13 Websites To Learn Hebrew Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Hebrew Lessons Online

Learn Hebrew Lessons Online

Learning a new language is an exciting experience, but choosing the language plays an essential role. Some people fantasize about Spanish while some people love French. However, we have found a combination of modern and ancient languages, Hebrew. The language is 3,000 years old, making it a classic language.

Hebrew was once considered dead, but it has been revived and over nine million people are speaking this language. Hebrew has a historical phenomenon but has modernization as well. This is an official language of Israel and ever since revitalization, its popularity is increasing. One of the reasons being the rise of international businesses.

Israel is increasing its influence around the world which speaks for the popularity of Hebrew language. This state is home to R&D centers, a great name for innovation. So, learning Hebrew will serve the purpose of progressing in the business world.

If you intend on making a career with government jobs and know Hebrew language, you will become eligible for military and intelligence jobs. The state is offering multiple grants and scholarships to students and if you know Hebrew, your application will have weight.

Also, the Hebrew language will help you travel around Israel (Israel is the top tourist destination around the world with modern cuisine and appealing beaches!) So, if you want to learn Hebrew language, we have added websites to learn Hebrew lessons online. Let’s start learning!

13 Websites To Learn Hebrew Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn hebrew lessons online

Learning Hebrew online might be a new experience for you but it’s worth everything. Your online learning experience majorly depends on the learning platform or website. So, Udemy.com is an apt choice for learning Hebrew language.

This website is designed with an aim to help students explore new opportunities by learning multiple skills from home.

Udemy.com offers an extensive range of courses in multiple niches, business and others. This way, they are transforming the lives of the students.

Udemy.com is committed to offer diverse experience by implementing the cultural and innovative techniques. Udemy.com offers opportunities to students to learn while instructors share their skills and practical experience.

As far as Hebrew is concerned, Udemy.com offers beginner courses to help students understand the language before they start learning.

The students will be stimulated to speak and write Hebrew. Also, they will be able to read Hebrew content because all the courses are designed to teach modern Hebrew vocabulary.

The website offers downloadable resources for quick and offline access. Also, there are video lessons that are designed by experienced instructors.

The instructors ensure to add essential details. The Hebrew language course can be accessed if you have internet access, irrespective of the device. By the end of course, you will be able to gain a completion certificate as well!

2) Coursera

coursera learn hebrew lessons online

If you are ready to learn the Hebrew language but don’t want to join the coaching center, Coursera.com is a great choice. As the name suggests, the website offers online courses.

The courses belong to different industries to meet diverse learning needs. However, if you want to learn the Hebrew language, you can easily access the courses on Coursera.com.

The website is designed to help people learn new skills at their own leisure. There is no need to join a physical class because Coursera.com offers online video lessons.

The unique point of this website is that it will teach you the history of the language. Learning about the history will help enhance your learning experience. Also, there are Hebrew poetry courses readily available.

The website offers reading material for offline learning. However, there are online video lessons to ramp up the learning experience. There are flexible deadlines available, so even if you miss the lesson, you can still access them later.

The video lessons have English subtitles for beginners who need to understand speaking patterns and pronunciation.

At the end of every course, Coursera.com offers a completion certificate. The best part is that a certificate can be shared. The courses are designed by experienced instructors who are sharing their practical knowledge and experience.

All in all, the website is pretty beneficial for everyone who wants to learn the Hebrew language.

3) Preply

preply learn hebrew lessons online

Learning trends have changed over time because these days, students can learn new skills from their room (and even the bed!) This has been made possible by websites that are offering online courses.

Preply.com is one of the leading websites with a myriad of online courses available. There are multiple customization features on the website, easing the learning experience.

Preply.com allows users to select courses by selecting per hour rates. Some courses are available for physical classes as well, so students can choose as per their preferences.

The students can easily book the course by going through the tutor profile on Preply.com. The best thing about this website is that it offers a free trial before you pay full fees for the course.

All the instructors on this website are experienced, leading to exceptional learning. The teaching methodology is pretty interactive, helping students clear their concepts.

The students can interact with teachers through private messages and schedule the lesson timings mutually.

Different instructors on Preply.com are offering various lessons with one course.

Preply.com allows the students to check the reviews for instructors and courses to make an informed decision. All things considered, the instructors teach you well enough that you will start speaking Hebrew like a native person.

Be it the conversational Hebrew or business language; students can access every sort of course through this website.

4) Skillshare

skillshare learn hebrew lessons online

If you’ve made up the mind to learn Hebrew, choosing the right website for online classes is essential. Skillshare.com is an amazing website with a wide range of Hebrew courses.

If you are a curious and creative person, this website will help you hone new skills. This has made Skillshare.com a leading online course community, teaching millions of students online.

Skillshare.com teaches skills through which people can make discoveries. On the other hand, teachers can earn money while teaching and sharing their skills.

With this website, students can learn basic Hebrew through which they can interact in this language. In other words, students will learn how to greet each other in Hebrew through new vocabulary.

All the Hebrew courses on Skillshare.com are designed with intricacy and precision. There are bible lessons in the Hebrew language, so you can read like a native.

You won’t only be able to understand Hebrew but communicate and expand the vocabulary as well. There are regular training and practice sessions that enhance the vocals.

Skillshare.com is designed with video lessons that offers an optimal learning experience. It doesn’t matter which Hebrew course you choose; you will need to complete the class project. This project is to be done at the end and will help analyze your progress.

5) Reed

reed learn hebrew lessons online

For everyone who wants to learn Hebrew lessons online, Reed.co.uk is an exceptional website. The website has multiple features designed to enhance the learning experience for students.

The students can choose courses based on location, online and physical classes. Reed.co.uk empowers students to choose the course, as per their price range.

The courses are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced people, catering to diverse learning needs. There are multiple discounted courses available on Reed.co.uk.

Also, the website offers multiple payment methods to make courses accessible. The students can learn how to speak, read, and write Hebrew. Also, there are specialized lessons focusing on Hebrew pronunciation.

Reed.co.uk has multiple comprehension lessons available because they enhance grip on the Hebrew language. If you’ve insights about Hebrew, there are multiple levels.

With Reed.co.uk, students can learn level one, two, and three. The website also offers Bible lessons in Hebrew. If you do well, you can earn the CPD points as well through this website.

There are no prior qualifications required to sign up for the Hebrew language course on this website. These courses will benefit professional development.

Also, there are free courses available for beginners who are just starting out. Overall, the website offers an intuitive experience to the users.

6) LearnDirect

learndirect learn hebrew lessons online

Hebrew is a popular language that poses multiple benefits to learners. But the learning outcome depends majorly on the website you choose.

LearnDirect.com is an amazing website through which students can learn the language. The website is designed to offer daily life skills, and also offers vocational qualifications as well.

LearnDirect.com is a leading UK-based website that has been offering online courses for years. Over the years, the website has developed multiple partnerships that has increased the course options.

In other words, LearnDirect.com is always working on providing opportunities to the students. The website has beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.

LearnDirect.com offers online courses only on PCs. This means that the availability of a PC or laptop is integral for learning a new language.

Also, the courses are available online, which asks for a robust internet connection. But the best part is that LearnDirect.com doesn’t have any formal prerequisites for the previous qualifications.

With this website, students can learn the Hebrew language, speak, read, and write at the same time. Also, the students can access the vocabulary library.

Learning is interactive with LearnDirect.com because students can play games to check their progress. The game results will help work on lagging areas. Besides, the vocabulary sheets can be easily downloaded for side-learning.

7) LessonFace

lessonface learn hebrew lessons online

With the increasing demand, multiple websites are offering online courses. But if you want to ensure a positive outcome, LessonFace.com is a great option. This website is designed to offer a wide range of courses on different subjects.

There are multiple vocational skills that students can learn from LessonFace.com.The website has an interactive interface through which students can find their perfect course. The courses are designed to meet the different needs of the students. The website allows users to access the course by choosing the tutor.

With LessonFace.com, students can learn basic Hebrew vocabulary. The students will be able to speak Hebrew efficiently with the help of this website.

The courses are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. The students can learn the basics and history of Hebrew through beginner courses.

However, the intermediate courses allow students to learn business accents of the Hebrew language. With LessonFace.com, students can search for their lessons by choosing the tutors.

Through search features, students can search for their favorite instructors. Also, the instructors are readily available to help students clear their concepts. There are private messaging options available on the website, through which students can set class location and timings.

Some instructors will also offer physical classes for interactive learning. Overall, you can easily sign up on the website and access their desired courses.

8) TakeLessons

takelessons learn hebrew lessons online

If you want to learn the Hebrew language online, you will come across different websites offering online courses. TakeLessons.com is one such website with promising results.

The website offers well-designed courses. However, the students can access the courses by creating a match with preferred instructors. All the courses are available online for easy accessibility.

But if students want to learn at a physical location, they can learn from teachers who are open to homes or studios (you can access that information from the instructor’s profile.)

The students have the liberty to set their price range, which helps them choose courses that suits their budget. Also, students can choose female or male instructors based on their preferences.

Some instructors also offer discounted courses to make courses more accessible. TakeLessons.com connects the students with their preferred instructors through search features.

On top of everything, there are certificates available by the end of each course. TakeLessons.com allows students to chat with instructors to set the class timings.

The majority of the courses are private, but some courses are taught in groups. The group courses make learning Hebrew easy and interactive.

There is a TakeLessons.com community that connects students and instructors with each other. Also, students can check the reviews before making a final call regarding the instructor and courses!

9) LearnHebrewPod

learnhebrewpod learn hebrew lessons online

If you want to learn the Hebrew language in the most interactive and fun way, LearnHebrewPod.com is an amazing option out there.

The website has been offering online spoken language courses for more than a decade. The prime aim of this website is to utilize technology to help people learn new skills, which can be transferred as well.

The website is focused on spoken languages, and Hebrew courses are one of their top courses. There are more than five instructors available on LearnHebrewPod.com who are ready to teach the Hebrew language.

All the instructors are experienced and licensed to teach the students. The courses are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, catering to diverse skillsets.

LearnHebrePod.com also has an app for iOS and Android users for easy accessibility. The app can be installed on the smartphone, enabling students to learn on the go.

There are multiple practice sessions which help students access their current skill level. Also, they will outline the weak points and learn how to strengthen the concepts.

The website offers courses with multiple pricing options to offer courses for everyone. The courses are interactive, fun, and exciting.

However, there is no compromise on professionalism and teaching methodology. Last but not least, all you need to is sign up and start learning Hebrew right away!

10) LivingLanguage

livinglanguage learn hebrew lessons online

Learning the Hebrew language holds multiple benefits. But these benefits can be yielded only if you choose the right website and platform.

LivingLanguage.com is a top-notch website that has been designed to help people learn Hebrew like a pro. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced student; this website has something for everyone.

LivingLanguage.com offers comprehensive Hebrew courses through which students can learn the basics. The beginner courses will lay down the foundations of the Hebrew language.

This is how students will understand the fundamentals. The website not only teaches the language, but it also focuses on teaching the culture. Learning the cultures fastens up the learning experience.

The website offers multiple subscriptions ranging from one month to a year. However, the prices will vary with the subscription duration.

The website has designed DVDs and books for effective learning, in addition to video lessons and live coaching sessions. If you subscribe to the newsletter, students can get discounts on courses and subscriptions as well.

LivingLanguage.com offers interactive flashcards for exciting and fun learning. There are audio tracks through which students can learn Hebrew pronunciation as well.

The Hebrew lessons are designed with practice sessions and exercises that enhance the reading and writing skills. Also, the students will be able to learn Hebrew grammar from this website.

11) Ulpan

ulpan learn hebrew lessons online

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn Hebrew for academic or business purposes; Ulpan.com offers a wide range of Hebrew courses.

The lessons are well-designed and are ready-to-use by the people who need to learn the Hebrew language. The students will not only learn how to read and write Hebrew, but also learn how to speak, listen, and understand Hebrew.

The website has adopted an advanced teaching methodology. This teaching methodology makes Hebrew learning an interactive experience.

The Hebrew language courses aren’t only fun but effective as well, since experienced instructors have designed the course. The curriculum focuses on all essential points of learning.

At first, the website teaches students the conversational language. The conversational language teaches the students to greet and interact in the Hebrew language. There are regular practice sessions, empowering students to check their progress.

The students will be asked to communicate in Hebrew. This practice will demand them to use newly used words to communicate their ideas.

The Hebrew lesson prices vary on a per hour basis. The courses are available, ranging from one-hour sessions to 30 hours.

However, before you sign up for the course, you are required to take the placement test. Also, the first sessions are available on a trial basis, allowing them to cancel anytime they want.

12) Loecsen

loecsen learn hebrew lessons online

If you want to learn the Hebrew language by yourself, an online course is a suitable option. So, if you are looking for online courses, Loecsen.com is an amazing website offering interactive Hebrew lessons.

With this website, the students will learn how to speak and listen to Hebrew. Also, there are special lessons through which students can learn greetings in Hebrew.

Loecsen.com empowers the users to pronounce the Hebrew language perfectly like a native. In addition to phrases and words, Hebrew enthusiasts can learn practical expressions as well.

The website offers practicing exercises, helping students check their progress. The website has designed its own vocabulary sheets and a pocket dictionary, which eases the learning experience.

The website allows the students to take quizzes. These quizzes will help analyze the performance and see what sections need revision.

On the website, students can easily access the essential phrases for free. If these basic phrases are understandable, the students can make choices accordingly. In addition, there are read aloud sessions through which students can optimize pronunciation.

The website has live chat support, which is available round the clock. If you have any questions regarding the course, the live chat support will help solve them all.

13) Study

study learn hebrew lessons online

When it comes to online learning, there are multiple websites popping up. However, if you want zero compromises on quality learning, Study.com is an amazing website.

There is a wide range of Hebrew language courses available, helping students learn the basics like a pro. Courses are accessible from beginner to an advanced level.

There are regular discounts available for students who want economic choices. Also, there are a promising teacher and student solutions available.

The best thing about this website is that Study.com offers smartphone apps for iOS and Android users. The courses are designed with video lessons and online access.

The students can access the extra reading material online and download it as well. The instructors aren’t only experienced but adopt interactive teaching approach for a more engaged learning. Also, if students show good progress, they can earn credit scores as well.

Choosing The Best Hebrew Lesson Online

Hebrew is an interesting yet ancient language. If you want to learn the language, this article has offered a wide selection of websites offering online Hebrew language courses.

So, just take some time out of your busy schedule, pick a course, and start speaking Hebrew like a native!


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