12 Websites To Learn MMA Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn mma lessons online

learn mma lessons online

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People have been fighting with each other since the beginning of time. Humans are social creatures and they cannot survive in loneliness. However, there are certain chances of disputes and some people use to settle them by force instead of an argument.

This created lots of problems in the past and all the negative energy and strength had to be channeled out in some ways. Martial arts were introduced as a sport to help people channel out their energy and feel empowered with their own bodies.

Not only that, but martial arts have also ever since evolved to be a great help for self-defense. There are several techniques or styles like Boxing, kick-boxing, karate, kung fu, and more with a different set of rules.

However, Mixed Martial Arts also known as MMA is a combination of these all. Mixed Martial Arts is a full-contact combat sport that includes you to use any style you seem fit to fight your opponent. Of course, it got some rules of its own to ensure the safety of players and making it a healthy sport.

Mixed Martial Arts is recognized as an online sport and is being played on several huge platforms worldwide. Players from all over the world take part in such competitions and they are viewed and appreciated tremendously. If you are looking for some healthy physical activity, learning Mixed Martial Arts can be a good choice for you.

It will not only entail you to have a way to channel the energy of your body but you can also have a way for self-defense or even getting part in some competitions and grow as a professional Mixed Martial Arts player. There are several websites that can help you learn Mixed Martial Arts online including

12 Websites To Learn MMA Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn mma lessons online

Udmey.com is a well-known platform across the world devoted to online learning. They got thousands of courses listed online on hundreds of topics that you can choose from.

The reason for Udemy gaining its popularity is that they are probably the first well-organized platform in the world of online learning with such a vast library on multiple lists of topics. You can sign up on the website for free and can only pay for the course you want to learn from without having to pay any monthly subscription fees at all.

You can find a huge variety of courses on Udemy.com on MMA. These courses will enable you to not only understand the rules and regulations of the game, making it safe for you and your opponent but got an extensive insight into how you can prepare yourself and what trainings you will need.

From maintaining your diet plan to getting the right cardio done and some cool body exercises for MMA, you can find everything you need to learn MMA online with the help of these courses. Udemy.com got courses ranging from the beginner to advanced levels making the learning process a whole lot easier for you.

2) SkillShare

skillshare learn mma lessons online

SkillShare.com is a multi-purpose platform. It allows you to take your online learning to a whole new level with no limits. With a monthly subscription of SkillShare.com, you can access as many courses as you want, even on multiple topics, and pursue them all at once.

This allows you to get your hands on the best possible content on any topic, subject, or skill you want to learn online. Not only that, but they are also offering an unbeatable 2-months trial period to check out their premium membership extensively.

On SkillShare.com you can find exclusive courses on MMA that can help you learn all that you need to know about it. These courses include bodyweight training guidance, diet plans, managing your everyday practice routine, and a lot more. There are also some cool courses on multiple techniques that you can learn to work on your posture, body movements, and stand-up.

These courses will help you get all the information and guidance needed to step up your game with Mixed Martial Arts and to pursue your career as a professional player or simply join a local team.

3) CoachTube

coachtube learn mma lessons online

The name tells the tale of coachtube.com. This website is dedicated to sports and you can find coaching videos on almost any major sport online listed on coachtube.com. They got complete courses listed on Baseball, football, basketball, tennis, soccer, hockey, golf, and of course Martial Arts.

While you can find multiple courses on different martial arts styles on this website, there are also some complete courses on MMA from some of the top coaches around the world that can help you achieve your goals you might have set for learning MMA online easily.

The courses listed on Coachtube.com are best in terms of understanding the spirit of sportsmanship and making it count towards your game in the arena. These courses will enable you to learn defense, attacking, and maintaining the right posture in the ring.

These are some of the best courses from coaches that have experience in the arena, and you should definitely consider these if you are looking to get your hands on top content to learn Mixed Martial Arts online.

4) MMAAcademyOnline

mmaacademyonline learn mma lessons online

This website got an interactive interface with lots of resources to learn Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts most commonly known as MMA has become a popular sport across the world and players across the world are trying to learn it. MMAAcademy online is dedicated to helping students learn MMA online at the comfort of their homes.

The website covers all the MMA lessons based on popular styles including Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and more. They are even helping you to learn wrestling online. You can either choose to start from scratch and grow your skills accordingly on this website or have a choice to select the style you think you need to learn to step up your game in MMA.

All these lessons are divided into several courses to help you understand MMA in a better way so you can pursue your career in the field. You can also subscribe to their newsletter on the website to stay up-to-date with the news in the world of MMA or have expert's opinions about the game.

5) Reed

reed learn mma lessons online

Reed.co.uk is a diverse platform offering online learning on far too many subjects that you can imagine. They are covering a wide range of academic, employable, and live skill courses that you can be enrolled for.

Not only that, but they also got a platform for career advice where you can get an expert opinion on choosing the best course for you that will be successful for any goals that you might have set for yourself to learn online.

The website is exceptional in terms of learning content and you can buy the course you want to learn from easily on Reed.co.uk.

You can find several courses on Reed.co.uk that can help you learn MMA online. These courses range from beginner level to some highly advanced courses. You can learn to maintain the right diet plans, all the workouts you need to ensure an optimal training routine for MMA, and much more with the help of these courses.

Each course is designed to ensure a self-paced training module for the students so they can get the right assistance and all the guidance to learn MMA without needing a personal trainer. However, you get the option to guidance if you are stuck anywhere as well.

6) TakeLessons

takelessons learn mma lessons online

No matter how many videos you have watched, or learned MMA from online tutorials, you can never get on the level of personal training. TakeLessons.com is a highly interactive website with a world-class faculty of online coaches that can help you learn MMA online.

The website follows an engaging learning module that allows you to take assistance, guidance, and training from some of the best MMA players and coaches across the globe.

MMA is a full-contact combat sport that requires extensive body strength and you need to have a pushing training routine for it. Not every person has a similar body and there are too many risks involved like muscles getting pulled, muscle tears, or simply getting cramps from your workout routine.

With the help of TakeLessons.com, you can get access to top coaches that are there with personalized assistance to help you through your workouts and training routine. Not only that, but they will also teach you some of the best techniques and styles that can help you in the world of MMA. You can ask them any questions that you might feel stuck with and get it answered with one-on-one sessions.

7) UFCSecrets

ufcsecrets learn mma lessons online

UFC or Ultimate fighting championship is the world's number 1 organizer for most combat sports. They are organizing some of the biggest events around the world for wrestling, kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

The website might not be good enough for an absolute beginner looking to learn the basics of Mixed Martial Arts or training but they got all the content that can help those who are already in the game and looking for some tips and tricks to carve their niche in the arena.

UFC-Secrets.com is a top website that is allowing you to get your hands on free video tutorials and lessons with some of the best techniques and strikes that you have seen in the ring. You can now get a chance to learn the tricks behind these strikes and have the right practice to apply such techniques on your own with the help of these video tutorials.

Not only that, but the website is also covering a lot of workout tutorials that will help you focus on your strength and train accordingly to maintain the right spot in the ring that you have always wanted.

8) GregNelsonMMA

gregnelsonmma learn mma lessons online

For those who have knowledge and interest in MMA, they are aware of the name Greg Nelson. He is a legend in the world of Mixed Martial Arts and holds a sacred place in the hearts of all the players that follow this style in the arena.

This website title says Greg Nelson's MMA Online University and it lives up to the expectation that you might build by reading the title. The website got all the resources that you might need to learn MMA in Greg Nelson's style.

On GregNelsonMMA.com you can find exclusive insight on his style, tricks, and techniques that were used by the legend in the ring. You can get all the resources on how you can practice and master those excellent defenses and striking styles proven efficient in actual combat.

Not only that, but you also get to learn directly from the legend if you choose to enroll with the website and get personalized training from the dream coach without having to worry about any geographical boundaries or time zone issues. This is simply one of the best ways to learn from the legend itself and gain success in the arena.

9) MartialArtsMasters

martialartsmasters learn mma lessons online

This is a dedicated website free to access for all the aspirants who are looking to practice martial arts safely at home and want to grow their careers. Martialartsmaster.org got extensive resources online that can help you learn different styles of martial arts including aikido, judo, jujitsu, karate, Kungfu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts.

You can find a list of resources to help you with the training and also some extensive video lessons for MMA to enable you to understand the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts. The website offers oriented training for individuals who are looking to learn self-defense tactics, or MMA fighters looking to gain perfection and learn new styles and techniques that can help them win more fights.

The website offers a unique training module suitable for everyone so they can learn the skills to protect themselves if need be. You can easily get help from these training techniques even without having prior knowledge or experience with Mixed Martial Arts.

10) TeamAcademyCoaches

teamacademycoaches learn mma lessons online

TeamAcademyCoaches.com is a website offering online training for Mixed Martial Arts online. They have a team of expert coaches and players across the world that have spend hours in the arena and can help you prepare for what it actually means to be facing someone in the arena and showing right sportsmanship while you are competing against your opponent.

The website has an interactive interface along with a number of resources that are a perfect way for you to learn and understand the soul of MMA.

The website TeamAcademyCoaches.com is interactive and engaging and can be used on any mobile phone or tablet so you are always up-to-date on your learning and make it count towards your growth in a positive direction. You can learn from head coach Greg Nelson or some other top instructors of your choice.

The website is not only offering some cool plans and programs that can help you learn MMA online but also have a team of experienced coaches that will prepare you for the arena and provide you all the motivation and support that you might need for your learning journey.

11) MMARefSchool

mmarefschool learn mma lessons online

This is a complete MMA school being offered online for all those who have the passion to learn Mixed Martial Arts but cannot afford to join a school due to a lack of resources or time. The website MMArefschool.org is run by experienced coaches that can help you understand the basics of MMA and how you can train accordingly to be prepared.

MMA training consists of two parts, preparing yourself mentally and physically for what's out there in the ring and learning all those techniques that can help you with the self-defense and combat your opponent.

On this website, you can get all the insight with the help of structurally designed courses that will take you step-by-step through both stages and enable you to understand the very art of MMA.

You can also get assistance from relevant news, or books available on the website to get a deeper connection with MMA training and ensure that your training levels are up to par to compete in the arena.

12) FreeMMATrainingWorkouts

freemmatrainingworkouts learn mma lessons online

Mixed Martial Arts is a highly physical sport that requires you to have extensive training. Without proper training and preparation, you cannot learn the techniques that will help you in the arena. Workouts are another important part of your training for MMA as your body must be prepared to take those punches from opponents or to carry the technique you want to use.

FreeMMAtrainingworkouts.com provides you access to a huge deal of online workout tutorials that you can easily follow at home. These workout tutorials will enable you to prepare your body to train and learn MMA techniques effectively and make it count where they matter the most. With these workouts, you can have all the strength you need to learn MMA techniques and styles.

Choosing The Best MMA Lesson Online

MMA is a full-contact combat sport that is not easy to learn. You need to have the extensive mental and physical training and workouts to get in the ring. If you are attracted to the game, these websites can help you learn MMA at home and practice with the right guidance. You can choose from these websites based on what your needs are and where you want to be in your MMA career.

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