6 Websites To Learn Pandeiro Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn pandeiro lessons online

learn pandeiro lessons online

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Music is one thing that can help every stressed person to relax down. But once you start creating these tunes and melodies on your own, you will feel empowered. Pandeiro is one such musical instrument which has its origin from multiple locations, North Africa, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain.

People play the pandeiro tunes with heels and fingertips; it really depends on the preferences.

So, if you want to learn how to play pandeiro, this article will help you access the websites to learn pandeiro lessons online. But before we start with lessons, let’s have a look at some benefits of drumming (yes, pandeiro is a drum!)

Drumming will help musicians connect with themselves and restore the lost energy. People will be able to reduce the anxiety and stress levels while drumming, and in some cases, it helps relieve chronic pains as well. When people are drumming, blood pressure normalizes, leading to positive health impacts.

Some people have managed to increase their social circle because they participate in events and programs. These benefits are enough to push you to learn pandeiro, right? So, in the article below, we have shared the websites to start learning pandeiro lessons online!

6 Websites To Learn Pandeiro Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn pandeiro lessons online

Pandeiro is a diverse musical instrument with its Brazilian origin. The website has sharpened its name for online courses, and the learning opportunities are topping up.

The website has a new student deal, which helps students to learn pandeiro with a discount. Udemy.com is developed with an aim to help students learn and pursue their passion.

With this website, students can learn pandeiro playing skills through a wide range of courses. The pandeiro courses are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. The players will be able to meet their goals and achieve their dreams. Udemy.com offers access to online learning, so students can gain new skills in a meaningful way.

Udemy.com is a global platform that helps people learn how to play pandeiro from anywhere they want. The website is connecting students with experienced instructors, so they can learn the skills that will help them succeed. The website has a wide range of courses (the technical ones as well!)

With Udemy.com, students can learn professional skills that also help them grow as an individual. All the courses on this website are designed with video lessons. The lessons are self-paced, which means students can learn whenever they want (no strict schedules).

On top of everything, the website offers downloadable resources, so students can learn offline too. At the end of the course, the students can access the certificate of completion as well.

2) OnlinePandeiro

onlinepandeiro learn pandeiro lessons online

Online learning has to be interactive if you want to learn new skills. The online learning experience will significantly depend on the website to choose from.

OnlinePandeiro.com is a suitable website with proven outcomes. The website has only one pandeiro course that has been divided into four units.

Unit one will teach the basics, which makes it perfect for beginners. Moving on to other units, the students will be able to learn Brazilian rhythms and grooves.

The students will be able to improve the rhythmic impressions. However, these impressions can be played on other musical instruments as well.

The website also offers free pandeiro tips and techniques. These tips and techniques are provided through videos. These videos are readily available on OnlinePandeiro.com.

The website has a special Pandeiro package, which is designed with an online course and a pandeiro. This means that students can access the course and musical instrument in one place.

The courses on this website are developed by Sergio Krakowski, who has more than 25 years of experience in pandeiro playing. The website will ensure that you are able to express yourself through pandeiro.

The website has a newsletter subscription which can be subscribed through an email address that offers regular updates.

The updates are available for courses and learning material. However, if you’ve questions, there is a contact form on the website through which students can get their queries answered.

3) WorldPercussion

worldpercussion learn pandeiro lessons online

If you want to learn how to play pandeiro, online courses are the right way to go. If you’ve been looking for online platforms, WorldPercussion.net is an apt website.

This website has multiple pandeiro guides available. These guides are designed to cater to diverse student’s needs. The guides are available for beginners who want to learn the basics and intermediate players who want to brush up the basic skills.

The website will teach rhythms from scratch. The students will be able to learn the components of pandeiro and learn how to strum them right. The website offers on-screen exercises that will help students practice their skills.

In addition, there are notations through which students will be able to read music. Be it Marcha or Coco, Frevo, or Polka, WorldPercussion.net will teach it all.

With WorldPercussion.net, students will be able to practice with real-time tracks. These tracks will help strengthen the concept. The students will be able to ace the grooves.

The pandeiro course on this website is comprised of 73 chapters. These chapters are well-designed that help students learn every crucial technique.

WorldPercussion.net has Matthias Haffner on board, who is an experienced pandeiro player and teacher.

However, before signing up for the course, the students can watch the trailer to gain an idea about the course. The website offers video lessons as they are more engaging and intuitive.

4) WorldDrumLessons

worlddrumlessons learn pandeiro lessons online

Pandeiro is a Brazilian musical instrument with a round shape. To be honest, pandeiro looks pretty captivating, and if you want to learn how to play pandeiro, WorldDrumLessons.com is the perfect website out there. The website offers pandeiro courses for every student, depending on their skill level.

It’s needless to say that students will be able to improve pandeiro skills with this website. The website hosts weekly classes through which students can learn.

WorldDrumLessons.com hosts video sessions through Zoom conferences with which the students can interact with instructors as well.

The website offers pandeiro courses, as well as monthly subscriptions. With monthly subscriptions, students will be able to access the video library.

The video library consists of technique exercises, grooves, practice routines, and PDF files. The PDF files will help students learn how to read music and access the music sheets and notations as well.

The courses on WorldDrumLessons.com are designed and instructed by Scott Kettner. The lessons are designed to be informative yet fun. With this website, students will be able to access practical pandeiro lessons.

WorldDrumLessons.com enables the students to learn left wrist development and gain an idea of the basics. Ranging from bass tones to slap tones, the website will teach them all. So, enter your email today, subscribe to the course, and become the pandeiro pro in no time!

5) ScottKettner

scottkettner learn pandeiro lessons online

Learning to play pandeiro is an interesting hobby, and if you are ready to learn it, ScottKettner.com is a well-designed website. This website will cater to student’s needs, beginners, or intermediate.

The beginners will be able to learn the basics, while intermediate players will become the pandeiro pro in no time.

ScottKettner.com offers the first lesson for free, so you’re clear if you want to move forward or not. The instructor has designed courses to help students learn the rhythms and grooves.

With this website, you’ll be able to bring your drumming skills to the next level. The best thing about this website is that students can learn different styles and cultures with the pandeiro course on ScottKettner.com.

The websites have been designed free video lessons for beginners. The video lessons are posted on YouTube as well, which makes it easier for students to learn the grooves and techniques.

ScottKettner.com has special social media handles which are pretty active, so students can have regular updates.

The students can interact with website developers and owners with social media handles. Also, the players will be able to gain information about courses.

Oftentimes, featured videos are uploaded on the website as well that help ramp up the techniques. On top of everything, the website hosts regular events where students can show off their pandeiro skills!

6) ViradaDrums

viradadrums learn pandeiro lessons online

Online learning is pretty interactive, and if you want to learn how to play pandeiro, ViradaDrums.com is an apt website out there.

With this website, you’ll be able to learn beginner drumming skills. The students will be able to learn new percussion techniques with this website and hone the rhythms.

The website hosts free video lessons that offer the optimal learning experience. In addition to online courses, the students can schedule in-person sessions if they reside in Boulder.

The best thing about this course is that students can order Brazilian musical instruments from ViradaDrums.com.

All in all, you can learn how to play pandeiro and buy a pandeiro from one place. With this website, the students will be able to access the video that helps them learn how to choose the right pandeiro.

The online pandeiro course is compromised over four weeks that covers basics and advanced skills as well.

The online courses are held on Zoom, and it is advised to book the lessons one hour before the Zoom meeting starts. ViradaDrums.com has made it essential to have a pandeiro for taking the video lessons.

ViradaDrums.com offers musical charts that enable the students to learn how to read music. With this course, you’ll be able to play along with the songs and apply music concepts. The best thing about this website is that students can access the video recordings for offline learning.

Choosing The Best Pandeiro Lesson Online

Pandeiro is one of the most integral musical instruments from Brazil. The rhythms and grooves are perfect for soothing your stressed self. Learning how to play pandeiro will directly impact the musicianship skills.

So, if you want to learn how to play pandeiro, this article will help you access the websites to learn pandeiro lessons online.

The websites are designed to offer a streamlined online learning experience without compromising on quality and results. All you need to do is take out some time, buy a pandeiro, and start learning to become the pandeiro pro. Best of luck!

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