14 Websites To Learn Painting Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Painting Lessons Online

Learn Painting Lessons Online

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Art has a relation to human culture and civilization since before we could remember it. It started with the cavemen, carving shapes and symbols in the walls with rocks and stones and grew into some of the huge symbols of civilization that are still a mesmerizing sight to look at.

There is no doubt that humans need more than just words to express their thoughts, feelings and expressions and there are some better ways to convey the messages silently without having to speak.

Art is one such language that needs no help from other means and it is sufficient to express a whole story with a single look at it. There have been those who loved art more than their own selves and art has been appreciated in almost every civilization that is known to us.

We can remember art being a part of our civilizations for the best part of known history. Masterpieces of art at canvas are known as paintings and present a fundamental part of art. These paintings from ancient roman civilization to the cavemen photos on wall of animals to the middle age mona lisa and modern world’s abstract art.

These simple colors spread across the canvas present you with a whole new ideology of things and they can be perceived differently by everyone depending on their perspective.Although, it might seem like an easy job to be able to paint, but it is not.

It requires sheer determination, patience, skill and creativity put to right direction to be able to paint the right way. There are also somethings that you can learn about painting and make it an easy thing for you to be able to turn your creative imagination to the canvas and colors the right way.

While there are lots of art school around the world, there are certain websites as well, that follow no boundaries and you can get their help to learn painting online. Some of these websites are:

14 Websites To Learn Painting Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Painting Lessons Online

Udemy is one of the most popular and largest websites in the world of online learning. It is like having access to an online library that can virtually teach you anything in the world.

Whatever you can imagine being taught online, you can get a course for that listed on Udemy.com. The website allows an easy to sign-up process that entails no subscription fees and you don’t have to pay monthly either.

There are literally thousands of courses listed on Udemy.com on painting and you can take help of these courses to learn painting online.

These courses are designed, directed and recorded to the highest standards of quality and you will never feel behind on these courses.

There are multiple courses on art listed on the website ranging from abstract art to portraits and much more. Each course puts attention to detail and this is the most perfect way to learn painting online.

The best part is, you only have to pay for the course you want to learn from and it will be in your account indefinitely. This allows you to pursue your passion at your own pace and take your learning journey forward at your leisure.

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Painting Lessons Online

Coursera is the place for you if you are picky about your online learning courses and want to filter out the choices effectively.

The website has a rather short list of courses but each one has thousands of students enrolled to them and got high popularity due to perfection and high-quality standards that they have to offer.

The website offers you with a set of filters that can aid you in finding the best course according to your needs. The filters are for language, level, duration, skills and much more.

This way, you can make sure that you narrow down your choice prior to making a decision and don’t have to go through lots of trouble in order to find the perfect painting course for you.

The painting courses on Coursera can help you grow from beginner to advanced level real quick and it will get you the right amount of skillset that you required to paint perfectly.

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learn Painting Lessons Online

We are all aware of the name LinkedIn and it brings only credibility to the table. The website was started as a corporate social media platform for all sorts of professionals from different fields to connect and make the right connections in corporate world to help each other grow.

They later on started some other projects to help people get jobs and more. LinkedIn learning is an initiative from the developers that allow users to learn the skills they desire online.

The website presents you with a huge range of courses listed online that can help you learn virtually any skill that you can think of.

There are good 5000 plus courses on painting listed on the website that range from digital painting to Acrylic and water colors painting and much more.

The website provides you with access to complete courses that range from a couple of hours to even 24 hours hour long. These elaborative courses are detailed and present you with the perfect opportunity to learn painting online.

4) Lynda

Lynda Learn Painting Lessons Online

There might be thousands of tutorial videos available on YouTube, promising to make you the next Picasso but by the end of your painting session, all you end up with is paint all over your hands and a mess on the paper.

So, to make sure you stay away from such mess and yet learn how to draw and paint, this website will become the ultimate option out there. Lynda is the website that has been offering online courses in literally every niche and they haven’t stood back when it comes to drawing.

So, that’s the prime reason that they have added multiple drawing and painting lessons on the websites. There are designated courses through which students can learn about how to make the right strokes and where to draw deeper.

Irrespective of the course you choose, there is lifetime access available to the people who sign up and also, there are video lessons to ensure you are focusing on the details as well.

There are specific courses focusing only on shapes, how in-depth, right? So, pick up those pencils and brushes and bring out the creativity on canvas!

5) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Painting Lessons Online

While many perceive painting as a god-gifted art that can not be learnt and it comes from within. There are certain artists that have a different point of view.

These artists believe that creativity is indeed god-gifted and there are no courses in the world that can make you creative. However, with the right training and skills, you can enhance your creativity and create some marvels of art with it.

Skill share is the website that believes in affordability and diversity. They offer you access to thousands of courses online under a single subscription that you have to pay for monthly and you can get access to any course on any niche you want.

When you search for painting on the website, you get over 5000 courses listed on the topic. This is one of the most versatile and huge painting learning library we could find on the internet.

Each course is dedicated to a specific skill, or a part of paining that you might want to learn.

These courses range from acrylics to water color and much more that you can learn how to use properly and make them count on the canvas.

6) Reed

Reed Learn Painting Lessons Online

If you have been through other online websites and were not able to find the right course for you, Reed.co.uk might be the perfect stop for you. Their range for online courses is really broad and you can find thousands of premium courses listed on the website.

The website offers regular promos and offers so you can save on your online learning as well. The website presents you with a broad opportunity to get your hands on a wide range of courses on painting that are listed on website.

These courses range from Acrylic painting courses to modern art courses and decorating training that can help you express your creativity in the most perfect possible way.

The website is based in UK and you will have to pay for these courses in GBP.

There are a number of CPD accredited courses listed on the website that will not only add to your knowledge, but you can also get certificates and CPD to build your portfolio effectively.

7) Study

Study Learn Painting Lessons Online

The name might sound like traditional studies, and the website did start as an online website to help students with studies and academic subjects online.

​But with the advancement of technology and need of time, the website has grown to highest levels of popularity and you can find a diverse range of online courses on this website.

​The website offers you with numerous interesting features like study plans, online courses, take online classes for your credit hours and able to get micro degrees from various institutions listed online but, that is not all and there is much more to this great website.

They have sign up for teachers, schools and working scholars separately to manage the accounts and provide each user of the website with right set of options that they require.

Each course on painting listed on the website meets highest quality standards in terms of understanding and can be the right help for anyone who wants to learn painting online.

8) Take lessons

TakeLessons Learn Painting Lessons Online

While there are pre-recorded lessons online that can help you learn painting, but the problem with such lessons are that they are designed and recorded keeping in view a diverse range of students with various goals set for them.

These courses are no good for you, if you are the person that is always looking to go extra mile and add value to their learning experience.

Takelessons provide you with the right opportunity to learn from experts first-hand with their one-on-one sessions. You can get connected to painters and artists across the world that can help you with a personalized approach towards learning painting and making yourself confident about it.

The best part about the website is that it allows you to interact with your teachers so you can have devoted assistance and focused attention to help you grow and move towards your goals.

You also don’t have to pay any subscription fees, and they will only charge you for the time that you will spend on learning.

9) VirtualArtAcademy

VirtualArtAcademy Learn Painting Lessons Online

While there are some students privileged enough to learn painting from a dedicated art school, some are not.

The only thing those students have is the passion to learn and their creativity that keeps them moving towards their goals and focus on the learning process.

Virtual Art Academy is one such website that is making the dream come true for all those who are not satisfied with some lesson online and they want to study art and painting like a real institution.

The website has an interactive interface that matches the motto of online art learning. They got some engaging techniques to help students learn art and shape their creativity towards the right direction.

This website is all about art and their classes are well-structured with step-by-step guidance for all the students who want to learn how to paint.

They provide comprehensive knowledge that is easier for students to understand and each student can fulfill their cravings for coloring the canvas with their imagination.

10) TheVirtualInstructor

TheVirtualInstructor Learn Painting Lessons Online

This website is a community-based website that allows you access to hundreds of virtual instructors online.

Each expert with their skills, these virtual instructors can help you transform from the traditional medium of studies and learning and guide you how to fly without wings.

The website has an engaging and interactive interface that follows a unique approach towards making the things easier for you. You can join easily for a free account and get access to these instructors who will be there to guide you through your steps towards excellence.

There are some super cool painters on the website to help you with Acrylic painting, Watercolor painting, Oil Painting, Pastel lessons, Mixed media lessons and much more.

The lessons might also be recorded and you can get assistance from these pre-recorded lessons to ensure an optimal level of learning and understanding for your online learning journey.

11) Paintinglessonsonline

PaintingLessonsOnline Learn Painting Lessons Online

This website with minimalistic interface is the perfect example of no bells & whistles but gets the job done. This is a blog-based website that is free to use for all and comes in handy when you are on a budget and want to learn painting online.

This does not mean that their lessons are not good, and if you have the will to learn, these lessons can be the right fuel for your ambition that will guide you through the steps of online learning and help you move forward on your painting journey.

The website has a number of courses like Videos that can help you get the wind of thing and understand some fundamentals of painting along with the right way to paint and make it work properly.

There are certain other art supplies that will guide you to choose the right gear for your journey and make every painting count towards your success.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter and get free updates and insight on painting on your email regularly.

12) Art-is-fun

ArtIsFun Learn Painting Lessons Online

Not so long ago, we would indulge in drawing the lake and the sun would shine bright over the mountains and we considered ourselves the great Picasso, only to learn that we have very mediocre drawing and art skills.

This can be a very bad realization but if you have managed to outline the weak parts, let’s sharpen them up and get our hands on the painting lessons.

This website is the epitome of teaching because with this website, you will be able to learn painting and drawing like never before. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro painter who wants to dust off the rust off his/her skills, the website has something for everyone.

On this website, you will find courses that teach you cute anime paintings but if you want to scale up with photo realistic paintings, there are lessons available for that as well.

The website has been igniting the young minds by giving them the power of art and if you want to learn that as well, this website will become your ride or die with its wide array of painting lessons.

13) Learntopaint

LearnToPaint Learn Painting Lessons Online

As kids, we all have watched the craft shows on Disney which prompted us to bring out the creativity and inculcate it on the paper.

However, once you start drawing, you get to know that you aren’t too good at it and only the Disney teacher can draw. With that notion, you never paint or draw again but the creativity still pinches you, right?

So, if you have been looking for the opportunities through which you can learn how to paint and draw, this website has the well-designed and well-integrated courses.

With this website, you can subscribe for a weekly show through which you can learn how to paint and draw in the most easy, promising, and interactive way possible.

The best part is that you won’t make a clown of yourself with the outcome because it’ll be awesome. If you are the nature lover, this website has videos dedicated to teaching how students can paint the beach splashes and if you want to still learn painting, that’s possible as well.

So, take out those brushes and pens because you’re about to become the artist that you’ve always dreamt of becoming!

14) ClassCentral

ClassCentral Learn Painting Lessons Online

There are institutions around the world that can help you learn painting and you can also find numerous websites all over the internet that present you with an easy to understand way to be able to paint.

However, all these choices and options can get you confused on which option would be the better fit for you.

Well, now you can relax back because Class Central is presenting you with an online platform where you can not only get access to the courses from various websites but it also has a wide range of institutions listed on their website.

You can effectively compare the features, pros, cons and reviews for each course and institution and make the right choice for you. The website has an easy to use interface that makes comparison fun.

The filters on the websites are too broad that if you use them right, you will land the most perfect painting course for you.

As the name suggests, Class Central brings forward all the courses centralized at one platform from all the online learning websites along with their rankings and provide you with complete access to these courses.

Choosing The Best Painting Lesson Online

Painting is an art and it is not easy being an artist. It requires a unique sense of creativity and the will to express your feelings on canvas through paint and colors.

While it feels magical, learning how to paint is no piece of cake and you need to learn it properly to make sure that you are able to paint effectively.

These websites can help you learn the right skills required to paint your heart out on the canvas and produce some truly mesmerizing art pieces.

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