4 Websites to Learn Photo Shooting Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Photo Shooting Lessons Online

Learn Photo Shooting Lessons Online

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Photography is one of the most beautiful professions in the world. It allows you to capture all those beautiful moments around you, while also letting you make money while doing so.

Even if you don’t do it as a profession, photography is a fun thing to do. When you finally get that perfect photo that you’ve been trying to get for so long you feel a high degree of satisfaction that is quite relaxing and exciting at the same time.

However photography isn’t something easy, especially not on a professional scale. Photography may be fun, however it can be irritating as well.

For example if you tend to take photos of nature and its variety of animals, you might see the opportunity to take the perfect picture and miss it, something that can be quite irritating.

Although difficult, photography is satisfying at the end of the day, and to help you learn all about it, there is a variety of courses online that can help you out.

4 Websites to Learn Photo Shooting Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Shooting Lessons Online

Udemy is a site that features lessons for more than just photography. They have something that can help you with pretty much every topic. From courses about simple things such as cooking to those that can provide you master’s degrees in languages, Udemy have something on pretty much everything.

For photography, they have different types of courses. Some that can teach you about cinematography, some that can teach you about other categories of shooting. A lot of their cinematography courses are provided by tutors that have experience directing videos themselves.

These will be teaching you about shooting videos that will seem like an experienced photographer shot them. It doesn’t matter if you are using a simple smartphone or a DSLR, these lessons will be able to prepare you to shoot videos with pretty much any camera.

Quite a few of them will prepare you to the point where you will be ready for a job in the field of photography. There are also some that focus on teaching you about shooting photos or videos using a specific type of camera.

These will usually teach DSLR users everything they need to know about their device, such as things like controlling the different features presented with your device to shoot the type of photo or video that you wish to take.

Overall they will provide you with enough tips and insights for you to shoot beautiful pictures.

2) Lynda

Lynda Learn Shooting Lessons Online

Like the other sites, Lynda.com also have a very wide variety of photography courses available at all times, however there is something that they don’t have in common with the other sires.

This is the fact that although the other sites are lessons related, Lynda is actually about business and teaching employees how to behave and perform certain tasks in certain situations. This doesn’t change the fact that they provide courses for things other than those that are just business related.

One obvious example of this is photography, for which they offer over 13,250 different courses.

This is much more than most other lesson based sites, however not all of these are about the type of shooting you’re looking for. Regardless, a very large majority of them are about photography and they will all be focusing on a variety of different things in a variety of different categories.

They have courses that can make you into a professional photographer if that is your goal. These will be a lot more difficult and longer than others though, however that shouldn’t be a problem since many of the lessons on the site are self-paced.

Some of their courses can also help you with casual photography, allowing you to take photos with your smartphone that seem like they were taken by a professional with a high-level camera. Their 13,250+ courses can help you learn anything about shooting.

3) Skill Share

SkillShare Learn Shooting Lessons Online

​Skill Share, as you can guess, is a platform on the internet that encourages people to share their skills with others, while also encouraging others to learn from the skills that have been shared on their site.

When it comes to shooting photos or videos, they have more than a wide enough variety of different lessons that you can take. To be exact, Skill Share have 1925 different photography courses available, while more are added from time to time meaning that this number will only be increasing in the future.

The main category that their lessons will cover is photography in the outdoors, as that is mainly where most of the beauty is. This also has categories of its own, such as shooting nature related photos.

These types of lessons will be teaching you about a variety of different things, one of the main ones being related to shooting during sunsets or sunrises. Of course since the topic is a famous one when it comes to photography, there are many courses regarding it, a lot of which are completely unique from the others.

One example of this must be a course which teaches you and makes you practice about all the wrong techniques before the finally teaching you the correct one. Other than this there are those that will cover cinematography and photography in the streets to catch the urban beauty of your city.

4) Reed

Reed Learn Shooting Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk is one of the oldest websites that provide lessons to this day. They were started all the way back in 1995, and although their main focus wasn’t exactly providing lessons back then, it definitely is now.

They have lessons regarding pretty much anything, however one thing that people tend to note is that these lessons aren’t exactly the highest in quantity as compared to other sites. This is in no way a bad thing, and it definitely isn’t one that should alarm you.

Their courses are provided by only the best educational institutes, most of which are situated in the UK. They have 189 lessons regarding shooting, a few of which can also grant you printable certificates upon completion.

These courses mainly focus on professional photography and how you can make a lot of money every single day through the profession. Most of their courses are about picture taking.

These will focus on the right ways to position yourself while taking a photo and the right time to take it. If you follow the tips given by these professional courses than you can no doubt, highly improve in the field.

Some of their courses will be teaching you about video production as well. A lot of these ones will be teaching you about cinematography from a director’s point of view. All their courses provide lifetime access, letting you learn from them whenever you want.

Choosing the Best Photo Shooting Lesson Online

Albeit not many websites are on this list as you would expect, the ones that are featured should be more than enough to provide you with all the information you need. They feature many a few lessons on their own, let alone when combined.

This leaves you with a very wide variety of different lessons to choose from even if there aren’t that many sites.

Although even if you don’t like the way the lessons these sites provide are shaped, that is nothing to worry about since there are other sites and tutors all over the internet that can teach you what you want to learn about shooting.

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