7 Websites to Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

You probably don’t need an introduction to what motorcycles are. Invented all the way back in the late 19th century, 1885 to be exact, motorcycles are one of the most popular vehicles around the world.

The popular two wheeled vehicle is famous all around the globe because of its affordability and fast speeds, being a good, compact vehicle that is very useful if you only need a means of transportation for yourself as opposed to the entire family.

Because of their popularity, a lot of different brands that were originally founded for a completely different kind of product started making them as one of their main products.

A widely known example of this is Suzuki, who were originally manufacturers of weaving looms, before finding an interests in motorcycles.

If you need a quick and maintainable vehicle to get around on your own or with a friend, motorcycles should be your main choice.

One of the best things about them is that they are actually not so difficult to learn, and can also be learnt through the internet. Here are a few of these online lessons.

7 Websites to Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

Udemy have almost 50 different motorcycle lessons that you can take to learn a variety of different things.

If you wish to learn how to ride motorcycles, they have courses that can slowly teach you how to do so. A very good thing about some of these classes is that they can be taken without knowing anything about motorcycles at all.

Not even things like which part of the motorcycle does what or anything like that, since a lot of these courses will be teaching you from scratch.

Of course there are some requirements for them though, one of the main and more obvious one being the fact that you’ll need a motorcycle to get started with your learning experience.

These courses about riding motorcycles will guide you in a slow and easily understandable manner, so that you can learn at a comfortable pace, without having to spend half the day on your new motorcycle.

These lessons also take precautions to ensure your safety, teaching you about the proper equipment that you should be wearing along with how you can keep yourself and others safe by different means.

Some of these also provide you with a guide on choosing for yourself the right bike to learn on.

2) Lynda

Lynda Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

Lynda is a project of LinkedIn’s, the popular social media outlet used by many as a means to progress their careers.

It features all sorts of different classes that have been designed and/or conducted by either certified professionals, or respected educational institutes around the planet, as well as anything in between.

As is the case with most motorcycle riding lessons that you’ll see on the internet, something that you might have already seen if you were looking for lessons beforehand, is that most of these lessons are for beginners, while there is barely anything out there that can help you go from a sub-par motorcycle driver to a great one and even beyond.

Unfortunately, this is the case with the courses that you’ll find on Lynda as well, since there are hardly more than a few lessons that can help intermediate or advanced bike drivers ride better than they already do.

There are a couple of safety courses as well. These teach you about the consequences of accidents, along with how often they occur due to carelessness, while also teaching you how you can play your part in preventing them from happening.

These types of courses also discuss what type of gear you should wear when driving.

3) Skill Share

Skillshare Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

There isn’t exactly a large amount of motorcycle lessons to choose from on the site, however Skill Share have a few great lessons that you can take to make yourself a better Motorcycle driver if you are new at it.

The courses are mainly meant for beginners at the vehicle, as they explain things like what the vehicle is, its history, how to keep it stable when riding and things like that which would be pretty much unhelpful for anyone that has more than two weeks’ worth of experience riding a motorcycle.

One of their lessons has been provided by a group of instructors who worked together with Harley Davidson, the very popular motorcycle brand, to teach you about riding motorcycles.

Other than that, they focus on some pretty basic things like keeping both yourself and all others around you safe when you’ll be practicing.

They also speak about things like what the right bike is for you, depending on your skill with the motorcycle, along with how you can get a cheaper yet effective alternative for the ones they recommend in case you don’t have that kind of budget available for the time being. Some courses will also teach you about handling different problems.

4) Study

Study Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

This guide on Study.com can help you become a high level mechanic when it comes to fixing bikes.

Featuring a complied list of guides and tips from the top bike manufacturers in the world regarding what to do when your bike starts to act up, along with a bunch of things of its own, it can help you become an expert at fixing bikes, while also being able to help you fix specific types of bikes if you follow their lessons thoroughly.

The first step of the lesson teaches you about the career path of a motorcycle repairer and introduces you to what you’ll be learning throughout the full course.

There is an exact 6 different chapters, each featuring a variety of different lessons to teach you about specific things when it comes to working on maintaining motorcycles.

While guiding you through the journey of becoming a motorcycle repairman, the lesson will also provide you with good tips that will help you throughout your career.

They also guide you in the top schools that you can join if you wish to become a repairman fir motorcycles, while also telling you about the type of things you should or should not look to avoid in your career.

5) Maximum Training

Maximumtraining Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

This short yet effective course will guide you on safety when riding bikes. Available on Maximum Training, which is an online platform that focuses on motorcycles and motorbikes, while featuring news and speculation regarding them from time to time as well. The lesson is titled ‘’Motorcycle Safety Online: What You Should Know before You Ride’’.

It has been made in collaboration with Canada’s premium provider of safety programs, along with their security council, in an attempt to guide bikers in both Canada and all over the world about the safety regulations of riding motorcycles and how keeping yourself safe, along with all others that are nearby, should be your number one priority.

Unlike most safety regulation courses, this one doesn’t just talk about keeping yourself safe, it also shows you different techniques and tricks that you can utilize to make your riding experience better and safer for everyone.

It also acts as a good beginners guide for people that want to learn how to ride motorcycles, since it covers topics to get new bikers introduced with the whole thing.

All participants of the program can also receive a graduation degree once they’ve successfully completed the course and passed all of the tests and final exam.

6) MCrider

Mcrider Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

MCrider is a safety organization that was founded by a single safety instructor that wished to help bikers all around the world keep themselves safe.

They do so while helping you become a better rider as well, teaching you tricks and giving you guides on how to gain more stability and control over your motorcycle while also teaching you how to ride faster and more efficiently.

The organization believes that taking a ride on your motorcycle is one of the most freeing experiences in the world, and hope to provide you with ways to get that exact experience without ever having to put yourself or others in any kind of danger.

They have every large amount of instructional videos available for members that can use them to improve their riding skills. There are also more of these videos added to the websites for members every single week, at Friday 8 am in central time.

They also have other things for their members, such as discounted prices on merchandise some of the time.

This merchandise can be used to give a personalized effect to your motorcycle. If you wish to ride safe and ride stylishly at the same time, their guides can greatly help you.

7) Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Learn Motorcycle Lessons Online

This is a course that can be taken through the internet, hence why it is called an eCourse, and is provided to learners by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

You can pretty much guess on your own that the Motorcycle safety foundation are a foundation that focus on keeping motorcycle riders safe. It has been made specifically for beginners that have started to gain interest in the whole bike riding experience.

The course covers things such as teaching beginners all that they will need to know before they start learning how to ride the bike.

These things include teaching them what specific parts of the bike are for, along with how they can control their speed and stability better to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves and possibly others that may be nearby.

It provides a lot of other helpful tips to learners as well, teaching them about all the basics when it comes to dealing with a bike emergency and strategies for the daily riding situations that they’ll see themselves in when they ride.

There are also tests that can help you and the organization see how far you’ve come on a learning basis. Having a good enough score at these tests will get you a printable certificate.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Lesson Online

It probably doesn’t need to be said that riding a bike is one of the most fun things that someone can experience in their lives.

Riding a bike for the first time or on an open road is a great feeling and if you are on your own and wish to get somewhere quick, they are a very affordable and fast option that will last you for a long while if you take care of them.

That is part of the reason why so many lessons also focus on teaching you maintenance. These lessons are good enough to get you started with a wonderful experience.


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