14 Websites to Learn Interior Design Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

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Just like most other types of designs, interior design has always been known to be subjective. This is largely due to the differences in the tastes, preferences, and perspectives of various individuals.

However, this does not affect the understanding of what great interior design should look like. Generally, interior design requires a lot of talent. Nevertheless, with or without talent, the need for training can never be overemphasized.

When it comes to training, there are tons of ways through which you can learn interior design and online platforms offer some of the easiest and most versatile ways to learn. Interior design lessons online can equip you with the knowledge of the basic principles of interior design, industry trends, floor plans, and color theory.

You can also study contemporary and convention interior design concepts, spatial arrangements, and several other things that you need when designing a space.

Similarly, some of these courses can provide you with hands-on knowledge of what you need to design the interiors of homes, offices and other places.

Are you new to interior design or a professional designer with years of experience but want to learn the latest interior design trends? Would you like to hone your interior design skills? Whatever the case may, here are some of the best interior design lessons online to consider.

14 Websites To Learn Interior Design Lessons Online Review

1) MasterClass

MasterClass Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design is a unique online lesson that is offered via Masterclass.com. This lesson focuses on showing you a wide range of subjects that are related to interior designs.

It involves 17 lessons with each having a video of 12 minutes. During the lesson, you will learn about how to choose materials, colors, and texture that can help you create exceptional spaces.

This course is particularly designed for interior designers of different levels; hence, you are almost certain of learning a few things by joining this lesson. Access to the lesson is categorized into 2 parts – a pass for a single class or a more expensive pass to all classes on the platform.

As the name suggests, Kelly Wearstler is in charge of this lesson. In addition to the introductory part of the lesson, other modules are Sources of Inspiration, Working with Space, Materiality in Design, Living with Color, Pattern:

Movement and Scale, Discovering Texture, Lighting: Enhancing Your Space, Creating Experience with Art and Objects, Furnishing: Balance and Comfort, Creative Journey and lots more.

By the time you have completed the Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design lesson, you would have improved your interior design skills.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Primarily, Udemy offers numerous courses and some of these courses are interior design lessons. On this platform, there are hundreds of fresh interior design lessons that are created for various students that are willing to learn about the subject.

These lessons are designed and uploaded in such a way that allows each student to learn at their convenience. This makes studying easy for everyone regardless of previous experience or expertise.

If you want to learn interior designs on Udemy, there are several instructors for you. A few of the most popular instructors on the platform include Erikka Fogleman, Manish Paul Simon, Diane Dieterich, and Alexander Vasiliuk.

In general, the lessons have different prices as well as different durations. So, consider all these factors as you search for suitable interior designs on Udemy.

Some of the best interior design lessons on Udemy are How to Use Color Like a Pro, How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro, Intro to Interior Design Course, How to Use Minimalist Interior Design to Live your Best Life and Design your Room Using Sketchup.

Others are Interior Design for your Modern Home: A Room by Room Guide, Mastering Color; Architectural Design & Interior Decoration, and How to Use Lighting Design to Transform your Home.

3) Lynda

Lynda Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

There are over 2,000 courses that are related to interior design on Lynda. Many of these courses have hundreds or thousands of students that are currently enrolled in them.

Therefore, if you want to know more about interior design, this platform is ideal for you. The courses focus on helping you reimagine or redesign the interiors of your living spaces, offices, and other areas to suit your particular tastes.

Numerous interior designs are using the resources on Lynda to learn how to create a floor plan, revamp a living space, visualize a product and do a lot of things that can transform a living space.

Notably, interior design lessons on Lynda are categorized based on the level of their difficulties. While some of the courses are meant for beginners, others are suitable for intermediates or advanced learners.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the levels of your skills, you will find several interior design courses that are right for you.

Interior design lessons on the platform include Advanced Revit and Dynamo for Interior Design, Revit 2019: Interior Design Construction Ready Techniques, SketchUp: Modeling Interiors from Photos, BASILE Studio: Designing Timeless Restaurants, and Maya: Rendering Interiors.

4) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Skillshare has an array of interior design lessons that revolve around designing homes and offices, home décor, architecture and so on.

While some of these lessons are entirely free, others are paid courses. However, whether paid or free, you can rest assured that these lessons will go a long way in ensuring that your knowledge of interior designs is improved.

The duration of the courses ranges from about 15 minutes to some hours. Besides, the interior design courses are offered by different institutions and individuals; so, you are going to learn numerous things on this platform.Furthermore, these courses are aimed at various areas.

The lessons usually cover aspects such as color palette, minimalistic designs, use of 3D modeling or Photoshop for interior designs, and lots more.

Interior design lessons on Skillshare include Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space by Lauren Cox, How to Use Minimalist Interior Design to Live your Best Life by Erikka Fogleman, Interior Design Holiday Home by Rose Stanek, Bathroom Interior design in Illustrator and Photoshop by Hasn Dof, and Photoshop Launch for Interior Designers by Brian Lee.

5) Study

Study Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

What aspect of interior design do you want to learn? Regardless of the aspects you want, Study has many interior design lessons that suit your particular needs.

From commercial interior design to residential interior design, there are many courses on this platform designed to cater to the needs of all interior designers.

Whether you are looking for introductory classes to what interior design entails or advanced knowledge of how to design the interior of a place, Study features several lessons you will enjoy.

On this platform, you can kick-start your learning by joining the following introductory classes – Interior Design Basics & Principles, What is an Interior Designer, What is Commercial Interior Design, and What is Residential Interior Design.

Afterward, widen your knowledge through other lessons like Interior Design Guide, Interior Design & Space Planning, Interior Design & Decorating Guide, and Gothic Interior Design, Art Deco Interior Design History, and Rocco Interior Design: Style & Elements.

Upon completion of some of the interior design lessons on Study, you should be able to design your own space or work as a skilled interior designer.

6) Reed

Reed Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Reed is a UK-based platform that offers different courses including interior design lessons. For anyone that wants to learn interior designs online, Reed is a great website to consider because it has several courses that are provided by experienced and skilled interior designers.

The courses are entirely held online, so irrespective of your location, you can join the lessons and start learning about interior design.

Also, since the lessons are usually self-paced, there is no particular duration that you must complete the course; hence, you have the opportunity to learn only when you have the time to do so.

You will get different supports from the tutors and may take exams before the end of the class.It is worthwhile to note that the interior design lessons on this website are of different types.

Foremost, the lessons are of different levels based on the skills and experience of the students. Besides, many of them are accredited by CPD; hence, you can look forward to getting a certificate after completing the program.

A few of the CPD Certified courses on the website include Interior Design Introduction, Interior Design, and Home Styling, Diploma in Interior Designing – Level 2, 3D Interior Design Course, Interior Design: Starting an Interior Design Business and Mastering Interior Design and Business.

7) Interior Design Online

InteriorDesignsOnline Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

In partnership with Sydney Design School, this online platform offers exceptional interior design lessons. The high quality of the courses on this website ensures that you will learn everything you need to create spaces that bring inspiration for yourself and your clients.

These lessons on this platform are taught by practicing interior designs that have spent several years perfecting the art of interior design.

The personal approach that is used for teaching interior design on this website guarantees that you can learn all lessons anytime, anywhere you find yourself around the globe.

Currently, there are top 3 interior design courses on the platform. The first one is named Become an Interior Stylist, which is a 12-week course that helps you grow as a stylist.

The other two programs are Become an Interior Designer and Become an Interior Decorator. These programs are internationally recognized and you will get certificates after completing them.

As the lessons continue, you will learn how to use Photoshop, Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, color theory, and InDesign to produce the best designs for the interiors of residential and commercial places. Your personal educators will support you throughout the program.

8) Oxford Home Study

OxfordHomeStudy Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Oxford Home Study Center provides several online courses that can help you boost your interior design career. The lessons on the platform allow you to succeed in the industry and build a business that can thrive anywhere you are located.

They will equip you with an understanding of the local and global interior design trends, quality control, marketing and advertising, and human resource management that concern the interior design industry.

You will also understand how to work with other professionals like interior decorators and painters.On this platform, the interior design courses available include Level 1 Interior Design Award, Certificate in Interior Design (Level 1, 2 and 3), Diploma in Interior Design (Level 4), and Advanced Diploma in Interior Design (Level 5).

The lessons touch various segments of interior designs so that you design ultramodern city units, commercial buildings, single-family homes, classic cottages, and others.

Upon completion of the course, you can choose to become a member of different organizations such as the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), the Chartered Society of Designers (CSD), and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).


ISCD Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Online Diploma of Interior Design (MSF50218) is a nationally accredited program for people that want to learn commercial and residential interior design.

Whether you want to set up an interior design firm or want to find a job with another company, this lesson prepares you for the task ahead. You will be taught how to utilize InDesign, Photoshop, CAD, and other tools that are important for creating and implementing interior designs.

The course will teach you how to analyze and manage the expectations of the clients. Other things covered by the course include furniture, interior lightings, soft furnishings, spatial design, materials and finishes, and interior scheming. You will work on different projects along with other students and experienced designers.

Hence, when you are done with the course, you will have a topnotch portfolio as well as contacts with seasoned interior designers. To participate in the lesson, you need to have Vocational Certificate IV, High School Certificate or higher educational qualification.

The program lasts for 2 years and requires each student to dedicate about 10 to 20 hours per week to learning.

At the end of the course, you can work as an interior decorator, magazine stylist, residential stylist, property stylist, color consultant, and interior stylist for events and photographers.

10) OnlineLearningCollege

OnlineLearningCollege Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

On this platform, there are a handful of interior design courses. In addition to becoming an interior designer, these courses can also help you acquire the knowledge needed to work in the industry and satisfy the needs of the clients.

These courses are meant for anyone that wants to study how to work in the field and encounter success in their endeavors.At the moment, there are two main courses on this platform. One is Interior Design Level 3.

This is a detailed course that sheds more light on various subjects that can help you perform well as you deal with clients. The other course is Interior Design & Start Your Own Business Level 3, which is more expensive than the first one.

This second course teaches you to become a great interior designer and also shows you what you need to know to establish your own business in the industry.

Each of these courses provides you with loads of opportunities to start your career in the field or hone your skills. Don’t hesitate to enroll in one of these courses.

11) LearnDirect

LearnDirect Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

This interior design lesson is particularly created for those that want to start a career as an interior designer. The Level 3 Interior Design Certificate teaches you to design, decorate, and furnish indoor spaces of workspaces, homes and several other public centers.

With the knowledge acquired from the course, you can become an officer designer, home designer, and stage designer. Nevertheless, if you just want to study interior design for designing your personal space, you can also enroll in this course.

Certified by the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme, the Level 3 Interior Design Certificate has several modules.

Foremost, the background of the course shows the origins of interior design and how past exceptional designers revolutionized the industry.

These modules cover Design Elements, Room Elements, The Project, and Making a living from interior design. By the end of the course, you will learn how to use texture, pattern, scale, line form, space, color, balance, lighting, furniture, flooring, windows, and walls to design homes and other spaces.

Also, you will be taught how to plan interior design projects and choose all the right elements to implement the design.

12) KLC

KLC Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

KLC’s Certificate Interior Design Course is a unique program that was established more than 30 years ago. This course has produced a lot of interior designers that have built great careers in the field.

Although the online course is a revised version of the offline one, it equips the learners to stay up to date with what they need to function effectively in the industry. This course provides the student with world-class learning materials that were developed by seasoned interior designers.

Also, the tutors provide ongoing top-notch support to the learners to ensure that they build exceptional careers. The course features 4 different sections.

Under the sections, the subjects you will learn include the process of styling of a space, evolution of style, development of successful interior design schemes, basics of building construction, bathroom design, kitchen design, spatial planning, design drawing, visual communication skills, ergonomics, and lots more.

The course is available 24/7 and you can access from your mobile devices or any other devices. It is delivered through the customized virtual learning environment (VLE) developed by KLC.

13) Design Institute

DesignInstitute Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

Design Institute offers a 1-on-1 online interior design program that has been designed by some of the most experienced interior designers. After completing the course, you will receive a diploma that can help you become a trained interior designer.

The Design Institute’s international diploma course comes with 12 modules which are meant to equip you with a basic understanding of designing interior spaces.

Generally, the modules include Interior Design in Context, Space Planning, Interior Lighting, History of Interior Design, Material and Finishes, The Fundamentals of Interior Design, Furniture, Fixture and Equipment and Color in Interior Design.

Joining this course comes with flexible payment options. You can pay weekly or monthly. Alternatively, there is an option for a one-time payment that reduces the cost of the training.

If you don’t enjoy the class, you can use its 5-day money-back guarantee to get a refund. The training schedule is also flexible; hence, you can learn at your own space within 6 to 18 months.

A personal tutor works with the students so assist them to learn better. After completing the course, you will get a diploma that you can use anywhere around the world.

14) ClassCentral

ClassCentral Learn Interior Design Lessons Online

The Essentials of Interior Design program is a special interior design course that is provided on SmartOn via Canvas Network. This design and creativity lesson is fully taught in the English language and requires a few weeks to be completed.

This online course is meant for those that want to learn how to transform the interiors of any restaurants, homes, and offices into a more beautiful space.

This lesson is taught by skilled interior designers with vast practical experiences of the subject.During the lesson, you will be equipped with an understanding of the basics of interior design.

In addition, you will learn about design concepts, design presentations as well as aesthetics. For 4 weeks, this course will help you understand the rudiments of interior design and prepare you to begin a career in the field.

And if you just want to learn to enhance your knowledge, this lesson is still recommended for you. Participants in the Essentials of Interior Design lesson will get resources such as videos and tutorials that ease the process of learning interior designs. Before completing the course, you will take part in a mini-project.

Choosing The Best Interior Design Lesson Online

As shown above, loads of interior design lessons are available on the internet. You can choose any of these lessons to get a better understanding of what interior design requires.

Although these courses come at different prices and with various outlines, they are usually affordable and don’t require a lot of time to be completed. Also, some of these courses are offered by colleges while others are designed by experienced individuals.

Overall, they cover different areas of interior designs and will surely be beneficial to you as you develop your interior design skills and learn how to use numerous tools. So, take the time to check them out and join the ones you like.

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