14 Websites to Learn Guitar Pentatonic Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

With guitar being the best and most popular instrument all over the world, there are different genres that it is being played for and we are seeing new styles each day to play guitar and that makes it even more interesting to learn.

Probably that is the reason for thousands of people being inclined towards learning the guitar and that number grows each day. While that makes it sound good and easy, it is not quite the case and many people tend to find it rather complex. Not to mention there are different playing style that makes it even harder to choose what style you ae going to learn, and how you can pursue it.

Guitar Pentatonic is one such style that includes 5 different tones and that is the main reason it is called pentatonic, a combination of Penta=5 and tones=tonic. So, you need to understand in a deeper manner to know what it takes to make these tones and the scales work for you.

There are 5 major tones and 5 minor tones involved, but the playing style is essentially the same, so it might not be as difficult as you might think it is. Given the right instructions, dedication and practice, one can easily learn how to use these guitar scales and tones.

One of the best ways to learn the right guitar pentatonic skills is online learning and there are several free and paid websites over the internet that are offering such lessons and courses. So, here is a brief account on all those websites for you to choose from.

14 Websites to Learn Guitar Pentatonic Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

TrueFire.com is one such website that has no match out there in terms of integrity, the passion and devotion that they have for guitar. The best par tis that it is free and the core motto of the website is to let the students find a way to channel their energies and motivation towards a productive and creative goal.

Learn the right style of guitar that would not only meet your playing style but you can also pursue a career in the field. The website has tens of courses listed online on Pentatonic that are going to help you gain the right knowledge, skills and edge of playing style and you will be able to get the best of it if you are able to find your way through the website.

The good thing is that they have a breakdown of their curriculum for you so if you are an existing guitar player and you are looking to expand your skills, you will find it quite useful.

The breakdown allows you to filter out the lessons and courses based on the core skills they have like Applied Theory, Alternate Tunings, and Accompaniment that will come in handy when you are practicing or playing for a performance.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

GuitarTricks.com is one of those useful websites that everyone who is looking to learn guitar or get their hands on some style that they want to learn will find a true treat to their learning expedition.

The website has a super-easy to navigate interface that makes it a right delight for even those who are not tech savvy and they just want to have a go on online learning. With GuitarTricks.com, learning the pentatonic guitar would be a blissful experience given that they claim to have the easiest system and fastest search results, thanks to their snappy website.

You also get a chance to use their progress tracking tool in addition to numerous other tools that you can find under the toolbox. To top it all, you get a dedicated news portal on the website so that you can stay up-to-date on all the new styles around the world and happenings that might concern guitars and you.

In addition to all these great features, you get multiple courses on the website that can help you learn the Pentatonic Guitar playing style. These guitar lessons range from the very beginner level and you can reach to the advanced levels easily. The website is rightly accessible with a nominal price for the Full access and that would be a wise investment for anyone looking to learn the Pentatonic Guitar.

3) Udemy

udemy learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

Udemy.com is one of the most liked and used e-learning websites around the globe, and they have impeccable reputation thanks to their extensively large library of courses on any possible niche and skills that you can possibly imagine.

The website allows you to choose from a wide range of courses on Pentatonic guitar playing style, making it the right choice for you to learn online.

The interesting factor is that you will only have to pay once for the course that you want to learn from and the website allows you unlimited access to all the lessons included in the course and other helping materials as well.

Among these thousands of courses listed on the Pentatonic guitar, you don’t have a single thing to be worried about as you are going to get a truly remarkable experience.

It is like a whole buffet of course choices for you that would let you enjoy a handpicked experience with the guitar pentatonic learning. Udemy would be the perfect choice for you to have, if you have a thing for online learning and you want to choose the same for Pentatonic Guitar as well.

4) SkillShare

skillshare learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

SkillShare.com is somehow similar to Udemy.com as it has a wide range of courses and the library is far too extensive to learn. They also have some great courses listed on Pentatonic Guitar as well that you are going to love learning from and acquire the right skills that you are going to need for practicing or playing the pentatonic guitar.

The best part is that you don’t have to buy each course, but a monthly subscription will do to get you access to all the courses listed on the website. SkillShare.com also have some free courses listed online including some on the pentatonic guitar that you can enjoy without paying the monthly subscription fee for the premium courses.

In addition to all that, you can rest assured that all these courses are crafted to facilitate the learning online for pentatonic guitar and you can have the advantage to go through all of these courses systematically or you can select from these courses based on the skills that you need to learn in order to reach the goal that you might have for your pentatonic guitar playing.

5) YourGuitarAcademy

yourguitaracademy learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

While there are multiple music schools and universities stepping in the world of online learning and offering their curriculum to be taught online, this one is quite unique.

Yourguitaracademy.com is backed by no such institute but a musical studio with enthusiasts who want to spread the art of guitar to everyone and make it possible for those who really want to learn get their hands on the right skills easily.

With the help of this website, you can get access to a dedicated shop with highly specialized and most recommended instruments and gear that will accompany you through the learning journey and you are going to love it.

Most importantly, the website allows you to exclusive E-books as a signup bonus and there are two different types of lessons being offered on the website on pentatonic guitar.

The course is named as Pentatonic Mastery and it is the best thing for anyone who is looking to start from the very beginning and reach all the way up to the expert level with the right mastery skills on the pentatonic tones of guitar that will make you love the website.

They are also offering online guitar tuition to those who might need some extensive attention and a more dedicated learning approach towards pentatonic guitar.

6) ActiveMelody

activemelody learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

ActiveMelody.com is another such website that is offering the learning services for all sorts of guitar lessons for free. The website offers a trial period as well and you are going to love that and their retention rate is sky high due to the quality of their learning material and the narrative that you can find on these courses.

The website might not look much and it looks like not much attention has been paid to the interface, but once you are logged in or just a tour of the website will make you feel that you are in the absolutely right place to learn the pentatonic guitar lessons.

The website is offering weekly lessons on pentatonic guitar and you can also take a tour of the website without much hassle that will let you get the right pick of the lessons that you need to learn from. The best part about this website is the forum that allows you to interact with other students and experienced guitarists to get the right insight on the equipment, instruments, gear and common problems.

7) AndyGuitar

andyguitar learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

If you are tired of the websites online that are offering pre-recorded cases form multiple sources and want something more dedicated and compassionate, then you need to get this website for sure.

Simply put, this is your one big chance to get the right details and hands on all the skills that you are going to need if you want to pursue your journey with the Pentatonic guitar. The website has several courses classified further into lessons that you can choose from to learn online and make it count towards the success in your guitar playing journey.

Not only that, but these courses will help you learn all that you need to know about minor and major scales, all the lead guitarist playing techniques and much more.

All the website lessons are compiled by Andy as the name might suggest and this is one of the very few websites that you can find online for guitar learning that have a dynamic interface that supports cross-platform compatibility and you can easily access the website and all its lessons on multiple devices like your phones, laptops, Tablets, TVs and more.

They also have a dedicated app to offer with multiple interactive tools that will make it a right choice for you to be learning from AndyGuitar.com

8) GuitarAndMusicInstitute

guitarandmusicinstitute learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

GuitarandMusicInstitute.com is one such website that is not something that you come across every day. The website has to offer a truly extensive range of courses, lessons and skills on the guitar that would make it a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to learn about guitar and how to play it.

There are dedicated pages on the website that include GTR songs, Podcasts, GM publications and a whole blog to satisfy the knowledge and skill cravings for those who want to learn playing guitar and make their way towards a smoother learning journey and come out on top.

The website is offering access to several different courses with video lessons and simulations that might be just the choice that you need to make if you are looking to learn guitar the right way.

All you need is to have a guitar that is tuned according to pentatonic playing style so that you can practice along with the guitar lessons and all the simulations and you are going to enjoy the learning process greatly.

9) JustinGuitar

justinguitar learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

The name of this website, JustGuitar.com tells the tale and there are seldom chances that you are going to find a website as dedicated and sophisticated like this one out there on the internet that you can use to enjoy a seamless learning experience.

The best part is that this website is absolutely free and you just have to sign up for free in order to get access to all the resources that are listed on this website.

They have named the webpages pretty interestingly and you can find a separate page with the right lessons, songs and knowledge base that you can use to increase your knowledge and skills with the pentatonic guitar and make it count towards the success.

The website also has interaction portal for you to make sure that you can talk to other similar students online and share the experiences to learn even better and you all can grow the pentatonic guitar playing skills together.

The website will also allow you access to some simulation tools and tuners that you can use to tune the guitars perfectly for the pentatonic guitar playing styles.

10) GuitarLessonWorld

guitarlessonworld learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

GuitarLessonWorld.com is another dedicated website to teach students playing the guitar that is a result of passion of a single guy, Patrick MacFarlane, the name is not unfamiliar to those who have a thing for modern guitar playing styles.

His reputation is far too good in the musical world as he has not been playing guitar for multiple performances, tracks and bands but he has gained significant experience in teaching guitar as well and you are going to enjoy the right edge of learning.

The passion of his has taken him to develop the website with the motto being learn, play, and inspire so you can get the idea.

Well, putting it to a brief intro wouldn’t be possible as this is one best shot for anyone to learn the pentatonic guitar from the legend that wouldn’t be possible otherwise if not for this website.

You get a chance to access all these cool lessons, exercises, block, books and resources on the website that will help you make your way to being a professional pentatonic guitar player in no time at all.

11) CountryGuitarOnline

countryguitaronline learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

Well, after the website name, an introduction is certainly not necessary as you can tell clearly that the website is all about the country guitar, and how once can play it for the specific genre.

But the interesting part is that Pentatonic guitar is played more than often for the country style music and that makes this website a subject of interest for any students who might be looking out for the ways to get the best possible online learning experience.

The website has a dedicated resources portal online that is going to help you greatly with supplementing the learning journey with the pentatonic guitar and you will simply love having it around.

The website also contains a forum where all the students can interact and discuss their learning experiences, findings over the course of their journey and grow together.

Needless to say, you get a complete breakdown of lessons included in the pentatonic guitar course for country music on the website that might be just the thing that you are going to need for learning how to play the Pentatonic guitar in the right manner.

12) GuitarTutorOnline

guitartutoronline learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

The idea of GuitarTutorOnline.com is somewhat different than the other learning websites that you can find online and instead of different courses that you can find and a variety of lessons.

The website is designed to feel like a real tutor that is online and follows a carefully structured curriculum to teach guitar to any beginner, intermediate or advanced level players and students to get their way around the guitar.

The website offers a wholesome experience across the learning journey so you won’t have to skim through hours of pre-recorded video lessons to learn how you can play guitar or skills needed to master the pentatonic guitar.

The website has a pretty decent and easy to navigate interface that would make it a right choice for any sorts of students and no matter what age you might be and the level of internet surfing skills that you might have.

You are going to love the experience on this website at a nominal membership fee that is going to be worth each penny being paid for given the level of training and information you get on this website.

13) AnyoneCanPlayGuitar

anyonecanplayguitar learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

AnyoneCanPlayGuitar.co.uk is a UK based website that is obviously you can see in the domain, but that makes you confident that you are going to get something that is beyond the ordinary level and you are going to love learning to play guitar from this website.

The website has several pages that allow you to go through the news going around in the guitar world, a contact page and of course the right lessons page where you can get all the necessary learning elements that you are going to need to learn the skills that you will be needing on your journey.

There is also a dedicated tab on the website allowing you to go through thousands of play-along songs and tracks that will help you practice guitar with the right musical instruments and lyrics and you can acquire the right skills by practicing with those songs and having fun at the same time.

You can also find a specific page for Gear and that allows you to not only learn about the latest guitars and other playing gear, but also discuss it with other students to find yourself the best match to your playing style.

14) GuitarCompass

guitarcompass learn guitar pentatonic lessons online

GuitarCompass.com is another great website that is offering an extensive learning process for the students including some great free and premium lessons to choose from.

The website allows you to create an account for free and you can choose if you want to go with the premium subscription or the free one. The best part is that no matter what you choose, the quality of content on the website remains all the same and you can enjoy a best learning method without going through much.

The website has certain great lessons and different parts on the Pentatonic Scales that you can use to learn that highly specific skill and you are not going to regret choosing this website for your learning journey. Despite the fact that interface on this website is pretty basic, the learning resources are surprisingly cool and it is the best thing to have.

Choosing The Best Guitar Pentatonic Lesson Online

Pentatonic Guitar scales are not that easy to master and you are going to need some time mastering them properly. That is why online learning would make a perfect choice for anyone to be learning such skills on the guitar. So, these websites are all the help you are going to need if you are looking to learn pentatonic guitar.


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