14 Websites to Learn MS Excel Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Microsoft Office has been in the market for decades now. It probably started with the very first windows and provides a suite filled with various software that are helping people do their jobs much easily.

Microsoft Office suite is being used almost globally in offices, corporations, schools, and universities for a diverse range of purposes and it makes it one of the most popular software suites around the world.

There are different software included with the suite that offer you a full range of office solutions. Microsoft Office has an appropriate solution to any of the problems or task you might need to complete for your academic or official needs.

One of the software provided under the umbrella of Microsoft Office is MS Excel. Excel is a spreadsheet software that has power to do complex calculations easily. It is being used most commonly across the globe for book keeping purposes and it won’t be exaggeration to say it the most famous and most widely used spreadsheet software around the world.

The use of Microsoft Excel is not limited to accounts only and most offices use it for different purposes like keeping the inventory. It is also being taught in numerous institutions of all kinds.

The best part is that there is a level of learning for everyone in this software and from some small calculations like your monthly homework details to keeping the accounts of multi-national company, MS Excel is being used.

Learning MS Excel is not complicated and if you have the dedication, you can learn it online. There are some greatly helpful websites that can help you with learning MS Excel online and those are:

14 Websites to Learn MS Excel Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

If you are not sure on which course would suit you best and you get confused with the choices, Udemy is the answer for you.

Udemy stands as one of the most popular online learning websites due to not a single reason, but the most significant feature that puts Udemy above other websites is their huge library of online courses.

These courses are based on learning material that you want to go through, and are categorized on the complexity level that you require.

There are tens of courses on Excel listed on Udemy.com that range from some basic courses to get you through your maths and computer exams and teach you fundamentals of Excel to a wide range of advanced accounting courses that allow you dive-in deep in the world of Excel and be able to learn all there is about the Excel.

These courses are available with a free sign-up and you will only have to pay for the course you are going to buy on the website.

2) Coursera

coursera Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Coursera.org is a truly global website as there are courses listed on most versatile niches and those too in multiple languages.

You can get access to top-quality courses with best learning materials on the website and learn in the language that you are comfortable with. The website also offers Guided projects, Degrees & Certifications and programs for Enterprise that will help them train their employees with these great courses at a collective discounted rate.

The website has some cool courses listed on the website on Excel as well that you can take advantage of and they are going to take you up in your professional as well as academic career.

The courses are specified according to the difficulty levels that range from Beginners to Experts so you can choose the right course according to your understanding level.

With Coursera, you get to sign up free and get access to thousands of online courses that are highly comprehensible and you can learn easily with these courses online.

There are also some options on the website that will entail you to join classes in institute.

3) Lynda

Lynda Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

LinkedIn has emerged as the first and only corporate social media platform where you can connect with your colleagues, organizations and make the right contacts in the relevant industry.

But that’s not all, they are moving forward with LinkedIn jobs that helps you to land your next dream job easily through the internet.However, to get the right job you will need to have appropriate skillset that are not easy to learn.

To solve this problem, Lynda.com is launched by LinkedIn that offers everyone to learn employable skills online. That means you don’t have to make time or pay hefty fees at some institution to learn some new skill and grow professionally.

There are some highly useful skills on Excel listed on Lynda.com that cut the crap and make you understand how you can work perfectly with Excel.

These courses are the perfect example of perfection and functionality as they focus on enabling you to use Excel properly for each task and not get indulge with the concepts that you don’t require.

4) edX

edX Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

edX.org is another online learning platform for next generation. With educational sector growing at a rapid pace and more and more institutions are turning towards virtual means of taking classes and organizing exams online.

edX.org is one of the very few first websites that have taken steps to being partnered with such institutions and start online virtual classes for these institutions.

The website covers a vast range of topics and subjects that can be taught online and you can have the liberty to attend a class online without having to go through the courses that are pre-recorded.

The website also got some great course material that can be a help with your learning process and you can use them to understand the concepts or practice for your exams.

edX is helping numerous universities to present their courses online to reach the right students. The world is becoming global village each day, and edX aims on brining these universities centralized where everyone can learn and get the right skills while sitting at their home.

5) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

SkillShare.com is unlike any other website out there. It is a learning platform for all with no restrictions that will make you choose between a course.

With SkillShare.com, you can get access to thousands of courses listed on the website with a single subscription. All you have to do is pay monthly for a subscription and you can get access to a huge variety of courses that are listed on the website.

There are also some free courses on Skill Share.com that do not require premium membership.You can find a wide range of courses on Excel on Skillshare.com that are from the top Excel and accounting experts and they allow you to understand the basics of Excel online.

There are some highly advanced courses on Excel listed as well that will take you to the world of full-fledge accounting and you can get your hands on the top content, tips and tricks to effectively manage Excel and use it for complex accounting.

This website is perfect for all those who prefer online learning and want to keep learning new skills.

6) Study

Study Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Study.com is a futuristic online platform that brings you the opportunity to learn online but with the perks of real-life institutions.

That means, the courses on Study.com are authorized from most renowned institutions around the world and upon completion you are going to get a certificate that is recognized anywhere in the world. The website also provides you an opportunity to learn online and add to your credit hours at school.

There are partner schools, universities and colleges listed online that are offering their micro-degree programs on study.com for you to take advantage of.

There is a huge variety of online courses on Excel listed on the website that can help you understand the fundamentals and move your way forward from there.

These courses are highly insightful and can help you learn all the necessary skills that are required to use excel in an optimal way.

The best part about this website is that these courses are prepared by experienced teachers so you don’t have to worry about the understanding issues while learning from this website.

7) LearnDirect

Learndirect Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

LearnDirect.com is a UK based website that allows you to learn directly from the experts. They follow a unique approach that starts with the fundamentals of each course and you can find it easy to take the steps from there onwards.

The best part about using LearnDirect.com is that you can get full funding on these courses that cover employable or Lingual skills necessary to survive.There are some great courses listed on the website on MS Excel that cover almost all the latest versions of Excel and their features.

You can sign up for free on the website and pay for the course that you want to learn to land your next dream job with confidence.

Excel is a must-learnt skill for most corporate job these days as you have to deal with the reports, accounts and more. This website is providing you the most perfect way to be able to Learn Excel without having to pay tons.

8) Reed

Reed Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk is a broad platform that got well thousands of courses on every imaginable niche. You can think of something randomly that can be learnt online and Reed.co.uk has a course on that listed for you.

They follow an easy, free of cost sign-up process that allows you to get an account for free and then be charged only for the course that you want to learn from the website.If you search for Excel on the website, you are going to see over 3000 courses on excel listed on the website.

Excel is a broad subject and it requires you to have certain pre-requisites to be able to learn and use it properly. It got hundreds of features, functions, and formulas that are not easy to grasp.

You can find courses on Reed.co.uk that will not only cover the fundamentals of Excel but are also dedicated to each function and feature so you can confidently have full control over Excel and learn it the right way.

The website is a right fit for all those who want to learn multiple subjects online as it allows you a perfect opportunity to manage all your courses under a single subscription.

9) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Be it keeping a tab of home expenses or keeping a record for business sales or inventory, Excel is the ultimate tool being used for calculation and bookkeeping.

However, there has always been a notion that Excel is difficult to learn with its never-ending rows and columns.

But everything can be turned around and made easy.With TakeLessons.com, the difficult Excel will be made easy as this platform hosts multiple courses to help you understand everything and every feature by sitting in the comfort zone.

All the Excel courses on this platform are designed by experienced staff who are proficient in teaching Excel.Even more, the courses are designed while keeping ease in mind because learning should be engaging. There are a plethora of courses and all are available online.

Be it entering the data or making calculations, there are courses to teach everything to the students.

In the majority of lessons, there are on-demand video options available to ensure that student’s doubts are cleared in the most effective way possible. So, all you need to do is decide your skill level and take up the course that suits you!

10) TrumpExcels

Trumpexcels Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

As a kid, we all put our artistic skills to work on the PC with drawing software, but some of us played around to find out about Excel but couldn’t understand anything, right?

Well, this might change for some people but still, there is a chunk of people who don't know how to use Excel.

It’s crucial to say that Excel can be very beneficial if you know how to use it for your needs and requirements.

With TrumpExcel.com, there is a huge variety of Excel courses through which students can learn according to their current needs but we would suggest learning it anyway because it will help you at some point of life, we promise.

On this platform, there is a dashboard training with downloadable learning material.In addition, there is a course to teach the advanced Excel skills through video lessons.

Through the courses on this platform, the students will learn how to make the spreadsheets and conduct calculations.

Be it creating the pivot table or heat map, there are courses for everything. The best part is the availability of eBooks to enhance the learning experience.

11) Spreadsheeto

Spreadsheeto Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

When you are talking about Excel, it can be pretty overwhelming at times due to the never-ending number of functions and tools but that doesn’t mean you give up on learning.

There can be times when your job description doesn’t require you to have Excel skills, but using it might help with wrapping up work quickly and with ease.That’s the prime reason learning Excel can provide you the edge because believe us, no one has the guts to learn thousands of functions.

With this platform, we are talking about various Excel related courses to meet the different requirements of the students.

Some people might need skills regarding inventory bookkeeping while some are trying for academic purposes, so with this website, you will be able to get your hands on different courses to learn everything that you want to.

The best thing about this website is that it offers free Excel courses which means you don’t need to pay hefty fees for it. All you need to do is open the website, sign up for the course,select your skill level, and you will be able to start your lessons.

12) Guru99

Guru99 Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Every techy person or an active learner, Excel is always on the list because in the last few years, the notion of Excel being difficult has expanded and people have been dreading the software.

But we assure you that there is no monster with Excel because we have tried it all and it’s pretty easy if the tutoring lessons are engaging enough.So with this website, we are talking about the variety of Excel courses which have been designed to cater to different people with their diverse needs.

No matter if you are a beginner with zero skills of Excel or an advanced person who just wants to revise the concepts, this website has Excel courses designed for everyone.

If you want a fast learning experience, there is a course for seven days through which you will be able to learn the basics.

In addition, there are courses designed with introductory purposes for sharing information about Excel 101. Even more, there is a well-designed course for people who want to go forward by learning the visual basic for applications.

However, all the courses are designed with step-by-step integration in mind to ensure easy and adaptive learning experience.

13) Goskills

Goskills learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Learning is fun and learning Excel can be even more fun if you try through the right classes that teach the students, instead of creating a frustrating and overwhelming experience because it adversely impacts the learning.

So, to make Excel easy and learnable for you, we are talking about this website which has designed the small yet engaging video lessons to teach the basics as well as advanced sections of Excel.

This website has been designed with multiple course options to ensure you learn all the skills required to hone Excel without taking a dig at your peace, comfort, or bank account (yes, we know how online courses can cost fortune but that won’t be the case with this website!)

The courses are readily available for students whenever they want to study.By signing up on this website for learning Excel, students will come across multiple Excel courses through which they can learn according to their requirements.

All the courses can be accessed through mobile phone and with the availability of expert instructors, all your doubt scan be cleared.

14) ClassCentral

Classcentral Learn MS Excel Lessons Online

Class Central is one of the most grown and versatile online learning platforms. Imagine that you are taking a course on some website and you want to learn a different skill from some other website.

It will be hard for you to learn both the courses as you will have to mange different subscriptions and also pay for two separate courses. Class Central solves the problem for you as they have brought together the best online courses from all the online learning websites.

Whatever course or website you can think of, you can find it on ClassCentral.com. They are also offering you an opportunity to get connected with some of the most reputed institutions to learn from them.

They got some excellent courses listed online on Excel that will allow you to get indulged in the learning and get the right skills at your hand.

These courses on Excel are exemplary in terms of learning experience and understanding levels. You only have to pay for the course you want to subscribe to and you will get access to it on the website.

Choosing the Best MS Excel Lesson Online

Excel is a skill that is must have for all the maths and computer students. It is required by most major organizations to know the working of Excel so you can get the right job and work with an organization effectively.

It has numerous utilities including keeping accounts, using it for inventory and much more.

If you want to learn Excel online and don’t know where to start from, we have critically reviewed these websites and compiled a review for you so you can choose the best website for yourself


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