8 Websites To Learn Hip Hop Dance Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn hip hop dance lessons online

learn hip hop dance lessons online

Dance classes hold multiple benefits for adults as well as for children. There are multiple dance styles available, but hip hop is the combination of different dance styles and forms. Hip hop is a combination of new and old dance moves, such as crumping, break dancing, jazz, and popping. In other words, hip hop is the improvised yet creative dance form.

It’s needless to say that hip hop is an appealing dance form through which people can express their emotions. With hip hop dance classes, dancers will be able to increase flexibility which is pretty beneficial. Also, dancers will be able to have a better balance of the body, and also, the coordination will enhance.

The dancers will be able to enhance the hand, legs, and brain coordination with tunes. There are multiple steps in hip hop dance that helps develop and tone the muscles (something people do boring exercise for!). Even more, hip hop dancing helps people improve self-confidence, and you will learn how to own your body.

The best part of hip hop dance classes is that people can express their artistic and creative side. Overall, hip hop dance classes are helpful in reducing stress levels, and mood improves as well. This plethora of benefits might have encouraged you to start learning hip hop. In this article, we have added the websites to learn hip hop dance lessons online. So, have a look!

8 Websites To Learn Hip Hop Dance Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn hip hop dance lessons online

When it comes to online learning, one needs to use the right platform because it directly impacts the learning experience and outcome. If you are looking for hip hop dance courses, Udemy.com is an amazing platform that has a wide range of courses. Udemy.com has coined its name in the online course market with high-end features.

Udemy.com has hip hop dance courses for every skillset; beginners, intermediate, and expert. With the expert course, students will be able to learn advanced skills. With these advanced skills, these students can even start their own dancing institute. This website has hip hop dance lessons available in different languages, and also, there are different subtitles available as well.

With this website, the students will be able to learn hip hop dance without portraying boring expressions. Be it moving to rhythms, grooving, or dancing with musical interpretations, Udemy.com helps teach everything. Even more, the students will be able to learn movement principles with a wide range of courses.

All the courses on Udemy.com are inculcated with video lessons. For deep learning experience, the website offers downloadable resources as well. These downloadable resources are apt for offline practice sessions. Once you sign up for the course, Udemy.com offers lifetime access to course content and supporting material.

All the courses on Udemy.com are designed with quizzes and practice tests. These features help students analyze their progress and work on weak areas. So, just choose the course with good ratings and you will be good to go!

2) SkillShare

skillshare learn hip hop dance lessons online

Learning new skills is important to stay motivated and do more in life. So, if you want to learn new skills, Skillshare.com is one of the most suitable websites out there. Similarly, Skillshare.com has a wide range of hip hop dance courses available for everyone. The website has free and premium courses onboard, offering something for everyone.

The free courses are perfect for beginners, and also, the premium course is apt for people who want to become the hip hop expert. The website has search filters that will you find courses based on different durations. All the instructors on Skillshare.com are experienced and specialized in hip hop. Also, these instructors are ready to share their skills and experience with you.

Skillshare.com has designed hip hop dance courses with video lessons. These video lessons are well-designed and engaging, which helps students have fun while learning how to dance. The courses are self-paced, so students can learn anytime they want (no strict schedules). Skillshare.com offers on-demand videos for students who need customized lessons.

As for the payment, Skillshare.com offers team plans if you want to dance with your friends and family. Also, for good students, there is a scholarship program available. Skillshare.com hosts events and hands-on workshops where students can show off their skills. Before you invest in the course, students can request the demo as well.

3) Reed

reed learn hip hop dance lessons online

We all have sung and danced in the shower because the skills aren’t apt enough to hit the main stage. However, one can always learn perfect dancing skills online, and you won’t have to dance alone. Similarly, if you want to learn hip hop dance, Reed.co.uk is the perfect website. This website has designed a wide range of courses to meet everyone’s demands.

All the courses on Reed.co.uk are self-paced that empowers the students to learn new techniques at their own will. Reed.co.uk offers all-time tutor support that helps students get in touch with instructors. With this robust communication feature, you can clear out your doubts regarding hip hop directly. The best thing about Reed.co.uk is that it offers certifications at the end of the course.

Reed.co.uk has developed free courses for beginners. Also, there are advanced courses (paid) designed to help students harness top-notch hip hop skills. But the website regularly offers discounts and promotions, so students can learn without worrying about money. All the courses have video lessons that are easy to interpret and practice with.

Reed.co.uk adds multiple practical demonstrations in the courses as they help enhance the learning experience. The website adds multiple warm-up exercises because that’s essential for loosening up for hip hop dance. Reed.co.uk not only teaches hip hop moves, but it also teaches students to make their own moves (dancing is all about creativity, right?)

4) TakeLessons

takelessons learn hip hop dance lessons online

Over the years, how people learn and educate themselves has changed a lot. That’s because people now prefer online education because it’s convenient and accessible. So, if you want to learn hip hop dance online, TakeLessons.com is an amazing option. With this website, students will be able to connect with suitable teachers.

TakeLessons.com runs proper background checks to ensure that there are only authentic and experienced teachers on board. There are multiple instructors on TakeLessons.com; some of them offer online courses, while some offer in-person classes as well. The in-person sessions can be held at the teacher’s studio and student’s home. All in all, the location can be decided on mutual interest.

The students can check the day availability to find the perfect instructor that matches their schedules. With Reed.co.uk, you will be able to set the price range and choose the instructor. On top of everything, some instructors also offer regular sales offers. If you have specific requirements regarding gender, you can set the gender settings as well.

With Reed.co.uk, you will be able to check the instructor’s profile before making the final call. The instructors offer online video sessions through Zoom and Skype. Besides, there are pre-recorded video lessons available for students who want offline learning. However, if you aren’t able to find a suitable instructor, you can get in touch with student counselors, and they will help find the instructor based on your needs.

5) iDance

idance learn hip hop dance lessons online

Hip hop dance is the perfect dance out there for everyone who needs to show their creativity. So, if you want to learn this amazing dance form, iDance.net is the perfect website. This website has a wide range of dance lessons and extra reading material. The dance lessons comprise of videos for an engaging and fun learning experience.

As for the reading material, it helps teach the music theories and interpretations. With this knowledge, students will be able to learn how to dance to music while expressing their emotions. With iDance.net, students can access more than 150 video lessons. These video lessons will teach the basics and also teach the advanced moves.

Overall, the website has designed lesson packs. These lesson packs have everything one needs to learn hip hop dancing. For instance, there are video lessons, reading material, and music theories available for a well-integrated learning experience. With iDance.net, students can search for the courses based on instructors and their skill level.

This website has four hip hop instructors onboard. With this website, students can access street style hip hop dance lessons. This website also offers free hip hop dance lessons which can be accessed as soon as you sign up on the website. iDance.net allows the students to record the live session with instructors for revision purposes.

6) DancePlug

danceplug learn hip hop dance lessons online

It doesn’t matter what your background or focus is, DancePlug.com has something for everyone. This website is a global network aimed at teaching students how to dance and make their way in this creative industry. This website was designed and developed with an aim to offer digital knowledge to students while helping them grow.

If you’ve been looking for hip hop lessons, this website offers a wide range of courses. The website has online class tutorials that offer one-to-one dance lessons. With DancePlug.com, the dancers will be able to learn the hip hop choreography. That’s achieved through the easy-to-follow video lessons. The best thing about this website is that it offers self-paced courses.

The hip hop dance lessons and courses are available for every skill level. The video lessons are designed with advanced features, such as slow-motion, rewind, captions, and speed control. All these features help students understand the moves and master them. This website has more than 450 video combinations and lessons available.

All the instructors on DancePlug.com are experienced enough to make beginners become the pro in no time. This website plans and hosts multiple auditions that help students land the perfect dancing job. DancePlug.com has developed a community where students and instructors can connect with each other.

7) FitForAFeast

fitforafeast learn hip hop dance lessons online

If you intend on making big with hip hop dance, you need to choose the right website. So, FitForAFeast.com is the perfect website for everyone who loves to dance. This website has a wide range of courses for adults and kids all the same. The website has free video lessons available. Also, they have a YouTube channel that helps students access beginner videos.

With this website, the students will be able to express themselves through perfect bodily movement. FitForAFeast.com has specialized lessons through which students will learn hand gestures and rhythm. Even more, there are videos through which students can learn jumps, rotations, and breaks. These videos are available for free.

FitForAFeast.com has a dancing program comprised of 77 instructional videos. Once you complete the lessons, you can submit the video of your combo, and you will be able to earn prizes. The best thing about this website is that ten instructors teach this program. This provides students with different perspectives and angles to this art form!

8) DanceClassOnline

danceclassonline learn hip hop dance lessons online

Dancing is an art, and if you intend to learn this art, DancerClassOnline.in is the perfect online dance academy. This website has been designed to offer online courses and video lessons to everyone who wants to learn hip hop and other dance forms. The video lessons are provided through Skype conference call.

The website has highly experienced and professional dancers on board who are ready to share their experience and skills. These instructors are trained to teach the combination of art and dance techniques. Be it the hand gestures or bodily movements; the students can learn every hip hop dance move with this website.

The website is best at teaching hip hop postures and active rhythms. In addition to video lessons, DancerClassOnline.in offers certificate level courses available. The website has some beginner videos available for free. This website has designed a music franchise as well that help students harness the performing arts.

However, the website has multiple prerequisites for students who want to take this beginner course. The beginner course comprises six months, and the advanced courses have higher durations. As for the payment, DancerClassOnline.in has a monthly payment system. So, just sign up and become the hip hop dancer!

Choosing The Best Hip Hop Dance Lesson Online

Dance is an art, and if you want to master your dance skills, learning hip hop dance will help improve the moves. So, if you have been looking for online videos and courses that help you learn the techniques, this article is an amazing option.

With this article, we have added websites to learn hip hop dance lessons online for easy learning. So, wear your dancing shoes and become the hip-hopper that you’ve always wanted to be!


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