4 Websites To Learn Handpan Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn handpan lessons online

learn handpan lessons online

Playing music can be a pretty captivating and interesting experience. There is an array of musical instruments but playing the steel instruments is an amazing experience. Be it plates or drums, these instruments are interesting to play with. If you’re interested in a handpan, we have an integrated set of websites to learn handpan lessons online.

By playing handpan, you’ll be able to reduce stress because playing music relieves happy hormones. Playing handpan poses a positive impact on brain functionality and with regular practice, you’ll be able to boost the creativity scale as well. This is because the mind is stimulated with these activities and the brain starts exercising at its top capability.

This might come as a surprise to you but playing a handpan can help you improve relationships with other people. This is because the handpan is usually played in the group and helps create a connection. In other words, you’ll be able to improve and develop social skills. The best thing about playing a handpan is that cooperation skills will improve.

Handpan playing helps you feel energetic with the tunes and become empowered. Even more, it helps a person feel young. If these benefits are enough to captivate your attention, you can learn how to play handpan online.

In this article, we are sharing websites to learn handpan lessons online for easy learning. So, let’s see what these websites have to offer!

4 Websites To Learn Handpan Lessons Online Review

1) SuperProf

superprof learn handpan lessons online

Long gone are the times when studios and recording centers were the only places to learn how to play musical instruments. This is because the learning trends have changed and people can learn every possible subject through online courses. These online courses are perfect for everyone who wants to learn new skills but don’t have time for the physical classes.

However, the productivity and outcome of online learning largely depend on the instructors. It’s evident that choosing the right instructor is essential. So, with Superprof.co.au, you’ll be able to access top-notch handpan instructors.

The website has multiple instructors onboard (six instructors to be specific). All the instructors have expertise in playing and teaching a handpan.

With Superprof.com.au, you’ll be able to learn irrespective of your skill level. That’s because this website has a filter through which students can choose the skill level and find the instructors accordingly.

Even more, the website’s instructors have kids lessons as well because learning new skills is beneficial for kids. The instructors host video lessons through webcam.

The students can access the instructor’s profile through Superprof.co.au. They can look at the reviews, ratings, and prices as they help in making a final decision. The students can chat with instructors, share their preferences and needs.

With this information, the instructors will design customized lessons for you. Superprof.com.au has a student pass feature. This feature enables the students to access as many courses and instructors as they want.

2) HandpanDojo

handpandojo learn handpan lessons online

Being able to learn new skills is a privilege. If you're a creative mind, playing music will be the perfect option that helps stimulate the mind. With this notion, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that playing a handpan will become an apt choice. So, if you want to learn, there are online courses to help you learn new handpan techniques from the comfort of your home.

There are multiple websites offering online handpan lessons for students who really want to learn and develop the right techniques. So, you can choose HandpanDojo.com is an amazing website, designed to ramp up everyone’s learning experience. The website has a huge collection of free and premium courses. The free courses are suitable for beginners.

Even more, the premium courses are suitable for intermediate and advanced students. HandpanDojo.com has designed video lessons in the courses. All the video lessons are captured with different angles, so students can focus on all the details.

The beginner lessons are designed to create a solid foundation of concepts, leading to a positive handpan experience. With HandpanDojo.com, students will learn the rhythms and grooves.

HandpanDojo.com is the brainchild of David, who has become the Grammy Awards nominee. This experience and knowledge have enabled him to share the basic concepts.

Even more, the students can learn advanced techniques with HandpanDojo.com. Theyhave developed a YouTube channel as that through which you can learn the basic conceptsand tricks.

3) MasterTheHandpan

masterthehandpan learn handpan lessons online

Playing a handpan is an amazing experience because it’s not only easy to play but it has a plethora of benefits as well. However, some people don’t learn the skills only because they don’t have the time to join studios or learning centers.

But there’s always a solution and for all those handpan enthusiasts, online learning is a great option. With online handpan lessons, you’ll be able to learn the skills from the comfort of your home.

MasterTheHandpan.com is a perfect platform for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students at the same time. With this website, you’ll be able to improve your melodies and rhythmic skills with basic techniques and concepts. This website offers self-paced courses that empower the students to learn at their own pace. MasterTheHandpan.com is designed to help people create new tunes and melodies.

This website aims to teach how to play a handpan with easy instructions. All the video lessons are designed on a step-by-step basis. Once you sign up for the course, you’re allowed to access the courses anytime that you want.

All the lessons on this website are well-structured, so students can learn all essential techniques in the most engaging way. With MasterTheHandpan.com, students will learn different rhythms, and also, you’ll learn how to structure and develop the rhythms.

Once you are done with rhythms, you’ll be able to create patterns and melodies as well. The video lessons are designed with a notation system. On top of everything, MasterTheHandpan.com lets the students access the handpan lessons from every device.

4) Opsilon

opsilon learn handpan lessons online

Playing a handpan is an exciting experience for everyone who has a knack for music and creativity. However, not everyone has the time to visit the coaching center and studios for handpan lessons. For all those people, gaining online education will be an optimal choice.

This is because online lessons empower the students to learn from the comfort of their homes. However, one needs to choose the correct website as it directly impacts the learning outcome.

For all those people, Oplison.de is an apt website that hosts multiple workshops. These workshops are available in group settings but are held online.

All the workshops are designed by different instructors that cater to the different needs of the students. This website enables music enthusiasts to get together and create music. The students with zero knowledge of playing handpan can learn musicianship skills with you as well.

All the workshops are held online via Zoom meetings. The students will receive the zoom meeting details through email. In addition, Oplison.de offers extra reading material as well.

This reading material helps students learn new techniques in theory and learn how to read music. Even more, there is a specialized reading material that helps students learn music theories.

For signing up for this workshop, it is essential to have a handpan. Also, you need an active internet connection on your device for a streamlined learning experience. As for the workshops, they are 60-minutes long.

Choosing The Best Handpan Lesson Online

Learning new skills is a refreshing experience and everyone should experience it once in their life. If you have a knack for music, a handpan will help you learn the basic rhythms and create melodies from scratch. Even more, you’ll learn how to create new patterns and design music paths.

If you’re ready to learn how to play handpan, we have added websites to learn handpan lessons online. All these websites are designed with top-notch quality and zero compromises on performance. So, all you need is a handpan and an internet connection to learn!


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