20 Websites To Learn Piano Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn piano lessons online

learn piano lessons online

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Music is the universal language of art, harmony, peace, and love. There is no denial about the importance of music on our culture, and lifestyle. It has influenced us for centuries of existence and for all the known human history, we can find the existence of music throughout the life of humans on this planet.

That is one of the core reasons that it has been not only appreciated, and accepted in every culture but has developed over time as well with many new instruments being introduced and invented over time.

The piano is one such instrument that is from the early 18th century. It is an acoustic stringed musical instrument that was invented in Italy. The boom of the roman empire and European civilization during this era made it possible for the invention of Piano along with several other instruments that are still being a part of our world.

The piano is basically a keyboard consisting of various keys on it that make those nodes when pressed. There are different keys, mainly blacks and whites, each having a unique node on it. You need to press these keys in the perfect rhythm and combination to make those enticing tunes.

It might seem like an easy to play an instrument but that is not entirely true. While there are no hard movements or techniques but mastering the fingers and right combination of rhythm on piano is no easy task. You need to precise with the time and movement of each key to ensure that each node is on its due place and you are creating the perfect tune.

If you are looking to learn piano, there are tons of music schools all over the world that can help you with the job. However, there are also certain websites that are offering online piano lessons for you such as:

20 Best Websites To Learn Piano Lessons Online Reviews

1) MasterClass: Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz

masterclass learn piano lessons online

MasterClass.com is one of the most brilliant websites that you can find over the internet for your online learning experience. They are doing a commendable job, bringing the learning process online and you can learn virtually any topic or subject on the website easily.

They are offering a specialized course on each subject on MasterClass.com that would make you cover the distance from a beginner to pro-level really quick and you can start enjoying the true essence of learning online. Each course is divided into several lessons that make the understanding process much easier for you.

You can find an impeccable course on learning piano by Herbie Hancock on this website that contains 25 video lessons. This course is a complete aid for anyone who wants to not only learn how to play the piano but understand everything there is about music and piano.

This course is the right choice for you if you want to grow your skills in piano. You also get the benefit of a 24 hours free trial that will enable you to understand if the course is right for you before committing to anything.

2) ArtistWorks: Piano with Christie Peery

artistworks learn piano lessons online

ArtistWorks.com is one of the most innovative platforms around the internet that can help you learn any musical instrument or genre online. There are tons of courses listed on the website that you can choose from and get enrolled with to start your journey with music.

The best part is that you get the most extensive online learning experience on this website that is unmatched in terms of attention to detail and all the learning material. There are also affordable pricing methods that can help you pay for the course upfront or in installments so it won't break your bank either.

On Artistworks.com, you can find the perfect course on piano containing over 100 lessons that you can learn from at your own pace. The website offers HD quality videos with the option of slow-motion and video looping that will enable you to learn from these videos in detail and practice along with them.

Upon subscription, you will get unlimited access to the lessons, video exchange library, and Music Theory Workshop that you can use to learn all there is about Piano. You also get the opportunity to submit 5 videos to the teacher and ask for their feedback on it.

3) ArtistWorks: Jazz Piano with George Whitty

artistworksjazzpiano learn piano lessons online

ArtistWorks.com is the home for any musical instrument you can possibly think of. They have a whole buffet of online lessons on musical instruments and genres that you can learn on the website. Even when it comes to Piano, it is played for a wide range of different genres such as Jazz.

With this course, you can learn Jazz Piano with the master of the genre, none other than George Whitty. He is not only going to teach you how you can play Piano effectively but also how to master sheet music, piano presets, backing tracks for Jazz on a keyboard.

There are 100s of piano lessons included in this course as well along with the options Slow motion and looping on videos that are standard for any course listed on Artistworks.com. This course would be a perfect choice for you if you want to learn piano for Jazz, or even if you are a piano player and want to master the genre to learn some extra skill or dive deep into the soulful world of Jazz.

4) ArtistWorks: Popular Piano with Hugh Sung

artistworkspoppiano learn piano lessons online

If you are looking to learn music, your first instinct would be to join a music school that will enable you to enjoy learning with not only the perfect teachers but you can also interact with other music students and get some inspiration through them. What if all that was possible online, at the comfort of your home?

Artistworks.com is offering you the exact same with tons of additional perks and benefits that are unmatched by any other platform. To start with, they are simply the largest online learning platform for music with a huge variety of courses on all the genres and instruments that you can think of.

Artistworks.com offers you courses by different teachers that are expert of the instrument and genre, and a video sharing platform where you can share your practice videos with other students and learn to grow mutually.

This lesson by Hugh Sung on Pop Piano lesson covers everything that you might want to learn about playing the piano for the pop genre. You can also get this plan financed to ease the burden on your wallet.

5) Udemy

udemy learn piano lessons online

When it comes to online learning, nothing beats the fame that Udemy.com has gained over all these years, and for all the right reasons. Udemy.com is probably the most famous online learning website all over the world, thanks to its extensively huge library that is covering more topics than you can possibly imagine.

Just think of something that you might want to learn online and you can find tons of courses listed on the subject or topic on Udemy.com. To top it all, you only have to pay for the course that you want to learn from and you can have lifetime access to the course material.

There are thousands of courses listed on Udemy.com to learn Piano lessons online. These courses range from beginner to advanced levels so you can choose the right course according to your skillset and the level you are at.

There are some specialized courses on Udemy.com as well that will offer you a goal-oriented learning approach for your online learning process so you can be prepared for the goals that you have set for learning piano lessons online.

6) FutureLearn

futurelearn learn piano lessons online

FutureLearn.com pretty much lives up to their name and are providing the most futuristic approach towards online learning. If you doubt the efficiency of online learning websites, Futurelearn.com can conveniently change that for you. They are offering a hybrid module of e-learning, utilizing the power of the internet and technology by making it possible for everyone to learn some cool courses and skills online.

All the courses listed on Futurelearn.com are designed and prepared by some of the top universities across the world. You will not only be learning on Futurelearn.com but will also get an accredited certification upon completion of each course on the website.

You can find several courses listed on Futurelearn.com that can help you learn the piano online. These courses are designed by some top universities to facilitate the online learning process and the right choice for anyone who is looking to get their hands-on piano lessons efficiently.

Learning from Futurelearn.com would be a perfect option for you even if you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro-level piano player as it will not only aid you with piano learning and polish up your skills but also earn you the right certification.

7) PlaygroundSessions

playgroundsessions learn piano lessons online

The website name playgroundsessions.com might sound like a sports website to you but it is quite the contrary. The website is all about background music and how you can use the right instruments to create those mesmerizing tunes that will impact your audience the right way as you want it to be.

There are tons of resources including songs library and a blog on this website that can help you along the way on your journey to learn piano lessons.

You get to learn piano with Grammy & Emmy Winner Harry Connick, JR. that is a well-known name in the industry. The best part is that if you sign up with playgroundsessions.com, you will also be getting access to their mobile application that will enable you to practice piano on the go.

This is a perfect place for anyone who is devoted enough to learn the piano and make it count. You also get access to a shop on this website that would be just the place you need to source all the stuff you are going to need to learn piano lessons online.

8) PianoForAll

pianoforall learn piano lessons online

The name tells the tale of this website and that is what you can expect from the first look. The interface is designed artistically to inspire the right creativity for anyone who is willing to learn piano and make it count towards their career.

Whatever your goals might be, you might be looking to become a professional piano player, or simply want to learn to play piano as a hobby, you can learn it easily on this website with the help of resources and the right guidance. Not only that, but these lessons are also designed optimally so the people from any age group can learn to play piano the right way.

There are different pages on the website that include ordering the course material for you, the secret behind learning piano and playing it the perfect way, testimonials from students who have learned playing piano from this website, and now are making it count.

There is also a list of extensive FAQs that would be enough to clear up any doubts that you might be having about learning piano lessons online from this website.

9) PianoMarvel

pianomarvel learn piano lessons online

Learning piano becomes much more fun if you start learning it with your favorite songs. This website is doing exactly the same by making you learn how to play the piano on your most favorite songs.

There is a huge list of lessons on songs from the classical era to modern pop and jazz songs that you can play along with the right guidance and build the right confidence to play piano for yourself.

You can create a free account on this website to start learning all those cool lessons. There is also an application for iPads that makes the learning process easier and more convenient for you.

On Pianomarvel.com, you get access to programs that are specifically designed for the teachers so they can master the right skills and transfer it on to the students.

The website is all about making a difference in the community and enabling everyone to fulfill their wishes by learning how to play piano the right way and that too online. You can find all that you need on this website to help you play any song that you might want on the piano.

10) PianoWithWillie

pianowithwillie learn piano lessons online

The piano is a popular musical instrument all over the world and pianowithwillie.com is another dedicated website that can help you learn how to play piano online. The website is offering a unique, one-on-one learning experience for all their students that subscribe to the website.

There is also a dedicated store to source all the supplies you are going to need and a huge buffet of lessons that you can choose from. To top it all, you get expert guidance anytime you want.

There are different topics that you can learn on Pianowithwillie.com including Funk piano lessons, easy piano basics, cocktail piano lessons, rock piano lessons, jazz piano lessons, and so on. All these lessons are designed strategically so even a beginner can take advantage of them.

Needless to say, all these lessons listed on pianowithwillie.com are just the thing that you need to become a pro, starting from a beginner level with great ease. There is also a dedicated form on the website that is going to help you tons by participating in an active piano learning community.

11) Flowkey

flowkey learn piano lessons online

Flowkey.com is another dedicated website that is devoted to piano learning online. The website is running in cooperation with YAMAHA one of the top musical instruments' manufacturers around the globe. You can expect the same level of quality from this website as you can expect from the YAMAHA instruments.

The website is covering all there is that you are going to need to start playing the piano. You can get your hands on the best of instruments but that is not enough until you have the right skills to play them. Flowkey.com enables you to have all the skills that you will be needing to play the piano right away.

There are hundreds of songs listed on flowkey.com that you can learn how to play on the piano and impress your guests for the party while you show them your brand-new piano.

Or, you can use these piano lessons to create the right flow between your fingers and keys and take a step forward towards becoming the professional piano player that you have always wanted. The website got the right lessons to enable you with the skills and it is your job to decide how far you want to go, and what you want to do with those skills.

12) Pianu

pianu learn piano lessons online

In the whole buffet of websites to learn Piano, this website is certainly the dessert for you. The cherry on the top is illustrated videos on Pianu.com that are going to make learning easier and fun for you. The website is offering its courses under different packs such as Beginner Pack, Intermediate pack, and advanced pack.

Each pack contains several courses that you can choose from or learn from the whole pack step-by-step according to your skill level. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing each course separately. You can just pay a monthly subscription fee and get access to all these cool courses listed on the website.

Pianu.com makes the learning fun for you by these illustrated videos. There is also a dedicated academy that you can join, practice on your favorite songs or connect with an instructor anytime you are stuck at some point to have the right guidance that is going to get you out of that tight corner.

To make learning more fun, there are different badges that you can earn upon completing the lessons and exercises and it becomes a game for you that you can enjoy and learn at the same time.

13) Skoove

skoove learn piano lessons online

Skoove.com is the perfect and most fun way to learn piano. The website is not simply a website but is offering a mobile application so you can learn on the go and make things more fun for you. Skoove.com is offering a platform that works with PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. You can also attach it with any piano and keyboard for your learning process to move optimally.

The best thing is that there is an extensive trial version of Skoove.com that allows you to have your way around the things and you can get the right idea of what you are getting yourself into. Not only that, but they are also offering a premium membership for those who want to take their learning experience to a whole new level.

Skoove.com is a website for their state-of-the-art mobile application that would be the right aid to your piano learning journey. You can get the app to aid your piano lessons if you are learning from any tutor, an academy or online or simply subscribe for their premium membership and have all the assistance, and guidance that you need to learn piano online in a single place.

14) Music2Me

music2me learn piano lessons online

Music2me.com is a music academy on its own. They are a complete music school that is offering these lessons online. You get a 7-days free trial on the website that would allow you to have the right idea about their learning process and if it is going to work for you.

There are excellent piano and guitar lessons available online with a touch of personalization to make achieve your personalized goal for learning piano online. These instructors will not only help you through the lessons but guide you each step of the way to make a professional piano player out of you.

Along with all these super cool features, Music2me.com is also publishing a regular magazine for music enthusiasts where they can stay up-to-date with the musical world around them and how they can make it count.

You can enjoy hundreds of music lessons, sheets and background music to practice and personal support from these expert teachers so you can have the right learning edge.

15) RocketPiano

rocketpiano learn piano lessons online

Don't let the simplistic, one-page interface of this website fool you. Rocketpiano.com has helped thousands of people learn to play the piano and is all the guidance and support that you can need to learn piano in an affordable and convenient manner.

The website is covering a huge deal of lessons that entail guidance to maintain the right posture, finger movements, hand positioning, making the right flow with the keys, giving up to the rhythm, and much much more. The website is perfect for anyone who is new to the piano and has no idea where to start.

The team has been offering online lessons for years now and got extensive experience in the field. They are not only expert piano players but exceptional teachers as well who understand the needs of their students and draw the right plan for them to take their learning journey step-by-step forward until they achieve the set goals.

You can not only sign up for a free lesson but also get a chance to learn from their very own books that are devoted to those students who find themselves in a fix when it comes to learning piano.

16) LearnPianoIn30Days

learnpianoin30days learn piano lessons online

Piano learning is a complicated thing, but it does not consume all that time if you have the right guidance and are devoted enough to learn it. Learnpianoin30days.com is everything the name says.

They are offering new techniques that are revolutionizing the learning process for new students and everyone can now learn piano within a mere timeframe of 30 days. You get access to everything that you are going to need to learn and play the piano perfectly online on this website. You can read the music, write your own, or play those perfect tunes on a piano within weeks.

Their innovative and unique teaching method enables you to use your instincts to harness the music and make it viable in the form of tunes from piano. You can become an intermediate piano player in just a month and start your piano-playing career professionally in a couple of months. You also get access to their 14-days free trial period that is too good that you will never want to leave.

17) Pianote

pianote learn piano lessons online

Pianote.com is the website that is your go-to place if you want to learn to play the piano online but need expert advice and guidance as well. There are thousands of songs accessible on this website that you can use to learn to play piano in no time at all.

Not only that, but you can also play along with real teachers who are there to support you and guide you through every step of the way and you can have the best of both worlds. Pianote.com is a website where innovative online learning meets traditional teaching experience.

You can get thousands of videos listed on pianote.com that are going to help you practice and you can create those perfect tunes on the keyboard without even knowing it.

You also get live lessons every week, video reviews, and experts' derived practice plans and guidance of real teachers. You can learn conveniently at your own schedule and your preferred pace so you are comfortable with the process and are able to sink in more.

18) HearAndPlay

hearandplay learn piano lessons online

Hearandplay.com is presenting you with the most innovative method you can get to learn how to play the piano online. Their extensive library of musical sheets and song breakdowns will allow you to learn to play piano without any prior musical experience on any instrument.

The website is offering extensive resources including their own software that will make you understand things from a better perspective so you can grasp the concepts right and enjoy the music with all your senses and feelings.

You also get different courses on playing the piano that is pre-recorded for the students who are unable to make regular time for their learning and want a convenient way that would allow them to learn music at their own pace. Not only that, if you want to take your learning to the next level, you also get online training that would enable you to have one-on-one sessions with the expert piano players.

19) PianoLessons

pianolessons learn piano lessons online

Pianolessons.com is a platform from pianote.com that is offering free piano lessons online. These lessons can be accessed by everyone without any subscription so they can have their go at learning piano online. If you are concerned about the budget and want to get the most affordable way to learn piano lessons online, this website is the perfect place for you.

You get access to one of the most extensive libraries of piano lessons online that would help you not only learn how to play the piano but understand the piano theory, piano scales, piano modes and improve the way you are playing piano at the moment.

All you have to do is sign up with them for free and start making a difference in your piano learning and playing journey. All these lessons are prepared by pianote.com instructors so you can expect the same premium learning quality and experience.

20) TakeLessons

takelessons learn piano lessons online

No matter how many video lessons you can watch, the fundamental flaw with those lessons is that they are designed to cover the needs of a wide range of audience, and you will have to skim through tons of information and hours-long videos to clear a single confusion you might be having. There are no possible ways for you to point out any mistakes and you just follow the lessons blindly as there is no other choice for you.

Takelessons.com is changing that for everyone who wants to learn online by providing an interactive, one-on-one learning experience for different subjects and skills.

There are several teachers listed on this website that can help you get personalized lessons to learn piano online. These teachers can guide you through the video link and you only have to pay for the time you will be spending to learn to play piano online.

Choosing The Best Piano Lesson Online

These 20 piano lesson websites that can help you if you want to learn piano online and don't have the time or resources to join a music academy in person. You can go through these reviews and decide which website would be the best for you given all the features, and different learning modules.

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