14 Websites To Learn Photoshop Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Invented all the way back in 1987, Photoshop is one of the most widely used applications today. Photoshop is an editing software that can be quite helpful for casual or business use.

Being able to ‘’write images’’ it can help you edit your photos to make them look more appealing if you want them to. When it comes to casual use, it can also be a great tool if you are active on social media, as its editing features can help you create all types of different effects before you post your photos.

From a business point of view, it can be very helpful for cutting down any marketing costs and is good for making your products and images look a lot more appealing when advertising.

Photoshop is a good thing to have as it can help you out in pretty much every editing situation, whether you’re using it for tweaking some old family photos or to design posters for your workplace, however it can be a little tricky to get the hang of.

Luckily there are literally thousands of sites that can help you figure things out.

14 Websites To Learn Photoshop Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Udemy features lessons on pretty much every topic. They have only a little short of 7,500 courses regarding Photoshop, and the best thing about it all is that they are all different in the way that they teach you.

It doesn’t matter if one of their lessons is teaching you in a way that just isn’t your style. As mentioned there are thousands of courses, meaning that you can choose from any of the other ones.

Obviously their lessons will be focusing on different things, however even those that do teach the same topics as other lessons will be doing so from a different perspective, meaning that there is more than enough of a variety for you to learn any and every thing about Photoshop.

The courses meant for beginners will be focusing on simple things such as introducing you to the program along with what each and every one of its feature does. These types of lessons can help you learn all the fundamentals and prepare you for the advanced lessons.

2) LinkedIn

Linkedin Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

One of LinkedIn’s projects, Lynda.com, has already been mentioned in this list, however LinkedIn themselves have all the required Photoshop lessons that you’ll need in order to become a professional user of Photoshop.

There are courses for people that are very serious about Photoshop and want to use it to earn movie, while there are also smaller, lighter courses for those that wish to learn about its basics.

There are lessons that can teach you about using Photoshop in the web designing field.

These will be focusing on more advanced features of Photoshop and will be quite lengthier than most other Photoshop related courses, however they will be worth it as they can teach you what you need to know in order to master web designing through Photoshop in under 10 hours.

Other than this, there are also some courses that will feature on the newest versions of Adobe’s Photoshop program. These will be teaching you about all the new features and little tweaks they’ve fixed and how you can utilize the new features.

3) Lynda

Lynda Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Lynda.com are all about teaching people about things from a business perspective. They are a platform designed by LinkedIn and feature a very wide variety of lessons on multiple different things.

For Photoshop alone, you will be able to find 17,600+ lessons on their site, while this number will keep on increasing as there are more and more of these lessons added on their site on a frequent basis.

Their mainly focus on Photoshop in business, such as providing you with lessons that will be teaching you the benefits of using Photoshop for your marketing needs. These types of courses will be telling you how you can use Photoshop for this purpose and what features will be most important when doing so.

Other than this, there are also simpler courses that will be teaching beginners about the software and how they can go from their status as a beginner to being skilled enough to get a job as a designer. These types of courses are lengthy, however for your ease, they are also self-paced.

4) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Skill Share have their own wide variety of Photoshop lessons available on their site. Featuring exactly 2,339 lessons, the platform has more than enough options that you can make your pick from.

All these lessons are video based, and will be teaching you about different things in different parts. All of them will of course be teaching you different things in different ways, while having the same goal which is to help you learn all you wish to about Photoshop and how to use it.

All these courses are also video based, featuring multiple videos in each one. The first video associated with all of them will be an introduction to the course and what it will teach you.

This video will be completely free to view, which is a good feature as it allows you to get a look at how the lesson will be teaching you. This lets you decide which one of them you wish to take as you can get a glimpse of how the tutors in said lessons will teach.

5) LearnDirect

Learndirect Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

There are many courses on Learn Direct that can teach you about Photoshop. All these lessons are very helpful in their own respectful ways, as they will be teaching you what you need to know about running the program and using it.

Their selection features courses for beginners and advanced users of the program alike. These courses will be different obviously, as advanced users know a lot more about Photoshop than beginners. One great thing about their site is that there are also multiple part lessons.

These are the type of courses that can turn you from a person that’s never used Photoshop in their life to someone that has a complete understanding of how every single feature it has works. These courses usually have three separate parts, the first one being meant for beginners.

This will be teaching you about the basics, while the next part will be teaching you about other things related to what you’ve learned in the previous lesson. These types of lessons are quite effective and easy to take.

6) Study

Study Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Study.com are a popular site for taking lessons, one that you’ve probably heard of if you have taken lessons before. Lessons related to Photoshop can be found on their site in abundance.

They have a lot of lessons and a lot of these lessons are quite effective. From courses that can teach you about Photoshop for beginners to those that can teach you how to get skilled enough to get a job using the software.

They also have some unique lessons that you won’t find on most other sites, such as using Photoshop for school projects. These types of lessons will be short yet effective, filling you with ideas about all the different things you can try using the limitless software.

These can be quite helpful for most students looking to fill in an art project and are all out of ideas. Their courses are in multiple different forms, from text to video, there are different types of lessons that can be chosen from any time to study more about using Photoshop.

7) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Take Lessons are an online platform made for the ease of people that wish to learn about things. They have a variety of different tutors available for pretty much any topic.

There are almost 50 tutors that can help you learn more about using Photoshop, each one teaching you in their own different way. All these tutors are unique in the sense that they will be teaching you using different methods and focusing on different key aspects.

These tutors can be booked at any given time provided that they are available. Their site is very detailed and can provide you with all the information you need about the tutors you’re interested in, including their schedule for the near future and some details about where they themselves have learned how to use the program and their past.

All their tutors are background checked and tested to ensure that they are capable of teaching you. The one on one classes there tutors offer will be more than helpful and will ensure that you know everything about Photoshop.

8) ShawAcademy

Shawacademy Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

This is a very helpful course available on Shaw Academy which is able to teach you more than enough about how to work with the software. Shaw Academy itself is an online platform that features lessons regarding things such as working with different programs, such as of course Photoshop.

You can trust that there courses will be able to help you with what you need to learn about using Photoshop, and this one in particular is a course that can help anyone greatly.

The course will help you acquire all the different skills you would need in order to successfully and beautifully edit any photo or add effects etc. There are a total of 8 different key topics that the course will be covering, the first one being an introduction to both Photoshop and the lesson itself.

The second one will be about customizing Photoshop, this topic will be covering the importance of comfortable workplaces and how you can use Photoshop’s customization features to create said comfortable workplace for yourself.

9) AGITraining

AGItraining Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

AGITraining stands for American Graphics Institute Training. The online platform is a place where people can come for the sole purpose of learning more about graphic designing.

They provide both lessons and training that can help you learn more about graphic designing and specifically using Photoshop.

Even if you may not be using Photoshop for graphic designing purposes, the site can help you greatly, but the course is very effective for those that are trying to get in the field of graphic designing.

Their lessons cover a wide degree of different things, one of the most important ones being an introduction to Photoshop as a program. This lesson won’t be teaching you about using Photoshop, instead it will be focusing on the history of the program and its features, along with what each and every single one of them does.

By taking this course as a beginner, you will be able to fully understand how Photoshop works, its basic fundamentals and what other lessons are referring to when they are teaching you about Photoshop.

10) GoSkills

Goskills Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

This Course on Go Skills, as you can pretty much guess from its title, is all about teaching you about the fundamentals of Photoshop in a way that any beginner would understand.

Go Skills are a company that wish to help everyone unlock their full potentials. They provide people with courses regarding anything that they want to learn about so that they can do so and become better at it, ultimately becoming professionals at it one day.

This specific course is all about getting you started with the Adobe Photoshop software and how it works. It will be focusing on specific versions of the software, which will be Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Photoshop CS6.

The course will be taught mainly through video, however a small portion of it will also be taught using text. It is not that large of a course, meaning that it can help you get started with Adobe Software in a manner of some hours or so. It is a good and quite effective crash course.

11) Alison

Alison Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Alison are a smaller site that focus on more technical lessons. They have something that can help you with anything regarding any software or hardware.

There are enough lessons on the site that can help you learn everything you need to about the software whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. Their courses cover a wide range of topics, the most notable one being the essentials of Photoshop and how to use it.

These will obviously cover the different features that Photoshop has in its selection and how each and every one of them can be very helpful in different, specific situations.

All these lessons will be featuring multiple ‘’modules’’, every module covering a different topic and the first one being completely free. These free ones are usually introductions to the course and what it will be teaching you so that you can see for yourself which course suits you best out of those available.

The site is quite detailed and will help you with anything you wish to know about a lesson.

12) Eduonix

Eduonix Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Eduonix is an online platform like the other ones mentioned on the list, as they are also a lessons based site that can help you with pretty much any topic.

They have a variety of courses for most topics, and although they have a few courses for Photoshop, they are quite less in quantity as compared to some of the other sites.

This is by no means an issue, as their courses are more than good enough to teach you what you need to know without being too many to make a choice from. Their courses can teach you how to use Photoshop in general or focus on a few of its specific types such as Adobe Photoshop CC.

These courses will be a bit shorter than most and will be mentioning all the fundamentals and basics of using Photoshop, along with how you can make your exact vision come to life using the popular editing software.

Along with this, they have full courses that even more skilled users can take in order to improve.

13) GCFGlobal

GCFglobal Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

GCFGlobal are an online platform that focus on providing people such as yourself with lessons regarding multiple different things. Their courses are usually self-made and also self-designed, as is the case with their lessons regarding Photoshop.

They have many courses regarding the software, each of them being connected to one another, something that can actually be very helpful.

Once you learn their beginner lessons that will be focusing on basics and fundamentals, their more advanced courses will be teaching you about things that are related to what you’ve learned so far.

This makes going from a complete beginner to advanced very easy, as you’ll be taking all your courses from the same site with the same technique that you will eventually get used to. Their courses are designed by their own experts and are quite easy to follow.

From the basic features of the software to how you can design entire sites and make money through it, GCFGlobal’s courses can help you quite a lot on your journey to learn how to use Adobe’s Photoshop.

14) ClassCentral

Classcentral Learn Photoshop Lessons Online

Class Central can probably help you find the Photoshop lesson most suited for you. They have a search engine which allows you to find the best reviewed lessons from all over the internet that also match your exact criteria.

This means that you’ll be able to find a trustable course that will also be perfect according to your own choice. They have a wide variety of Photoshop courses available to take at any given time.

What’s great about these is that they can focus on any specific topic related to Photoshop, for example if you need a course that focuses on designing posters in Photoshop, their selection will be able to provide you with a course that focuses on exactly that.

Other than this are there courses which will be focusing on teaching how to use the software to beginners or advanced users. These can either help you get a hold of all the fundamentals or make you someone that has achieved a complete mastery over Photoshop depending on the type of course.

Choosing The Best Photoshop Lesson Online

Photoshop is a brilliant program and can help you quite a lot in your career. It is tricky to learn how to use that is something that you can say for sure, however that shouldn’t be much of a problem for you.

All the sites above are more than capable of providing you with information regarding Photoshop. Their lessons are tailored to be both easy to work with and don’t take too much time to complete. Meaning that you’ll be able to learn what you want and when you want at a pace that is most suited to yourself.

All these sites also allow mobile access.


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