14 Websites To Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

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Fighting among each other has been in the human nature since its birth and there have been many traditional ways people have been fighting each other.

However, to discipline the energy and controlling these emotions invented some fighting styles that can help you grow your body in a positive manner and also train your mind and body up to an extent. Such styles have been given various names and opted as sports during the ancient periods. Today, we know such fighting skills as martial arts.

Martial arts are not just a way of fighting, it disciplines your mind and body to follow the highest principles of control and you can feel the difference within yourself.

There are certain types of martial arts being taught and observed around the world and you can see them being played as a sport ranging from karate, boxing, kick boxing, wrestling and kung Fu.

Kung Fu is considered to be the most ancient and powerful discipline of martial arts as its not about the strength but technique and how you can use your opponent’s weakness to succeed. Kung Fu word might bring the image of China in your mind, but its history is far wide and it was discovered and first taught by shaolin monks.

Kung Fu is being evolved ever since a bit, but it is mostly keeping the authenticity of ancient kung fu alive. There are certain styles of Kung Fu that are named for the animals that follow the movement and mimic their actions.

Some of the most popular styles of kung Fu are snake, tiger, crane, monkey etc. If you wish to learn Kung Fu, it includes not only training for your body but your mind as well. There are some highly insightful websites that can help you with the process and some of these websites are:

14 Websites To Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

If you are into online learning, Udemy is the website for you. The website has so far, the widest range of online courses available that make it one of the top websites that can help you with online learning.

You can find thousands of courses on the website that spread across all imaginable topics and lessons that can possibly be learnt online. The website offers free membership that allows you access to these courses and you can pay for the course you want to purchase and learn from.

There are hundreds of courses on Kung Fu listed on the website that range from learning to discipline your mind, training your body, and how to start with the Kung Fu.

You can also find some advanced courses that can help you learn the styles like shepherd warrior Kung Fu, ancient shoaling Kung Fu, and Kung Fu for participating in martial art Kung Fu.

These lessons are a complete insight on maintaining your body and mind to be able to get yourself the best of Kung Fu and practice it safely and efficiently.

2) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Skill Share is another great platform that allows you to learn a diverse range of skills online. The website is unique in a certain way that it allows you access to numerous free courses that you can access with just signing up and start your learning journey.

Along with these free courses, you can also find some top-notch premium content that is available under premium membership and you just have to pay a minimal monthly fee for that.

This module helps you effectively as you do not have to pay for multiple courses and if you feel like a course is not working for your goals, you can easily switch to another course without having to pay for it.

This also allow you to learn multiple topics with convenience.You can find some really cool Kung Fu courses on the website that can take your fascination of Kung Fu towards reality and you can learn the Kung Fu online.

There is a difference between the Kung Fu you have been seeing in movies and the actual thing, and this website is perfect for you to learn all that you need to know about Kung Fu.

3) TakeLessons

TakeLessons Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Kung Fu is a highly advanced and complex form of martial arts that require sheer will, determination and constant efforts to get proficiency. Being a physical activity, there are high chances that you get yourself more damage than good if you practice without proper guidance.

People have been reported to get severe injuries or cramps on practicing the Kung Fu moves wrong way.You can chance that now by using Take Lessons.

This website presents you with an engaging form of learning as there are experienced teachers available on this website that can help you with learning Kung Fu online.

These teachers will guide you in one-on-one lessons that will ensure that your learning and growth is in focus. This way, there are no risks with the trainings involved as well.

There are some cool Kung Fu teachers online that will charge you hourly for the time you will be spending to learn Kung Fu online.

4) 6DragonsKungfu

6DragonsKungFu Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

The first look on the website says, The First Free and Complete Online Course on Kung Fu. Dragon is considered a symbol of power and might in ancient shaolin and it is still a sign of significance in china.

Dragon style Kung Fu is a subtle yet powerful style of Kung Fu that requires a lot of time spent in practice and also, needs you to learn how to move swiftly, control each limb of your body and have mental presence at all times.

The website allows you access to Free Lessons on Dragon style Kung Fu that can teach you all that you need to know to master the techniques of this style.

Each lesson is comprised on several parts that will gradually take you from preparing your mind to accept the Kung Fu and then train your body accordingly. You can also find mini-guides, free articles, video courses, an insight from Master Kongling and much more on this website and all for free.

So, if you are looking to get your hands on authentic Kung Fu lessons and that too without putting a dent on your wallet, this is the website for you.

5) LearnKungFuOnline

LearnKungFuOnline Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Kung Fu has several styles named after the animals. These styles try to mimic their actions and follow the same strategies as these real-life animals. One such highly popular style is mantis style that is focuses on technique rather than skill.

Mantis style includes subtle, swift and silent movements that can help you with hitting the opponent in the right places. This style is highly popular among those who want to train for self-defense as it strengthens your body and can get you alert at all times.

Learn Kung Fu online is Australian based website that has prices listed on the website in AUD.

The website allows you access to some highly elaborative courses on Mantis Kung Fu that can get you started and take you from beginner to expert level really quick.These courses include, Have a try package, Get Serious package, train for life package and much more.

6) EnterShaolin

EnterShaolin Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Shaolin Kung fu is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most ancient form of Kung Fu. It is so far the most famous style of kung fu around the world and is taught everywhere.

Enter Shaolin Kung Fu is a dedicated website that is run by a community. The basic teachings of Kung Fu entail learning to channel the energy of soul through your moves and make it count for your self-defense.

Ancient monks used Shaolin kung fu moves as a form of worship.The website allows you a limited time to enter shaolin kung fu with 5-days video course for free.

Then, you can join this great community-based website to start with the teachings of Shaolin kung fu that will help you learn the secrets to kung fu and how you can effectively adapt it to your lifestyle.

There are certain packages that include per month pricing, life time pricing and pay for lifetime in installments. You can see a comparison chart of each package and decide the right package for you.

7) Courses.Kungfu.Life

KungFuLife Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Kung Fu is not just a form of martial arts. It is believed to be a way of living that introduces your soul and body to some highest form of patience, discipline and control.

Kung Fu was once believed to be sacred by Buddhists monks and it is still practiced by them regularly. This dedicated website allows you access to a huge range of courses on Kung Fu that you can choose from depending on your goals and move forward.

The website entails a number of courses, Warrior pass, Live stream training to help you with the live lessons to follow and much more.

You can also find a community forum where important topics and issues with learning are discussed by students and experts and you can seek guidance from experienced there.

If you are willing to learn Kung Fu, you might have different goals in your mind. The website offers you courses on Kung Fu for health and wellbeing, kung foundation training, Kung Fu weapons training, and shaolin form of ancient kung fu practices.

8) USASShaolinTemple

Usashaolintemple Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

This is another dedicated website devoted to teach shaolin kung fu online. The website allows you access to one of the great names of Kung Fu world, SiFu Shi Yan Ming.

Grand Master Shi Yan Ming opens the doors of opportunity for all by taking his teachings to online platform where everyone can learn from his highly practiced and polished methods of learning Kung Fu online.

He is grand master at USA shaolin temple and millions of students find peace within themselves and control over their soul, body and mind through these ancient techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu.

On the website, you can find a whole range of online courses that range from 1st basic level to some advanced tips and tricks to master shaolin kung fu efficiently.

9) SeattleShaolinKungFu

SeattleShaolinKungFu Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

​There are multiple sports available in the world. Some people are interested in cricket whilesome of them like to indulge in wrestling games and more. However, there is a group ofpeople who are different and want to step foot in martial arts.

Martial arts itself is very diverse and there are multiple streams available to be learned and honed.

One such stream is Kung Fu and if you intend on learning this martial art, this website is the perfect option out there because they are offering online lessons that enhance the learning experience and you will finally be able to learn the skills in the most constructive and integrated manner.

The best thing about this website is that it has Kung Fu lessons availablefor kids, adults, and seniors at the same time.

All the instructors on this website are highly experienced and have practical knowledge about the martial arts and they are all passionate about inculcating those skills in their students. The website comes with intuitive interface and empowers the students for teaching them self-discipline.

10) Jowgar

Jowgar Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Learning new skills has become common in this world because people are always trying to add something more on their resume but most of those people are learning the work-related skills.

There is no wrong in learning such skills but sometimes, one needs to lean back and do something for themselves. If you have been feeling off lately, learning Kung Fu might help with your esteem.

This website is a suitable option for everyone who wants to learn new skills by setting foot in the martial arts and Kung Fu to be particular. The website has been designed to be intuitive and interactive and potential students can easily register themselves for the course and hone the Kung Fu skills like a true martial artist.

With Jowgar.com, the students can access the video lessons that are all inculcated with essential bits of information to meet the diverse needs of every age and skill level.

It doesn’t matter which course you take because by the end of any, you will have the self-defense skills, along with highly flexible and strengthened body.

11) Taichihangout

TaichiHangout Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

With the increasing awareness about health and fitness, the number of people joining gym sand workout sessions are increasing but some people are also indulging in mediation to gain self-acceptance and strengthen their mind.

One such activity is opting for martial arts because they offer higher strength and, in some cases, it offers self-acceptance as well.

So, if you want to learn Kung Fu, this website has been designed to offer video lessons to enhance the learning experience and the students will be able to pay attention to small details.

The courses on this website are designed to be integrated with all top-notch options because they want to offer something for everyone, by keeping in mind different skill and age levels.

The best thing about this website is that they came up with step-by-step configuration in their courses because the initial courses teach the basics and by moving forward, the students learn advanced skills.

But it doesn’t matter which course you take because all of them are designed to help and teach by professionals and experience martial artists!

12) Waiskungfu

Waiskungfu Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Being free at home might sound like a dream at first but a few days at home and you willstart feeling overwhelmed and the entire experience will shift to frustration.

Well, we think that calls for indulging in some habits or maybe starting to learn new skills. So, we think that Kung Fu might be a good choice to kick-start the new skill learning regime.

But if you don’t want to go out and join physical classes, this website is the most suitable option because it teaches all the essential knowledge and skills regarding Kung Fu martial arts.

The website has a very well-integrated course designed to offer top-notch experience.These lessons will spark the love for self-defense in you and you’ll be able to fight like a warrior for yourself.

By taking the Kung Fu lessons from this course, you will start becoming more fit and strengthened. There are discussion sessions along with question and answer sessions which are highly interactive to ensure you get your doubts cleared.

All the video lessons are highly in-depth with long hours as it has to focus on each detail!

13) Whatson.CityofSydney.nsw.gov.au

CityOfSydney Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

People are always trying to learn new things because that’s human nature that they cannot be contained to one place. So, some people like trying their luck with the arts and some people like to explore the world of technology.

But if you are someone who is interested in learning the martial arts and hone kung fu, this website has to be your top choice with their well-designed online classes.

The website has been designed with free Kung Fu lessons to ensure no one is deprived of new skills simply because they cannot afford to enroll themselves in fancy courses with hefty tuition fees.

So, that’s where this website is a champion because no one has to worry aboutthe money matters.On this website, you can access online Kung Fu lessons irrespective of your age or fitnesslevel.

Even more, there is no long list of prerequisites demanded on this website becauseonly a few minutes of your day will teach you Kung Fu. By the end of courses of this website,you will be able to see a noticeable change in stamina and strength.

14) Shaolinhunggartaichiiinc

ShaolinHungGartaichiinc Learn Kung Fu Lessons Online

Kung Fu is focused on controlling the chii, that is believed to be an internal form of energy similar to soul. It binds your body to the mind and allows you exceptional control over it.

Shaolin Hung-gar & Tai-Chi Institute LLC has started their own dedicated website that can help you learn some advanced techniques of Kung Fu online.

The website follows a unique strategy that has been practiced and polished over years and has helped thousands of students learn Kung Fu.

The website is run by Master Sharon Diaz that teaches Kung Fu through ancient Chinese techniques. There are weekly online classes, guidance from master Sharon Diaz directly and much more resources available on this website.

Choosing The Best Kung Fu Lesson Online

Kung Fu is not something that can learnt overnight. It requires hard work, determination, and lots of time to master Kung Fu and understand it properly.

Kung Fu is the most advanced form of Martial Arts that has been in existence since centuries. There are certain websites that can help you learn Kung Fu online, and they can help you with your goals.

Rather you are looking to learn self-defense, martial arts for sports or any other goal, these websites can help you learn Kung Fu online. You can go through these critical reviews that will allow you to choose the right website for you.

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