14 Websites To Learn Martial Arts Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn martial arts lessons online

learn martial arts lessons online

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The world is not as we know it now since the beginning of time. It has witnessed drastic changes in every possible manner and human evolution with the culture is one such marvel that can not be ignored. Humans are social creatures that are essentially designed to live together.

There have been quarrels over different things and an ideal harmony is never been a prominent part of human behavior. Humans have been fighting over petty quarrels or large issues among each other.

Martial arts is a disciplined manner of fighting that is more commonly used these days as a promoting element for peace and harmony. It reflects self-defense and has also grown widely popular as a sport.

Physical combat sports such as martial arts are not safe for everyone to practice and require extreme training to not only ensure that your body is prepared to take the hits but also to be precise and not cause any permanent damage to your opponent.

That is the main reason that martial arts learning may take some time and proper guidance is a crucial element. There are martial arts schools and academies around the world that are helping students learn martial arts.

However, in this fast-moving world, not everyone can manage time to join such classes. There is nothing to be worried about as there are some awesome websites that are offering complete learning for Martial Arts.

No matter if you are looking to increase your stamina, stay fit, pursue martial arts as a professional player for tournaments, want to learn it as a means of self-defense, or simply want to learn it because you like it. You can take assistance from these cool websites

14 Websites To Learn Martial Arts Lessons Online Review:

1) Udemy

udemy learn martial arts lessons online

Udemy.com is the world's most famous platform for online learning. They are probably the first and one of the internet's largest platforms who are offering online learning on a huge number of subjects, skills, and topics with a buffet of choices.

When it comes to Udemy.com you are guaranteed to find the lessons of your choice, no matter what you are looking for.

Their most liked feature is a self-paced learning module that allows everyone to have a convenient learning experience at their own desired pace. This is made possible by their interactive module that enables you to have lifetime access to a course that you have paid for.

Udemy.com got plenty of choices listed on their website for you that you can choose from to learn martial arts effectively. These courses listed on Udemy.com are highly efficient and you can find a course for your specific needs listed on the website thanks to hundreds of courses on martial arts listed.

You can choose from these courses based on what your needs are and what you might be looking in for a course to learn from and pursue your career with martial arts. These courses have all the right insight for you including top content that will help you learn what is needed to practice martial arts safely.

2) SkillShare

skillshare learn martial arts lessons online

SkillShare.com is another most major platform in the world of online learning that matches the library of Udemy in a number of courses but with a slight catch.

While other websites require you to buy the course you want to learn from, SkillShare.com offers you a membership opportunity that is paid on a monthly basis and you can access all premium content listed on the website.

Not only that, but they also got some highly useful courses listed for free that you can take benefit from to learn martial arts. Also, they are offering a 2-months trial period that is unmatched by any other website.

SkillShare.com got plenty of courses listed online that can help you learn Martial Arts the way you want to. These courses can offer you all the guidance that you might require to learn Martial Arts and make it count towards your goals.

You can learn safe practicing techniques, pre-practice workouts to strengthen your body, and much more. There are courses on rules, and practices listed on the website that you can take benefit from while sitting at the comfort of your home.

3) Reed

reed learn martial arts lessons online

Reed.co.uk is a highly comprehensive portal offering online learning for every type of students across the globe. Reed.co.uk is a UK based website with a lot of helpful resources including a dedicated portal for Jobs and Career advice making them highly popular among the students.

They offer multiple learning modules including self-paced and guided projects-based modules that you can choose from and pursue your online learning.

The best part about learning from courses on Reed.co is that you will get a certification upon completion of each course, adding value to your professional and academic profile.

You can find several courses on the website that are highly efficient in not only learning Martial arts but also practicing them efficiently.

All these courses are specifically designed to help you prepare for Martial Arts learning and practice it in a safe way. These courses include some effective workouts for Martial Arts and lessons on rules and practicing Martial Arts at your home.

4) SuperProf

superprof learn martial arts lessons online

Well, you can always learn from some pre-recorded courses but that method is never effective for all the students. Those courses are designed to cover the needs of a wide range of students worldwide, ultimately losing the focus on some important points and aspects that you might need to learn in detail.

SuperProf.com.au is solving the problem for you by offering you a highly advanced method of learning online. They are offering one-on-one lessons with top experts across the world who can offer you personalized assistance on the lessons of your choice.

Not only that, but the best part about SuperProf.com.au is also that they only feature the best of professors around the world so you get a chance to learn from the cream of the crop as they put it.

There are some highly skilled martial arts teachers listed on SuperProf.com.au who are offering their lessons online. With the help of this website, you can get personalized lessons with undivert attention and focus on your goals.

These teachers are from all over the world and are offering to teach in multiple languages that will make you feel more comfortable learning from some experts in your native language.

5) MartialArtsOnlineUniversity

martialartsonlineuniversity learn martial arts lessons online

The website name reflects what they do. MartialArtsOnlineUniversity.com is a dedicated platform that is devoted to spreading martial arts knowledge around the world.

They are offering you a great opportunity that allows you to learn from the very best and have a complete grip on the martial arts style of your preference. The website has several learning modules for you to choose from and pursue your passion to learn martial arts in the comfort of your home.

These methods are equipped with all the resources and guidance that you might need to learn martial arts the right way.

You can choose from self-paced learning videos with step-by-step guidance and assistance on each workout, technique, and style so you can follow those instructions and practice those skills at your home, whenever you feel convenient.

For those of you who know about martial arts must know that there are different belts and you can get access to a curriculum for each belt that will include all the techniques you need to master and the strength level you need to reach.

You can also choose to learn from the masters of martial arts with dedicated sessions that will help you to get a personalized approach to learning even if you are learning from your home.

6) TrifuDojo

trifudojo learn martial arts lessons online

Triudojo.com.au is one of the most extensive websites you can find over the internet that is dedicated to teaching martial arts online. The website covers a wide range of resources that will essentially help you to learn martial arts the way you want to.

You can get access to a variety of classes that are being offered by them online and in person, in addition to training camps and their time table. It feels like learning in a dojo with your fellow students but you are sitting at your home, connected with all those fellow students, and master through a video link.

On Trifudojo.com.au, you can find plenty of resources that can help you learn Martial Arts the right way.

These include some famous styles like Ninja and Karate, you can find lessons for all age groups on the website with different goals like mastering self-defense, fitness and even pursuing your career as a professional martial arts player in the tournaments.

You can find online classes and other resources like video lessons and books that will help you learn the true sense of martial arts in no time at all.

7) GrandJunctionMartialArts

grandjunctionmartialarts learn martial arts lessons online

Grandjunctionmartialarts.com is another dedicated website that is offering you online learning on martial arts in a comprehensive manner.

The website covers all your needs for online learning and has to offer some of the best guidance techniques across the world, making it the right choice for you.

With the help of this website, you can get live training sessions with the rest of your class or simply request for personalized sessions if you take your learning approach a bit more seriously to pursue your online training with martial arts.

You can get guidance on Dynamic stretching, cardio challenges, get the best self-defense training, and learn all the manners and rules of a martial arts dojo online on this website.

Not only that, but you also get 24/7 assistance on the website with their innovative chat feature that enables you to get in touch with the experts anytime you want to.

8) CyberTaekWondo

cybertaekwondo learn martial arts lessons online

For those who are familiar with martial arts, know that there are several styles and techniques in the world of martial arts that make most of the experience. Each style has its own set of rules and moves that you need to master to attain a higher rank in respective styles.

Taekwondo is one such style that is one of the most popular martial arts styles across Asia and all over the world. This website is dedicated to helping you learn all you need to know about taekwondo and receive accreditation from the highest governing body of taekwondo, The Kukkiwon itself.

With the help of cybertaekwondo.com, you get access to a complete training program based on several learning modules including a self-paced learning program, open-video format, the option to train with others through a video link, and much more.

Cybertaekwondo.com is offering a wide range of programs including Cyber for Family that involves complete training for your whole family to stay fit and learn some best self-defense techniques.

You also get to learn for black belts if you wish to pursue your learning career in taekwondo or you can learn and prepare for competitions on this website if you wish to, that too at the comfort and convenience of your home.

The best part is, they are offering you a free 7-day trial period to check if the website will be compatible with your learning needs.

9) TakeLessons

takelessons learn martial arts lessons online

TakeLessons.com is one of the oldest and most authentic online learning platforms that is offering you a chance to learn from the top experts across the world directly.

These teachers listed on TakeLesson.com will offer you a chance to learn any subject or skill of your choice directly from the experts with a personalized learning approach and undivert attention towards the goals that you might have set for your learning journey.

The best part about TakeLessons.com is that you only have to pay for the time you will be spending to learn on this website. There are several teachers listed on TakeLessons.com that can help you learn martial arts online.

These teachers have extensive experience and expertise with martial arts and have taught online for years.

This way you are ensured to have the right guidance from the very best teachers. It feels like having your own personal tutor that can help you with all the training of martial arts effectively.

10) TigerCraneKungFu

tigercranekungfu learn martial arts lessons online

KungFu is one of the most advanced styles of martial arts that are often associated with self-discipline. It was preached as a worship style by ancient monks and is still held sacred by Buddhists.

KungFu is associated with peace and is seen as a way to maintain balance in both world but it can be highly deadly if fallen to the wrong hands. Kungfu is related to "Chii” that is asserted as something like our soul entailing the inner energy of beings.

There are several styles of Kungfu that are named after some animals that they mimic and learn certain movements and tactics of those animals to survive in the wilderness.

TigerCraneKungfu.com is offering you all the assistance and guidance that you might require to learn the Tiger and Crane styles of Kungfu online.

These are some of the most difficult styles to learn yet, this website is dedicated to teaching these styles with masters having years of practice and experience in teaching online. You can join their live, online classes and get started on your journey to learn the most advanced style of martial arts, Kungfu online.

11) OneMartialArts

onemartialarts learn martial arts lessons online

OneMartialArts.com is a complete training website to master martial arts. You don't need to worry if you are an absolute beginner and have no idea about how things work as they got everything covered for you and are offering you a chance to learn from some of the most experienced trainers available over the internet.

The website covers a wide range of resources but essentially starts with virtual training lessons that can be streamed on any mobile phone, Laptop, Tablet, or even your smart TV. It feels like having the training right inside a real classroom with fellow students but it is online.

Along with these awesome training lessons that you can enroll for on OneMartialArts.com you get to learn from their carefully structured resources available in the form of recorded videos and texts that you can spend your free time with and have all the extra insight needed to master Martial Arts and reach the level that you have always wanted to.

They also organize events and tournaments that will make you a part of their highly active community so you can participate with fellow students and take your learning to the next level.

12) InternetMartialArts

internetmartialarts learn martial arts lessons online

InternetMartialArts.com is a website that holds the 2014 award of top homeschooling curriculum and has been a part of the top 100 educational websites as well. That goes about the authenticity and efficiency of this website that can help you learn martial arts in the comfort of your home.

They are offering a wide range of video lessons for groups and individuals of all age groups so they can learn martial arts the right way at the comfort and safety of their own homes.

IMA offers martial arts learning experience based on their carefully structured curriculum that allows you to get your hands on best practices and techniques that will enable you to master martial arts in no time.

You can get enrolled with the website to learn martial arts from the experts and a carefully designed curriculum that is structured for teaching martial arts online.

Not only that, but they also have a comprehensive method for workouts that you can do at home to get prepared for learning martial arts efficiently.

13) ChennaiMartialArts

chennaimartialarts learn martial arts lessons online

If you are a beginner with martial arts and looking for something on a budget, this might be the perfect place for you to be at. The website has a minimalistic interface and is offering thousands of free resources and lessons that you can choose to learn martial arts at your home.

They have online course prepared for beginners to start with that will help them grow with martial arts rapidly and have the confidence to practice those complex techniques and moves easily.

Not only that, but you can also get your hands on all the styles, and moves of martial arts on this website with extensive background information, guidance, and video lessons that will help you practice.

The website got a separate portal for FAQs that features a wide range of questions from students across the world that is going to help you with the learning journey.

In addition to that, Chennaimartialarts.in also features a shop that can help you source top quality gear to practice martial arts safely from literally anywhere in the world and have them delivered at your doorstep conveniently.

14) Apprentus

apprentus learn martial arts lessons online

Apprentus.com is another interactive website that is offering you access to top tutors across the world on multiple subjects. You can search for a skill or subject that you want to learn online and the website will show you a number of options entailing teachers that can give you private lessons.

The best part about this website is that you get access to your own personal tutors that will help you with your personalized goal to learn and grow online.

There are several martial arts experts listed on apprentus.com that can help you with practicing martial arts safely at home. These teachers will guide you through a video link and help you grow no matter what level you are at.

You can learn some effective workouts from these teachers that will help you warm up and prepare your bodies for martial arts. You can also practice along with them online and learn all the skills and techniques that you wish to learn and that too at the comfort of your home.

These teachers will be able to guide you with the perfect style and focus on your strengths, making the learning process much easier for you.

Choosing The Best Martial Arts Lesson Online

Martial Arts is a highly physical combat sport that requires a lot of bodywork. It is not suitable for all and practicing it on your own is not a good idea as it might cause you severe consequences.

If you are willing to learn martial arts and don't have time to join some real-life school, you can get assistance from these cool websites to learn all about martial arts in the comfort of your home.

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