course. Upon subscription with Opendance.academy you will be entitled to access a lifetime membership with a one-time fee.

The course entails hundreds of lessons with hours of content on pole dancing that can help you on your journey from scratch to end. These lessons can be accessed anytime on any device and you can learn some of the most famous moves in the world of pole dancing that you have always wondered how they are being done.

6) StudioVeena

studioveena learn pole dancing lessons online

StudioVeena.com is another great website that can help you learn dancing online. The website is dedicated to pole dancing and has a whole buffet of resources that are going to enable you with all the right information and practice to master the art of pole dancing and execute some of the coolest moves that you have wanted to learn.

You get step-by-step guidance on each course on StudioVeena.com that will help you to understand each style and move exactly the perfect way and practice it safely when you want it.

The lessons grow with respect to the difficulty level and as you grow with these video lessons, your confidence and skills with a pole are going to be increased considerably for you to have a confident performance on the stage or performing with the pole.

There is a huge variety of lessons listed on Studioveena.com that you can choose to learn from either from beginning to expert level or simply choose a video from these lessons and learn the moves of your choice.

7) PoleFitnessDancingShop

polefitnessdancingshop learn pole dancing lessons online

This website is a heaven for all those who are looking to learn pole dancing to stay fit and keep their bodies in optimal shape. No matter where you are located and what your fitness goals are, you can always find assistance on your goals on this website.

Pole dancing is officially recognized as a great helpful exercise for everyone who is looking to stay fit and indulge themselves in sports. On Polefitnessdancingshop.com, you can find all the right resources that can help you learn the art.

There is also a shop on the website along with the lessons that can help you source dance poles, pole accessories, grip aids, and even the right apparel suitable for your pole dancing.

There are also plenty of lessons on Pole dancing dedicated to fitness that will make you learn the best exercises and movements that you need to stay fit. These pole dancing moves will help you achieve your fitness goals with the right workout styles and aid with your daily routine.

You can access all these lessons with a single membership and start your journey towards fitness through pole dancing at your home.


cpfa learn pole dancing lessons online

CPFA.thinkfic.com is an official website for Canadian Pole Fitness Association. They are offering a safe and comprehensive online learning module for everyone to understand the basics of pole dancing and the risks it might possess if you don't practice it safely.

You can find the whole curriculum of the pole dancing course on the front page so you can get a better idea of their learning process and see if it would be the right fit for you to learn from this website.

Along with the course on pole dancing, they are also offering you access to some cool workshops that will help you interact with other pole dancers and students so you can learn about pole dancing from all different perspectives and take forward your learning journey accordingly.

These lessons on CPFA.thinkfic.com are structured in an academic manner that not only allows you to learn all those safe tricks and techniques to practice and lessons on performing those complex movements with the pole but also have elaborative insight on how each move works and what it can gain you in terms of fitness.

Their theoretical approach towards learning is getting widely popular among students and they got hundreds of students enrolled for pole dancing courses who have set their goal to stay fit and healthy through pole dancing.

9) LaraJoh

larajoh learn pole dancing lessons online

The website is another dedicated portal to learn Pole dancing online at the comfort of your home and without any hassle of managing regular time. They are offering you access to a complete guide that involved preparing you for these lessons and getting all the footwork ready. To start with the pole, you need to have strong stamina, good warming up routine, and maintain a secure practice so you can enjoy an optimal pole dancing experience.

On Courses.larajoh.de you can find all the assistance with ExFloorwork and getting yourself prepared for pole dancing so you can learn those tricks and moves in a safer way. Not only that, but you can also learn those cool dance combos and workouts with the pole once you are prepared to take the advanced levels. On this website, you are going to find every dance style with the pole you can think of and along with all that, there is also plenty of stuff on workouts for fitness and flexibility.

10) xPole

xpole learn pole dancing lessons online

X-pole TV must be a familiar name for you if you are into pole dancing and have seen those dance videos online, live, or on TV. They are a complete community offering you a chance to attend a local studio or get enrolled with their online tutorials that can help you achieve your goals with pole dancing.

Members.xpole.tv is offering you 14 days free trial that includes access to all their premium content and resources on the website to help you grow your skillset and learn from the very best.

You can also choose to have a monthly, 6-month or annual plan on their website that will allow you unlimited access to over a thousand video tutorials and streaming DVDs that will be all the help you might be needing to learn Pole Dancing online.

Their website has a highly interactive interface that allows you to access their website on any platform including your mobile, tablet, or PC so you have a seamless learning experience wherever you go. You can also find a list of their instructors that are famous around the world for their work with pole dancing and it is a dream of most students to get an opportunity to learn from them.

11) Jamilla

jamilla learn pole dancing lessons online

Pole Dancing is famous equally across the globe and no matter which country you might be living in or what your goals are, you can learn pole dancing to pursue your career as a pole dancer or achieve the right fitness that you want.

Jamilla.com is an online website powered by a top pole dancing artist, Jamilla Deville, who is teaching all those secrets of being a pole dancing that made her a successful artist. The website covers a wide variety of styles and techniques that can help you learn pole dancing.

You can either book private lessons with Jamilla in Las Vegas or any of her tour stops or get access to skype lessons that can help you learn pole dancing at the comfort of your own home. On this website, you can also get top merchandise used and endorsed by Jamilla. Not only that, but there are also some show tickets opportunities that you must not miss if you are into pole dancing.

12) PowerPoleSports

powerpolesports learn pole dancing lessons online

PowerPoleSports is a website focusing on the sports element of pole dancing. There are thousands of people all across the world that take their pole dancing seriously and want to learn it to stay fit and have optimal stamina and flexibility with their bodies.

PowerPolesports.com got you covered with their lessons on acrobatics and stamina that can help you grow considerably with your goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle thanks to pole dancing.

They got several modes of training including In-person training sessions, online training, and preparation for pole dancing competitions. Each training module has several packages covered that you can choose from based on your requirements and get access to a world-class training module with top instructors to learn pole dancing the perfect way.

13) PoleDream

poledream learn pole dancing lessons online

Pole dancing is no easy task and it is a dream for most people to get the right guidance and training to pursue their passion and move with the pole as they have always seen other people do and admired them.

PoleDream.online is offering you a great opportunity to learn pole dancing in several languages including English, Spanish, and more. The website is a full-fledge online resource portal that can help you learn pole dancing with numerous helpful resources that will prove to be of great help on your journey.

On poledream.online you can get access to their catalog to see all the courses being offered on multiple styles and techniques of pole dancing. You can also learn all you need to know about Power Marathon, stretching with the help of illustrations and video tutorials that are designed for an optimal learning experience. You have the choice to enroll in their online courses with pre-recorded videos or join personalized training sessions online.

14) YourPolePal

yourpolepal learn pole dancing lessons online

Yourpolepal.com is just like having an instructor that can help you with any sort of pole dancing lessons online. The website is covering lots of guidance and information on different styles of pole dancing that can help you grow your skills with pole dancing considerably.

On yourpolepal.com, you can get access to pole dancing lessons that are designed to help people learn pole dancing online in an efficient manner. That is not all, there is also some top pole gear including grip aids and apparel that you can source to get it delivered at your doorstep easily.

You also get access to a community off pole dancers and students worldwide that will help you discuss and understand the concepts in a better way.

Choosing The Best Pole Dancing Lesson Online

Pole dancing requires expert guidance as it is extreme physical support, requiring you to move your body completely and have control over each limb. We have compiled these reviews critically to help you make the right choice if you are looking to learn pole dancing online.

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