10 Websites To Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

In the busy life, we tend to become too indulged in work and we forget how we would go to the polo lounge in the childhood for the horse-riding sessions.

On contrary, there are some people who have always been intimidated by the horse-riding, but they never got the time to visit the barns with studies of jobs.

Well, what if we tell you that you can learn horse-riding online while staying in your home. But before you tell you about the online courses, let’s see how horse-riding can yield benefits for you. Horse-riding can be challenging on physical basis, but by the end of the day, you will be proud of the achievements.

Through horse-riding, you can strengthen the muscles because staying on the horse requires balance.Through horse-riding, people will be able to enhance the coordination skills as you can coordinate the movements with the horse.

This will help you make aligned direction while crossing the hindrances and barrels in the field. In addition, horse-riding is not only exercise for body, but enhances mental exercise as you learn new movements during horse-riding.

The socializing skills will be enhanced because you not only get to meet new horses, but the horse-riding buddies will be there as well. The problem-solving skills will be enhanced by playing around the trails and courses.

So, if you are ready to start with horse-riding, these online courses will help you learn the basics of riding the horse in the most convenient way!

10 Websites To Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

For riding the horse the right way, you need to learn and speak the horse language fluently. But have you ever thought how that is possible?

Well, you cannot learn the horse language in school but we will teach you in this course. With this course, you will be able to master the energy as a horseman.

The horse-riders will be able to utilize the body language of the horse for communicating.With this course, you will learn the horse language through body language and at the moment, there are over 250 students enrolled in the course.

The course has been designed and instructed by Krystal Kelly in the most effective way possible. The students will be able to talk to the horse in their language while mastering the body language.

The students will get to train their horses for exercises and games through the riding exercises. The horse riders will be able to master the horse seating and the saddle warming up will become your ultimate support.

No matter if you are beginner, you will be able to learn leading and lunging as the advanced players while relieving the pressure points.With this course, the students will understand the horse cues to interpret the message and in longer run, it will help you earn the horse’s trust.

Even more, the confidence will be enhanced and you will learn controlling the young and stubborn horses. To start this course, you need to have access to horse, but there is no prerequisite for skills. This means that beginners and advanced riders can take this course.

2) Online Classical Riding Academy

OnlineClassicalAcademy Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

The online courses available for teaching the horse-riding are multiple and in high numbers. However, one never knows which is the right choice because let’s accept it, all of them seem to be promising.

If you want to ensure positive and effective results at the end of horse-riding lessons, this course is a perfect option for you.

On this platform, you will find the video library which has been filled with the video lessons. All the videos have been designed with Heather Moffet.

He is an international riding trainer and with the videos, he will be sharing over 45 years of experience and knowledge of the field.

The course is equally good for beginners and advanced because the skills in these videos are never taught anywhere else.

The video lessons are designed with clear and precise topics to keep things simplified. If you have the questions regarding the lessons, everything will be answered in the most logical way possible.

Also, the demonstration will be clear and will add to the overall horse-riding learning experience. The course not only teaches the horse-riding but horsemanship as well.A very different teaching approach has been used named Enlightened Equitation through which students can learn in the most innovative way.

On this platform, there are around 150 video that are designed to cover every possible topic regarding the horse-riding, horse training, and how to act around the horse. However, the trainer makes sure to add informative stuff regularly to ramp up the learning experience.

3) Trainmedo

TrainMedo Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

The riders have different priorities and they hardly have the time to sit back and reflect on the time of training they want to adapt.

Commonly, they keep on with the normal training which isn’t enough in this world where horses have become intelligent and the competition in the field has grown.

So, if you want to learn the latest lessons and attain equestrian training, this course will offer the live training. By signing up for this course, you will be able to get in touch with the trainers online.

The trainers are hired from around the world to add diversity in the lessons and different techniques. The remote training with this course will be better than any other place in the world.

The best thing is that courses are available on online basis and the costs have been controlled to offer cost-effective options.The utter benefits of this remote course are that you won’t be wasting any time for traveling to the barn or getting the hands on field for training sessions.

The students are empowered to apply for multiple training sessions at one time and the trainers will sign up remotely to teach you. Also, the students have the liberty to choose their own trainer from the trainers available on the website.

Also, the lesson fees are paid directly to the trainers and there are multiple payment modes available to reduce such issues.

The students can choose the trainers based on the budget and language. There are bundle offers in this course, so the students get the pre-designed options instead of wasting time on designing study and training method.

4) The Virtual Equestrian

TheVirtualEquestrian Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

Whenever someone is learning the horse-riding, they tend to neglect the stable management but in the field, this management will literally make or haste the game. With this platform, you will find multiple options regarding the horse-riding training.

For instance, the stable management series will help you own the horse and share information about how to look after the horse in the most effective manner.There are multiple topics such horse psychology, anatomy of the horse, saddler, identification methods, and taking care of the horse.

In addition, there is a Western rider level series through which riders of every level will gain the relaxed riding experience while ensuring good posture and aligning the body with zero tension on muscles or spine.

Also, you will be able to make sure that you horse responds to your commands effectively.The course will teach the students to hone and sharpen the riding techniques like never before.

You wouldn’t have thought it this way but the horse-riding can be pretty therapeutic. With this course, you will gain information about equine assisted therapies and activities, and by the end, you will be able to differentiate between the two.

You will be able to explore different metrics in an effective way.The course has been designed with an integration of high-end and cutting-edge techniques through which you will bring out the inner ride while thinking about the strength.

Also, the instructors will work with you to inculcate intense and sensitive horse-riding skills.

5) Dressage Pro

DressagePro Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

You might not be too concerned about the trainers when it comes to the online courses because they cannot see you or slap your head in case of any mistake.

However, the essence of online lessons is the instructor because if the instructor isn’t experienced and skilled enough to implement the teaching methodologies, you won’t be able to hones the skills as you are supposed to.

With this platform, there are multiple instructors to meet the diverse needs of the students and they have been gathered from 35 different countries.

The lessons videos are designed in step-by-step configuration to make sure everything is reflected on you in the practical manner without being too hard on the body and muscles because no one can ride the horse when tensed.

Once you sign up for this course, you will be able to access the video lessons for your life. This means that if you forget something, you will be able to revisit the course and grasp the idea without paying any extra charges.

As a member of the course, you will be allowed to join the monthly discussion sessions. During the discussion sessions, you will be able to get your answers and doubts cleared.

However, to gain the feedback, you can create the video while horse-riding and send it to the Rien, the instructor and he will tell you the points where you need improvement.

There are no limitations regarding the devices as people can access the video lessons and course content on phone and laptop. Last but not least, there are workbooks and assignments to ramp up the learning experience.

6) JG Reining Horses

JGReiningHorses Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

The horses are very strong, loyal, and intelligent animals and if you are in love with them, there are high chances that you interested in horse-riding because there is no better feeling than riding the horse and matching with the wind.

So, if you want to learn the horse-riding, this course will make a suitable option but do consider the fact that you will need to get out of your comfort zone and grind to become the champion.

This training series has been designed with online resource programs and the training sessions have been recorded in the videos and DVDs. With this series, you will be able to scale up the entire horse-riding experience and with each new step; you will be able to learn a new technique.

In addition, the students will learn how to communicate with the horses and train them according the game and exercise.

There are some sessions in the course which are designed to create a solid foundation about the horse-riding times. The sessions will help you hone the longing round pen, longe line, ground work, first rides, drills, and other exercises.

The video lessons are updated on weekly basis to provide you the guidance you need for acing the horse-riding.In the progressive sessions, the students will be able to strengthen the foundation as they will learn about the lateral flexes, drills, diagonals, transitions, balance, speed, stopping, and cross-over.

Last but not least, you will be able to learn the lead departures, soft and fast circles, rundowns, roll backs, spins, and back up.

7) Horse Academy TV

HorseAcademy Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

Horse-riding is no joke and it requires the ultimate level of training and learning to hone the skills for the field. However, with the extensive number of courses available for teaching horse-riding, people tend to become confused about the options to choose from.

To clear out all such issues, we have come up with this horse-riding course platform to make you learn like a champ and ace the field as you was gifted with the skills.On this platform, you will find multiple members and riders who have gained international recognition and their performance was always applauded around the world.

The course has been designed by the instructors who have over 40 years of experience. The learners of this course have earned the medals ta Olympic games and the French champions in the horse-riding matches.

The name of the course instructor is Michel Robert and he will teach you the innovative techniques which will help you attain the skills. There are multiple programs and exercises in the course to make sure there is something for people with every skill level.

Be it the beginner or advanced player, they can easily enjoy the course and hone the horse-riding techniques and skills.

With this course, you will not only get the training sessions, but you will get the horse-riding lessons along with the tips from coaches and clinics to take care of the horse.

By the end of the course, you will be able to get in harmony with your horse and synchronize the movements with them. You will learn to stay connected with the horse and ride on the straight line if you are supposed to!

8) Horse Riding

HorseRiding Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

As the name of the platform suggests, it has been specifically designed for the horse-riding lessons and if you have been looking for the online course options, this is an apt choice as there is literally everything that you need to learn about horse-riding.

The students will learn how to stop the horse after the running and how to dismount without anyone, you, or the horse in danger. You will be able to talk to your horse as there is multiple hand techniques taught in the course.

The students will learn how their hand on the horse’s forehead will calm him down and control his speed by connecting your legs with it.

These things are essential to learn because hands work as signals for the horses and by the end, you will be to control their pace and direction through the reins.

The students will learn how to balance the body while sitting on the horse because if your hands, legs, and the entire body isn’t balanced, there is no way that you can ride a horse without falling down.

In addition, the students will learn about the right movement of the rein to make sure there is no pain for your horse.The students will learn how to stop the horse on the right time because rein controlling can be tedious.

Furthermore, you will learn how to get off the horse the right way and how to lead the horse to the desired direction in the field. All in all, it’s a pretty well-designed course which covers all the basic things.

9) Take Lessons

TakeLessons Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

If you want to learn the horse-riding online without compromising on the results, this platform will ensure that there are no such issues and that you learn everything effectively without interpreting any wrong information.

In this course, there are lessons available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players all the same.With this course, you will get the critical feedback on the performance as it’s integral for improving the performance and enhance the learning experience.

No matter if you are an amateur in this field, you will be able to improve your practices regarding horse-riding with this course.

With this course, there is clear communication and the exercises are very easy to perform and understand.In other words, when you start this course, you will be indulged in multiple exercises to make sure you are getting the muscle strengthening and warm-up sessions for acing the field.

The course is taught by Jody E. who has applied a consistent approach to learn horse-riding in the most successful and result-driven way.

All in all, you can join this course if you want to turn your horse-riding journey into a passion and career in the longer run.

10) Strides to Success

SridesToSuccess Learn Horse Riding Lessons Online

Horse-riding is therapy for some people and for some people, it has become a hobby turned into passion and career. So, no matter which category you are from, you can take on this course and learn how to ride the horse like a boss.

There are advanced learning sessions in this course to ensure you are getting the fully-integrated training.

The course has been designed with the help of professionals to make sure everyone is able to fill the gaps in their training and prepare for the championships and get ready for winning the trophies.

This course is comprised on 18 weeks and during this time, you will learn about the operations, horse experience, body language, and more. So, no matter what skill you need to grasp, there is something designed for everyone in this course.

Choosing The Best Horse Riding Lesson Online

We have always been intimidated by horse-riding because it just looks so cool and we wish to climb on the horse and harness the wind with our horse.

But things aren’t that simple but they can be made simpler if you look through the horse-riding courses that we have mentioned in the article above. So, just write down what you need to learn and there is a course ready for you!


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