14 Websites to Learn Korean Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Korean Lessons Online

Learn Korean Lessons Online

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Korean language looks and sounds like Chinese but it is a lot more different than Chinese. It is a separate language that holds its own identity and is the official language of both North and South Korea.

Korean language is not that easy to learn if your first language is English. You will have to go through lots of trouble to properly understand the alphabets, grammar, pronunciation, syntax, vocabulary and more. Without mastering all of these aspects, there is no possible way for anyone to learn a new language.

Korean is pretty much the same and you will require to practice a lot. Not to mention, you will require to have a certain will to learn and not give up while learning a language as complicated as Korean.While Korean is an officially recognized language by the UN and you can get a bachelors degree or certification in Korean language from any linguistic institute that offers such education.

It might not be your goal to have a degree and you might just want to learn Korean to be able to communicate efficiently or to add to your knowledge of languages. To server your purpose, you don’t have to physically join an institute as there are several websites that are offering Korean language lessons online.

These websites are also a great help for those who want to learn Korean but don’t have the time or resources to join an institution in person.

These websites will serve the purpose for you and you can learn Korean easily while sitting at the comfort of your home. Some of the top websites that offer Korean language courses are:

14 Websites to Learn Korean Lesson Online Reviews

1) Udemy

udemy learn korean lessons online

Udemy is the top name when it comes to websites that can help you learn online. The website got its worldwide popularity due to the fact that you can virtually find an online learning course on the website on any possible topic in the world that you can think of.

Udemy has thousands of course listed on the website on hundreds of niches that can help you learn any skill you want online. The website serves as a library for all those who find online learning more comfortable than traditional learning as you can purchase and manage all your online courses in a single place.

The other best part about using Udemy.com is that once you have purchased a course for yourself, you will get indefinite access to the course and you can come back to revise anytime you want. There are some great courses listed on the Korean language on Udemy.com that can help you learn the language from beginner to advanced level.

These courses range from simple vocabulary to grammar, spellings pronunciation and speaking skills so you can choose the right course according to the level of learning you are on and take it forward from there. Some of the top features of using Udemy are:

• Hundreds of courses on Korean language

• Dedicated courses focused on Vocabulary, spellings, grammar and more

• Lifetime access to the course materials

2) Coursera

coursera learn korean lessons online

Coursera.org is another online educational platform that allows you access to thousands of courses online. The website is perfect for those who want to go through an organized course rather than just learning the skill. The website follows an innovative guidance program and all the courses have organized structure for an optimal learning experience online.

The website is not only limited to courses but also offers, certifications, specializations, degrees, and professional certifications with the associated courses.There are some highly insightful courses on Korean language listed on the website that you can take advantage from.

There are course with self-paced learning module, and also guided-courses to get your way through learning Korean online. The website offers courses based on the level of learning you are on and you can find course son Korean language covering basic, beginner, intermediate and expert level. The courses are further classified according to the difficulty levels that make it easier for you to choose from.

Some top features of using them are:

• Goal-oriented training

• Programs for every type of needs and requirements

• Some of the best authentic certifications and degrees

3) FutureLearn

futurelearn learn korean lessons online

Future Learn is a hybrid website as they not only present some of the top courses online for learning but their courses are based on teaching material that is being taught in physical educational institution.

The website also offers you with the opportunity to get authentic certifications and degrees for the courses that you will be learning online, thanks to their partner educational institutions.

The website serves you with a limited choice of courses but all the courses listed on this website are unbeatable in terms of understanding and quality. There are some great courses on Korean language listed on the website that you can take advantage from.

These courses are self-paced, guided and also offer certification at completion of each course that is listed on the website.

Some of the best features about Future Learn are:

• Certifications from renowned institutions

• Course material based on best teaching practice

• Self-paced, guided and certified learning programs

4) Preply

preply learn korean lessons online

Preply started as an online preparation platform for any exam that you might be planning to take. There are experienced teachers listed that could help you with any preparation of exams within hours and you will be able to confidently sit in any exam and ace it.

However, with the growth of technology and online learning, the platform grew to be one of the top online teaching platforms.Now, there are hundreds of teachers listed online that can help you with your learning journey online.

The website is not limited to a certain subject or skill and you can find teachers on all the diverse fields that can help you learn online. There are also some native Korean speakers on the website that follow a unique and advanced teaching method prepared by Preply.com to help you learn Korean online.

The best parts about website are:

• Prepare for your Korean Exam

• Ability to learn from native speakers

• Attention to details, including grammar and more​

5) SkillShare

skillshare learn korean lessons online

Skillshare is another highly popular online learning platform. It suits those best who like to learn multiple things at once as you don’t have to pay for specific courses on Skillshare.com but for a monthly membership that will give you access to multiple premium courses that you can take advantage from.

The website serves as a communication platform between those who are good at certain skills and those who want to learn some new skills online.Thousands of lessons are being uploaded each day on the website that allow you an opportunity to learn the skill you want online.

There are also a number of greatly informative lessons on Korean language listed on skillshare.com that can accompany you on the journey towards perfecting the language. The website also has some free content, so if you don’t want to spend some money on the membership and still want to learn Korean online, you can take advantage of these free course.

The best features of Skillshare.com are:

• Access to multiple courses with one membership

• No-obligations, cancel whenever you want

• Free resources

6) Reed

reed learn korean lessons online

Reed.co.uk is a UK based website that brings you with the opportunity to learn virtually any lesson online. The website is highly popular amongst the people in UK and other European countries as there are course that are being recorded locally and people find it easier to understand due to the accent and they can relate to the situations.

The website has a huge library comprising of thousands of courses on hundreds of online learning topics.The payment currency is GBP that is much more convenient for the residents of UK.

There are several highly insightful and comprehensive courses on Korean language listed on the website that will allow you the opportunity to learn Korean language in no time at all. There is nothing to be worried about the time, as once you buy a course, you will get lifetime access to it.

Some great features they offer are:

• No monthly subscription

• Goal-oriented learning process

• Indefinite access to courses that you buy

• Manage multiple courses with one subscription

7) LearnDirect

learndirect learn korean lessons online

Learn direct is another highly popular website that is being used across the world to help learn online. The website offers you with the opportunity to buy complete courses that will help you from scratch to advanced levels.

This eliminates the need for multiple courses and you can get the best possible guidance all in the unanimous manner and comprehensive narrative. Each course on the website is compiled carefully keeping some high educational standards in focus and you will never face any difficulties learning from these courses.

You can find some cool courses on Korean language focused on different goals and these courses will be helping you through the whole journey of learning Korean language.

This website being a UK based website teaches you to learn Korean in English so you it wont work for you if your first language is not English.

Some of their top features are but not limited to:

• Dedicated courses

• Complete course material from scratch to advanced

• Ability to learn online in English

8) TakeLessons

takelessons learn korean lessons online.

TakeLessons.com is all about innovation and utility. The website is solving all the problems that were faced by those online training websites that have pre-recorded lessons and you needed to go through them to learn a skill online.

Learning from pre-recorded material can get boring and hard at times and you might need guidance to help you through your online learning journey. TakeLessons.com present you with an opportunity to effectively find a trainer online that can help you learn any skill through video link or you can decide upon a place mutually to take on your learning journey.

The website has some great Korean teachers available that you can communicate with and see which one would be the right fit for you to learn Korean online. These instructors will charge you no a per hour basis and you will only be paying for what you will be learning.

This is simply a best method to learn online without having to worry about the boundaries or geographical limits from the very best.

Some of their top features are:

• Expert Korean teachers

• Ability to learn with one-on-one sessions

• No subscription or monthly fees

• Only pay for what you learn

9) LessonFace

lessonface learn korean lessons online

Lessonface.com is another online US based website that allows you to learn from the teachers, instead on relying on some pre-recorded lectures. This website has hundreds of teachers listed that you can choose from according to the timing, geographical compatibility, language and the topic or skill you want to learn online.

These teachers will be charging you only for the time you spend learning online, and each teacher has different fees depending on their skillset and expertise.The website has some of the very best Korean teachers listed that will help you learn Korean online in no time.

If you have tried those pre-recorded lectures already and they didn’t work for you. This is the perfect way to learn Korean at the comfort of your home and that too without having to worry about anything. Wherever you get stuck, you can always ask for the guidance from these experts.

Their top features are:

• Dedicated trainers that can help you learn skills online

• No obligatory subscriptions

• Only pay for the time spent learning

10) Learn-korean

learnkorean learn korean lessons online

This is a dedicated Korean website that is purpose built to help everyone learn Korean online. The website has some great free resources that you can get help from to learn Korean language online.

That is not all, there are some highly insightful classes available on the website that you can join and take advantage from to learn Korean while sitting at your home.These online classes are segregated into different categories that will help you choose the best class for yourself.

These categories are for educational purposes, classes for children, for adults, for day-to-day communication and more. There are also some greatly helpful exercises listed on the website that will help you test your knowledge and learning of Korean language on the website.

They also got a dedicated support team so you can get assistance round the clock with any issues that you might face during your learning experience.

The best features of Learn-Korean.net are:

• Free Resources

• Online classes to help everyone

• Dedicated Support team to help you choose

• News

• Exercises to test your knowledge

11) Talktomeinkorean

talktomeinkorean learn korean lessons online

This is another dedicated Korean learning website that is adding value to the learning experience of all. The website is a full fledge Korean training website that can help you learn Korean in no time at all and that too online.

The website is so far the most interactive website that can be used to learn Korean as it has a highly dynamic interface with an effective online learning module. There are also some great courses available on the website to choose from and you can decide between them based on your needs and requirements to learn Korean online.

The website along with courses has a bookstore that will allow you to buy books in Korean to increase your Korean learning skills or to simple learn the literature in Korean.

The website also has a Test Your Korean feature that will enable you to effectively test your Korean learning skills.

Salient features of the website are:

• Test your Korean online

• Insightful courses

• Books on Korean language

12) Korean.cuk.edu

korean learn korean lessons online

Korean.cuk.edu is powered by the cyber university of Korea. As the name suggests this is one of the top online institute from korea that is helping you learn Korean online.

The website offers 3-minutes Korean lessons that are dedicated on increasing your knowledge step-by-step and you can get your hands on the best practices to effectively speak, listen, read and write Korean language in no time at all.

On this dedicated Korean learning website, you can find some highly useful resources that will ease up your journey to learn Korean online and make your learning process more convenient and smoother.

The website also offers online test you test your Korean knowledge online and choose the right course according to your requirements. There is also an introduction section on the website that is highly useful for the beginners to get familiar with Korean language, their culture and CUK.

Their top features are:

• Institute based website

• Best learning practices

• Ability to test your knowledge online

13) Loecsen

loecsen learn korean lessons online.

Loecsen.com is a website dedicated to teaching languages and linguistics online. The website follows a highly interactive approach towards teaching languages to people who are willing to learn online through their year long proven practices and more.

The website can help you learn any language as your second language by translating it to your first language.The transition process from one language to other is covered through translation and years of experience behind the technique of listening and speaking a new language to get familiar with it properly.

Some of the best features about using this website are:

• Great support and guidance

• Ability to test your knowledge

• Dedicated linguistics-based website

14) ClassCentral

class central learn korean lessons online

ClassCentral offers you the best of both worlds. It combines the courses from some of the top online websites and gathers them all at one place for your own convenience.

This way, you can have access to some top-level courses from the different websites at a single platform. You might like a course from one website and for some other skill, you might feel like some other website is working better for you.It can get confusing to keep track of all your login credentials and to maintain all those memberships.

Class Central solves the problem here for you as they are partnered with most reputable online learning websites as well as some renowned institutions that are offering you the opportunity to learn Korean language online. With their help, you can get access to hundreds of courses on Korean language and choose what suits you best.

Class Central is all about freedom of choice and you can not only choose the best course, but there are also numerous options on the difficulty levels and goals related to each course.

Their top features are:

• Freedom of choice

• Partnered with multiple websites and serving all the courses in one place

• Convenience and quality education at a single platform

Choosing the Best Korean Lesson Online

Korean might seem a complicated language to you as it does not have a closer cousin in the form of language. You might confuse it with Chinese or mandaring but Korean is a different language enriched with its own culture and centuries of history that make it worth learning.​

​If you want to learn Korean and don’t have time or resources to join the classes. We have solved the problem for you and have compiled a list of websites that are teaching Korean online. You can go through this review and choose the best website to accompany you on your Korean learning journey online.

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