6 Websites To Learn Guitar Slapping Techniques Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn guitar slapping techniques lessons online

learn guitar slapping techniques lessons online

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When it concerns the musical instruments, guitar has become immensely famous. That’s to say because everyone loves to strum those strings. Likewise, guitar has various techniques and slapping is one of them.

The slapping technique with guitar is responsible for developing the percussive sounds and is a common technique to be used with bass and double-bass guitars. With the slapping technique, the knuckle’s edge is struck against the fretboard.

Usually, the users tend to use thumbs but some people also use index finger or hand for implementing this technique. There are various techniques and forms of slapping but some of them are for recreational purposes only. The slapping technique was first developed in the 1920s and became an active part of jazz and rock music. However, it is now used in disco and funk music as well. On the other hand, fingerstyle guitarists are adopting the slapping techniques as well!

With this being said, if you are interested in learning the guitar slapping techniques, choosing the right platform will directly influence the overall musicianship skills and playability. For tis purpose, we have shaped this article and have added the websites to learn guitar slapping techniques online (free and paid) that helps every guitarist learn their favorite techniques!

6 Websites To Learn Guitar Slapping Techniques Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar slapping techniques lessons online

TrueFire.com is one of the most famous and effective online learning platforms for everyone who is fond of music and want to improve the musicianship skills. Similarly, TrueFire.com can be used to learn the guitar slapping techniques.

There are approximately eight courses available on the platform that helps learn the slapping techniques. All the courses on this platform are designed with an in-depth approach. As a result, the guitarists will be able to establish effective learning.

TrueFire.com has various learning paths available that helps the guitarists learn new slapping techniques, as per their needs. There is a personalized recommendation section on this website that empowers the students to access video lessons and courses that meet their needs.

Every course comes with the star rating, making it easier for guitarists to assess the quality of the course. Also, there is a separate information section with each video and course.

The availability of a well-designed YouTube channel is a huge plus because beginners will be able to access the free videos. Conversely, these free videos are apt for learning the basic techniques.

Also, the smartphone app for iOS and Android offers an easy-to-access learning podium. As a result, the guitarists will be able to learn slapping techniques on the mobile phone. Lastly, there is a robust chat support for guitarists who need assistance!

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar slapping techniques lessons online

Learning guitar techniques can be hard if you don’t opt for the right learning platform. For the most part, GuitarTricks.com will suffice the guitar learning. In particular, they have a huge range of guitar slapping techniques to meet various skill needs of guitarists.

They have designed around one-hundred slapping technique lesson and courses that address different guitarists at a time. The video lessons on GuitarTricks.com are well-explained and elaborated.

GuitarTricks.com has added the slapping technique lessons for different guitar categories, such as rock, acoustic, classical, jazz, country, and more. Once you’ve learned all the techniques, you can earn gift certificates that promise learning proof.

GuitarTricks.com has designed a well-picturized guitar chord chart that’s beneficial for learning how different chords will impact the sound. Even more, there is a tips section that helps improve the musicianship skills.

With the best songs section, the guitarists will learn how slapping techniques can be implemented on real-time tracks. To be honest, GuitarTricks.com has an easy learning system since it has a chapter system. As a result, learners can focus on one aspect at a time.

In addition, there is a forum available for people who like to interact with fellows (it can be beneficial for clearing the lessons-related confusions). All in all, GuitarTricks.com offers the in-depth and easy learning experience.

3) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar slapping techniques lessons online

Everyone loves guitar but not everyone can master the associated skills. So, if you are interested in learning the guitar slapping techniques, GuitarMasterClass.net has got everyone covered.

To begin with, there are around ten guitar slapping techniques that empowers the guitarists to focus on different steps and techniques at a time. In addition, all the instruction videos and courses are designed while focusing on the details. As a result, mastering the guitar slapping techniques will be easier.

Searching for the right lesson and course will become easier with GuitarMasterClass.net. For instance, the guitarists can choose the course based on the difficulty level, i.e., from 1 to 10. Even more, the guitarists can look up for guitar slapping course, as per the instructor.

The courses can be chosen according to the music category and lesson type. GuitarMasterClass.net is an apt choice for people who are always busy since they can “listen” to the instructions with spoken video feature.

GuitarMasterClass.net has a YouTube channel available that’s optimal for accessing the free lessons. In addition, the free lessons are apt for learning the basic concepts and fundamentals. Also, they have a well-designed forum through which guitarists can connect with fellows and improve the guitar and musicianship skills. Last but not least, the scale generator is apt for learning the technical aspects of guitar.

4) CyberFret

cyberfret learn guitar slapping techniques lessons online

If you are a guitarist and has been trying to improve the slapping skills, we are pretty sure you had struggle choosing the right learning platform. However, CyberFret.com is a well-integrated learning platform.

That’s to say, because CyberFret.com has added various video lessons for guitarists, and they are available for free. In addition to the video lessons, they have groove tablature available for guitarists who need to focus on the in-depth techniques.

CyberFret.com will focus on various slapping techniques, such as slap, pop, and ghost notes. On top of everything, there are MP3 jam tracks that can be downloaded that helps guitarists build the practical and real-time techniques.

Even more, the guitarists will learn how to implement slapping techniques on the songs. Also, the music stand printouts are available on CyberFret.com and they can be downloaded as well for improving the guitar skills and techniques.

CyberFret.co has strum pattern sheet available that empowers the guitarists to learn how strings are strummed with slapping. Above all, they have a well-curated YouTube channel that is regularly updated.

The videos on YouTube channel are suitable for amateur guitarists who are trying to build their concepts. Also, the membership is available that empowers the learners to access as many courses as they want without extra payment. Lastly, the guitar tools will help develop technical knowledge about the guitar.

5) OnlineBassCourses

onlinebasscourses learn guitar slapping techniques lessons online

Online learning can be difficult but choosing the right learning podium will positively influence the learning outcome. Similarly, OnlineBassCourses.com is a perfect choice for every guitarist who wants to learn the slapping techniques.

There is a YouTube channel designed by experts that helps beginners to improve the basic concepts and fundamentals. Even more, they regularly update the channel to ensure guitarists can learn the latest techniques.

The lessons on OnlineBassCourses.com are designed with a transcript. The transcript comes with theoretical information from the video. Also, the transcript can be downloaded in the PDF form. Even more, there is an additional eBook available on OnlineBassCourses.com that helps guitarists focus on the music theory.

The eBook can be accessed for free by signing up with the email address on the website. Also, by signing up, one can get latest tips and lessons right in the inbox.

OnlineBassCourses.com is suitable for learning the beginner as well as advanced techniques. Above all, the beginner lessons are available for free on the YouTube channel. On top of everything, the guitarists can learn the theory, bass lines, and bass gear from this website. Last but not least, the guitarists can access the bass guitar resource book for learning in-depth slapping techniques.

6) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar slapping techniques lessons online

To begin with, the guitarists are always looking for the right course to learn slapping techniques with. However, choosing the right instructor should be your priority since it can directly influence the learning outcome. With Wyzant.com, the learners can get in touch with the instructors and get the lessons customized as per their needs.

Wyzant.com has more than three-thousand tutors available, which means there is always an instructor for you. The guitarists can choose the instructor based on the hourly rates.

In addition, the availability of instructors can be checked beforehand, so there are no clashes in the timetable. All the instructors on Wyzant.com are approved after extensive background checks, so secure learning.

Wyzant.com add the star rating with every instructor profile, so one can check if instructor is worthy. Along with online sessions, some instructors might offer in-person sessions but you will need to check the availability with the instructor. Also, the Instant Book is an optimal feature for students who don’t have time to go through the profile. With this feature, Wyzant.com will connect you to the suitable instructor.

Choosing The Best Guitar Slapping Techniques Lesson Online

Guitar has to be the ultimate musical instrument for everyone who likes to struck the strings. Similarly, if you are a guitarist interested in developing percussive sounds, slapping techniques are essential to learn. With this article, we tried to add various websites through which guitarists can improve the slapping techniques and musicianship skills in general!

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