13 Websites To Learn Latin Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn Latin lessons online

learn Latin lessons online

Languages are a way of communicating with each other. Humans are social creatures and their survival depends on communication and living together in harmony and peace.

We have proof of different languages being used since the very beginning of the world and can say for sure that there were languages from the very start aiding humans to interact with each other.

Languages make a huge part of any civilization, and culture through literature and play an important role in the development of society. There are hundreds of languages being spoken and understood across the world today, and thousands of languages have ceased to exist over the course of time.

Latin is one such ancient language with Greek roots that is considered to be one of the most advanced languages of its time. It is a classical language from Indo-European languages. The language was spoken in Rome and grew to become one of the most popular languages with the boom of the Roman Empire.

It once stood as the most popular language across Europe and has contributed a lot towards Science, medicine, law, and literature during the Roman Empire's rule. Latin still stands to be the official language of the Vatican as many relics were written during the time of the Latin language's peak. It is a highly advanced language that is not easy to understand and learn.

Yet, Latin holds a significant place in history due to its cultural heritage and people find it attractive in it. Especially the ones having an interest in history, literature, or culture would want to learn Latin.

Having a strong grammar and several versions like academic, old, classical, vulgar, medieval, and new Latin you will need some assistance to learn it properly. These websites will provide you with all the help you might need to be able to learn and understand Latin properly.

13 Websites To Learn Latin Lessons Online Reivew:

1) Udemy

udemy learn latin lessons online

Udemy.com is one of the largest platforms over the internet providing you access to some top-notch online courses on thousands of niches and subjects.

The website probably holds the largest library in the world of online learning that will enable you to not only get the right online courses for your learning but also have a choice to get access to multiple courses on your desired topics to choose from.

Udemy.com offers a convenient module of studying with lifetime access to the course that you have paid for so you can enjoy a self-paced online learning experience at your own comfort.

You can find lots of courses on Latin listed on Udemy.com that will enable you to have all the assistance and insight you need to learn the language. These courses range from basic Latin courses to some highly advanced courses on grammar, sentence structure, and more.

You can choose from these courses based on the goals you have set to learn online and pursue your passion to learn Latin. These courses on Udemy.com have all the information that you might need to understand the history of Latin, and how you can read, speak, and write Latin exceptionally.

2) Preply

preply learn latin lessons online

Looking for a tutor for your exam tomorrow or want help with the homework that you don’t pay attention in class, Preply.com is your place to be at.

The website features thousands of teachers that can virtually help you with any subject you want to learn given that you have the will to learn in you. These teachers are listed on the website from all over the world and speak different languages so you can have an optimal learning experience in the language you are most comfortable with.

There are also several filters on the website that will allow you to filter the most compatible teacher for you.On Preply.com you can find a few teachers to help you learn Latin.

Languages are best learned under the guidance of a native speaker as they will not only help you with the grammar and basics of the language but will also be able to work on your accent and pronunciations.

These teachers on Preply.com can help you learn Latin no matter what your native language is and you will have one of the best online learning experiences ever with these personalized sessions.

3) Study

study learn latin lessons online

Study.com is another educational platform that is well-reputed across the globe for their carefully designed curriculum that can help you learn virtually any subject online easily.

The website started off as a platform to help students with their homework and extra help on the subject they are weak with and has grown to be one of the most popular educational websites over the internet.

They are offering Study Plans, courses, credit hours for the degree you are enrolled with, Degree programs online, and much more that can help you with your online learning.

Languages always have a thing or two commons and if you want to learn Latin, you need to understand the history of language and have an in-depth idea of its grammar.

Study.com provides you with the perfect chance to have all the authentic information on the language that will considerably grow your skills with Latin.

Not only that, but the courses and degree programs offered by Study.com on the Latin language are also specifically designed to help people learn online so you have an assurance of not missing a thing while learning from the website.

4) LearnDirect

learndirect learn latin lessons online

LearnDirect.com is a UK based website focused on online education on multiple subjects that are trending or people want to learn them. They are offering a lot of courses on their website including Languages, GCSE courses, Business, IT, Lifestyle and much more.

You can trust this website for their authenticity and quality of education as you will be getting a certification upon completion of each course. Their certifications are accredited by most major bodies across the world as they have regulated qualifications for courses to be featured on their website.

You also get access to some world-class funding options that will help you to learn without having to worry about being on a budget.

There are several courses on the Latin language listed on the website that you can learn from. These courses range from language originated in Latin America, laying the foundation of modern-day Spanish to some highly advanced courses on ancient Latin being spoken during the peak of the Roman Empire.

These courses can help you learn and use Latin for business, day-to-day communication, or academic purposes as well. Each course is being offered on a unanimous price so you get to choose based on your needs and not the price.

5) LessonFace

lessonface learn latin lessons online

LessonFace.com follows an interactive approach to online learning by offering you a chance to learn from some of the top experts online.

This way, you are guaranteed to have an optimal level of understanding as these tutors listed on LessonFace.com have been vetted for their knowledge of the subject and have extensive experience of teaching online.

The website also has an interactive interface making it one of the easiest websites on the internet to use. You have all the filters that you might want to use right on the results page so you can filter out the most compatible tutor for you without having to worry about it.

These tutors on LessonFace.com are some native Latin speakers or Latin teachers from some of the most popular institutions across the world, helping you to learn and understand all you need to know about Latin.

These tutors on LessonFace.com will provide you one-on-one sessions focused on your personalized goals for learning Latin.

With these tutors, you can not only learn Latin the right way but get some top book suggestions, watch some movies to understand the language better, or simply practice conversations with them so you can have your mistakes pointed out and work to make them better.

6) TakeLessons

takelessons learn latin lessons online

TakeLessons.com is another website offering you the right opportunity to learn from the experts first hand with these one-on-one lessons. The website has thousands of teachers listed online that can help you with the subject you want to learn with personalized sessions.

It feels like having your personal tutor but online that can help you with any subject or skill that you might be looking to learn at the comfort of your home. On TakeLessons.com, you only have to pay for the time you will be spending to learn so you don’t have to worry about any monthly subscriptions or additional fees.

There are several teachers on TakeLessons.com that are teaching Latin online. You might also find a few teachers around your area on the website that can offer in-person lessons on the Latin language.

These are some of the native Latin speakers having years of experience in teaching and can help you from scratch to converse in Latin like a pro.

You might be looking to read, write, speak, or understand Latin, with these teachers on TakeLessons.com you can have undiverted attention and focused assistance towards your personalized goals.

7) Time4Learning

time4learning learn latin lessons online

Time4Learning.com is a great website that can help you with homeschooling and a lot of subjects. Languages increase the IQ level in children and kids who speak multiple languages tend to have higher intelligence levels than other children of their age.

This website is a great initiative for youngsters to spend their time proactively and positively. You can find all the resources, curriculum, and video lessons that you might require for homeschooling of children.

This way, you can make their time at home productive and enable your children to understand the subjects better.The website Time4Learning is offering you an extensive course for your children to efficiently learn the Latin language.

The course is carefully designed for young children so they get the best guidance and assistance with the language. You can also try the demo lesson to get a better idea about their courses before committing to anything.

Latin is a root language for several languages including English with 65% of English words originated from Latin. It has a server to be an important language for law, philosophy, governing bodies, and literature.

With this course, you can help your children to learn all they need to know about Latin and increase their proficiency over the language.

8) NEC

nec learn latin lessons online

NEC is National Extension College in the UK that is renowned across the world for its optimal approach towards life skills such as languages, and social skills to help students understand these concepts in a much better and more optimized manner.

They are offering their state-of-the-art curriculum over the internet for online learning so people across the world can have a chance to learn from their curriculum and grow with their academic or professional career without having to worry about any geographical boundaries.

Nec.ac.uk is offering a complete course on the Latin language that pretty much covers everything from scratch to advanced levels of language.

You have a choice to choose the only course if you want to learn or you can get a Certificate or Diploma upon completion as well from National Extension College as well.

The course has some perquisites that you must meet if you want to be enrolled in the course. Top features about the website are that they are offering you to download course samples, summary and curriculum once enrolled for the course so you can learn without the internet as well and prepare for the exams easily.

9) Learn101

learn101 learn latin lessons online

Learn101.org is a website that is dedicated to teaching languages online and is helping thousands of students across the globe to get a hands-on top-notch curriculum to understand and learn any language they want to be.

All the video lessons, examples, and resources are free to access for everyone so you don't have to worry about a subscription or have to log in to learn from this website.

They have opted for a unique method to teach languages online with a variety of lessons based on Grammar rules, commonly used phrases and an extensive vocabulary list on each language that you can memorize with the help of examples.

On Learn101.org you can find all the assistance you might need to learn Latin online. There are lessons, and examples on Alphabets, Adjectives, nouns, plurals, gender, numbers, phrases, grammar, vocabulary, and much more that you can learn from.

You can either opt to learn from these lessons step-by-step to grow with the language or choose any lesson from between if you think that you need to focus on any of these key aspects of Latin language.

10) Ilanguages

ilanguages learn latin lessons online

This is another cool website that can help you learn any language that you might want to online. With the help of ilanguages.com, you get access to hundreds of resources that can ensure that your skills with a certain language are up to the par and you are enabled to read, write, understand and speak the language perfectly.

You can find some cool games and quizzes on this website as well that will help you learn your skills with the language you want to learn and assess your command over any language effectively.

Ilanguages.org is offering you access to hundreds of resources on the Latin language including Flashcards, words, quizzes, and letters so you have good proficiency over the language.

You can find some most commonly used phrases, help with grammar, and access to a vast vocabulary of Latin language on this website so you feel confident about your learning.

The best part is that this website is free to access and you will not need to have any subscription or account to learn from these resources listed on the website.

11) Lingq

lingq learn latin lessons online

The world we live in changes every day and those who evolve with it are more successful than the people who are living in old fashioned ways.

Technology grows each day considerably and we have turned to online methods of educations leaving behind some of the traditional educational techniques that were in practice for centuries.

Linq is one of the most advanced marvels of technology and online educational systems providing you a unique and most interactive way of online learning. The website has an easy to use interface that allows you to learn any language you want easily.

One of their highly advanced features that are unmatched so far is a mobile application that will allow you to take your learning with you and learn with the help of games, exercises, and resources on your mobile phone anywhere you go.

You can find an extensive range of resources listed on Lingq.com on Latin including books, podcasts, news, business vocabulary, entertainment, sports news, cultural insight, and much more.

All these resources can also be accessed on the mobile application and will help you feel more confident with your Latin learning.

12) UCDenver

ucdenver learn latin lessons online

Most major institutions that believe in advancement are turning to online education as it cuts the ties of geographical boundaries and allows all the students across the globe access to the top curriculum that they want to learn from.

Clas.ucdever.edu is powered by the University of Colorado Denver as a part of their online education program. The website is offering degrees, courses, and online educational programs with the renowned curriculum of the University of Colorado to help students learn at the comfort of their homes.

With this website, you can learn online and upon completion of the program, you will be entitled to a degree from the University of Colorado that is accredited across the world.

You can learn Latin online on this website with a curriculum designed by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Latin is a highly advanced language and, on this website, you can find lots of courses, and degree programs to get enrolled with.

These programs will enable you to learn Latin to pursue history, philosophy of law, and have a complete proficiency over the language.

13) LivelyLatin

livelylatin learn latin lessons online

LivelyLatin.com is one of the very few websites that are dedicated to teaching Latin online. The website is devoted to keeping Latin alive with teaching more and more students the language.

On this website, you can get enrolled in online classes that are following a world-class curriculum that can help you understand the similarities and differences of Latin with English and learn it through a proper channel.

All you have to do is spare 75 minutes a week for an online class to learn Latin online.

Not only that, but the website also has a dedicated shop with cultural books, literature, and a lot more resources that can help you learn Latin easily.

There is also a blog on this website with news dedicated to Latin and you can participate in a community of native Latin speakers who love the language and are playing their role actively in keeping it alive.

Choosing The Best Latin Lesson Online

Latin is one of the most significant languages of history and has laid the foundation for many other languages that are being spoken today.

A language with such great cultural heritage is not easy to learn but if you have the will to learn and are devoted to it, these websites have all the resources that you might require.


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