17 Websites to Learn Magic Lesson Online (Free and Paid Magic Courses)

Learn Magic Lesson Online

Learn Magic Lesson Online

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Magic is an interesting phenomenon that has experienced so much change in the past years. Nowadays, it is all about the use of amazing tricks and awe-inspiring distraction techniques to capture the attention of the audience and blow their minds.

However, performing magic involves understanding certain methods behind the whole tricks. And unless you have been taught these tricks, you may never be able to perform any magic, no matter how simple it may look.

If you want to learn how to perform magic, you should endeavor to learn from some of the masters in the business. In view of this, there are tons of online lessons that are mainly dedicated to showing different tricks that can allow you to become a good entertainer.

Irrespective of your level of experience in magic, there are many magic lessons that will help you start performing magic or teach you how to improve your existing tricks. These online lessons are taught by well-known magicians who have performed in different parts of the world.

We have selected the best magic lessons online that people from all around the world regardless of their background, gender, race and other elements can master. Check out the best array of websites for magic lessons below.

17 Websites to Learn Magic Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass: Penn & Teller Teach The Art of Magic

MasterClass Penn & Teller Learn Magic Lessons Online

Penn & Teller Teach The Art of Magic is a special lesson that is centered on showing the techniques and trick psychology that can be used to stun the audiences. The course involves over 14 different lessons with each lesson having about 12 minutes of intensive lectures.

In addition to the class, learners will get a downloadable book that offers more information and detailed instructions that showcase various magic tricks.

The outlines of this course include Meet Penn & Teller which is designed to introduce the highly experienced magicians that will be in charge of the lesson. Students will also learn about the meaning of magic as well as the principles of performing magic.

Some of the tricks that students will be taught include rope tricks, card magic, coin magic, and cups and balls method. To be a part of this lesson, students pay $90 for a single class.

As an alternative, students can access this course and other lessons on the website for $15 every month which is billed annually. The lesson can be accessed anytime on any internet-enabled device.

2) Magic Courses on Udemy

Udemy Learn Magic Lessons Online

If you want to learn magic, Udemy has tons of courses that are uniquely designed to teach learners different tricks. Currently, there are more than 1,400 courses on the platform. The courses focus on teaching you a wide range of magic techniques that can be used for professional performances or just to impress your friends and family in any social gatherings.

Some of the award-winning instructors that will be leading the courses are Kelly Roland, Austin Chan, Michael Kaczmarek, Pradeep Aggarwal, Chris Cheong, Tom Jean, Luke Binmans, Kenny Molotov, Jeremy Nelson, Tim David, and Matthew Cope.

A few of the top magic lessons on the platform include Magic Masterclass for Card Tricks and Magic Tricks, Learn Professional Magic Tricks & Card Tricks in 7 Day, Card Magic - Kickstart Card Magic Course, The Magic Pose: New Discoveries in Body Language, Magic Show: The ultimate magic tricks show, Elite Card Technique, Magic Tricks with Magnets, and Basic magic handling principles for complete beginners.

Each course comes with a series of lectures and is rated based on the level of satisfaction of the previous students. In addition, the costs snd durations of the courses vary greatly.

3) Magic Courses on Skillshare

Skillshare Learn Magic Lessons Online

There are over 650 magic lessons on Skillshare with the duration of the courses ranging from a few minutes to more than 1 hour. One of the leading magic lessons on this website is The Magic Experience: Learn how to Perform Sleight of Hand Magic.

This 38-minute long course is all about teaching students how to mesmerize the audience with sleight of hand magic. Taught by Tim Domsky, hundreds of students have already enrolled in the course so you should consider joining now.

Other magic lessons on Skillshare include Daily Magic: Welcoming Witchcraft into All Areas of Life by Ashley Krout, Powerful Card Magic by Majd Hailat, and Amazing Magic Trick: Playing Cards Unshuffle Themselves - You won't Believe Your Eyes! by Mr. Jack of Hearts.

You can also learn The Fundamental of Magic Tricks - Beginner to Intermediate by Hilar Poon, Metallic Magic: Create Digital Foil Textures From Scratch! by Teela Cunningham, 3 Easy Magic tricks for complete beginners by Federico Dellavalle and so on.

These courses cover an array of magic-related topics such as card tricks, dice magic, tarot meditation, and so on. Although these courses differ in fee and duration, many students have noted that they are well taught.

4) Superprof Webcam Lesson

Superrprof Learn Magic Lessons Online

Would you like to learn magic to become a professional magician that performs on different occasions or simply want to nurture a hobby? Join this platform to enhance your magic with the use of coin magic, sleight of hand, and card magic.

There is a plethora of magic lessons on this platform as there are a lot of tutors that are always available to take you through a series of lectures. Notably, all lessons take place via webcam.

Using this platform is easy and straightforward. You only have to use its search engine to look for a magic tutor that is within your neighborhood. Consider the distance, price, and level you want and start learning magic at your convenience.

Whether you want to learn basic or advanced magic, there are tutors that are more than capable to teach you everything that you need. On this platform, you can learn mentalism, cardistry, card magic, coin magic, and other important tricks that you need to impress your audience. Similarly, you can develop your existing magic tricks. The lessons on this platform are relatively affordable, so this is one of the cheapest means to learn magic.

5) Take Lessons

Take Lessons Learn Magic Lessons Online

Take Lessons is a website with leading online teachers that have perfected the art of teaching magic. With the lessons available on Take Lessons, you can learn various tricks and magic from the comfort of your home. These lessons are based on one-on-one classes between the tutor and student.

This private online lesson ensures that the tutor pays attention to the specific needs of each student so that the best results are guaranteed. The tutors are seasoned professional magicians who have performed at various events and places across the globe.

Before selecting any teacher, check their fees, bios, reviews and other essential elements. Then, you should go ahead to book your preferred lesson plan.

The lessons can hold online or in person. For online lessons, a webcam will be used to learn from the selected tutor. Even if you need further assistance after the class, many of the teachers are willing to provide more assistance that can help you improve your performance. Bryan K., Mushir A., Edd F., Casey E., Saran E., Jeremy M., and Timothy P are some of the tutors. So, register on Take Lessons now to learn magic.

6) Ellusionist

Ellusionist Learn Magic Lessons Online

As long as learning the rudiment of magic is concerned, Ellussionist is the perfect place to be. This website teaches you various techniques including the method to break a coin into half and join it back, move objects without any physical contact, reveal any word or phrase that other people have thought, make a cigarette disappear, guess hidden numbers and so on. On Ellusionist, there are more than 50 tricks to be learned.

Over the past 20 years, Ellusionist has trained more than a million individuals to become exceptional magicians who can perform an array of tricks that will amaze everyone watching them.

If you are a new performer, you should start with Beginner to Winner Magic Kits to learn how to start performing the tricks. How To Be A Magician Kit and How To Read Minds Kit are other nice kits that have been designed to help you learn other tricks.

You can also get instantly downloadable magic effects that will help you boost your trickery. Ellusionist also has many custom playing cards such as Blue Cohort Vintage Casino playing cards, Red Cohort playing cards, 3-Deck bundle pack, and White Aurelian card that will be used for teaching you the best card magic tricks.

7) Theory 11

Theory 11 Learn Magic Lessons Online

Theory 11 is a world-class website that makes learning the hardest magic tricks to look like an easy phenomenon. This platform will equip you with magic that will make you become the life of the party and also look like a superhuman that can perform awe-inspiring tricks anywhere you find yourself.

This website works perfectly to provide you with several downloadable instructional videos that show different magic tricks. With the videos at your disposal, you can learn all these tricks whenever you want and anywhere you are. This makes learning more convenient for you.

One of the most beautiful things about this website is that its interface is simple and easy to navigate. So, you will have no hard time finding the right lessons that you need.

Within a few hours of learning the right magic, you will start trying out a few tricks that will catch the attention of people. Dresscode general magic, Departure general magic, Fooler card magic, Mut Cardistry, Odyssey general magic, French kiss general magic, Well noted card magic, and In a Box Transpo card magic are the main magic tricks you can learn on Theory 11.

8) Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks Learn Magic Lessons Online

It is possible that you want to learn magic; however, you cannot afford to hire a private tutor or pay for any online course. Luckily, you can count on the free magic lessons on Magic Tricks to build your skills and become a magician that people will love to watch.

This platform is owned by Peter Monticup who is one of those that will be showing your many tricks. This website will teach you new awesome routines that you can add to the acts that you already have. You will also be shown exciting tips and techniques that will ensure that your audiences stay glued to their seats.

To start using this website, visit and browse the innumerable tricks that are available. Notably, each trick is rated based on the skill level as well as the age group of the student.

Also, there are a lot of tricks on this platform, so you can rest assured that you will find a trick that will catch your fancy. For more magic treasures, you can visit the online library of Magic Tricks to see more excellent trivia, tricks, and so on.

9) Magic and Mystery School

Magic and Mystery School Learn Magic Lessons Online

Magic and Mystery School is an online school that is basically dedicated to teaching you every step that you need to take to perform magic tricks. All you need to do to become a part of this platform is to register on the platform and start enjoying the massive benefits of the membership.

The benefits of the membership of this school include access to more than 100 magic lessons as well as the much-famed PEP Talks of Magic that is the signature package from this platform.

The magic lessons on Magic and Mystery School are mainly taught by Eugene and Jeff, who are some of the most exceptional magic tutors that the world has ever known. The focus of these tutors is to ensure that everyone can learn magic in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Through this online platform, they also work all around the clock to make sure that people all around the world can learn the basics of magic tricks. So, if you are ready to learn more about magic and improve your performance, do not hesitate to register with Magic and Mystery School online classroom.

10) Rebel Magic

Rebel Magic Learn Magic Lessons Online

Rebel Magic is a website that teaches magic tricks, mentalism, illusions, and other tricks. This website helps you through different means. First, it starts by showing you several magic tricks so that you can find one that you are truly willing to learn.

After discovering the tricks you like, you will be shown various ways to practice the magic. Although it may take time, Rebel Magic is committed to making sure that you become a master that can impress people anywhere with mesmerizing tricks.

On this website, you can learn different types of magic. Some of the most common tricks you can learn are best card tricks, float and spin any card in the air, the rising card magic, the magnetic hand, disappearing coin, spoon bending, rubber pencil trick, levitate yourself, and cut through the table.

Most of these tricks are good for street shows, parties, and stage performances. Rebel Magic provides you with the materials you need and gives you the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere you want. So, if you want to learn magic at your convenience, there is hardly a better way to start than this platform.

11) Good Tricks

Good Tricks Learn Magic Lessons Online

Instead of browsing through hundreds of confusing magic tricks, Good Tricks brings you a handful of tricks that save you time and effort. These few tricks have been handpicked by experienced and well-known magicians.

By joining this platform, you will be given an opportunity to learn magic whenever you want. Good Tricks teaches highly entertaining tricks that can be used for commercial purposes by any interested individual.

You will be shown the tricks in a simple way so that you can start performing magic after a few lessons. Also, this website explains impressive illusions, pranks, and magic which do not cost you an arm and a leg. The tricks that you can learn on Good Tricks are card tricks, coin tricks, card forces, card sleights, and coin sleights.

Learn street magic that enables you to do eye-catching conjuring that will draw everyone to you. You can use these tricks to entertain your friends and family. If you want, you can master the skills to a level where you can perform professionally anywhere across the world.

All the lessons take place online, so the location cannot be a challenge for anyone.

12) Aaron Fisher Magic

Aaron Fisher Magic Learn Magic Lessons Online

The website gives you access to a special magic shop where you can get several resources that have been designed the most amazing things about magic. Called the Amazement Plan Library, you will be shown tons of live events and other items that will give you detailed steps to various tricks and magic routines.

As the name of the website indicates, Aaron Fisher is the founder and most of the resources on the website were crafted by him. He is a famous magician who has mastered the art of using tricks, illusions and other methods to amaze people.

If you are joining Aaron Fisher’s training, you will get exclusive magic training videos and live coaching calls. You will also get access to a private online forum that is centered on discussing magic and other things related to it.

The resources you will get from this website include the Miracle Man method, Paper Engine, Panic, One Hand Popover, The Revolution, Pathways Training System, Machine, Search & Destroy, and The Graduate. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will definitely find some resources on this website that will suit your specific needs.

13) Learn Magic Tricks

Learn Magic Tricks Learn Magic Lessons Online

Learn Magic Tricks prides itself as the trusted and famed platform that teaches some of the hottest tricks around the globe. This platform provides learners with tons of updated videos that will show an array of cool tricks that can be used for different occasions.

By joining Learn Magic Tricks, you will learn how to impress people by using some of the greatest illusions that have ever been witnessed on this planet. Also, this platform will show you the tricks behind how you can read the minds of others and guess what they are thinking. This is an astounding way to impress even the toughest critics of magic tricks.

What’s more about this unique is that it offers several resources at no charge. So, for anyone looking for a website to learn magic without paying anything, Learn Magic Tricks is a good place to start.

On this website, you can also learn card forces, vanishes, card tricks, gimmicked magic tricks, coin tricks, extreme card manipulation, magic props, and street magic tricks. Therefore, do not hesitate to join this website and become one of the best magicians around the world.

14) Freemagictricks4u

Freemagictricks4u Learn Magic Lessons Online

Are you interested in learning free tricks that can blow people's minds in any type of social gathering? If yes, Free Magic Tricks is the right platform to visit. This website shows you how to perform simple, eye-catching and amazing tricks for free.

Without paying a penny and also at your convenience, you will learn wonderful tricks that you want use at the bars, pubs, parties, as well as on the stage and street.

Free Magic Tricks makes it so easy for every interested person to learn coin tricks, strange magic, card magic, mentalism and lots more. In addition, you can buy Magic Trick DVD at the magic store of this website to have access to some of the most hidden secrets of magic.

After completing the online lessons available on this website, students should be able to perform several tricks such as pen through arm illusion, coin in bottle, close up magic, card balance, the self folding note, levitation, coin magic trick, and crushed to restored soda can.

You can also become a member of this group to have unrestricted access to eBooks that are filled with the coolest magic tricks.

15) Magic University

Magic University Learn Magic Lessons Online

Magic University, which is under The Academy of Magical Arts, provides magic lessons to everyone who is at least 21 years of age. This academy has developed a lot of unique courses that will allow students to learn different areas of magic tricks.

Despite its affiliation to The Academy of Magical Arts, learning on this platform is not restricted to only members. So, you can join the magic classes without being a member of the association. After paying an enrolment fee, you will be given all the essential materials and supplies that you need to learn magic successfully.

This website currently offers lessons in conjuring series. If you have never learned about magic, you start the series with Introductory Magic which is a lesson that gives you an overview of effects and props associated with the magic tricks.

With time, you can learn Intermediate Magic, Advanced Magic, and Performance Workshop. It is worthwhile to understand that each lesson requires a 2-hour session every month and is held for 6 weeks.

The tutors are Rich Cowley, Kayla Drescher, Alfonso, Brett Schneider, and Harrison Lampert. Some special guests also teach during the specialty classes.

16) Marvin's Magic School

Marvin's Magic School Learn Magic Lessons Online

Founded by Marvin Berglas, Marvin's Magic School is one of the topmost magic schools in the world. The tutors are well-respected magicians that have performed before kings, world leaders and so on. Also, the tutors are members of distinguished associations like The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Magic Circle.

The main target of this school is to teach you magic for free or at a relatively affordable cost. You can start by enjoying the free magic lesson on this website. This free class will give you access to several magic lessons.

To learn some of rarest and most spectacular magic tricks, pay £20 for an annual premium membership. This allows you to access to more than 80 magic videos and massive customer care support.

Whether you are using a PC or a mobile device, you can watch all these videos and learn cool tricks. At no extra charge, new magic videos will be added to take your magical performance to the next level.

All the videos on this website are well explained and clear in such a way that even a 7-year old kid will understand how to perform the tricks.

17) The Academy of Magic

The Academy of Magic Learn Magic Lessons Online

The Academy of Magic has been particularly established to offer various students different types of magic courses. This Malaysia-based school is an online school; hence, students from all parts of the world can be a part of the spectacular magic lessons that are available on this platform.

The courses have been structured in a way that enables each student to learn everything they need to know about magic. If you are just getting started, take the General Foundation course to learn the basics of magic.

Afterward, proceed to be a part of other courses such as Parlor magic course, Stage Illusion course, Close Up magic course, Corporate magic course, Mentalism magic course, and Stage magic course. Kids can also learn magic at The Academy of Magic by taking the special Children magic course.

The founder of The Academy of Magic is Chris Cheong who has been stunning millions of audiences with jaw-dropping performances for more than a decade. He is a renowned magician, illusionist and mentalist with performances in almost 40 countries in various continents on this planet. Without a doubt, he is well-positioned to teach you all these tricks involved in performing magic.

Choosing the Best Magic Lesson Online

Now that you have known a few of the best magic lessons online, take the time to browse through these lessons. To choose the ones that best suit your particular needs and preferences, you should take a closer look at the lesson fees, the experience of the magicians, the course outline, duration of the lesson, the tricks involved, and other important factors.

Also, do not forget that tricks are easy to forget. Therefore, you have to practice from time to time so that you can perfect the tricks you have been taught and be one of the most outstanding magicians.

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