11 Websites to Learn Guitar Sweep Picking Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

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Guitar simply never ceases to amaze and there are tons and tons of playing styles, techniques and genre out there that are enough for the newbies to amaze. So, anyone who might be stepping in the world of guitar, will be learning about the basic playing techniques.

There are much more to it that makes it the right passion for the masters to learn all the different styles, techniques and genres to play them in an efficient manner. With abundance of these playing styles, new students might get a bit confused with what they need to learn and what course would be the optimal choice for their learning journey.

Guitar Sweep Picking is one such skill that is pretty much on the advanced level, and is certainly not easy to learn. Don’t let that dampen your hopes as it is not that difficult either and you just need to have the right path set for your learning and stick to it with the dedication to make it work for you.

Guitar Sweep Picking essentially entails a guitar playing technique, where guitarists essentially plays single notes on consecutive strings. It is known as Sweep picking due to the motion of pick is like a sweep and undoubtedly you need to do it fast.

So, if you want to learn the Sweep Picking technique on guitar and looking for a convenient method to learn it, here are some options that might help you.

11 Websites to Learn Guitar Sweep Picking Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

TrueFire.com is the perfect website for all your needs as it is not just an ordinary e-learning website but is driven by the passion and love for music and guitar. TrueFire.com offers a smoother path for all the students who are willing to learn, to get their hands on the right insight on the topic.

No matter what genre you might be preparing for, or want to learn. TrueFire.com will be the right place to start your learning journey with the guitar and make it count towards achieving those ultimate goals that you have always eyed for.

The best part about learning from TrueFire.com is that they have their curriculum divided into several different parts and you can choose what technique you want to start with.

Speaking of all that, there are some pretty impeccable lessons on Sweep Picking as well, making it a blessing for you to be learning from the TrueFire.com. You can learn all that you need to know about the accompaniment, solo playing, blues guitar, jazz sweep and tons of other important techniques, styles and genres.

All that will be ultimately helping you towards mastering the Guitar Sweep Picking and you will be able to confidently play it, no matter what sort of audience you might have to face.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

GuitarTricks.com would be the perfect website for such students who don’t want to be involved with lots of leg work and they want a smoother and more convenient way to learn playing guitar.

They claim to provide the Easiest system out there for online learning and it is pretty much true that their system is unmatched in terms of ease and comfort for the learners.

Basically, their curriculum is like a ready to eat pie, that you just need to start learning from, and all the resources and guidance that you can possibly need is provided for.

To top all that, they have arranged the curriculum as well based on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of courses on guitar so that you can have your pick according to the skill level you are at pretty easily.

There are hundreds of courses on the Sweep Picking listed on the website ranging from the beginner to advanced level, so you can start learning pretty easily. The website guarantees fastest results that you can also monitor through their Progress monitor tool.

Not only that, but you will also be getting access to tons of other useful resources such as an interactive guitar tuner to tune the guitar perfectly for sweep picking and a lot more.

3) Udemy

udemy learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

Udemy.com is the largest and oldest online platform for learning all sorts of skills, lessons, courses and genres and it requires no formal introduction.

It would be enough to say that there are millions of courses on thousands of subjects listed on the website and all you have to do is search for a random niche that might come to your mind to get your hands on some of the most interactive courses listed on Udemy.com

The best part is that not only you have the liberty to choose any course that you might like, but you will only have to pay for the course that you want to buy. This one-time payment will get you lifetime access to the course and all the contents that are associated with that specific course.

Similarly, nothing beyond expectations and there are several thousand courses listed on Udemy.com on Sweep Picking on the guitar. These courses range from various lengths including 2 hours to tens of hours and all you need to do is pick up the right course that you might think would be perfect for your learning journey. There is also a user rating on each course that will help you make an effective decision so you can choose the perfect course for you that you will be learning from.

4) JamPlay

jamplay learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

JamPlay.com is another cool website that is all about jamming and while other websites out there have a different teaching narrative and information delivery methods, they follow quite a unique approach towards learning.

JamPlay.com does not only offer you lessons and insights on how you can play the guitar, but will also help you with the play-along tracs, tons of other helpful stuff and to top it all, exercises to help you master the skill that you are learning on the website with the help of these lessons.

The best part is that a one-time subscription on the website will allow you unlimited access and you can continue learning multiple skills with the guitar on this website.

With all that being said, you must know that a skill like Sweep Picking on Guitar does not only need the right knowledge of scales and nodes, but you also need extensive practice to master the technique and that too correctly.

So, JamPlay.com would be the perfect thing for you if you are not a beginner with the guitar and are just looking to master the sweep picking technique to extend your performances to a whole new level.

5) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

GuitarMasterClass.net is one of the oldest websites around the internet that are specifically dedicated to teaching guitar. The website goes back several decades and it has been on the internet since the early days on the internet.

One good look on the interface will make you feel that no significant changes have been done to the website interface and it might be a little complicated to use for those who are not tech-savvy. Nevertheless, the content on the website and its value is out of question as they are packing some of the best possible courses around.

Moving forward, the website has thousands of courses on the Sweep picking guitar that you can choose from. Some of these courses go all the way back to 2000s so you have a better understanding about the early techniques and skills that were utilized to play the guitar in sweep picking motion and how it has grown to its current form.

Moreover, these courses can help you practice the sweeping motion on the guitar with right speed so that you won’t have to face any sorts of troubles later while performing in front of the audience and you are well prepared.

6) Bernth

bernth learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

Bernth.at is the website that doesn’t look like much but the interface is pretty sophisticated and gives out nice artistic vibes even on the first look of it. They are offering a Sweep Picking master class spanning over 10 weeks that will entail all the possible information that you can ever need to make it work for you.

Not only that, but the website will also help you with learning the basic guitar skills like holding it in the right posture, maintain the hand position and a lot more.

The Master Class for Sweep picking is all about the specific skill and it contains 40 instructional videos, 46 practice play along videos and an extensive course work book.

There are also lots and lots of other resources on the website that will allow you to get the right knowledge on the skill and make it work for you perfectly. You can also contact Bernth via email during the 10 weeks of coaching to ask for personal feedback and you will be shared the right guidance and feedback to have your skills improved.

7) FretHub

frethub learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

FretHub.com is another cool website that is all about guitar and the tunes that can be spread with the help of it. If you are looking to get the right pop, rock or metal skills then FretHub is the one and only choice for you.

This stands at the top not only due to the reason that these courses are perfectly designed, but the passion and devotion behind these lessons is the main reason that you should consider this website.

FretHub.com allows you to get the right insight on all the skills and will guide your passion towards the right direction so that you can make it work and play the guitar perfectly.

The website also has multiple lessons and courses listed online that are going to help you perfectly with playing the sweep picking guitar for several genres. With the website, you will not only be learning a general approach towards sweep picking technique on the guitar, but you will also learn to play it for all the popular genres out there including rock, pop and more.

Also, the website contains elaborative exercises for you to practice the skills according to these genres, and develop the right perfection that you will be needing to play the guitar.

8) Internet-Guitar-Lessons

internetguitarlessons learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

Internet-Guitar-Lessons.com is one of the free websites out there to learn about the guitar without paying a penny. There are relatively lesser video lessons and relevant stuff like that, but an abundance of resources can be found such as written material to grasp the right concepts, learn all the theories and more.

You will also be able to get your hands on some of the best practicing sheet music out there that will help you make it worth your while. So, all you are going to need if you want to learn from this website is a guitar, an internet connection and the dedication to learn and practice the guitar.

The website also has a forum where you can interact with other students and teachers and discuss any sort of problems that you might be facing while learning the guitar.

Not only that, but they are also sending out a newsletter each month with all the latest updates on guitar. You can find some free online lessons on Sweep Picking as well that contain hundreds of sheet music, play-along tracks and practicing tunes so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can learn Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, Slide and Metal on the website using Sweep Picking and play it according to your choice.

9) GuitarHacks

guitarhacks learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

GuitarHacks.com is one of the best websites out there that you can find to learn about playing the guitar. The thing is that they don’t only have a unique name that is Guitar Hacks, but their teaching method and the way at looking things is pretty non-conventional and untraditional.

That is why, the younger generation who have a thing for music is more attracted towards the website. They have a community portal as well that shows all the members and you can not only know more about them and interact with them in the right manner but you will also be able to share your experiences and learn from them.

Needless to say, there is a blog on the website to help you with any sorts of confusions that you might be facing with the guitar learning process. The Sweep Picking Course Is designed to facilitate the online learning perfectly and has the lessons classified in terms of days.

So, with each day, you will be learning something new and improving the skills. This will help you gradually grow the right techniques with guitar sweep picking and you will be able to learn it in the best possible way with the help of this website.

10) OnlineGuitarLessons

onlineguitarlessons learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

OnlineGuitarLessons.co.uk is the website that is offering not only the right concepts and knowledge on playing the guitar, but they have extensive insight on the right theories as well.

This way, you will be getting the in-depth understanding of how a guitar works and what you need to do to create those mesmerizing tunes over the instrument. Not only that, but the website also has several guides, tricks and techniques listed online that you can take benefit from to learn and achieve perfection over the guitar.

There is no extensive course on the sweep picking listed on the website, but an introductory course that is listed here might be just the thing that any beginner needs to get their hands on the right techniques and basic skills.

The course is not only about sweep picking, but it will help all those students who have a thing for guitar and they don’t want to settle for a single technique only. So, they can build the right foundation with guitar skills with the help of this website and make it work towards their goals as well.

11) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar sweep picking lessons online

Wyzant.com is another cool website that is all about e-learning. Well, Guitar Sweep Picking is not something that you can learn out of a textbook as you need to understand how to maintain the right posture, how you can keep the hand on the guitar, and move it perfectly.

So, the Wyzant.com is offering an untraditional approach towards e-learning that will help you get the perfect grasp over the guitar sweep picking techniques. Basically, there are no pre-recorded lessons and you can find tutors from all over the world listed on Wyzant.com that you can learn from the right tricks to play the guitar.

There are tens of tutors in different regions who can help you with Sweep Picking technique online and with Wyzant.com, you will not only be getting the best possible assistance and guidance towards learning the technique, but you will also save tons as you need to pay for the time that you will spend learning only.

Choosing The Best Guitar Sweep Picking Lessons Online

Sweep Picking is as important skill as it counts towards playing the guitar perfectly for all the different genres out there. So, one would naturally want to learn playing the guitar in right manner and with the help of these websites, you can get all the resources, guidance and lessons that you can need to master the Sweep Picking Technique on a guitar.

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