9 Websites To Learn Guitar Palm Muting Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn guitar palm muting lessons online

learn guitar palm muting lessons online

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Guitar has become probably the first choice for every musician who wants to focus on melodies and tunes. But again, there are various techniques involved with guitars and palm mute is one of them.

Palm muting is the process of keeping the strings away from vibrating. For instance, the guitarists can put their palm on the strings and mute the vibrations and tunes. So, now you know why it’s called palm muting.

Palm muting has three different keys, such as the sweet spot, plant firmness, and volume adjustment. The sweet spot tells how guitarists will mute the strings and the sweet spot is usually available in the centre.

Secondly, plant firmness is about planting the palm perfectly and firmly that leads to muting. With this technique, the guitarists can experiment with different firmness levels. Lastly, there is volume adjustment.

The guitarists can adjust the sound volume by focusing on the strength of strumming, be it hard or light. As a result, they can balance the palm by pressing the strings with different power levels. Palm muting is usually used in the metal and heavy rock music genres, but we wouldn’t mind calling it the universal technique.

So, if you want to learn, we have added the websites to learn guitar palm muting lessons online (free and paid) for every guitarist out there!

9 Websites To Learn Guitar Palm Muting Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar palm muting lessons online

Every guitarist who wants to learn the in-depth guitar techniques, TrueFire.com is the well-integrated platform. To begin with, there are more than three-hundred courses available solely for palm muting which makes it something available for every guitarist out there.

They have designed the YouTube channel for the beginners as it has basic techniques lined out. TrueFire.com has a smartphone app available for iOS and Android user with which video lessons can be accessed on the mobile phone.

They have robust chat support available on the website that helps students clear up the confusions clearly. TrueFire.com has designed various learning paths that help different guitarists improve their notes and volumes.

The live sessions on TrueFire.com are pretty famous, that helps students focus on learning tactics on a real-time basis. In addition, the live sessions will have instructors available, so students will focus on you and provide instant feedback.

Above all, the private lessons are available on TrueFire.com that are suitable for students who need to focus on specific techniques, and generic lessons aren’t teaching those techniques. Lastly, the personalized recommendations section on TrueFire.com will help guitarists choose the most suitable course for them.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar palm muting lessons online

Learning the guitar techniques and tricks can be difficult and frustrating but not if you choose the correct learning website. So, GuitarTricks.com will make the streamlined learning experience for every guitarist who wants to harness the palm muting techniques.

They have designed approximately fifty palm muting courses for guitarists, which makes something available for every skill level of the guitarists. The palm muting techniques are available for rock, pop, and metal guitar.

Along with the courses, GuitarTricks.com has a tips section that will help them focus on small things that positively influence the learning outcome. Once you complete the course, you can access and download the certificate as it helps build the resume.

To be honest, we are in love with the songs section as it helps guitarists learn the practical implementation of palm muting to the tracks. As a result, the guitarists will learn how strumming and notes can be optimized by variating the vibrations.

GuitarTricks.com has developed the core learning system with which module system is used. With the module system, guitarists will focus on one technique at a time. Lastly, they have a public feedback page from where you can check the authenticity of the course. All in all, GuitarTricks.com is an apt platform for the quick learning experience.

3) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar palm muting lessons online

Mastering the art of guitar might be your ultimate dream but focusing on the intricate techniques is equally important. Likewise, if guitarists want to learn the palm muting techniques, GuitarMasterClass.net has got them covered. There are almost ten in-depth courses available for guitarists who need to master the palm muting techniques. These ten courses are pretty sufficient because it can transform the beginners into pros.

GuitarMasterClass.net has a highly responsive forum that’s helpful for people who need to have their queries answered. On this forum, the instructors and students, both are available.

The courses on GuitarMasterClass.net has a difficulty level added that helps guitarists check if the course is right for them or not. Also, there are contents of the lessons available that’s suitable for preparatory purposes. Also, each course has feedback available for the real-time outcome.

GuitarMasterClass.net has a filter available that allows the guitarists to choose the correct course that suits the skill level. For instance, the difficulty level ranges from 1 to 10 that develops suitability for every guitarists’ skill.

Furthermore, the courses can be chosen based on the instructor, lesson type, and music category. Lastly, the learners can use the spoken video feature to “listen” to the techniques while conducting other tasks!

4) JustinGuitar

justinguitar learn guitar palm muting lessons online

The guitar might seem like a cup of tea but learning the right techniques is still important (and learning guitar techniques can be hard). So, if you are interested in palm muting lessons, JustinGuitar.com is the optimal podium.

With each lesson, there is a complete overview available that helps everyone depict if the specific lesson is suitable for their learning needs or not. There is a discussion section below every lesson that helps students clear the concepts.

JustinGuitar.com should be on your list for another reason; the paid courses’ money will go to donation as well. The website has curated the module system that promises the guitarists can focus on one technique at a time.

JustinGuitar.com has a difficulty scale, ranging from 1 to 9. As a result, courses palm muting lessons are available for every guitarist out there. In addition, the forums are available for people who need to clear up the confusions and interact with other fellows.

There are live streaming question and answer sessions for guitarists who have confusions since instructors will be there to offer feedback. Along with the palm muting and other musicianship skills, JustinGuitar.com has tools available, such as tempo calculators, ear trainers, and metronomes available!

5) CampFireGuitarStar

campfireguitarstar learn guitar palm muting lessons online

For every guitarist who wants to become the guitar star, CampfireGuitarStar.com is the best platform you can go with. So, if you want to learn the palm muting techniques and implement them on the guitar, they have curated an extensive range of courses and video lessons.

The courses on this website are suitable for various guitar categories, such as metal, acoustic, rock, and electric guitars. Along with the video lesson, there are theoretical instructions available if you cannot watch the video.

CampfireGuitarStar.com has usually paid lessons available, but the first five minutes of videos are available for free. To be honest, these five minutes will show if buying the course will be suitable or not.

Along with the generic videos, there are live video lessons through webcam, developing the real-time learning experience. Moreover, there are books available for guitarists who need to focus on the concepts and theories.

CampfireGuitarStar.com has a YouTube channel where free videos are available for beginners. That’s to say because free videos are suitable for learning the basic concepts.

Even more, the support email is amazing for learners who need answers to their queries regarding the courses. Lastly, the testimonial section is apt for determining if the course is suitable for learning palm muting or not!

6) HubGuitar

hubguitar learn guitar palm muting lessons online

Palm muting is the extensively used technique where guitarists can mute the strings but learning this technique can be pretty difficult. But again, HubGuitar.com is the optimal choice for every guitarist who needs to harness the palm muting techniques.

This is because this website defines the techniques, along with the video lessons. Even more, we are in love with the learning approach. For instance, HubGuitar.com has pictures available, along with the theoretical illustrations.

Moreover, they add the voice note with each illustration that helps understand the illustrations. What we love about HubGuitar.com is the diversity of the course. For instance, there are free lessons and courses available for the guitars.

On the other hand, the paid courses are available for the advanced courses. On top of everything, the students can opt for in-person lessons if they are residing in Boston. However, one-on-one private lessons are available on Skype, as well.

HubGuitar.com has additional tools, such as fretboard and blank guitar techniques that actually build in-depth knowledge. Even more, the guitarists can learn the music theory because it eventually helps build the techniques. Lastly, the YouTube channel is a great help for beginners who just want to build the basic concepts and fundamentals!

7) GuitarMasteryMethod

guitarmasterymethod learn guitar palm muting lessons online

The guitar might be your OG musical instrument, but learning guitar techniques can be pretty hard if you don’t choose the right learning platform. That’s to say because GuitarMasteryMethod.com is the ultimate platform for every guitarist.

The majority of palm muting lessons on this platform are available for free that’s pretty convenient. As a result, guitarists who are on a budget will have an easy learning experience if they are interested in palm muting.

GuitarMasteryMethod.com designs additional reference material and learning resources because it helps build the foundation. To begin with, the guitarists can download the learning material in PDF form and access them as they want.

GuitarMasteryMethod.com has designed an in-depth description which makes it suitable to assess if lessons are suitable for you or not. There are additional instructional videos available on YouTube channel for guitarists who cannot access the website.

The support feature on GuitarMasteryMethod.com is incredibly responsive, that means clearing the queries will be easier. Even more, the course section on this website and around twenty courses are available. There is a membership available for guitarists who need unlimited customer support and video lessons. Last but not least, the members will have four workshops monthly for real-time discussion.

8) HighPointMusic

highpointmusic learn guitar palm muting lessons online

If you want to learn the art of guitar, learning the palm muting techniques is equally important. For this purpose, you can choose HighPointMusic.com because they have an array of lessons designed.

The video lessons are available for different skills needs of the guitarists. On the other hand, there is a four-week beginner guitar course which is suitable to build the basic concepts. The students can also sign up with the email address and get the regular newsletter.

HighPointMusic.com offers one-on-one courses as well for guitarists because some people need private lessons. Along with the courses and instructional videos on this website, they also have a YouTube channel that’s suitable for accessing the basic and beginner videos.

In case of any questions or feedback, HighPointMusic.com has a comment section. In addition, they have a music blog that we suggest that you keep checking for better information regarding palm muting and other techniques.

HighPointMusic.com has a special donate section where learners can donate. Also, they can subscribe to the website for getting free lessons right into the inbox!

9) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar palm muting lessons online

First of all, choosing the right course might be easier but choosing the right instructor is even more important. This is because eventually, the instructors are going to teach the palm muting, right? So, you can choose Wyzant.com for getting in touch with the instructors. In the first place, Wyzant.com has four instructors available, specialized in palm muting.

Wyzant.com allows the students to choose the instructors, as per their day availability, so there are no scheduling clashes. Even more, the students can choose the instructors (male or female) whoever you are comfortable with. In addition to the online learning and online instructors, some instructors are available for in-person sessions as well.

The instructors on Wyzant.com can be chosen based on the students’ skill level. There are instructor profiles available on this website with the star ratings and per-hour rates, so students can choose accordingly. All in all, the smartphone app is a stealing factor since it allows the learners to get in touch with guitar instructors on your mobile phone!

Choosing The Best Guitar Palm Muting Lesson Online

Guitar has become one of the most popular musical instruments, and many people are learning the associated techniques. So, if you’ve been trying to learn guitar, we would suggest mastering the palm muting technique because it helps control the vibrations.

That’s why we added the websites to learn guitar palm muting lessons online (free and paid). Did you find the right learning platform?

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