8 Websites To Learn Guzheng Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn guzheng lessons online

learn guzheng lessons online

The Chinese music industry has seen multiple changes, but the instruments are pretty similar and classic. One such musical instrument is guzheng, which has been around for more than 2,500 years.

The instrument is famous for deep yet vibrant sound, and if you want to make those tunes, online learning is an apt choice. Guzheng is an amazing instrument, and when you play glissandos on it, the passion for music will be revived.

Guzheng is very to easy to pick up because of optimized string tuning. The best thing is that you will be able to pluck and strum after one to two lessons. But hey, even if you damage the strings, they are pretty affordable, which is another reason to give this instrument a try.

On top of everything, guzheng empowers the musicians to create and express emotions with the music.

In some parts of the world, it is also named zheng which is the epitome of classic and modern music. So, if you want to learn how to play guzheng, online learning is an appropriate choice.

In this article, we have shared websites to learn guzheng lessons online. All the websites are promised to provide effective outcome and secure learning experience. So, let’s start with those tunes!

8 Websites To Learn Guzheng Lessons Online Review

1) LessonFace

lessonface learn guzheng lessons online

Guzheng is a classic Chinese instrument, which makes rich sounds. The tunes and melodies created by guzheng are pretty captivating. If you want to learn how to make those tunes, Lessonface.com will connect you to the ideal teacher.

The website has numerous instructors on board who are ready to teach this classic instrument. Lessonface.com conducts proper background research of teachers before signing them up.

All the teachers are experienced and licensed to teach online. However, some teachers also offer studio classes (students need to check that with them). Overall, the price ranges are designed to ensure that every music enthusiast can learn guzheng.

As far as the courses are concerned, all of them are well-integrated and ought to teach the essential skills. With Lessonface.com, students will be able to play the basic rims.

But if someone wants to achieve the pro level, Lessonface.com has experienced instructors on board. The website offers private message option, so students can get in touch with instructors to sort out the queries.

On top of everything, the website provides a counselor. The counselor will help students find a suitable instructor if they aren’t able to make the right choice.

2) SuperProf

superprof learn guzheng lessons online

Online learning can be fun (and beneficial) if you are serious about it. Besides being serious, choosing the right platform will significantly impact the learning experience. So, if you are interested in learning guzheng, Superprof.com is the go-to place.

This website is offering online guzheng lessons for Chinese music enthusiasts. Superprof.com liberalizes the students to learn from home whenever they want (no time restrictions).

There are four instructors for the guzheng course; all of them are experienced in their field. Superprof.com lets the students filter out the courses based on their skill level. The website offers courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.

Also, the website offers basic courses for kids as well. The website offers the first lesson for free (trial purposes). However, the users can consult with instructors for free before they sign up for the classes.

As far as the classes are concerned, they are held online through Zoom, Google Hangout, Discord, and Skype meetings to meet diverse students’ needs.

The instructors are readily available for students, clearing out their queries. Also, students can set their own timing for the lessons and ping the instructors about it.

3) Wyzant

wyzant learn guzheng lessons online

If you’ve been looking for online platforms for personalized courses, Wyzant.com is the right website for you. The website has more than 80,000 teachers on-board who are ready to share their experience and knowledge with you.

Also, the website allows the students to find guzheng lessons based on their skill level. The guzheng courses are available for beginners, intermediate, college, primary, and elementary students.

The website offers convenient and accessible one-to-one learning. The students can check the instructor's profile, per hour rates, and reviews to make the final decision.

The best thing about Wyzant.com is that there are no subscriptions or upfront payments. This means that you pay for the time you learn, no extra costs. Wyzant.com also has an iOS and Android app through which students can sign up for the class and access the lessons.

Also, students can chat with the instructor through the website. However, the private message option is available on the apps as well. Wyzant.com intends to provide control over the learning experience.

With this notion, students can learn online as well as in in-person settings. So, if you want effective results, Wyzant.com is your way to go!

4) iMusic-School

imusicschool learn guzheng lessons online

Learning to play guzheng has to be the most exciting experience with its plucked strings. But if you don’t want to join the studio classes, iMusic-School.com is the perfect online learning opportunity. The students can access guzheng courses based on their skillset. Also, the website offers online tuners, so you are playing on the optimized guzheng.

While learning music, sheet music plays an integral role in understanding music. So, students can access the sheet music on iMusic-School.com.

With this sheet music, they can easily learn how to read music. The website offers multiple pricing options. However, the website only offers monthly plans, but some of the courses are available with a discount.

Once you sign up, the website offers unlimited access to music lessons, sheet music, and playback tracks. There are six payment methods available, so everyone can sign up without worrying about the payments. On top of everything, iMusic-School.com has an app for easy access to everything.

iMusic-School.com offers its guzheng courses in four different languages and subtitles. This language diversity will enhance the learning opportunities for everyone out there. So, sign up for guzheng lessons, and you won’t regret it!

5) QingGuzheng

qingguzheng learn guzheng lessons online

If you want to learn guzheng with effective outcomes, QingGuzheng.com is your way to go. This website has everything a student can be looking for because there are multiple lessons available.

There are one-to-one lessons through which students can attend the lessons online. Also, there are online classes through which students can learn from the comfort of their homes.

For online lessons, you only need a device with an active webcam and microphone (and obviously guzheng) to become a pro. The best thing about this website is that there are trial lessons.

These trial lessons are perfect for complete beginners to learn the basics, and intermediate players can learn new skills. Also, there are regular practice sessions through which students can access their progress.

Once you sign up on QingGuzheng.com, you’ll earn a gift voucher. The gift voucher can be redeemed to pay for the advanced guzheng lessons.

The students are empowered to choose the length of courses and lessons that suits their schedule. All the lessons are provided by Qing, who has more than 13 years of experience in teaching guzheng.

QingGuzheng.com has an indicative progressions timeline that helps students learn about their current skills. Also, they can access the time it requires to harness a certain skill level!

6) ChineseZither

chinesezither learn guzheng lessons online

Guzheng is the Chinese musical instrument with plucked strings, and it belongs to the Zither family. So, if you want to learn those tunes, ChineseZither.net sounds to be an apt choice.

The website has been offering guzheng lessons since 2005, which speaks volumes about the experience and authenticity. The website intends to promote guzheng that clearly shows that they are serious about teaching.

In addition to online lessons, students can also access CDs, DVDs, and VCDs for offline learning. They have also designed textbooks for providing extra reading materials. These books will enhance the learning experience. However, students can order Chinese musical instruments as well. Also, the maintenance of the instruments is free.

ChineseZither.net offers free lessons through YouTube lessons as well (for students who need basic information). The website not only teaches how to play guzheng, but there are lessons through which students can learn how to tune and assemble the instrument.

There are regular deliveries for teaching equipment, but also, there are pickup options available as well. So, sign up for the courses and learn harmonics, tremolo, band bending, and broken chords and welcome the bright music career!

7) UniversityTutor

universitytutor learn guzheng lessons online

If you want professional learning but from the comfort of your own home, UniversityTutor.com is the right way to learn. This website has affordable and interactive guzheng lessons.

The learning experience is quite innovative yet traditional with this website. The website connects students with the instructors, so they can learn with a suitable teacher.

UniversityTutor.com has been offering guzheng and other online courses since 2004. The website has more than 129,000 instructors on board.

The students have the liberty to conduct background checks on instructors and check the reviews. This helps them choose a suitable instructor. UniversityTutor.com allows students to get in touch with instructors through email.

Also, if students need one-to-one lessons in person, they can set up the meeting with instructors. As far as the payments are concerned, students can pay via PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers as well. So, if you want to connect with an instructor that is experienced enough to teach you guzheng skills, this is the place to go.

UniversityTutor.com allows the students to start from scratch and become the pro. Be it the chords, strums, jigs, or hand bending; there are specialized instructors for everything!


lrngo learn guzheng lessons online

If you want to learn on the go, LRNGO.com is a suitable option out there. This website has free online lessons, and people from around the world (more than 192 countries) can connect with each other.

The students can connect with instructors and learn how to play guzheng online. In addition, some instructors offer in-person lectures as well. It is advised that students discuss the location with instructors through private messages.

LRNGO.com allows the students to sign up for free and make a profile. The best thing about this website is the exchange learning opportunity. With this exchange learning opportunity, you can teach/exchange the skills without paying each other.

The online sessions are held through Skype and Zoom. The students need to have a guzheng, laptop, or tablet with a webcam and microphone for online learning.

With this website, they intend to bring the social learning revolution. That’s because when people sit together, the learning experience is enhanced. The website can be accessed anytime from every corner of the world.

The lessons are available for free. Also, if students have some queries, the customer support is pretty robust. In addition, the website has a YouTube channel where basic guzheng videos are available.

Choosing The Best Guzheng Lesson Online

Guzheng is a very easy-to-use and easy-to-play musical instrument. The players can simply put guzheng in their lap and create their own tunes.

This Chinese musical instrument was first developed by Meng Tian back in 206 BC. Ever since then, this instrument has played an integral role in the Chinese and international music industry.


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