11 Websites To Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

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A musical instrument is a tool or a device used to create melodic sounds. These instruments are made in a variety of styles and shapes, making different kinds of sounds. Different materials are used for their construction. Interaction of some kind is also required with the instrument to play music.

There are a number of musical instruments that are available today. A piano is one such musical instrument. It is played by pressing the row of keys, with each key making a unique sound. It is quite bulky and large in size.

The instrument is very popular worldwide and is played by musicians all over the world. A high level of expertise is also required to play a piano efficiently. Although such skill can be developed through learning and practice, a good amount of time also needs to be invested while doing so.

Many people are fascinated by the art of learning how to play a musical instrument, or a piano in general. Your kid could also be attracted to learning about playing the instrument.

In this article, we will talk about websites that will teach your kid everything about playing a piano online. So, let’s have a look without wasting any time further!

11 Websites To Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Udemy is considered by many to be their top website for learning online courses. They are offering a huge list of online courses, covering almost every topic related to learning. Udemy also does a great job to provide a good learning interface to its users. They have a number of online piano lessons for kids.

While making sure to teach your kid all the basics about playing a piano, some online lessons will also teach advanced piano skills. All these courses are reviewed by old users who have tried out the course. Every course also has a detailed description, which further helps with picking up the right course.

But what if you picked up a completely wrong course for yourself? What then? Well, Udemy also has the feature of giving you back your money, if you decide to return the course under 30 days of purchasing it.

All these courses offered by Udemy are brilliant as they will teach your kid how to write and play basic piano notes. Some courses will also teach them play easier versions of popular music played on piano.

2) Reed

Reed Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Reed is a UK-based website featuring a wide selection of courses. These courses cover a large variety of topics. The courses listed on Reed mostly do not require any prior knowledge or skill, making it an apt choice for beginners.

Featuring both paid and free courses, the website gives you many great options to select from. They have an online piano lesson specifically made to teach kids at a beginner level. The lesson teaches them all the basics they need to know before playing a piano.

The lessons are easy to follow and are self-paced, therefore every kid could learn at his own pace. The website also has a 24/7 customer support for its users.

The course is made in a way that kids can understand easily, making it a great choice to start from. The course covers a wide range of topics about the basics of playing a piano. It can be accessed through basically any platform.

What’s more is that Reed also offers a 14-day money back guarantee for those having second thoughts about the course. With all these features, Reed proves to be one of the best options for learning online piano lesson for kids.

3) Musiah

Musiah Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Musiah (Music Instruction at Home) is a great app for learning piano lessons online. Musiah offers an AI (Artificial Intelligence) piano teacher, who teaches in an intelligent and human-like way to both kids and adults. It’s just like learning online piano lessons from a live teacher.

Brendan Hogan who is a pianist, composer, and educator born in Ireland is behind the creation of Musiah with the main goal being able to teach top-class piano lessons to others in the comfort of their homes. The aim of Musiah is to promote self-learning while teaching.

Musiah provides online piano lessons for kids through an AI, which is a more unique and fun way than learning from an actual live teacher. The AI watches your kid playing and after evaluation, guides them in every possible way.

You get a completely free 14-day trial, allowing you to experience the teachings offered by Musiah, and decide for yourself.

Overall, Musiah is the right pick for people looking to teach their kids in a unique and fun way as the app will mostly use self-learning as a means to teach the kid how to learn in an effective manner.

4) HoffmanAcademy

Hoffmanacademy Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Hoffman Academy provides a great teaching experience for kids. The whole website is made specifically for kids trying to learn piano lessons. They not only teach piano lessons but also help the kid get a better grasp of understating music.

The website claims to teach kids in a whole new way called the Hoffman Method. They first let the kid watch online piano lesson videos done by Mr. Hoffman. They try to teach the kid how to play by ear and sight rather than just by memory.

What this does is provide a true musical education about piano lessons to your kid. Not only will he learn how to simply play a few notes on the piano, but he will also have a strong understanding of playing the piano.

The website also has premium features which can be accessed totally free for a limited time through the use of a free trial. The premium exclusive features include improved lessons, guided practice by Mr. Hoffman, learning through fun games, and some other learning resources.

Hoffman Academy provides all the knowledge and procedures of learning for kids to help them become true musicians. It is a great addition to this list; one you should definitely check out!

5) PerfectPraiseMusic

Perfectpraisemusic Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Perfect Praise Music is a great website featuring online piano and guitar lessons for both kids and adults. They offer music lessons even for toddlers and kids who are aged less than 5 years. Although the online piano lesson for kids that they offer is for 5+ years of age.

The kids are taught by Michael and Dennis Riggs. Both are experienced in teaching kids’ piano lessons since they’ve been doing so since 1998. Theory games are also available on the online course, making the learning experience for kids more fun.

The lesson features easy step-by-step guide for kids, enabling them to learn in a very easy and quick manner. After enrolling for the course, you’ll be assigned a trained piano coach who will help in your kid’s journey to become a great pianist.

The course will also provide a free tech support for the first 2 weeks, making sure your kid will be getting the most benefit out of learning the piano course online. While the course being structured for kids aged more than 5 years, you definitely can’t go wrong while picking up this course for your kid!

6) PianoClass

Pianoclass Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Originally based in Brazil, Piano Class is a very good website that has lectures and classes teaching everything about piano. Learning is a process of developing a certain skill and knowledge that will last you your whole life.

Keeping this in mind, the website has online lessons that are designed to involve these students in a number of different activities. They help the student to see music in not only one but many perspectives.

The website features online piano lessons for kids, helping them build up a passion for learning and playing piano. Apart from just learning how to simply play a piano, they will help your kid develop a deep affection for music.

Their online lessons for kids include live meetings, practice videos, video guides, and special activities. The child will learn at his own pacing while being in the comfort of his own home. On top of teaching your kid, they also guide the kid’s parents and give them support as well.

7) TheDomesticMusician

Thedomesticmusician Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Learning is a great experience for everyone, especially for kids. When your kid learns some kind of skill which he’s grown a liking to, he’s bound to remember it all his life. Different skills can help him in different kinds of ways. Learning how to play a piano is a great start for your kid to learn something new.

The Domestic Musician, owned and created by Jessica Peresta, is a fantastic choice to pick for your kid. They teach online piano lessons in a very easy and effective way.

They feature a complete piano course for kids called “Learn Piano at Home”. The course has both beginner and intermediate lessons for kids. Your kid will go from being a complete beginner to someone who knows how to play a piano by ear. He’ll also be able to read music notes easily.

The lessons are made for kids aged around 6-12 years and are self-paced as well. After enrolling, you will have lifetime access to each and every piano course for your kid. The lessons can also be accessed by any electronic device at your disposal.

There’s a 7-day money back guarantee, in case you think the course isn’t the right pick for your kid. But, we highly doubt you’ll ever need to use that feature!

8) MakingMusicFun

Makingmusicfun Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

As the name suggests, Making Music Fun or MMF provides fun online music lessons for kids. They also feature piano lessons. Their lessons will not only teach your kid how to play songs on a piano, but will also help make your kid smarter, self-confident, and a great musician.

Providing you with a very user-friendly interface, the lesson can also be tried out completely free! Your kid will receive instructions from an expert while learning the course. They provide on-demand lessons meaning the lesson can be accessed anytime, without worrying about any schedule.

Kids will first learn complete basics at their own pace. They provide a fast way of teaching your kid. After subscribing and using the website for 30 days, if you’re still not satisfied by the results, they’ll offer a full refund.

Overall, the website is a fantastic option featuring online piano lessons for your kid. They have a lot of features at their disposal, and also provide a great friendly interface for kids. Their lessons are made in a way to help your kid love the process of learning the course.

9) PianoPatchKids

Pianopatchkids Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Piano Patch Kids offers a unique and friendly way of teaching online piano lessons to your kid. The course was originally written back in 1993 and has proven to be of great success.

Learning how to play a piano will not only teach your kid the process of playing a piano but also help get a better understanding of things, and many other benefits such as letter recognition, better memory, and rhythm. They will also build better concentration and self-confidence.

While mainly focused on kids aged around 4-7 years old, the course doesn’t require the kid to have any kind of prior knowledge of musical instruments.

The course will start at a complete beginner level, teaching your kid with all the basics about playing a piano, slowly progressing until your kid will be able to play songs on a piano, apply rhythm in his songs and build a very good basis of reading music.

The lessons are also designed in such a way that the parents can learn along with their kids, helping both of them to acquire a new skill together!

10) PianoLessons4Children

Pianolessons4children Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

PianoLessons4children.com is a website serving the only purpose of teaching kids how to play a piano. Maria Miller is the owner of the website. She is a math teacher who made the site as more of a hobby. She has a great passion for music and piano which is the reason for creating this site.

The website is pretty small and straight forward. They do provide great quality of online piano lessons to children. The lessons are targeted towards both children and their parents, but can also be used for teaching complete beginners about the basics of playing a piano.

The lessons are taught in a very simple way to teach you and your kid as efficiently as possible. The website does mention that if you’re looking for something advanced, you might as well look for another option. The teacher only teaches piano skills at a beginner level, enough to be able to enjoy playing a piano.

They also offer free lessons to determine whether the child is even interested in the act of learning about playing the piano or not, which is a great initiative.

Although the website doesn’t offer anything seriously advanced and won’t turn your kid into a great musician. It is, however, a great option if you want your kid to learn the basics and develop some kind of affection for playing a piano.

11) LearnPianoLive

Learnpianolive Learn Kids Piano Lessons Online

Learn Piano Live is a great website offering Live piano lessons to its users. They also provide custom courses which is quite a unique feature. They offer a subscription-based learning. After subscribing to the website, you will get access to a certain number or features and options. You will have the option of live courses, custom courses, and Klopol Piano Academy.

Out of these 3 courses, only Klopol Piano Academy provides the standard certification program. They also offer live piano lessons specifically made for kids. These lesson videos are very easy to follow. The live videos can also be re-watched at any time for ease.

Your kid will have a personal interaction with an actual teacher in a live piano lesson. The lesson will vary from a beginner to an advanced level. The website also has a free baby shark lesson using a piano, which should be enough to give you an idea about what you’re getting into.

Overall, the website is a great pick, especially if you’re into live lessons rather than pre-recorded lessons. Your kid will learn in a great learning environment through live videos with his teacher.

Choosing The Best Kids Piano Lesson Online

Learning new skills can prove to be quite an experience for children. These skills aid in the development of a child and can help them in lots of ways.

Learning how to play a piano is a great way to start. Various studies show that kids having a good musical education develop discipline, esteem, better perception at things, and the ability to use sound as part of his imagination.

The websites listed above are carefully checked and revised by us to make sure your kid learns only from the best!

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