14 Websites to Learn Italian Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Italian Lessons Online

Learn Italian Lessons Online

Italian language is always associated with rich culture and the civilization of modern Europe started from the origins of Rome the capital of Italy. Well, you can have an idea by taking a good look around at all those historical monuments that are telling a tale of a glorious era of cultural development.

Italy has a history that goes back centuries and Rome has stood as the capital of multiple civilizations in the past that gives her a significant place among all the historical cities.

In addition to architecture, and art language and literature is considered a vital ingredient in the formation of any great civilization and since the evolution of mankind, considerable attention has been paid to the languages in most rich civilizations.

Italian is all the same and this is a language with centuries long history and a rich literature that can be tracked back to ancient civilizations that you might not even have heard of. A shocking fact is that like some other countries in Europe, Italians love their language and they prefer to speak it instead of English.

No doubt, English has become a global language and people across the world speak and understand it. However, in Italy you will only find people speaking Italian.As it is said, while in Rome, do as Romans do.

So, if you are planning to visit Italy for educational, business, work or leisure purposes, it is important for you to learn Italian to be able to communicate with the locals effectively.

Learning Italian is not a hard job and there are some great websites that are offering you the opportunity to learn Italian at the comfort of your home. Some of these websites are:

14 Websites to Learn Italian Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Italian Lessons Online

Udemy is not just an ordinary website that allows online learning. It is a marvel of technological learning and some highly improvised teaching methods brought together to make online learning easy access for all.

Udemy is probably one of the very first websites that took on the initiative to help people learn online and they have grown into one of the very few largest websites in the world of online learning.

The fair share of its popularity is due to the reason that you can find a course on any imaginable niche on this website. And the best part is, you only have to pay for a course you want to learn once and get lifetime access to that course material.

People love to use Udemy because they can manage all their online learning content in one place and there is a course on anything that you may want to learn online.

They are offering some highly informative and useful courses on Italian combined with their expertise that will allow everyone to learn Italian in no time at all.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or want to learn Italian at advanced level for your educational course, Udemy got a perfect solution for you. Some advantages of using Udemy are:

• A vast library of courses on Italian

• No obligations

• No sign-up fees

• No monthly subscription charges

• Lifetime access to Italian courses

2) FutureLearn

Futurelearn Learn Italian Lessons Online

Future Learn is another online teaching website that is not based on traditional videos that offer pre-recorded lessons to learn online.

They follow a highly interactive approach followed by some of the most reputable institutions to take you step-by-step through your learning process and guide you on each step of your learning journey.

Future learn has collaboration with numerous renowned institutes and the course material available on the website make a great help for all the people who want to get the detailed lessons and not just self-paced pre-recorded videos.

The website also offers micro degree programs that land you with an authentic degree recognized across the world. They got some great Italian courses listed on the website that are prepared by experts and will allow you to effectively learn Italian language and speak it with confidence.

The website also has some great insight to offer wherever you are stuck and you can ask for personalized courses on the website as well. If you are not just looking to learn and want something beyond that, this is the website for you. Salient features of using Future Learn.com are:

• Collaboration with renowned institutes

• Carefully structured course materials

• Degrees and certifications

3) Preply

Preply Learn Italian Lessons Online

Preply.com is another great platform that focuses on learning with focus on the goal. They are a great platform that can help you prepare for any course you want online.

The purpose of this website was to help students prepare for any course that they lack behind in. However, it has grown ever since and turned to be one of the largest online learning platforms.

The website is pretty unique in terms of interface and you can request a course according to your understanding level and the goal you have set for your learning journey.

Preply.com is a highly interactive platform that has some authentic Italian lessons that can help you with learning Italian while sitting at home and that too at a fast pace.

They got some really cool crash courses that can get you going within weeks. Some great features offered by them are:

• Preparation with Italian exams

• Goal-oriented learning process

• Purpose based course structure

4) Skill Share

Skillshare Learn Italian Lessons Online

While there are websites like Udemy and other online learning websites that offer you a centralized course material that is owned by the website and you can subscribe or purchase the course material to learn online.

Skill share believes in spreading the knowledge instead of making profits and they follow a highly interactive method to do so. The website allows people with skills to upload videos online that go through a quality check to ensure that content is of the right quality that can help those who want to learn online effectively.

The content listed on Skillshare.com can be accessed with a single membership and you don’t have to pay for each course. That means you can learn a number of courses on different subjects at one time under a single membership.

The website has some highly informative and interactive course videos available online including courses on Italian language.

So, if you are the guy who likes to learn lot of things and that too online, having a Skill Share membership would be the perfect choice for you. Some features that set them apart are:

• Multiple niches of courses in one subscription

• No obligations-cancel anytime you want

5) Reed 

Reed Learn Italian Lessons Online

With so many choices over the internet, you might get confused as what to choose for your learning experience and which website will serve as the perfect fit for you. Well, there is nothing to be worried about anymore.

Reed.co.uk is a UK based website that has thousands of courses on multiple niches listed online. Their huge library makes it a perfect choice to learn for all those who want to learn multiple things online and to manage them all under a single platform.

The website is ideal for UK or European residents as the currency they accept is GBP and you won’t have to worry about conversion rates or calculations.

Most of their content is also from UK based trainers so there are no difficulties in understanding due to the accent issues. The website allows you to get lifetime access for the course once you pay for it. The top features offered by them are:

• Versatile courses on multiple niches

• Relatively low prices

• Amazing learning materials

6) Learndirect

Learndirect Learn Italian Lessons Online

Learn direct started as one of the very first websites to help with the educational courses online. It offered students access to multiple teachers and trainers online that can help them prepare for their exams in really short notices while staying at home online.

The website has grown rapidly ever since and now is considered one of the top online learning platforms that can help you with learning anything you want directly from the most experienced teachers.Learndirect.com is another UK based website.

They have grown to offer some degrees from reputable universities as well and that too online. This can be a perfect way for you to get your hands on some best Italian learning courses and get assistance from the best trainers online.

The best part is, you will not have to worry about certifications as they are offering authentic certificates and degrees from renowned institutions.Some great features they offer are:

• No monthly subscription

• Collaboration with renowned universities

• Degrees and certifications

• Learn directly without any pre-recorded courses

7) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Italian Lessons Online

TakeLessons.com is about bringing innovation to the world of online learning. There are websites online that offer you self-paced learning programs that have pre-recorded lessons to take you through the online learning journey.

Then there are guided programs that can help you with any issues you might face with the video lessons and you can ask for assistance online.

Take Lessons tops them all with a highly innovative and interactive learning method that does not involved pre-recorded lessons at all. The website offers you to sign up for free and get in touch with some highly experienced teachers online that can help you learn online anything you want.

The website covers a huge variety of topics and you can find experts from any field on this website online with no hassles at all.

There are numerous native Italian speakers on the website that can help you take your Italian learning to a whole new level of experience.

You can get first hand advice to improve your accent, pronunciation and grammar with these one-on-one sessions. Some of their top features are:

• Native Italian speakers to learn from

• Engaging one-on-one sessions

• Advice from the experts directly

• Only pay for the time you spend learning

8) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Italian Lessons Online

Lessonface follows the same interactive and engaging teaching method of take lessons.com the website is highly useful for those who find it hard to grasp the learning concepts from pre-recorded videos or learning from self-guided programs.

With lesson face, you can give a face to your lessons and not only that, you can get the expert advice right from some top online teachers. The website covers hundreds of topics and you can find experienced teachers on whatever field you might like to learn online.

There are some highly experienced teachers on Italian language listed on the website that you can choose from to help you with your Italian learning experience. The best part is the sign-up process for this website.

You get to sign up for free on the website and that will allow you access to all the trainers. All you have to do is set-up a mutual time and start your learning journey. Their top features are:

• Highly experienced teachers to aid your learning process

• Pay for what you learn only

• Ability to learn directly instead of pre-recorded lessons

9) Mondly

Mondly Learn Italian Lessons Online

While the websites that are covered above are online learning websites that are making it possible for everyone to learn multiple courses online at once. Mondly serves as the only platform online that is dedicated to learning new language.

No matter what language is your first language and what language you want to learn, they got a great solution for you. The best part about Mondly is that you only have to pay for 1-time subscription and you will get lifetime access to the website and all the online resources that are listed on the website.

That seems more than enough, but that is not all. Mondly focuses on goal-oriented learning and have separate sections for learning. You may want to learn Italian for verbal communications, or to be able to communicate on corporate level with clients or your colleagues effectively.

They got a perfect solution for you. Mondly also has a dedicated section for kids that can help kids learn new languages online in no time. Some of their best features are:

• Lifetime subscription upon a single payment

• Learn any language you want

• Goal-oriented learning approach

10) TheItalianexperiment

Theitalianexperiment Learn Italian Lessons Online

The Italian Experiment.com is another online learning website that is dedicated to teach Italian language online.

The best thing about this website is that it is absolutely free and you will not have to pay a single penny to learn Italian from this website. While it doesn’t cover much but it has all the fundamentals that you might need to understand and learn functional Italian. Not bad for a free website.

The website has some great resources that you can use to increase your knowledge of Italian language and get help from through your online learning journey.

They are also some Italian folk stories listed on the website that you can read and improve your Italian understanding and reading skills online. Some of their top features are:

• Absolutely free to use

• Dedicated Italian learning website

• Lessons, resources and stories, all free to access

11) Oneworlditaliano

Oneworlditaliano Learn Italian Lessons Online

Italy is the perfect place for the people who have the knack for traveling. In addition to travelingknacks, the streets of Italy are filled with detailed architecture and reflect history from eachcorner. Even more, everyone is in love with the pizza and wine of Italy, right?

When you are visiting Italy, the fashion of buildings and fashion stores will leave you awestruck.But in all this excitement, we tend to forget that these amazing experiences can be promised by learning Italian language because you will hardly find anyone in Italy who understands English.

So, if you want to learn Italian, this platform is the perfect option out there. With this platform,you can learn the Italian language and by the end, you will be able to communicate to Italianpeople.

With this course, the students will learn how to greet people in different times of the day and how to initiate the conversation.

Even more, the students will be able to learn how to stop the taxi and how to place an order at bars or eateries. Top features they offer are:

• Ability to learn Italian quickly

• Day to day communication made easier

12) Onlineitalianclub

Onlineitalianclub Learn Italian Lessons Online

There are many people who are satisfied with their native language and they hardly try to learn a new language. In contrast, there are some who love to hone different languages because they like to be multilingual.

For all those people who want to learn foreign languages, Italian is always next because it not only sounds unique but the overall impact of Italian language is pretty soothing as well.

If you want to learn Italian and hone it like a pro, this course platform is a suitable option out there. The language course has been designed to check the current level of Italian for kick-starting the lessons.

For instance, there is an online test for checking the Italian language skills.However, there are some people who are already aware of their skills.So, for all such people, there are six pre-designed course options available.

The course options start from beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, to upper intermediate, advanced, and proficiency. Through this platform, the students will be able to learn basic Italian grammar in addition to the ability to make dialogues. Also, the Italian vocabulary will be enhanced as well. Best features about the website are:

• Community based learning

• Carefully designed course structure

13) Loecsen

Loecsen Learn Italian Lessons Online

If you are someone who is planning to visit Italy anytime and are dreading how to talk to the people there, it is better to learn basic Italian, so that you can communicate with people on streets and make your way through the entire.

Learning Italian is important because Italian people are hardly able to understand languages other than Italian.With this platform, the Italian language course is available through which beginners will be able to learn Italian in the most effective and efficient way possible.

There are multiple lessons and units available on the platform and every unit teaches something new.For instance, the first lesson will teach you to introduce yourself in Italian and the basic greetings like hello and goodbye.

In addition, you will be able to learn ordering food and drink sat eateries through the unit three. Moving forward to the third lesson, the students will be able to learn how to talk about family, home, and how to make their way in the hotel and lobbies. Best features are:

• Dedicated methods to teach new languages

• Separate section on the website to learn Italian

14) ClassCentral

Classcentral Learn Italian Lessons Online

Class Central is like an online library that got books and courses from all the publishers in one place.

If you like one course at a certain website and the other at some other website, it might not be an easy task for you to manage all these memberships and go out looking for the best courses.

Class Central solves the problem for you. They are making online learning better by not having you compromise on the quality of content for the sake of membership. Class Central brings together some of the best courses from online websites and also actual institutions that can help you learn online.

There are some highly authentic, informative and comprehensive courses on Italian language available on the website that you can take advantage of to move forward with your online Italian learning journey.

The website also offers certification if you require to learn Italian for work or educational purposes. Some great features that are made possible by Class Central are

• Purpose based training programs

• Ability to learn from the best courses around on Internet

• Certifications from authentic institutions

Choosing the Best Italian Lesson Online

Italian language can get tough for non-native speakers. The language has a rich cultural history and its literature is far enriched with the glorious tales of Rome and its days of heightened legacy.

However, it is not impossible to learn Italian either. If you are determined to learn Italian, you can get help from these websites that we have reviewed and get your hands on some really cool stuff and lessons that will be the right aid in your Italian learning journey online.


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