14 Websites To Learn Harp Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Harp Lessons Online

Learn Harp Lessons Online

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Music is not just some random sounds and tunes that you can hear. It is believed to be the food for soul, and has a great impact on our day-to-day lives. While you look at it, it has been a part of human culture even before the clothes, and ancient tribes used to have musical instruments made of rocks, stones, and wood.

Drums were probably invented this way, and with the advancement of human race, we got to see more evident traces of ancient musical instruments. Undoubtedly, music is considered a vital part of every civilization and we have seen traces of multiple instruments that have been in place over the course of history.

These instruments have evolved and we can say, that today, we have access to some of the advanced musical instruments that have never been existed before. No culture is complete without its music.

However, the traditional old musical instruments and their latest forms are soothing and people love these instruments to listen and play.Harp is one such instruments that has been found in ancient lore of Scandinavian region and some other civilization.

It is a triangular instrument made of wood with several chords attached to two ends at different angles. These chords are plucked using fingers to create some truly marvelous and soothing tunes of music.

Harp has several types and shapes. These depend on material type being used and the purpose you are looking to play a harp for.

It is mostly scene in Irish music and folk lures. If you are a music enthusiast and want to learn harp, you can do that at the comfort of home with these websites that can help you learn harp online:

14 Websites To Learn Harp Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Harp Lessons Online

There is no other online website out there that can boast of a collection bigger than Udemy. They can amaze you with their collection of online courses, and they got every imaginable niche of course available on their website.

These courses are carefully chosen to ensure optimal levels of learning quality and be the right value of money being paid. In addition to that, they add learning value to your journey and once you are hooked up, there will be no other website good enough for you.

The reasons are pretty basic and simple. They do not charge you any sign-up or membership fees. In addition to that, these courses will be yours to access for the lifetime once you have paid for them.

The courses to learn harp on Udemy have a wide range of options available. You can get courses to learn the fundamentals of harps and basic tunes to some highly advanced courses to learn and play harp like professionals.

These courses are impeccable in term of learning experience and whatever your goal might be, you can find the right harp learning course online on Udemy.com.

2) Preply

Preply Learn Harp Lessons Online

Preply.com started as an online platform to help students prepare effectively for any exams that they might have and get the right grades with their classes.

It has now grown to one of the largest online teaching platforms covering a wide range of subjects and thousands of teachers listed online. The website is well known for their strict quality measures that only allow experienced teachers to be listed on the website.

You can filter out these teachers based on the measures like the subject they can teach, languages they can speak, price charged per hour, and what time they will be available. You can see a schedule of their time as well.

The website also allows you to book a trial lesson to try out the compatibility and efficiency of learning that you have booked.

You can see a few teachers on this website that can help you learn harp online. These teachers will provide you all the guidance needed to play harp, in personalized sessions.

3) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Harp Lessons Online

While you can get your hands on numerous courses online to help you with your online learning experience. The problem with these courses is that they are pre-recorded and focused to teach a broader aspect of students that have different goals and different learning aptitude.

TakeLessons have taken the online learning experience to new heights or understanding and comprehension by allowing everyone to have access to one-on-one lessons.

This way, you can get time from an experienced teacher that can help you learn any skill you want over a video link. They also offer live vides lessons and group lessons if you want to interact with other students as well.

Harp unlike most musical instruments is not easy to play or learn. Along with the devotion and will to learn, it requires a certain set of expertise. Not to mention the right movements and placing of your arm and hands to ensure a flawless music tune.

This way, you can learn harp directly from dedicated teacher that is focused on you only and will be able to teach you how to play harp online. You can get guidance, have your mistake pointed out and ask any questions as well.

4) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Harp Lessons Online

LessonFace.com is another website that is making online lessons live. The advantage of Lesson Face over other similar websites is that there are a number of filters that can allow you to look for the perfect music teacher just for you.

This way, you can filter out the results and get access to some of highly experienced teachers that are compatible with your language, skillset and timings.

The website allows you to book trial from these teachers as well so you can check the compatibility and learning value without committing anything.You can find a number of experienced teachers listed on the website that can help you learn harp online.

These teachers will teach you in personalized sessions and will be there to guide you through the journey. You can also have your mistakes corrected in real time or clear any questions that might be popping up in your mind.

5) Study

Study Learn Harp Lessons Online

Study.com is an online educational platform, partnered with various institutions that collaborate with the preparation of learning material. You can expect some high-quality stuff on this website as it is prepared by top educational experts with decades of experience.

Their courses are impeccable in terms of quality learning and getting your hands on the right skills. The website gives you access to plans, courses, credit hour programs that can help you learn online to increase your credit hours if you are enrolled with a partner institution and more.

There are also some micro-degrees available on the website that you can enroll for online and along with learning, you can get the right edge of learning and earn a degree simultaneously.

Harp being one of the oldest musical instruments in the world requires a deep study, there are courses listed on this website that can allow you to learn the depth of harp and its history.

You can also learn to play harp effectively with the help of this website and the courses listed on it.

6) HarpSchool

Harpschool Learn Harp Lessons Online

This is a heaven for music lovers who are looking to learn harp online. They claim to be the #1 online international harp school and once you are on the website, you will actually believe it.

The website has got a buffet of courses on harp that are classified into Beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels. The website offers you access to Video Courses, Webcam courses and much more.

You can also find a shop on the website to source all the necessary gear to learn and play harp. There is a blog as well to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and updates within the musical world of magical harp.

The website can help you with Learning Paths, Masterclass, Pop Music, Celtic, World, Classical, Fil Music, Jazz-Blues, Latin, Techniques and much more. You can go through a list of courses and videos that can help you learn the basics of playing harp.

There are also video lessons available on some most famous tunes of all times that you can learn to play on harp with this website.


OAIM Learn Harp Lessons Online

Harp has been a part of Irish folk music and Irish culture from the beginning of time. Irish music is rich of soothing tunes thanks to harp. The website Online Academy of Irish Music is dedicated to teach Irish music online.

The website has a number of courses on Irish music that you can opt for and learn all the knowledge out there to learn Irish Music and different instruments.

They are also offering a 14-day free trial to help you understand the fundamentals and see if the website would be right fit for your learning needs.You can find all the fundamental guidance that is required to play harp on this website.

Either if you are totally unaware with the instrument, the website can help you grow from beginner to an advanced Harp player in no time at all. What other way could be better to learn a musical instrument than from the very experts who invented it and have carried it on with their legacy.

8) HarpAcademyOnline

Harpacademyonline Learn Harp Lessons Online

Harp comes in all different shapes, sizes and types and it all depends on your needs that which one would be the perfect for you. As a beginner, you can get confused on how to choose the best version of harp and being able to play it effectively.

Well, you don’t have to worry no more as this website can solve all your problems. This dedicated website presents you with the right opportunity to learn Harp online.

The website offers you access to video lessons that cover all the basics of harp to some advanced level playing techniques that will aid you become a professional harp player in no time at all.

There are also one-on-one harp lessons available on the website from experienced professionals to add value to your learning journey and make it count. You can get access to sheet music as well to practice at your leisure and get the most out of your harp learning.

9) StartHarp

Startharp Learn Harp Lessons Online

This is another dedicated website devoted to teaching harp online. The website is run by Shelby Fairplay, an experienced harp player that sheds magical tunes out of the harp.

Listening to her harp music is a truly mesmerizing experience and now you can get a chance to learn from her online.The website offers a 12-week start HARP course that has 3 different levels.

You can take the quiz on website to know your level and get your place in the next class to have the best online opportunity to learn harp.

There are also single online courses available on this website that can add value to your learning experience and if you find it hard to manage time for the online classes, you can opt for these great courses and learn harp at your own pace and that too online.

The website also has a shop, that can help you sources some top-quality accessories to aid your learning journey. Regular webinars are also held on this website that you can join to learn more about harp and get some extra insight.

10) Fandom

Fandom Learn Harp Lessons Online

If you are looking for a dedicated website to learn harp and that too for free, this might be the perfect choice for you. The website is a free educational website that is a community-based platform to teach all the aspirants harp online.

The website has extensive information on harp that you can take advantage of and add value to your learning journey. There are numerous free resources on the website including written instructions, video lessons and basic principles to learn harp online.

You can also get access to a shop to get some really cool accessories that will make your harp learning journey a lot easier. You can also get assistance from the community and ask out any questions that you might have freely.

The website also allows you to get access to a dedicated forum of harp players, teachers and learners to discuss the hot topics and stay up-to-date with what’s going on out there in the world of harp.

11) HandsOnHarps

Handsonharps Learn Harp Lessons Online

Hands on harps make some of the finest quality harps around the globe. Their harps are renowned for their exceptional sound quality, impeccable finish and they add right value to your harp playing experience.

Not only that, they have started this website to help everyone out there to learn harps online. The best part is, you can also rent a harp from them at exceptional prices to try it out and learn harp effectively before you make any purchase decision.

The website offers you access to harp lessons at discounted rates if you have bought or rented any harps from the website. This is simply a complete package so you can source the right harp and learn it effectively with their hands-on techniques.

What more could you ask for? They have exceptional customer support that is willing to help you with all your concerns. You can subscribe to their packages monthly and start your harp learning journey today.

12) Tutorful

Tutorful Learn Harp Lessons Online

As the name suggests, this is an online learning website that allows you access to thousands of tutors online. You can simply search for a subject that you want to learn and you will see all the tutors listed on the website that can help you with the subject.

You can also filter out the teachers based on price range and availability. You can select the level of study to ensure maximum compatibility with the teacher you will get.

There are also options to choose between in-person or online tutoring. You can see the avg time that a tutor takes to reply and their time that they have spent online to teach that can ensure you to get the right tutor and set expectations accordingly.

You can see some really experienced teachers that can teach you to play harp online on this website. This might be the perfect way to learn harp as you will get one-on-one sessions along with the right guidance on playing harp.

13) MyHarpDelight

Myharpdelight Learn Harp Lessons Online

Music knows no bounds and there are different people trying to make melodies and tuneswith a wide range of instruments. But there are some classics which can be easilyaccessible and the tunes made by them will literally coat your ears with sugar.

One suchinstrument is a harp and it has been played for thousands of years. People have always considered playing harp a difficult thing but that’s completely untruebecause all you need is a right instructor or a right course to teach you all the skills.

However, if you don’t want to leave your home, there are online harp lessons available atMyHarpsDelight.com.

This website has been designed with online courses and if you want to learn how to playharp, there are online sessions held on FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom to ensure people canreadily access the lessons irrespective of which app they can access.

This website has no huge list of prerequisites to join the course because all you need is aninternet connection, microphone, and a harp to learn how to tingle your fingers that reflectout the best tunes out there!

14) MyHarpWorld

Myharpworld Learn Harp Lessons Online

You might be new to the musical world but we have been here for a long time, probablydecades and that has awarded us with the experience to find out the perfect learningopportunities for people who have been trying to learn harp and enter the world of strings.

The huge chunks of people are involved in string instruments but they are usually indulged inviolins and guitars, but harp is the classic music instrument and people who know how toplay it are really special.

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play harp but didn’t have time tojoin the physical classes, MyHarpWorld.com has been integrated with online courses.

The website is highly interactive and there are integrated features, promising top-notchperformance and the highest level of outcome once you start learning through this platform.

All the courses on this website are designed by professionals who have years of experiencein playing and teaching harp by honing their fingering skills.

No matter which course you choose from this website, you will learn how fingers are pluckedin the correct manner, promising the creation of tunes and melodies that caramelizeseveryone’s ears!

Choosing The Best Harp Lesson Online

Undoubtedly, harp is one of the oldest musical instruments of the world and it has gained its due popularity with the rise of Iris civilization and their folk music. 

However, if you are willing to learn harp online, it can be a tough task as it includes quite a number of chords that you need to learn and understand properly.

Harp is not that easy, yet not impossible and can be learnt online if you are determined enough to do so. These websites can help you learn harp online and you can choose the right website that you think will suit your needs best.

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