11 Websites To Learn Poems Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Poems Lessons Online

Learn Poems Lessons Online

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A poem is a composition of words usually ending in a rhyme, giving rise to the intensity of the feelings of a writer who uses those words to express imaginative interpretation of a subject. A poem usually suggests an idea which is carefully thought and written into words by the writer. It is a form of literature which helps create a picture in our mind.

A poem is used to express the emotions of the writer. By using those feelings in a poem, they make us feel a sudden burst of emotion. Poems were initially rehearsed to an audience, but more and more people seem to enjoy the work of art as the years went by.

You might be one of those people who enjoys poems and want to learn the process of writing one. While writing a poem may be a very difficult task for starters but it’s definitely not impossible.

With this article, we have comprised a whole list of websites that will teach you how to write a fantastic poem. You can learn the whole process online, disregarding the hassle of joining a physical class. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look!

11 Websites To Learn Poems Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Poems Lessons Online

With more and more people moving on to online learning platforms, Udemy is one of those online learning platforms many would have already heard of. It is one of the biggest websites providing its users with a huge list of online courses.

Learning how to write a good poem includes understanding lots of things. These descriptive courses offered by Udemy are more than enough to help teach you all the aspects about writing a poem. The website will also provide you with many good features which includes searching for a specific course, and giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee on each and every course listed on Udemy.

Apart from learning the basics of writing a poem, there are also courses teaching you how to publish a poem after writing one. These courses will teach you how to become a confident writer, and write outstanding poems.

With everything that the website offers you, Udemy easily becomes one of our top picks in this list. You should definitely give this website a try and witness everything it is able to offer you at an amazing price.

2) EDX

EDX Learn Poems Lessons Online

Learning a new skill could prove to seem very difficult for many but it isn’t necessarily the case most of the time. With the upcoming trend of using online platforms for the purpose of learning courses online, it can actually become quite easy.

edX is such an online learning platform providing its users with a range of courses. It features a unique set of online courses, while making sure to fulfil the requirements of its users. It does provide you with a CI poetry course which Is a great way of improving your ability to write a poem.

Ci is a part of Classical Chinese lyric poetry. In this course, you will learn all about the CI poetry used in the Tang and Song Dynasty. The course will teach you about the roots, works and representatives of the CI poetry while also giving you a brief introduction of CI poems.

By the end of this course, you will have a better grasp at how to read, be able to appreciate and criticize the poems as well. So, if you’re into learning poems in a new way and are fine with adding a Chinese mix to the course, this might be for you.

3) FutureLearn

Futurelearn Learn Poems Lessons Online

Future Learn is a great choice for learning online courses, providing its users with a basic and very easy to understand interface. Although the website does not provide you with many courses, the courses that are listed in there are of high quality.

The website features poems lessons, while maintaining its high-quality content. The courses are able to cover a wide variety of topics while teaching you the required basics of writing a poem. You will learn effective means of writing creative poems with a variation of different methods.

You will learn how to write your own style of poems with the help of being able to explore different poetic techniques. The highlight of using this website is that you can learn these courses totally free.

You can still upgrade the course for added paid features, such as having permanent access to the course and getting a digital certificate once you’re done with the course.

The website will also provide you with basic course information, which includes the duration of the course, what topics the course will cover, all the requirements needed for the course and information about the teacher who will be teaching you the course.

4) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Poems Lessons Online

Skill Share is another popular online learning platform with a lot to offer. The website has a distinctive interface and provides interactive courses for its users. You can learn pretty much any skill on this website as it provides you with a lot of courses.

The website has both free and paid content with the paid content found under the premium section. Once you choose a course, the website will prompt you to a number of videos found in the course.

The course is divided into these short videos, providing its users with ease while they learn the course. Every course also has a description which helps in the understanding of the courses.

The website features a wide variety of poems lessons. It covers all the basics of writing a poem and teach you become an expert on the matter. You will be able to express your emotions in your own words. Some courses also provide you with exercises that will help in improving your skills even further.

At the end of the course, you will be able understand the structure of poems, the use of rhythms in poems, and how to write an excellent poem!

5) Study

Study Learn Poems Lessons Online

Study.com features a vast number of online courses while being able to offer high-quality content to its users. The website also provides various test preparations for its users, giving them the opportunity of learning about their strong and weak points.

This website will provide you with many good features along with teaching you with various courses. While delivering you with a smart way of learning, you will learn pretty much everything related to the topic you searched for.

Fortunately, there are many courses on learning poems online listed on this website. You will learn the types of poems, the structure of a poem, and all the basics of writing a poem. In short, the website will make sure to teach you all about poems.

Keeping everything the website is able to offer you in mind, this website is a great addition to the list. In addition, the website will also give you a 30-day risk free plan which is basically a free trial. You can take advantage of the free trial and give the website a try for yourself, you will surely not regret choosing it.

6) Reed

Reed Learn Poems Lessons Online

Reed is also a good option for learning online courses. Although the courses listed on this website aren’t a lot, but they are however, enough to get the job done. The courses are not free and you will need to pay a certain amount to get started on learning the course.

The good part is that the website will have enough courses and will cover all the required topics to teach you everything you need to write a good poem.

There are certified online poems lessons registered in the website. Reed also provides tutor support on their courses and every course is reviewed by fellow users to give a further depth and understanding of the course, making the decision of picking the course easier.

The courses require no prior knowledge, which makes them a top pick for total beginners. In other words, you will be able to take full advantage of these courses if you are totally new to poetry and want to start writing poems. Reed proves to be a great choice especially for beginners as the courses are specifically made for them.

7) Berklee

Berklee Learn Poems Lessons Online

Berklee Online provides a variety of courses for different kinds of audience. They provide courses of a said topic while mentioning the level of the course making it easier for the user to pick the course according to his skill. Berklee Online is actually the online course providing platform of Berklee College of Music.

As being a part of a College dedicated to music, the courses listed on Berklee Online are mostly related to music. Luckily, they do provide a complete poetry course. The course teaches you how to be creative while writing a great poem.

The course is completely done by Pat Pattison, who is an author and a professor of lyric writing at the Berklee College. The course only requires you to have a strong grasp at English language. The course will mainly focus on teaching you the rhythm involved in the writing, along with the timing and placement of it.

Providing you with a single extensive course, Berklee Online is a great alternative for learning how to write poems. You will learn all the required stuff for being able to write a fantastic and creative poem.

8) UniversalClass

Universalclass Learn Poems Lessons Online

Universal Class is a very user-friendly online learning platform. It provides an interactive and easy way of learning online courses. The courses also include exams and assignments, helping the user even more to improve his skills on a certain course. They also feature a complete discussion board where the users can discuss the topic with each other and share each other’s perspectives.

The website also features assessment of the exams completed by the user, where he will receive actual grades and feedback concerning his performance.

The poetry course offered by Universal Class is specifically made for poetry lovers who want to write a poem of their own. The course does a good job in providing everything you might need to know about writing a great poem. The course will also feature complete lesson quizzes.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to identify and understand the meanings of poems and be able to write different types of poems. You will become a skilled and confident writer. So, if you want to completely master the art of writing poems, you better get started with everything the website will offer you.

9) PoetrySchool

Poetryschool Learn Poems Lessons Online

The website is purely dedicated to teaching online poetry with its high-quality content. They have a complete program of poetry courses, helping to make poetry accessible to its users. Although they provide online courses only 3 times a year, their free learning activities are available throughout the year.

They have a whole digital platform for poets called CAMPUS where all the online activities come to pass. Their online courses also feature live chat between the students and the teachers. Every online course has its own private group in CAMPUS.

Each online course has classes regarding reading, discussing, and writing activities to help have a more creative approach while learning the course. You will start reading poetry in a different light after joining one of these courses. You will start to gain more confidence in your writings and will be able to write a lot of poems.

You will need a bit of a prior knowledge about poetry while taking these online courses. They also provide the option of arranging individual online courses under certain conditions. Overall, the website does prove to be an excellent choice if you want to get familiar with writing tons of great poems.

10) CreativeWritingInk

Creativewritingink Learn Poems Lessons Online

Creative Writing Ink is a website serving the sole purpose of providing you unique writing courses. They offer great services which includes publishing, proof-reading, critique services and many more. The website has a distinctive way of interacting with its users with the use of emails. All the course materials are delivered to the students through emails.

The website provides courses for complete beginners as well as kids and teenagers. The poetry course offered by the website is done by Eileen Casey who is a poet and a journalist. She has a Degree of M.Phil. in creative writing from the School of English, Trinity College, Dublin. She has received countless rewards in her work and Is a fantastic poet.

The course has a complete duration of six weeks and has a fixed date. You might want to book the course as soon as possible as they usually experience high demand for their online creative writings.

The website does not require any online registration form as it requires you to only input your name and email address while in the payment process. You will get direct lessons from a great poet who will teach you how to write creative poems.

11) MariaFrankland

Mariafrankland Learn Poems Lessons Online

Maria Frankland is another website dedicated to teaching online creative writing courses. The website was created by Maria who is a professional poet, author and a certified teacher. She has done a great job for teaching poetry in this website. She offers free writing advices as well to those who are a part of her ‘Keep in Touch’ list.

With the online poetry course that the website provides, you will be motivated and encouraged to write your own poems and finally be able to achieve your writing dream. The website offers a 30-day refund guarantee in case you change your mind after buying the course.

Maria Frankland makes use of her writing skills and experience in this online course, and while also being a certified teacher, helps in making this course a fantastic and excellent choice. The website also offers a 15-minute chat with its creator, Maria Frankland. You can ask questions regarding your writing.

In short, this website is a solid choice for taking online poems lessons. At the end of the course, you will be familiar with writing poems in a great and detailed manner.

Choosing The Best Poems Lesson Online

You might be interested in poetry for a different amount of reasons. You might be willing to learn creative writing and all the aspects about poetry but not have the energy or motivation to join a physical poetry class.

But you need not to worry as we have comprised a list of websites that will teach you everything you need to learn about poetry. All of these websites are carefully reviewed and verified by our team.

With this article, you will be able to learn how to write great poems and become a fantastic writer!

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