15 Websites To Learn Guitar Scale And Modes Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

We have all wanted to learn how to play guitars at some point in our lives. Not only playing a guitar can help you lead a healthy lifestyle, but you it can also act as a passionate hobby for you.

However, most people think that learning guitar is a very difficult and time-consuming task. But that is completely wrong, as learning how to play a guitar isn’t all that hard. On the topic of learning guitar, you may have heard the words scale and modes in a guitar.

If you don’t have much idea about what these things are, then don’t get dishearten. Even though these are one of the most essential things to learn while playing guitar, most complete beginners don’t know what these are. However, learning them is crucial if you want to be a good guitar player.

This is why today; we will be helping you by mentioning some of the websites that have the best possible courses for learning guitar scale and modes. We will be thoroughly explaining each website mentioned in this list, and telling you what makes it so great for learning guitar scale and modes lessons online.

15 Websites To Learn Guitar Scale And Modes Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

TrueFire is a fantastic website to learn guitar lessons. They offer lessons that are very easy to learn. All of the lessons are fun and interactive, as well as affordable. Each lesson can be learned at the user’s own pace. Also, you are free to use any device to learn these lessons.

Apart from their website, you can also download their app. The app can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Roku. Their video guitar courses can be viewed in most platforms. Through these videos, you can both learn and practice.

Each course is taught by top educators from all over the world. Every course is also recorded in full HD 1080p resolution to avoid any quality issues. Whilst learning a particular course, you will also be able to keep full track of your progress.

They have a wide variety of courses that cover guitar scale and modes. Every course has specific instructions that are taught in a very easy and simple manner to ensure every student is able to learn.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

GuitarTricks is a great website dedicated to teaching guitar lessons online. As a result, they have tons of lessons readily available for their users. Each one of these lessons are taught by extremely professional guitar players and teachers.

Their courses have won various awards from different sources. They teach you how to play a guitar in a way that is both quick to learn, and also fun. The courses are divided into multiple sections, making it easier for the user to be able to learn.

Most of the courses enlisted in the website will also teach you how to play your favorite songs on a guitar. This way, you will be able to stay motivated while you learn the true art of playing a guitar.

Lastly, the website features more than enough courses that teaches about scales and modes in a guitar. Every course also has a difficulty level which should further help you be able to choose a course according to your level of knowledge about guitars.

3) Udemy

udemy learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

Udemy is one of the best websites to learn courses not only about guitar, but about pretty much everything. It is by far one of the most popular websites for online learning. Students from all over the world use this powerful platform in order to learn what they came for.

The main reason behind the website’s popularity is that it features the biggest selection of courses. What’s even better is that the courses are updated, and more of them are added in a regular basis. It does not matter what you want to learn, as Udemy will grant you the opportunity of pursuing your passion.

Apart from the huge quantity of courses, each course is taught by some of the best instructors in the whole world. They have courses ranging from complete beginners to master level.

You will find a huge catalogue of guitar courses in this website. Specific courses that only cover scales and modes are also available on the website. If you’re a complete beginner who does not know anything about playing guitars, you can also pick the complete beginner course for playing a guitar.

4) Coursera

coursera learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

Coursera is another great learning platform for online courses. It features a wide variety of courses that cover all kinds of topics. Most of their courses also feature certificates and degrees which are achievable after completion of the course.

Some courses listed in this website come directly from one of the best universities in the whole world. Through the many courses that Coursera has to offer, you will be able to build new skills, or improve on existing skills.

This website also gives you the ability of on-demand video lectures from instructors coming from leading universities and companies. However, it is completely up to you on what course you decide to choose.

You will be able to find a complete course for guitar scales, modes, and chords. The lesson covers all the things you need to know for becoming a great guitarist. Starting from only the basics, the course will take all of your existing guitar knowledge directly onto the next level.

5) SkillShare

skillshare learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

Just as the name of the website suggests, SkillShare is a powerful learning platform that lets users be able to share their skillset with others. Through a huge catalogue of courses, users are able to develop and improve new and creative skills.

Using SkillShare, users are allowed to watch different courses that let them learn new skills, along with letting users be able to create courses for other. So, even if you didn’t come with the intention of learning, SkillShare will let you teach others about the skills that you are good at.

The teachers at SkillShare are real life instructors that are incredibly professional and passionate about what they teach you. What’s even better is that you can effectively learn from any of them while being remotely anywhere. You are free to take classes from their website using desktop, or download their apps and take the courses on your phone.

There are tons of scales and modes lessons that can be learnt from SkillShare. Each one of them feature a capable instructor that will teach you starting from the very basics.

6) Berklee Online

berklee learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

Berklee is responsible for teaching online music lessons to students from all over the world. It is originally a college dedicated to teaching music to students. The biggest advantage of choosing Berklee as your learning platform is that you will be able to enlist in degree programs.

This means that after completing a course, you will be receiving a degree for the respect course from an international college of music! There are multiple certificates and courses for different musical instruments. These courses don’t even require an application, letting you enroll easily.

In order to get a graduate degree for an instrument, you will need to apply for that course and learn through real time courses. However, if you decide to choose graduate certificates, you won’t have any restrictions. Without any application, you wil be able to learn at your own pacing.

Berklee Online offers a complete 101 course for guitar scales as well. The course starts from the very fundamentals and will teach you everything from the start to the very end. Different topics are divided into multiple lessons, making it more accessible and easier to learn for you.

7) AndyGuitar

andyguitar learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

AndyGuitar is an interactive website that entirely focuses on teaching guitar lessons to users. It features courses that cover different aspects about the guitar. Both the website and the courses present in it are handled by Andrew Crwoley. He is a very professional guitar artist, as well as a really good instructor.

The benefit of choosing this is that you will be learning from an incredibly professional guitar artist from the very beginning till the end. This will help you get used to the teaching method of Andy. As he teaches you, you will start to get used to the way he teaches different aspects about the guitar.

No matter which guitar course you pick from this website, you will develop an easier pattern for learning these courses. It is also worth mentioning that Andy teaches all the popular guitar techniques and methods that you will need to learn in order to truly master the art of playing this instrument.

The guitar scale course enlisted in AndyGuitar starts from teaching the 3 essentials of guitar scales. By learning these 3 essential guitar scale techniques, you will be able to self-improve your techniques afterward.

8) InfiniteGuitar

infiniteguitar learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

InfiniteGuitar features guitar courses taught by guitar artists and instructors from all over the world. They offer a big library of guitar courses that cover all the aspects of playing guitars. The aim of the website is to be able to provide users a learning platform where they can learn just how infinite guitar truly is, along with helping them master it.

The website offers passionate teachers that have inspired users from all around the globe to learn the art of guitar. InfiniteGuitar encourages even professional guitar players to learn their courses. Because according to them, no matter how good you are at playing a guitar, there will always be more to learn. They believe that there are limitless ways of playing a guitar.

Likewise, they offer a great deal of guitar scale and modes courses. Taught by different instructors, you are free to choose from any of these courses.

9) TheGuitarLesson

theguitarlesson learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

TheGuitarLesson is a website that is purely dedicated to teaching users how they can play a guitar. The website features courses that cover all the different types of guitars, along with the different ways on how you can effectively play a guitar.

Whether you want to learn how to play an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, they will offer you the right course for it. More importantly, even if you do already know how to play a guitar, the website has courses specifically designed to improve your skills even further.

You can also learn how to play popular songs using a guitar, which will help make learning easier and more fun. No matter what device you own, you can easily browse all of their video lessons, along with support forum in case you have something to ask.

Finally, if you only want to learn about the scales and modes of a guitar, this website has a course that covers everything on guitar scales from scratch.

10) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

GuitarMasterClass takes a unique approach to teaching you different guitar lessons through pre-recorded lesson videos. The website is fairly popular with guitar courses that cover all kinds of aspect and methods on how you can play the instrument.

One of the highlights of this website is that it is very accessible. Right off the bat, you are prompted to multiple guitar courses taught by different guitar artists. It also has a very powerful search engine where you can search for any particular course.

If you like a particular instructor, you can search for all the specific courses done by said instructors. There is also a dedicated forum in the website where users can ask each other all kinds of questions regarding anything about a guitar. Similarly, you can also share your knowledge and help others learn what they don’t know.

Similarly, there are a number of guitar artists that have courses for guitar scales and modes. Each instructor is highly competent and will teach you all the things you need to learn about guitar scales and modes.

11) JustinGuitar

justinguitar learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

JustinGuitar is an interactive website that offers multiple courses on methods of playing a guitar. Unlike most learning platforms, this website does things a bit differently. Apart from learning through courses, there are particular sections made only for teaching you about the essentials of guitar.

This website is especially for the users that consider themselves complete beginners and don’t know much about playing a guitar. Through this website, you will be able to browse different beginner guides that will bestow you with all the required knowledge of playing a guitar. So, even after you are done learning from the website, you will have a skill that you can self-improve on.

The website also doesn’t shy away from showing its user reviews as every user have had a pleasant time learning through here. You can either opt for learning guitar essentials, learning how to play particular songs, or learn complete guitar courses.

What makes this website one of the finest choices for learning guitar scales is that it has a dedicated course that covers all the essentials about guitar scales and modes.

12) CyberFret

cyberfret learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

CyberFret is a popular website where you can learn how to play a guitar in different and unique ways. It is a website that only covers lessons on guitars. As a result, you can expect high quality courses done by professional artists and instructors that are passionate to teach their skills to others.

One of the biggest benefits that this website offers you is that most of the courses are completely free of cost. There are multiple instances where users hesitate on buying a course just because the price seems high. However, you won’t have to worry about buying anything in this website.

Whether you are passionate about learning guitar, or want to learn it as a hobby, this website should provide you with some of the best online guitar courses. You can learn both short guitar lessons or complete courses. As the lessons are free, it shouldn’t anyone to try out any of their lessons.

Another reason why this website should be a very good way of learning guitar scales and modes is that it has both video and written instructions of each and every step. So, even if you think you have missed anything from the video, you can easily track it through the written instructions.

13) NationalGuitarAcademy

nationalguitaracademy learn-guitar scale and modes lessons online

NationalGuitarAcademy is a great website made with the purpose of giving users a platform where they can learn how to play a guitar. Hence, they offer free courses to all the users around the globe. They encourage every person passionate about learning the art of guitar to try out their courses.

Whether you want to learn some super basic stuff about playing a guitar, or want to learn something advanced, the website has courses for all of your needs. They also have a dedicated podcast, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page where they discuss things about guitar.

In order to get started on learning from this amazing platform, all you have to do is to enter your username along with a valid email. The website also promises to keep all of your private info secure at all times.

The guitar scales lesson is divided into 8 steps, allowing you to learn easily and effectively. In a step-by-step manner, you will be able to learn all the essentials about guitar scales.

14) TakeLessons

takelessons learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

TakeLessons is a popular learning platform where you can learn courses on different subjects. The website works on a subscription method. On a monthly payment basis, you will be able to get access to all of their best courses.

For those of you who are not so sure about paying such an amount without knowing much about the website, you don’t have to worry much. TakeLessons also gives you the opportunity of trying out their courses on a free 14-day trial. In these 14 days, you are free to try as many courses as you’d like.

Once you have found out that it’s indeed right for you, you can opt for the monthly subscription. Right after you have, you will be able to take live courses from some of the best instructors in the whole world.

However, there is also a free course that covers guitar scales. The course is incredibly detailed and teaches all the aspects of guitar scales in both pre-recorded video and written form.

15) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar scale and modes lessons online

Wyzant offers multiple ways of learning your favorite subjects. It gives you more accessibility on how you can approach your favorite courses. Through their smart engine, you can jump in straight to the courses that fit exactly according to your requirements.

Through this platform, you can find both pre-recorded courses, and live courses being done by professional instructors. What’s even more so amazing is that you are able to filter out the courses according to your schedule and skill level. It is a complete learning platform that features countless instructors that are willing to do their best to teach you what you want to learn.

Wyzant offers a whole bunch of instructors that are completely capable of teaching you about guitar scales and modes. Each course has a full description about what the overview of the course, along with the user rating. If you want to, you can filter out the courses even further by availability, hourly rate, or skill level.

Choosing The Best Guitar Scale And Modes Lesson Online

As already mentioned above, guitar scales and modes are some of the crucial things that you will need to learn in order to become a true guitar artist. We have compiled a whole list of websites that offer the best guitar scale and modes lessons for you.

Each one of these websites features competent teachers, along with some of the easiest methods of teaching. All you need to do is to choose from any one of them!


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