14 Websites to Learn Karate Lessons Online (Free and Paid)



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Karate or really any other fighting technique is a good thing to have knowledge about. The popular fighting style known as Karate is popular due to being a means that anyone can use for self-defense.

A lot of people learn karate so that they can defend themselves, however there are some people that just practice it in order to train their bodies.

The fighting style is also known for its ability to make students more focused and disciplined, while also making them stronger of course. Although it is popular for self-defense, the original variation of karate was much rougher and could be much more damaging if used against a person. This variation was later refined into becoming the popular style it is now.

As already mentioned it is important for self-defense, however it is not easy to learn by any means, and the journey to mastering the style is a long and rough one, however there are multiple different lessons online that can help you make it easier.

14 Websites to Learn Karate Lesson Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Karate Lessons Online

Udemy is famed for its wide collection of lessons on a variety of different topics, however the numbers fall a little short when it comes to their lessons for learning karate. There are a total 61 lessons on the site regarding karate and these lessons take different approaches from one another.

There are some that can take you on a journey to become a black belt, others can help you become prepared enough in order to take karate lessons in a dojo near you while a few can get you introduced with the feeling of competing in tournaments.

These courses which focus on tournaments are usually meant for people that have a slightly more advanced knowledge of karate and wish to start competing against other people.

They will teach you about all the rules that you need to know in order to fight and about some different tips and tricks that can come in handy when competing. Others will mostly focus on teaching you just enough in order to keep yourself safe against other people.

2) Study.com

Study Learn Karate Lessons Online

Study.com is known to be a place where people can study about different topics, no matter the subject. However what some people may or may not have known is the fact that there are also lessons on the site that can be used by people in order to gain physical education.

There are more than enough lessons on the website that can help get you introduced to karate, make you a practiced fighter, or teach you about the origin and history of karate.A few of their lessons are also meant for children.

These are a bit more gentle and simple, not featuring anything too extreme and letting children work their way through learning karate at a slow enough pace. Their lessons also feature different types of details about how karate has been influenced throughout history along with details about what caused these influences.

The courses are simple enough to follow, even for complete beginners and can make you more than just prepared for self-defense. You can also test yourself using the quizzes they offer.

3) Take Lessons

Takelessons Learn Karate Lessons Online

Take Lessons have tutors available in store to teach you just about anything, and this includes karate. They have a selection of teachers available that can teach you whatever you need to know about karate.

Their teachers are masters in different styles and some are experts in more than just karate, having practiced other forms of combat as well. They can all teach you in different ways, helping you grow more focused and making you much more committed to learning karate so that you enjoy your experience.

They provide tutors that can thoroughly explain everything there is to explain through one on one video calls. You can book any of their tutors at a specific time and communicate with them during that time.

The site provides you with a list of all the dates and times that these tutors are available on, allowing you to book them and practice with them at any specific time. Their tutors are usually dojo owners who are trained in both karate and the ways of teaching.

4) CoachTube

Coachtube Learn Karate Lessons Online

CoachTube are another platform that has been designed to help students grow, however unlike other websites with a similar goal, CoachTube focus on teaching you about different sports.

They have video lessons on a variety of different sports including football, hockey etc. and this list also includes karate, along with other physical sports of the similar sort.

There may not be more than a few lessons on the site, since there are only a five in total, however these lessons are specially designed to make you familiar with everything that you will need to know in order to learn karate and become good at it. They feature video lessons that focus on a couple of different things.

First of they have a completely free lessons that anyone can take which will introduce you to karate and its basics, making you ready to keep learning from the other lessons ahead.

These said other lessons will then focus on things like offense and defense, teaching you more about competing in tournaments as compared to self-defense.

5) My Online Karate

Myonlinekarate Learn Karate Lessons Online

My Online Karate are a website that focus on teaching you all that you need to know about Japanese styled Shotokan karate.

They can teach you about all the fundamentals or make you prepared to compete for the win in difficult tournaments. Featuring highly respected teachers that are all fluent English speakers and can teach you in a comfortable matter.

The platform has been designed to allow you to learn karate from the comfort of your home. They have a variety of different lesson videos designed to teach you at a comfortable rate while helping you through the different ranks.

Once you believe you are ready, you can send them a grading video of yourself performing different tasks and they will grade you on your performance.They provide both online and personal lessons that can help you become a black belt or even further beyond if you wish to go down that path.

They also have a YouTube channel which features a few videos that can help you get familiar with the tutors before hand.

6) Online Karate

Online Karate Learn Karate Lessons Online

Founded back in 2010, Online Karate is, as you can pretty much guess, a place to learn the fighting style online.

They teach you karate through their on demand W.W.K.A portal which allows students like yourself to access lessons any time of the day. This allows you to train whenever you want and helps you tailor your own lessons depending on how much time you have.

It doesn’t matter if you have even less than half an hour to spare a day, the site can design lessons for you that can teach you at a steady pace and turn you into a black belt sooner rather than later depending on the amount of time you choose to give your lessons.

They also hold live streams during specific times that are led by trained instructors who can teach you and others who tune in about specific things.They also regularly update their lesson lists, adding more and new lessons as time passes so you can learn using the latest tips provided by experienced instructors.​

7) Online Karate Academy

Onlinekarateacademy Learn Karate Lessons Online

The Online Karate Academy is a place where anyone can learn karate regardless of their prior experience. There are a total of 6 main categories presented on their site, each obviously focusing on something different.

The first recommended category would be psychological training, which will be able to prepare you mentally for taking karate lessons and utilizing all that which you have learned in tournaments or during any act of self-defense.

Speaking of self-defense, one of their categories will specifically focus on that, teaching you all about defending yourself against threats, when you need to attack, how you need to attack, and how to protect yourself against someone that may be armed.

One important thing that they will be focusing on is relaxing your mind and body, teaching you how you can stay relaxed after a tiresome session of practicing karate.

One other will be all about teaching you what you need to know about physical preparation. The site will train you for everything like this and prepare you for any situation.

8) Karate Lessons Online

Karatelessonsonline Learn Karate Lessons Online

Karate Lessons Online is all about teaching you and others karate and its fundamentals. The site features short video lessons provided by trained tutors that can teach you all you need to know to become a black belt.

These video lessons will all be on different topics, teaching you step by step and shaping you into a skilled user of the popular fighting style. From self-defense to competing in competitions, the site has guides on pretty much everything that you would want to know related to karate.

This isn’t all that they provide, there are also exercises that can help you stay in shape both physically and mentally. They have drills and techniques that you can implement in order to stay in the required physical condition while also having techniques that you can use to increase your self-confidence and focus.

Their lessons are commitment free and they also provide you with the option to take grading tests that can provide you with certificates according to your ability.

9) Shotokan Karate Online

Shotokankarateonline Learn Karate Lessons Online

You can pretty much guess for yourself that Shotokan Karate Online will be focusing on teaching you about the Shotokan variation of the popular fighting style.

Whether you are a complete beginner when it comes to karate or an experienced black belt, it doesn’t matter if you are studying on this site since they have tips and lessons for people of every skill level.

​They have a wide variety of video and other lessons that you can use to grow in the field of karate, while also featuring personal teachers for students that they can communicate with and learn about different things of their choice.

The site intends to follow the true goal of karate, which is to improve the characters of all those that learn it rather than just teaching them about defending or attacking.

​On top of the wide variety of lessons they already have, more are added every single week so that students can stay updated with all the latest information provided by some very accomplished tutors of karate

10) Karate Academy Online

Karateacademyonline Learn Karate Lessons Online

Karate Academy Online have the goal of providing their students with the best lessons possible so that they can learn all they want to about the art of karate along with its history.

They encourage students to ‘’study’’ their lessons.They have more than enough lessons in both video and textual forms that can be accessed any time if you have a student’s account on the website.

You are encouraged to study these lessons since you will be able to get a much better understanding of everything else once you do so, making things much easier for you.

After this they have belt specific schedules for anyone to download.Training according to these schedules can prepare you for specific belts depending on the schedule you are currently training from. After your training is complete for a specific belt level you can provide the site with footage of your test and receive criticism accordingly.

This will allow the site to tell you about everything that you need to improve and what to learn.

11) Karate in Tokyo

Karateintokyo Learn Karate Lessons Online

Karate in Tokyo are an organization that focus on providing students and adults alike with top quality lessons online, or in person if you are in Tokyo.

They were founded in 2015 and their staff has been teaching high school karate teams for a long enough time, making them experience and fully able to teach people of nearly all age groups.

The site provides 1 on 1 lessons that can be taken through video call.The tutor teaching you will be guiding you along as you train, telling you all you need to know in order to improve, such as pointing out any mistakes that you are making as well as providing you with ways on how to fix said mistakes.

The tutors will also be providing you with easy tasks to perform that can improve you even more. As for group lessons, they can teach a large quantity of people by handing every ten students with a single teacher so that the teacher won’t have too much on their plate while teaching.

12) blackbeltathome


Black Belt at Home are a platform that, you guessed it, try to help you go from a white belt to a black belt from the comfort of your own home. They have lessons that can help you grow as a practitioner of the art of karate no matter how busy your schedule might be.​

Their course can teach you what you need to know about Shotokan karate in order to become a black belt and be able to prepare for nearly any situation.

They have designed their training methods to be both tough, yet not painful, so that you can get the full body workout you might intend to while also not causing any or too much pain in your joints or muscles.

The lesson will start with an introduction to both what you’ll be learning and your tutor, after which they will be teaching you all about basic techniques and self-defense. They do this so you can go comfortably anywhere without the fear of being attacked.​

13) bushidokarate

Bushidokarate Learn Karate Lessons Online

The site is a platform for people that are around and over the age of 8 to learn anything they wish to about karate or some other forms of martial arts.

They hold classes on popular video chat application Zoom, allowing you to take your lesson with other people or one on one if that is what you prefer.

They offer you with multiple video chat lessons in a single month, featuring four different ones in your first month. The first lesson that you take with them will be all about introducing yourself to them and them to you.

This is done in order to gain a sense of familiarity between the two parties so that both the person giving the lessons and taking them can feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed.

They can teach you to any certain extent. Whether you want to know just enough to start training at a dojo near you or if you want to take become a proud black belt.

14) Karate-Blog

Karateblog Learn Karate Lessons Online

Karate-Blog.com is a platform that is meant for people that are passionate about karate and wish to master the art. The site has lessons that can teach any novice and shape them in to an advanced karateka.

The site believes that training on your own under the right guidance is much, much more effective as compared to training in a group of people, which is why their tutors attempt to provide people like you with high quality lessons that can help them become much better at karate than they already may be.

Prior experience doesn’t matter, since they have something for people of all skill levels. The creator of the site, Bruno Bandelier is a practiced expert in karate himself, having a rank of 4th Dan.

The site can get you your black belt in about two years, one year less than the average time taken by most people in order to get to that stage. They have specially designed classes that are easy to follow and can make you better after each passing day.

Choosing the Best Karate Lesson Online

Karate is one of the most popular forms of the many martial arts there are in the world, which is why there are many sites out there that focus on teaching you all about it.

The above mentioned sites are a good place for you to start your journey on becoming a black belt, while they can also teach you about self-defense using karate only if that is what you want.

Similar to these, there are many other websites with the same goal, leaving you with much to choose from, however the important part is that you enjoy learning the beautiful art of karate.

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