15 Websites To Learn Mixology Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Mixology Lessons Online

Learn Mixology Lessons Online

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There are so many websites that offer online mixology lessons. It is an amazing skill that gives bartenders the ability to mix the perfect blend for their customers. Mixology lessons online cover vast areas, so it is best to choose an online course that can adequately reveal the methods to mix a good drink.

The online mixology lessons last for a few hours weekly, and the lesson plan is mostly flexible to allow all students who wish to learn remotely to achieve their goals.

During the classes, the students can have free time to interact with the teacher directly or send emails that will get replies. While some lessons are online, others have been premade before the class.

Students who would prefer to learn through live online lessons should confirm the learning structure before enrolling for the mixology course.

The mixology lessons are presented as instructional videos that show the teacher explaining and demonstrating the process of mixing simple and exotic drinks for the customers.

Many of the websites that offer mixology lessons give the students an opportunity to learn how to mix drinks for lunch, brunch, or dinner events.

Also, they can learn the best mixes for people who would like to have a casual evening while sipping a drink.Here are the top websites that offer mixology lessons online;

15 Websites To Learn Mixology Lessons Online Review

1) Masterclass

MasterClass Learn Mixology Lessons Online

The course features 17 video lessons that last for about 12 minutes each. Students who take this mixology lessons will have an opportunity to learn from two outstanding bar owners and directors named Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana.

The lessons are precise and interactive; the videos feature both teachers explaining the component of different types of drinks and cocktails as well as the events for which they are most suitable.

The students are introduced to the cocktail culture, and they learn about cocktails served in different parts of the world. The students are guided on how to go about exploring their palates, and understanding what the customers expect when they have a drink.

There is a course that covers the solo starters for different types of events. The topics also include teaching students about the intimate classic ming methods and shared sours.

Students who would like to learn the best mixtures for dinner parties will find much information during this course. And the teachers have created a special lesson that teaches how to match drinks with dinner meals.

The lessons are helpful; it is a simplified course on mixology that carries each student along to help them start and complete the course.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Mixology Lessons Online

The online mixology lessons featured on this website are targeted at people who would like to learn how to make cocktails and drinks for personal or public consumption.

These lessons will be helpful to people who plan to get jobs working in bars and restaurants. The online lessons are created as videos that have high-quality images and audio.

The mixology lessons have been created by bar directors and teachers who have experience.The lesson plan for many of the courses featured on this site has been made to be flexible.

The target audience for these mixology lessons are both the young and old people at all skill levels. Each course that is featured on Udemy has a brief description that reveals the value of the lesson.

On the course description, the students will see the skill level indication for beginners, intermediate, or advanced learners.

The interactive lessons allow the students to ask questions and get feedback from the teachers. Many of the courses offer exercises that give the students an opportunity to use their new mixology skills.

3) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Mixology Lessons Online

Everyone interested in learning how to mix different types of cocktails and coffee will find the best online mixology lessons on this website.

There are up to fifty mixology lessons, and this gives the students different perspectives about mixing drinks. The mixology lessons that are featured on this site have been checked by the admin team to ensure that they are up to standard.

The topics cover a scope that will help beginners and intermediate learners become better bartenders. Also, experience bartenders can update their skills by taking any of the lessons on this site.

On average, the courses have been created to last for a few hours every week. However, the students are free to make special arrangements that allow them to learn at their own pace.

Some of the course topics featured on this website include; the basics of brewing beer, how to make Martinis, mixing Vodka cocktails, and how to make cocktails with Rum.

There are special courses on mixology that cover how to make green tea and others that are focused on brewing the best coffee blends. The lessons are interactive and offer students a diverse perspective to further understand how different drinks can be mixed.

4) Reed

Reed Learn Mixology Lessons Online

There are 21 mixology courses on this website. Generally, the learning program on this website is structured to allow the students to learn all about mixology through a self-paced structure.

The online video lessons feature high-quality images that show the teacher explaining all about cocktail cultures, drinks, and how to achieve the best blends. The lessons have been prepared by experienced teachers who carefully reveal the process of creating some of the best-tasting drinks.

The featured courses on mixology have been described by the teachers. The course descriptions make it easy for the students interested in the course to know the value they can get at the end of the learning program.

Each course has been created to focus on essential topics that can help the students to learn the best mixology techniques that can help them secure good jobs in restaurants and bars.

Many of the courses offer promos, which will encourage more students to enroll and learn at their own pace. Also, the duration for each course is stated to help students make adequate plans to start and complete the course.

5) Superprof

SuperProf Learn Mixology Lessons Online

The learning program featured on this website is targeted at helping more students learn all about mixology through live lessons online.

The online mixology lessons are done via webcam; the learning sessions feature the teacher demonstrating how to make the best brews, blends, and cocktails online.

The live online lessons make it more interactive, and the students can ask questions to get more clarification during the course.

Each mixology course that is featured on this site has been rated by the students who have completed the course. The rating is done on a scale of five and it shows how helpful the course has been to other students.

In total, there are twelve teachers who can teach the students all about mixology. Before starting a course, the students are prompted to select their preferred learning level, which can be beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Many of the teachers have created mixology courses to cover essential topics. To get started, they offer the students a free lesson, which is an introduction to the course.

During the free lesson, the student can decide whether the course is a good match for them.

6) Bartending online

BartendingOnline Learn Mixology Lessons Online

The professional bartending school has created this online course for everyone interested in learning the best mixology skills.

The course features a step by step process that takes the student through the topics and how to engage in practical exercises with the best results in view. The course features lessons that have flexible time frames, which allows the students to learn at through a self-paced approach.

The goal of this course is to help the students to master the best bartending skills that can be used for personal needs or to secure a good job.Students can enrol for the course when they are ready.

The course lasts for forty hours, and the students have access to the online videos which offer a platform for intensive, interactive learning.

This is a certificate course, and each module has been rated by the students who have completed the course. When completed, the students can apply for a bartending licence.

7) ServerCertificationCorp

ServerCertificationCorp Learn Mixology Lessons Online

For updated bartending skills and more experience, the scope of this online course will be adequate. The lessons have been created to cover the essential aspects of bartending and skills that can help the graduates of this course become more valuable in the hospitality industry.

The course duration is forty hours; during this time, the students can schedule a self-paced approach to learn the best bartending skills. The first lessons teach the students all about the cocktail culture and how to achieve the best brew for beer.

The students are also taught the different drink recipes and they get an introduction to the sours and cream drinks.

Other important topics include improving customer service and handling exotic drinks.After enrolling for the course, each student is offered a secure password and login details. This gives the students access to the website all through the course.

8) ABarAbove

Abarabove Learn Mixology Lessons Online

The mixology training program that is offered on abarabove.com goes further than teaching the students how to become good bartenders.

The course is for intermediate learners who are interested in pushing the limits and learning advanced methods of mixing cocktails and other types of drinks.

The lessons are presented as videos that have been premade. The videos feature high-quality images and excellent audio to help the students comprehend the information passed by the teacher.

It is a training and mentorship program, and all students who successfully complete the learning program will be offered certificates that can be used to secure high paying jobs in the hospitality industry.

After completing the course, the students will have access to review the content of this course any time they need to update their knowledge about mixology.

The video lessons can be taken from any location; all that is needed is access to a computer with internet connectivity. Smartphones can also be used.

The lessons have been made more interactive with quizzes and exercises that encourage the students to practice the skills they have learned.

9) CoursesForSuccess

CoursesForSuccess Learn Mixology Lessons Online

An online certificate of completion is presented to all the students who complete the course program. The learning structure has been developed for students at all skill levels.

The course program has also been displayed on the website, it includes the duration of the course, and when the next lessons will be presented. This information will help the students to prepare for the course.

During this learning experience, the students are introduced to the best approaches that can be used to develop excellent bartending skills. They will learn the etiquette of a bartender and the responsibilities in different situations.

While the course is excellent for people who want to learn mixology as a hobby, the skills taught during the course will give students an advantage when searching for jobs in the hospitality sector.

The mixology lessons taught online have been created by teachers who have up to fifteen years of experience in the hospitality industry.

The teachers reveal the best techniques and skills while encouraging the students to engage in exercises that aim to sharpen their skills.

The main areas of focus include cocktails, mixing drinks in glassware, bartending, and mixing other types of drinks for different social occasions.

10) Learning 247

Learning247 Learn Mixology Lessons Online

Everyone who has a passion for mixing drinks and bartending can learn all about mixology in one week by taking this course. It is an online mixology course that runs weekly.

On the website, the status of on-going courses is published and the date for a new course is also displayed. Students can register online before the new course starts.

The lessons reveal what goes on the in classroom environment used by the teacher to show how different types of drinks are mixed and served. The participants in this course are guided on etiquette and proper presentation of drinks in bars and restaurants.

The course outline covers the process of making a long list of drinks that are commonly featured on the menu in top restaurants and hotels. It includes learning how to make traditional and continental drinks.

The video lessons are of high-quality and have excellent audio, which makes it easy for students to understand the lessons taught. The first lessons involve an introduction to mixology, and the use of glassware. 

The students are taught about the different tools that are used in mixology and how to make popular drinks. The course has been enhanced to be a social learning experience, it is divided into four modules and the students are tested through quizzes at the end of the course.

11) Mixology Group

MixologyGroup Learn Mixology Lessons Online

Mixology Group presents a training course organised by veterans in the hospitality sector. The course on mixology features a selection of lessons that have been accredited for public learning.

The training lessons on mixology are for beginners and intermediate learners who need to update their skills and learn new techniques. The online lessons have been structured to offer the students a flexible learning plan.

The online mixology lessons can be taken from any location, all the students need is a laptop or mobile device with internet connectivity.

The course offers students an interactive learning experience that will help them complete the learning program.

At the end of the course, each student is awarded a global bartender certificate, and they can also get references from the veteran trainers who coordinate the lessons during the program. The lessons last for about thirty minutes daily.

12) Universal Class

UniversalClass Learn Mixology Lessons Online

The mixology lessons that have been featured in this course are for people who would like to learn bartending as a hobby or to promote a career. The lessons cover the basics and advanced topics in mixology.

It is an online course that follows a lesson plan which gives the students an opportunity to take a self-paced approach to learn all about mixology. The course includes 7 lessons which are presented as instructional videos.

The lessons feature the teachers demonstrating and explaining how to make cocktails and a wide variety of drinks for personal or public consumption. The duration of the course is six months; each student can print out the lessons for further studies or decide to watch the HD videos multiple times.

The flexible learning program makes it possible for students to start their lessons at a convenient time. The video lessons are compatible with the various operating systems for computers and mobile devices.

At the end of the course, the students will know the rules regarding alcohol consumption in their state, how to mix different drinks for particular occasions, and the etiquettes and responsibilities of a bartender.

13) VenasFizzHouse

Venasfizzhouse Learn Mixology Lessons Online

Venas Fizz House presents an elaborate course on mixology. This course is excellent for students who would like to learn how to make drinks that do not contain lots of alcohol.

The syllabus is structured to give beginners a holistic perspective about mixing drinks and hospitality as bartenders.

The scope also includes learning how to mix drinks for children parties and the best mixes for snacks and other types of meals.

The students who take this course will learn how to make mocktails for all occasions, as well as sodas, shakes, and muddles, which contain delightful herbs and other healthy ingredients that improve the taste of the drink.

The learning approach is convenient for all students who can take the lessons at their own pace. The lessons hold all through the week and sometimes on weekends.

14) AcademicCourses

AcademicCourses Learn Mixology Lessons Online

Popularly tagged as the leading bartending school in Europe, the mixology course featured is presented by the European Bartender School, it is an online course, and it is open to all levels of learners.

The lessons have been curated to feature theory and practical exercises about bartending.

The theory aspect involves learning about the origin of different drinks and their ingredients, nutritional value, alcohol content, and the responsibilities of a bartender.

The students undergo hands-on training to learn how to make different types of cocktails. The students are shown the tools, and how to use them to make cocktails, including guidance on how to stir the drinks, shaking drinks, mixing, and the different measurements for drinks. The course is interactive and informative.

15) Harvard Bartending

HarvardBartending Learn Mixology Lessons Online

The interesting aspect of this online mixology course is that it helps the students to master how to mix drinks without going through the stress of memorizing recipes.

The course involves teaching students the history of different cocktails, and brews, introducing the tools of a bartender, and the etiquettes of bartending.

The course is for adults above the age of eighteen years; all students will undergo the online mixology workshop.

There are lessons that cover how to use mixers and the process of making layered shots and frozen drinks.

The students are encouraged to participate in the practical work, which involves mixing different types of drinks under the guidance of the teacher.

The lessons are interactive, fun, and self-paced, questions can be asked to get clarification. In the end, each student is awarded a certificate that reads, “The Art of Mixology” Certificate from Harvard.

Choosing The Best Mixology Lesson Online

There are so many types of drinks, you can choose any mixology course if you plan to learn how to make a wide range of drinks.

However, if you have particular preferences, please ensure that the drinks you would like to mix are part of the list for any course, before you enroll.

It is also a good idea to take courses that allow students to learn through a self-paced approach, which allows you to closely study and master the different techniques of mixing drinks.

Some courses offer lifetime access to the lessons after completing the course. And others offer referrals for students who would like to use their mixology certificates to find jobs in the hospitality sector. Overall, you should choose a course that is aligned with your future plans as a bartender.

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