14 Websites To Learn Knitting Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn knitting lessons online

learn knitting lessons online

Having fun around threads and wools is an exciting experience. You can even let your pet play with yarn and watch them squeak, such an amazing sight, right? Knitting is for everyone who wants to show off their creative side. To be honest, knitting holds multiple benefits.

For instance, knitting has rhythmic movements that have proven to offer stress reduction. The depressed and sluggish people have managed to energize themselves through regular knitting. With knitting, people can improve their concentration and focus that also leads to enhanced motor skills.

Also, for people who don’t know how to read, knitting can help them focus on sentences (given the finger movements). Knitting is a kind of mental exercise, and it can positively impact memory sharpness. On top of everything, knitting has helped Alzheimer's patients improve their memory and recovery rate.

Once you start knitting something, you are actually giving yourself a task that helps you stay active (because you want to achieve that goal!). Also, you’ll learn how to live in a community because knitters tend to sit with each other, talk, and share their experiences.

If you think that you can start knitting, online courses will be beneficial. In this article, we have shared websites to learn knitting lessons online.

All the websites are designed to upgrade the learning experience and help you become the knitter you’ve always dreamt of. Nonetheless, you might even be able to knit yourself a sweater for upcoming winters!

14 Websites To Learn Knitting Lessons Online Review:

1) Udemy

udemy learn knitting lessons online

Knitting is a very creative activity, yet you’ve to be precise with sewing and how you make the yarn patterns. These things are meant to be learned from the professionals.

For all such aspirant knitters, Udemy.com is offering a wide range of knitting courses. These courses are suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. Even if you want to revise the knitting skills, intermediate courses are available as well.

Udemy.com offers a very different and fun knitting learning experience. All the courses are highly accessible. There are expert courses through which students can even become the knitting instructors.

The knitting courses are available in different languages that help everyone learn. Udemy.com offers knitting courses at different price ranges that meet everyone’s preferences.

The courses consist of video lessons, so you can focus on each movement. In addition, there are downloadable resources for step-by-step instructions. The lessons are designed with intricacy.

Also, you can ask for on-demand videos to ensure you’re focusing on your lagging points. Once you sign up for the course, you’ll be able to access the course for a lifetime. As for the premium course, you get 30-days money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with lessons.

2) SkillShare

skillshare learn knitting lessons online

Learning how to knit can be an interesting experience. But you need to ensure that you are learning from the right platform and have suitable instructors by your side.

Skillshare.com is a suitable website through which novices can learn knitting skills. With this website, you’ll learn the knitting basics, learn how to knit a scarf, hat, and a clutch. These knitted items will eventually help you make a statement and stay warm.

Skillshare.com is an apt choice for people who want customized courses. They can select the course based on video duration. While we're discussing the videos, Skillshare.com has added video lessons in every course.

The videos are shot by professionals, who focus on details. All the videos are available in HD. In addition to videos, the students can access the video transcripts as well.

This website has free and premium courses available. The free courses are suitable for beginners, while the premium courses are suitable for people who want to learn advanced skills.

There are scholarship programs and gift cards that provide discounts on premium courses. Last but not least, Skillshare.com has an iOS and Android app available. This app has all the courses available, and also, you can attend the lessons!

3) Reed

reed learn knitting lessons online

For everyone who wants to learn knitting, they need to understand that choosing the right online course is integral. This is because online courses can be difficult to learn, and one needs an engaging course for the optimal learning experience.

Reed.co.uk has courses for everyone depending on their skill set and set goals. Be it the scarf or a sweater that you want to knit; this website has something for everyone.

Reed.co.uk offers self-paced courses. With this feature, students can learn anytime they want as there are no schedules. Even more, some instructors provide tutor support for students who want to clear up the queries.

The best thing about this website is that it offers regular discounts on premium courses. Reed.co.uk has integrated video lessons in the course, and you can access them anytime you want (lifetime access is available).

All the courses on this website are designed by professionals. Also, there are no prerequisites for joining this website because all you need is an enthusiasm to learn.

By the end of the course, the students will be able to earn the certificate of completion. The website hosts multiple question and answer sessions, so students can get their questions answered whenever they want.

4) TakeLessons

takelessons learn knitting lessons online

Online learning is the new learning technique used by students. This is because everyone who wants to learn new skills, they can easily learn from online courses. Similarly, if you want to learn knitting, TakeLessons.com is a suitable website for everyone.

This website is famous for connecting the learners with instructors based on their needs. This website has multiple instructors onboard who help students learn new techniques.

All the instructors are taken on board after background checks. However, students can run background checks for higher satisfaction.

TakeLessons.com offers online video sessions, and also, some instructors offer in-person lectures. The in-person lectures can be held at the student's home and instructor’s studio. The location can be decided that suits everyone’s needs.

The students can find the instructors based on days availability as well. TakeLessons.com empowers the students to filter out the instructors who suit their budget. Some instructors also offer sales and promotions for video lessons.

If you’ve specifications for gender, male and female instructors, both are available. However, if you aren’t able to find the right instructor, you can get help from the student counselor. These counselors will connect you with instructors who meet your skills and goals.

5) MyBluePrint

myblueprint learn knitting lessons online

Everyone loves to shop online, but now, you can also learn new skills online. This is because multiple websites on the internet are offering online courses. These courses are designed to offer online learning.

But some of them aren’t designed to provide positive outcomes. This is why we are talking about this website, MyBluePrint.com. This website offers an array of knitting lessons and courses. All the courses are inclusive of video lessons.

With video lessons, you’ll be able to pay attention to details. MyBluePrint.com liberalizes the students to buy the course that meets their specific needs and learning goals.

As for the website, it has an intuitive interface where students can easily find the courses and start learning. The courses are available for everyone, irrespective of their skill set. The best thing about this website is that there is no formal education required to sign up for the course.

All the courses are subscription-based, so students can access the course content as much as they want. Also, there are no time restrictions.

If you aren’t able to take the live video sessions, the website creates a library of recorded lessons for students. In addition, MyBluePrint.com has a YouTube channel where students can access tips and techniques.

6) SuperProf

superprof learn knitting lessons online

If you’ve been feeling down lately, knitting can help enhance the mood. But again, if you cannot go to knitting classes, online lessons are always the solution.

However, these courses won’t bring any good if you don’t have an expert instructor by your side. So, Superprof.co.au will connect you to the top-rated knitting instructors. All the instructors are the cream of the crop, as they claim. With instructors, verified reviews are posted, so students can check before signing up.

Superprof.co.uk has more than 150 knitting instructors who are ready to share their hacks and experiences with you. With this website, you can learn knitting from the comfort of your home.

The students can select their skill level and find the instructors that teach such skills. The instructors charge on a per-hour basis, so you need to pay only for the stuff that you learn. Also, most of the instructors offer the first lesson for free (trial basis).

The students can check the instructors’ profiles on Superprof.co.au, read the reviews, and make a choice accordingly. You can set the lesson timing and course content with the instructors.

Also, you’ll be responsible for paying for the lessons. On top of everything, there is a student pass feature through which students can access as many instructors as they want.

7) AnniesCatalog

anniescatalog learn knitting lessons online

Knitting is not for everyone because one needs to be creative and focused on learning these skills. If you want to learn knitting, you need to choose the right platform as it directly impacts the learning experience.

AnniesCatalog.com is one such website that helps students learn the knitting techniques and skills in an engaging manner. With this website, you will be able to knit easily and quickly. The students will be able to master the pattern and knit stitching with AnniesCatalog.com.

The best thing about this website is that it teaches students how to mend their mistakes and make color combinations. Be it making the cable knitting or the cowls, AnniesCatalog.com teaches it all.

This website has multiple instructors onboard who have designed the courses to teach different patterns. Also, there are practice sessions where students can show off their progress.

This website teaches how to use the straight needles and circular needles; based on the knitting pattern needs. AnniesCatalog.com will help you knit your looms and cables in no time. All the courses on this website are paid.

However, they’ve designed a YouTube channel where students can access the tips and techniques. If you’ve any suggestions and issues, you can submit your feedback, and they will work on the solution right away!

8) WoolAndWater

woolandwater learn knitting lessons online

Online learning is an amazing opportunity for everyone who wants to learn new skills but don’t have time for school and coaching centers. So, if you’ve been trying to learn knitting, online courses can help you learn from the comfort of your own home.

WoolAndWater.nl is an apt choice for everyone out there. With this website, the students can access the knitting sessions online in the English language. The video lessons are held online and live for an interactive learning experience.

The website has beginner and intermediate courses available for students with different learning needs. WoolAndWater.nl offers individual and group lessons for students who need to learn with their friends.

Also, if you aren’t able to attend the live video session, you can view the lesson recordings on the website. The students can gain vouchers on the website that helps them learn how to knit while saving money.

WoolAndWater.nl is an amazing website that’s been providing video lessons since 2004, speaking good things about authenticity. All the video sessions have 90 minutes duration; students can focus on the details.

The initial video sessions will teach the basics and fundamental techniques. WoolAndWater.nl teaches hand knitting and machine knitting on the platform. As for the payment, the website demands an upfront payment.

9) MyFavoriteCraft

myfavoritecraft learn knitting lessons online

Online learning might be all the rage these days, but it’s not the cup of tea for everyone. Well, this is also because people don’t choose the right platform. So, if you’ve been looking for an integrated learning experience, MyFavoriteCraft.org is your go-to choice.

With this website, you’ll be able to learn the knitting basics with beginner knitting classes. These courses are available online, and you’ll learn from scratch.

MyFavoriteCraft.org has designed multiple lessons in this course, 17 video lessons, to be specific. All the videos have HD resolution so that students can focus on all the details.

In addition, the website offers downloadable resources through which students can learn the basics. All the downloadable resources can be printed as well. Similarly, there are knitting abbreviations in the reading material that help students learn the theory.

The students will be able to get answers to their questions. Even more, some courses also offer closed captions for easy learning.

All in all, this website offers a secure learning experience and zero breaches on your personal information. MyFavoriteCraft.org has some free videos available as well, so learn the hacks and advanced skills with one website!

10) OnlineStudies

onlinestudies learn knitting lessons online

The trends regarding online learning have changed drastically over the past few years. Still, you need to choose the right platform because it directly affects the learning outcome.

So, if you are interested in learning how to knit, OnlineStudies.com is a well-designed website. This website has a professional program designed to help students learn the basics and advanced skills.

The courses on OnlineStudies.com have been designed by the Fashion University that clearly shows that you’ll learn the latest knitting trends.

OnlineStudies.com has a subscription basis with which students can access as many courses as they want. Even more, the students can access the on-demand video lessons for the optimal learning experience. The students will be able to learn their preferred skills.

Once you sign up on this website, you’ll be able to access the courses whenever you want. Also, there is 24/7 support available for students who want answers to their queries.

All the courses on OnlineStudies.com are designed with a step-by-step approach, so students can learn all the steps. All in all, the courses are available in different languages for higher accessibility.

11) AllFreeKnitting

allfreeknitting learn knitting lessons online

Learning new skills is a dream of everyone, but most of these people don’t learn because these courses are expensive. But when it comes to online courses, multiple websites are offering free online courses.

One such website is AllFreeKnitting.com that has designed free knitting courses and lessons. Knitting tends to be pretty difficult, but this website will simplify the learning experience and advanced techniques for you.

When it comes down to AllFreeKnitting.com, the students can access the video lessons. These video lessons are well-designed, promising positive learning outcomes. Besides, the students can access the knitting booklet.

This booklet will help learn basic knitting techniques. The students will learn about different needles sizes, and also, you can learn the knitting abbreviations.

With this website, the students will learn the cast on techniques in addition to bind off and purl stitches.

The website offers newsletter subscriptions where students can access the updates through an email sign up. AllFreeKnitting.com has robust customer service that is available round the clock for optimizing your knitting experience.

12) Joaan

joaan learn knitting lessons online

Long gone are the times when knitting was only for grandmas because these days, youngsters are also learning knitting skills. However, they are learning the knitting skills online. If you’ve been looking for online knitting lessons, Joaan.com is the perfect website that provides an integrated and well-designed learning experience.

It’s needless to say that students will gain positive outcomes with this website and its video lessons. The best thing about this website is that it has knitting lessons for beginners and advanced people.

Also, these lessons are available for the kids as well because parents make sure that their kids are learning extra-curricular skills.

The courses are available in different price ranges, so students can find the course that fits their budget. Be it knitting the socks, pillow, or a sleeping bag, Joaan.com offers knitting lessons for everyone.

Joaan.com has a newsletter subscription available, so students can get regular updates regarding courses. Once you sign up for the website, you’ll be able to receive regular video lessons. This is because Joaan.com adds new video lessons regularly, so students can learn new techniques daily!

13) Fundippity

fundippity learn knitting lessons online

For an optimized online learning experience, one needs to choose a suitable website. If you want to learn how to knit, Fundippity.com is one of the most suitable websites out there.

The website has designed instructional videos that help them learn how to knit through a step-by-step approach.

Be it knitting the scarf or a coat, Fundippity.com is the perfect opportunity to learn. All these video lessons are available for free on the website.

In addition, these lessons are available on their YouTube channel as well. Fundippity.com has designed video lessons for everyone, be it the beginners or advanced people.

If you want to brush up and revise the knitting skills, you’ll be able to access the instructional videos as well. The students can interact with instructors who want to gain insights into the lessons. Overall, the website promises a positive learning outcome, as well!

14) Instructables

instructables learn knitting lessons online

Learning new skills is essential for everyone. Some people are into gardening, while some of them are interested in knitting. So, if you are a knitting person, there are online courses available for everyone.

With Instructables.com, the students will be able to learn how to knit through interactive courses and video lessons. The website has designed free video lessons for beginners.

When you first signup on the website, you’ll be able to access the video lessons for free. These classes will help you learn the hand knitting techniques.

It doesn’t matter if you are just brushing up the skills or starting from scratch, Instructables.com offers integrated knitting lessons. The best thing about this website is that it offers projects where students can show off their skills and practice.

Instructables.com arranges knitting contests that help students assess their skills and progress. If you win the contest, the website has multiple rewards for you.

On top of everything, there are regular workshops through which students can learn extra techniques and hacks. If you witness some issues, you can always clear out the queries through efficient customer support.

Choosing The Best Knitting Lessons Online

As human beings, we tend to be caught up in responsibilities; there is hardly any time for relaxing activities. If you’ve been dealing with the same issue, knitting is an amazing activity to start with.

So, if you are ready to knit yourself the scarfs and sweaters, you will be able to learn with this article. That’s because we have added the websites to learn knitting lessons online!


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