15 Websites to Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Do you want learn something yummy to excite your taste buds? Try Mexican food that will definitely offer you a mouthwatering flavor. The Food in Mexico has always been a subject of interest to those who love cooking and eating spicy food.

From tortillas to stew and soups, everything is savory and assured to please your family and acquaintances. However, Mexican food utilizes the combination of several spices that should be used adequately to make a lip-smacking food.

That is why I have reviewed some of the best websites to learn Mexican cooking lessons online. Forget the hassle of going far and wide to attend cooking classes or buy the expensive books to do so.

These informative websites provide comprehensive cooking lessons available at your convenience and you can learn the art of perfect Mexican cooking anytime and anywhere as they are accessible at your personal computer as well as the smartphone.

The authentic recipes and lessons are taught by the Popular and world-renowned Chefs and experts who are the pioneers in the field.

Find the detailed lesson and workbooks to elevate your home cooking just by subscribing in a nominal amount. So, let’s check out the reviews of the world’s best cooking websites to learn Mexican Cooking.

15 Websites to Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online Reviews

1) MasterClass

MasterClass Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Have you heard about Gabriela Camara? An Internationally known cooking expert of Mexico who also own a Mexican restaurant named Contramar.

Her masterclass is divided in 13 lessons where you get to learn about her Philosophy of food and hospitality management from her point of view.

These 13 comprehensive lessons include everything you want to learn about the Mexican cooking from making the delicious Corn Tortillas to the famous street food of Mexico named Tacos.

Gabriela also tells the Art of the details in the last lesson where you will learn the importance of the quality of each and every ingredient used in the Mexican food.

She also offers a downloadable cookbook containing number of recipes for making Salsas, Shrimps and fish, Quesadillas and a lot of other delicious foods.

Learn about the range of Mexican food just in 12-minute lessons that you can access anytime and anywhere at your ease.

You are free to watch it whether on your smartphone or any other device in a very competitive per class subscription fee that create a great value for money.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

If you are a heart patient or a healthy-food lover then this cooking course is of great value for you. This course makes you learn How to cook low-sodium Mexican food that is healthy.

The course details several recipes that are easy and healthy for the people afflicting from the congestive heart disease.

The Mexican food usually contains a lot of spices and salt that is why the people who have high blood pressure and cardiac diseases tend to leave eating the Mexican food.

The lessons are very helpful for such foodies. The cooking expert also tells you where to buy the ingredients for the low-sodium food he teaches to cook.

Furthermore, he keeps on testing the new recipes and adds them to the courses so that you may learn more and keep your family happy and healthy.

The course not only demonstrates the recipes but you will also learn various facts about the food you eat.

After completing the course, you will learn the calorie count the food and different vegetables contains, Which spices, baking item and fresh or canned food have low sodium content and where you can buy them and how to make different low-sodium dips and appetizers as well.

3) Skill Share

SkillShare Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Start with the 14 days of unlimited classes of Mexican cooking for free and learn to cook a lot of mouthwatering recipes to stimulate your appetite.

The website contains a lot of cooking lessons from different chefs who are the world known cooking experts and will make you learn different cooking techniques and tips in a short span of time.

The website is easy to use and you can take the most convenient cooking classes anytime and anywhere. Whether it is the delicious salsa or the Savory Enchiladas, the website has everything you want to learn about the Mexican Recipes.

The lessons take a little time and make you learn a lot in a few minutes video. Different chefs and restaurant owners come up with their experiences, tips and innovations to take you Mexican cooking to the next level.

The website contains many small courses by different experts which are further divided in to further small lessons from them so that you can access them whenever you want to learn.

4) Reed

Reed Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk contains a number of courses you can choose according to your need. It solely depends upon you whether you want to take the course for cooking the low-calorie food or you want to learn cooking the raw food.

This informative website contains the variety of Mexican cooking courses with different subscription fees.

The online classes are convenient and self-paced and you will also be awarded the certificate of completion at the end of each course. The website will also define the course level, the time duration it will take to complete and the course features along with its price so that you can choose the required course appropriately.

Each course has different time duration and methodology and some also offer the CPD point/hours or the qualification by the professional body that can contribute greatly to your professional development as well.

Thanks to the website that not only offers information but also the suitability to join the classes as per your convenience. You can take the lessons in two ways i.e. by joining the classroom course or the online course.

5) The Lesson Planet

LessonPlanet Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

The Lesson Planet contains several Mexican cooking courses. The website offers 10 days free trial for all the cooking courses so that you may be able to find what they bring for you and decide upon going along with the course or switching to the other one.

Different courses have different teaching methodologies. Some provide online classes while some provide workbooks and Recipe Cook books to offer great value to the learners.You can find different courses in different languages.

Moreover, the review of each course is offered at the website so that you may read it properly and come to know about the content it provides. It will help you to make an informed and appropriate decision of buying according to your need.

There are about 20 reviewed resources on the Mexican food so that you may be able to learn cooking in a convenient and easy to understand manner.

You can easily scroll through the website and find the most suitable course for you. The best thing of the website is that every course is backed by the free and open trial.

6) Universalclass

UniversalClass Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Universalclass.com provides a unique learning opportunity for you to learn the Mexican cooking with fun and convenience. The Tex Mex cooking course is available with or without certificate in a varied price.

It costs you a bit more if you opt for the CEU certificate but the award is definitely worth it and effectively contributes to your professional development.

Join the course that contains 12 comprehensive lessons that are self-paced and take six months to complete.

Moreover, the course is available 24/7 and you can start it anytime and anywhere on any smart device or personal computer.

The first course starts with the history of Tex Mex cuisine while the Lesson 2 contains the delicious recipes followed by 9 more lessons each containing 3 recipes.

The lessons are printable so that you can get the printed copy and start cooking conveniently. This makes learning easy and helps you to practice confidently.

The step by step guide also welcomes suggestions from those who want to make innovation in the recipe.

7) Pannacooking

PannaCooking Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Pannacooking.com offers this comprehensive course by Rick Bayless who is a pioneer in Mexican cooking. He cooks the delightful food in a well-known restaurant named Frontera Grill and wants to transfer his master art to his fans.

His food is extremely flavorful and rich in spices that are the specialty of the Mexican Cuisine. Learn to make all his special cuisines and also the dish that changed his life and made him what he is today.

The recipes range from the easier Guacamole to the hardest red mole sauce. The course contains 10 lessons in the form of 10 streaming HD videos that you can watch on any device at your convenience.

From the easiest Classic Guacamole to the spicy grilled tuna with Tomato Salsa, learn the most tempting Mexican cuisines that will increase your craving to learn and practice more and more.

8) Live Lingua

LiveLingua Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Who doesn’t love to eat different varieties of food but how about learning them to cook for yourself at home?

The online classes for the course of Mexican cooking will be conducted on skype and the medium of communication will be English. The course is especially designed for those who have No Spanish experience.

The course is designed to help the students get maximum knowledge about the Mexican meal. Along with the verbal communication, the instructor will also perform every step of meal cooking.

This will be much beneficial for you as you will see your instructor perform every step involved in preparation of the meal. On completion of the course you will be able to make a full meal including salsas and drink.

If you are interested in taking the course here is good news for you. The course is available throughout the week from 09.00 Am to 06.00 Pm (GMT-6).

Not only will the course help you to learn cooking but it will also help you to improve your communication skills and your ability to work in groups.

The instructor, Laura Ramirez has an experience of teaching in person and online cooking of more than 20 years. Laura was born and raised in Mexico and is waiting to share her cooking recipes with people around the globe.

9) ClassBento

ClassBento Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

If you are interested in learning about unique, delicious, and tasty Mexican food, you are at the right place. Through the private group cooking classes, you have an opportunity to learn the methods of cooking Mexican meals.

The instructor will teach you a number of recipes which includes corn tortillas, tomatillo salsa with avocado, Mexican staples, and Mexican rice pilaf.

You will also learn different methods in which you can use fresh ingredients to enhance the taste and pair the ingredients according to Mexican fashion.

The course will provide you an opportunity to sit together as a class where you will have to prepare a dish and share it with your fellow class mates and instructor. All the students will taste the dishes of others and give them suggestions.

During the private group class, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment and the ingredients to prepare the food.

The chief chef of our school, Sydney cooking, is a passionate cook. He opened the school in 2010 with the goal of providing a relaxed and learning environment to the people who love to cook.

10) SuperProf

SuperProf Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

The trends of eating Mexican foods have increased in Britain. The food coming from across Atlantic has passed the Indian food when it comes to take away.

The food can be much better when cooked at home so these are cookery schools from where you can learn to cook Mexican food.

In London, there are two cookery schools which have classes for Mexican food. The Jamie Oliver Cookery School and the cookery school London.

The dishes taught at these schools include smashed guacamole, corn tortillas and chunky salsas. Moreover, these schools will also teach you about different Mexican traditional cooking techniques such as grilling tomatoes, preparing salsas and making homemade tortillas.

In Manchester, the schools which teach you cooking of Mexican food are food sorcery and Wilms low cookery school. The dishes taught at these schools include chipotle chicken, fresh tortillas, Smokey black beans and blackened salsas.

The cooking classes are also conducted in different schools of Birmingham and Glasgow.

If you are not keen of travelling and going out of your home there are number of online cooking schools through which you can learn cooking techniques of Mexican food.

11) Azteca

Azteca Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

The Azteca’s chef, Hugo is a specialized cook in the Mexican food. Through the generations, they have acquired the tradition of cooking Mexican food. When it comes to preparing Mexican stakes, no one can beat the taste of Azteca.

Moreover, they also offer burritos and desserts.Hugo has been teaching about the Mexican food to the citizens of different countries. The chef has students spread across the Europe.

He has unique and original style that has been a handy tool for the students who want to learn about the cooking method of Mexican food.The price of taking Mexican cooking class with Azteca’s chef is very reasonable.

Everyone can take the course by paying 80 euros. During the course, the chef will teach you techniques and steps that are involved in cooking the food.

12) Tastemade

TasteMade Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Tastemade is a modern company for the food lover and travelers. The goal of the company is to equip more people with the modern cooking techniques so that they can enjoy different variety of food in their houses or during their tour.

The Tastemade is offering a course for the people who love Mexican food.In the course of Mexican cooking you will be educated on every single detail you need to know about cooking Mexican meal.

The method of course includes verbal as well as practical demonstration of steps involved in making the meal. Guess what?

They also give you an opportunity to learn the meal of your own choice.Mexican cuisines are famous for the ingredients used in them. These ingredients are native Mexican and have their own techniques of pairing and mixing them.

This course will also give you detailed understanding of these ingredients as well as the techniques for pairing them.Apart from the ingredients, tools such as molcajete, blender and steamers are also used for preparing Mexican meals.

In this course you will learn about the ways in which these tools can be used. The instructor will be demonstrating an example in front of you by using them.

13) Mexican Food Journal

MexicanFoodJournal Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

The Mexican food journal is offering many courses for cooking. One of its most prominent cooking courses is that of online cooking of Mexican meals.

The course is great for people who wish to serve delicious meals to the guests invited in their parties. Mexican meals can add much more taste to your menu and will catch everyone’s attention and for sure, your guests are going to love them.

The instructor of the course will join you through skype. While you are present in the kitchen preparing the meal, you can take consultancy from your instructor.

You will be guided about overall menu selection, the meal you are interested in and the tradition behind that meal.

You will be consulted before the class about the ingredients and tools that you will need for preparation of your meal. Once you have provided the information, you will receive a supermarket checklist that includes all the ingredients you asked for.

The class will be of 3 hours and the time will be decided after consulting you. The cost of course is $256 which includes shopping expenses, menu preparation, printable recipes and 3-hour class.

14) Bluprint

Bluprint Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

Rick Bayless who is a professional cook and instructor will give you cooking tips in this course. The instructor will educate you about the traditional as well as modern Mexican meals.

In this online course you will be taught about the preparation of salsas, guacamole and ceviche to tacos.The total duration of the course is 3 hours. Anyone can buy the course Rick but it is especially designed for people with some basic knowledge of cooking.

The complete course is divided into 7 videos. In the first video, the instructor introduces himself and gives you information about his famous salsas. In the second video Rick prepares three tacos.

In this part of the course the instructor will teach you about assembling of tacos using tortillas and salsas prepared in the first video.

In the third part, you will learn about techniques which are used for making guacamole. In 4th part the instructor discusses about two different ways in which tamales can be made. Similarly, the 5th part is about classic red mole with turkey.

In the last part, the instructor will give you knife techniques which can be used during the cooking of Mexican food.

15) Mexican Please

MexicanPlease Learn Mexican Cooking Lessons Online

If you are one of those who want to delicious items to their menu this online course is for you. The online course of Mexican cooking contains information that you need to make a delicious Mexican meal for yourself or your love ones.

The whole course is divided into fourteen modules. Each module focuses on a key aspect of Mexican cooking. At the end of each module there will be quiz to ensure that you have learned everything important that was present in the course.

The topics which are covered in this online course include homemade Mexican salsas and all the important aspects of Mexican meal cooking.

The course also includes breakfast dishes. Moreover, soups and vegetarian dishes are also included.The entire course is very comprehensive and covers all the aspects of Mexican cooking.

The people who are interested in taking the online course can go through Poblano module which is free of cost. The Poblano module will give you a rough idea about the format of the original course.

Choosing the Best Mexican Cooking Lesson Online

So, these were some the top website that provide great content on the Mexican cooking.

All the websites offer Mexican cooking lessons that are offered by the authentic sources and available in a very nominal subscription fee.

All you have to do is to log in and make your account to go through the listed online cooking courses to choose one for you. We hope, you would like our top picks and learn to excel the art of Mexican cooking soon.


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