20 Websites to Learn Negotiation Lesson Online (Free and Paid Negotiation Courses)

Learn Negotiation Lesson Online

Learn Negotiation Lesson Online

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Negotiation is the process whereby two parties each with their own individual interests discuss the different terms and conditions that allows them to reach an agreement on a varying degree of issues.

Negotiation gives room for the settling of differences on terms that all individuals find acceptable and in the process eliminating arguments or dispute.

Negotiation as a strategic discussion plays a pivotal role in different areas and situations especially in business, politics, trade, finance and so on.

If you have a desire to pursue a career in negotiation or improve your ability to hold justify your position and reach a deal, then it is important for you to receive adequate training from authorities in the field. To accomplish this feat you can enrol for tutelage on various standard lessons online.

These lessons are hosted on different eLearning websites and designed by teachers with the necessary qualification and experience on the subject matter.

By utilizing the right eLearning platform, you can be taught on the essential tips, key factors and elements to make you a superb negotiator.

The individual websites are unique in the application of unique features, attractive offers and premium services all of which have been put together to enhance user experience.

Here are some websites where you can learn negotiation lessons online.

20 Websites to Learn Negotiation Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass

MasterClass Chris Voss Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Masterclass is a top eLearning platform where you can acquire new skills, learn more valuable details and gain in-depth insights into different subjects ranging from negotiations, entrepreneurship, dancing, directing, food and so much more.

In this masterclass on negotiation lessons, former FBI hostage negotiator, author and professor Chris Voss will teach you on the “Art of Negotiation”.

Chris Voss was the FBI's chief International hostage and kidnapping negotiator for over twenty (20) years- during which time he was involved in negotiating famous hostage cases that stirred media coverage and public interest.

This masterclass will consist of eighteen (18) lessons, with each lesson running for twelve (12) minutes.

Additionally, other learning resources for this masterclass includes a class workbook which contains brief summaries and assignments to improve your skills, plus a student community where you can connect with other students.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Udemy is an online learning website that focuses on creating a digital environment where learners can easily connect to well-experienced tutors and learn anywhere and any time.

On Udemy you can easily search for Negotiation lessons that suit your learning needs best. Udemy also offers special discounts and sales on all their courses depending on certain events such as the current “Presidential sales offer".

If you want to learn more about successful negotiation, hone your negotiating skills, tips on how to plan and prepare your negotiation strategy, then you should consider using this platform.

In addition to its HD on-demand video instructions, downloadable resources and mobile/TV access, Udemy's platform is also designed with easy to use tools such as filters and a sort icon, that can assist you to narrow down and streamline your search results based on best prices, bestsellers, top-rated and so much more.

3) Skillshare

Skillshare Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Skillshare is a platform that is designed to connect instructors who want to share their knowledge, skills and intellect, with learners who have an interest in broadening their mind on a particular subject matter.

To get started using skillshare you have to create an online students account. After successfully creating an account, you can then choose the two-month free trial to start experiencing what the platform has in store.

The Skillshare platform has a simplistic design that allows you to easily navigate and find your way around the different sections.

A quick assessment of the results following a search for navigation lessons in the search bar produced only a minimal amount of relevant learning content available on the subject.

4) Coursera

Coursera Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Coursera is an eLearning platform where you can learn courses on negotiation which are taught by top instructors and professors from prominent universities and academic institutions all over the world.

Choosing to learn negotiation lessons on this platform gives you complete access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums.

You can either choose the Audit for free course options or the paid option, which provide you with additional quizzes, projects and a shareable certificate upon completion of your course.

On Coursera, you can also earn a bachelor's degree, master’s degree, or professional certificate in Negotiations from top accredited and authentic universities.

If you want to learn on Coursera but cannot afford the fee, you can follow the necessary steps to apply for the financial aid and await a response on your application after due processing.

5) Lynda.Com

Lynda.Com Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Lynda.Com is an eLearning platform from professional networking site LinkedIn. Lynda.com is a website that provides affordable and effective learning solutions for both academic, business and governmental needs.

On Lynda.com you can easily search for different courses on negotiations which are put together by highly qualified instructors.

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your time and money, you should select courses that are comprehensive in their coverage. To accomplish this, you can view more information about the course on their respective profile page's.

You can also try out the platforms free one month trial to determine if the teaching methodology and learning resources will satisfy your learning needs.

Lynda.Com premium membership allows you to download your course video lessons through the mobile application which is available for both Android & IOS devices. By doing so, you can view your video lessons offline without an internet connection.

6) Alison

Alison Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Alison is one of the largest eLearning platforms where you can find free courses on a wide variety of subjects. Alison's objective is to provide a channel through which learners can study anything, anytime, from who they prefer for free. This platform offers Certificate courses, Diploma courses and Learning Paths.

To get started learning negotiation lessons on Alison, you need to:

— Sign up and register for a free Alison students account either using your email address or social media accounts. After successful registration of your account, you can update your profile page with any skills, qualifications or abilities you have.

— Search for the perfect course on negotiations.

— Enrol in your preferred course and start when you want to. On your student dashboard, you can save and track your learning progress.

— After completion of your course, you need to pass Alison's assessment with a required score of 80% or more to graduate.

— Earn your shareable certificate of completion (which will be shipped to your location).

7) Class Central

Class Central Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Class Central is an online directory that contains a vast catalogue of free online courses or Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

On this website, you can browse for courses based on a particular provider, University, institution, subject, career and/or language.

As a vast online directory, you may be presented with so many options, therefore, to make your search for the perfect course easy and proceed without hassle, you can visit the courses profile page to read reviews, view the course provider, course duration, and so much more.

If you are not satisfied with the details provided, you can check out the help centre that contains answers questions other learners ask frequently. If you have the interest to enrol for a particular course, you can proceed to the class to get started.

8) Harvard Business School Online

Harvard Business School Online Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Harvard Business School online is a digital extension of the University's on-campus learning program.

This platform was designed and developed to cater to the learning needs of individuals who want access to high-quality education and also want to learn in their own time and personal space.

On Harvard Business School Online, you can learn how to negotiate from the experts who are well experienced in what it takes to present your demands, justify your position and reach an agreement that is favourable to you.

The teaching methodology and structure of the HBS-online allows you to completely immerse yourself into the course that you are studying.

The learning resources of the Harvard Business School Online are unique and engaging. This allows you to learn crucial negotiating concepts, skills and tips.

Negotiation lessons will incorporate real-life situations encountered by industry experts and professional negotiators.

9) Negotiation Experts

Negotiation Experts Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

The developers of this course believe that negotiation is an essential component of our everyday life.

The organizers of this seminar design and implement practical negotiating exercises that simulate real-life dialogues on a varying degree of issues between you and other participants.

To foster your learning, this seminar provider utilizes a unique Negotiation Simulation game which is an online training game- the first of its kind that can be used by participants to practice and rehearse all the information that they have learnt after or during the course of their training.

The structure of this training program is designed for two days, with a distinct lesson plan for each day. Additionally, the delivery options for these negotiation lectures can either be In your office, with a negotiation expert facilitating or online by an expert-led negotiator irrespective of your location or tailored for in-house.

10) Total Success

Total Success Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Another top eLearning website you could try out is Total Success which offers free online negotiation skill course. A quick rundown of the course description reveals that participants will learn how to present arguments, counter-arguments, present alternative solutions for an agreement during the process of Negotiating with another party.

At the end of this online training program, it is expected that you walk into a Negotiation feeling competent and confident in your ability to deliver and achieve positive results with little or fewer concessions on your part.

Furthermore, this online training program will help you to:

— Build your self-confidence levels and reduce fear during negotiations.

— Learn to use various strategic negotiation techniques.

— Identify and utilise the verbal, vocal and written elements of negotiation

— Learn tips for effective negotiations

There is a free negotiation course you can try out. If you appreciate it's content then you can proceed to take the full course with a price tag starting from £30.

11) Universal Class

Universal Class Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Universal Class is a broad website on which you can search for different courses on the platforms broad catalogue.

The universal class online training program offers you two option when paying for a course. It is either you choose the $50 USD payment option, which does not earn you a CEU certificate upon completion, or you opt-in for the $75 USD payment option which makes you eligible for a CEU certificate upon course completion.

The Online class on Negotiation Skills provided by Universal class will earn learners 0.7 CEU's and consists of ten (10) lessons, seventeen (17) exams & assignments plus a seven (7) hour average learning time.

Universal class provides a comprehensive description of the individual lessons you are going to learn. There are a total of ten (10) lessons in this training program all of which will be completely online, self-paced, available 24/7, contain printable lessons and other essential features that will make for an effective and efficient learning process.

12) Harvard

Harvard Business School Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Harvard Business School online is a digital extension of the University's on-campus learning program.

This platform was designed and developed to cater to the learning needs of individuals who want access to high-quality education and also want to learn in their own time and personal space.

On Harvard Business School Online, you can learn how to negotiate from the experts who are well experienced in what it takes to present your demands, justify your position and reach an agreement that is favourable to you.

The teaching methodology and structure of the HBS-online allows you to completely immerse yourself into the course that you are studying.

The learning resources of the Harvard Business School Online are unique and engaging. This allows you to learn crucial negotiating concepts, skills and tips.

Negotiation lessons will incorporate real-life situations encountered by industry experts and professional negotiators.

13) Reed

Reed Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Reed is an eLearning platform that hosts several course providers on different subjects and vacations. The various course providers on Reed offer their courses through different methods, including online/distance learning, in company and classroom.

On reed, you can easily search for Negotiations lessons, after which you will be provided with a list of results. To streamline and narrow down the options, you can utilise the filter option.

This option will refine the search results based on subjects, method of study, price, qualification type, course features, course level.

You can also use the alternative option which is to sort the results by most relevant, most popular, lowest price, highest price or recently added.

Using and navigating this website is straightforward along with the innovative features that enhance overall user experience.

14) eCornell

eCornell Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

eCornell is the digital campus wing of Cornell University. This platform provides for online certificates in over ninety (90) courses for professional and personal development of individuals and organizations.

The various online certificate programs are developed by Cornell's University faculty-led experts.

These include training programs on leadership and management, marketing and technology, human resources, healthcare, hospitality, business and finance, real estate, nutrition etc.

To assist you every step of the process eCornell has several innovative systems in place to address any issues you may have using the platform.

The Negotiation lessons on eCornell are 100% online & led by a professional instructor and developed by faculty experts to make you stand out based on what you will be taught.

15) Find Courses

Find Courses Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

As the name suggests, Find Courses is an online platform where you can search for and compare different courses on a particular subject that interests you.

This platform serves as a medium through which organizations can train their personnel to acquire much-needed skills and information to enhance their productivity.

Also, individuals who wish to learn more and transform themselves into a dominant force in their respective industry can take advantage of the resources this platform has to offer.

The Findcourses platform has easy to use features that you can use to refine your search results based on price, length, start date, certificate or course level.

You can view more details of each search result to determine if it satisfies your learning needs.

16) High Speed Training

High Speed Training Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

High-speed training is one of the largest and top leading eLearning platforms in the United Kingdom, with all their courses accredited by the CPD certification service, in accordance with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

High-speed training objective is to collaborate and partner with experts to build a digital library that contains rich and outstanding content for learners to access.

High-speed online training program on negotiations emphasizes the need for you to plan and prepare properly before participating in a negotiation. This course will also help participants to work on and improve their body language, communication and listening skills, which are all very crucial to give you an upper hand and put you at an advantage during discussions.

Additionally, this course is self-paced, developed by industry experts and top professionals, completely online with an audio voiceover plus receipts of quality assured certificate upon course completion.

With a dedicated customer service help desk to help guide you or answer any question, you might have regarding a course or the next step for you to take.

17) Future Learn

Future Learn Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Future Learn is also an effective platform that provides the resources from first-class providers for you to learn different subjects.

This particular negotiation lesson on future learn is offered by the University of Michigan. It will run for a duration of seven (7) weeks and is available for free although additional benefits cost an extra $74 USD.

A quick scan of the course description indicates that learners will discover and practice the four steps to successful negotiation, and learn strategies to accomplish it.

Learners will identify the four key stages of negotiations, and complete a negotiation analysis that will set you up for success.

Learners will also explore the use of power and psychological tools during negotiation, and learn how to apply your new skills to a business deal.

18) Academic Earth

Academic Earth Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Academic Earth is a website that offers free online lectures and courses for learning negotiation.

Navigating this platform is simple, as contents are easy to locate. Currently, there are only six (6) courses from other providers listed on the Academic earth's platform. Each of these courses has been described to focus on a particular aspect of negotiation.

A brief scan through Academic Earth reveals that it does not really have a comprehensive library or archive of learning resources or material that could help you gain comprehensive knowledge on what it takes to accomplish a successful negotiation.

Although the six courses listed are supposed to redirect learners to the original course provider, the majority of the links seem to have expired or are not valid as the pages cannot be found.

19) Michigan State University Online

Michigan State University Online Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

Michigan State University also has a digital platform for learners to study the various concepts, techniques and skills required to be an excellent negotiator.

The next date for this lesson to commence is set for April 1, 2020. Meanwhile, you can still enrol to secure a spot before the due date.

Your Negotiation lessons and course material on this platform will be put together and taught by faculty and industry professionals through online video available for streaming. You can pause, rewind and review any portion of the video lecture that you do understand clearly before moving on.

To make your lessons more interactive and engaging, your training program will include quizzes, infographics and podcasts to immerse you in a multimedia learning environment.

Additionally, you can connect to your classmates and faculty through chat rooms, live lectures, group study etc.

This enables you to interact with other learners across the globe even as you participate in group projects and learn from the different perspectives of professionals in your field.

20) Rain Sales Training

Rain Sales Training Learn Negotiation Lessons Online

The Rain Group provides online training programs on different areas including strategic account management, sales prospecting, insight selling, sales negotiation, winning major sales, sales mastery program and extreme productivity challenge.

This sales negotiation program focuses on teaching participants how to learn vital negotiation skills and techniques using practical tools and exercises. To get a brief idea of what this training program has to offer, you can watch a preview of one of the lessons.

Rain Group's sales negotiations online training program promises to help build your confidence, sharpen your negotiating skills and dispel any fear you may have regarding the process.

This online training program on sales negotiations consists of fifteen (15) lessons that cover important aspects of sales negotiation, plus quizzes at the end of each lesson and a negotiation simulation at the end of your training to test what you have been taught.

The content of these sales negotiation lessons will be in both video and text format, to enable you to learn whenever and wherever you want.

Choosing the Best Negotiation Lesson Online

In your personal and professional life, you may find yourself in situations that require you to reach an agreement through negotiations.

If you are not well grounded or aware of the prerequisite skills and techniques that make for effective and efficient negotiation, then you are going to be on the losing end.

However, if you learn how to sharpen your negotiating skills and familiarize yourself with all there is to know about the process, then you will be able to present your points, justify them and provide alternative solutions to reach an agreement that favours all the parties involved.

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