16 Websites To Learn Guitar Improvisation Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn guitar improvisation lessons online

learn guitar improvisation lessons online

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The popularity of guitar is second to none in the modern musical world and there are no second thoughts about the fact that it is simply one of the most popular and played instrument around the globe.

Guitar today is being played for the most of the musical genres that one can think of including jazz, pop, rock, folk, country and a lot more. With that being said, guitar also has different playing styles, techniques, and different scales that make it a bit complexed to learn guitar and play it in the right manner. Not only that, but these scales and styles are something that you will find hard to master in the right manner.

While you can learn playing guitar simply in no time at all, but that is not about it. Mastering guitar and all its styles and techniques is quite a task that requires certain devotion, motivation, practical skills and more.

Guitar Improvisation might sound like improving your guitar playing skills, but it is in fact a technique that guitarists use to not start from the scratch but shifting the same patterns up and down the neck of guitar and starting playing some other scale that they might want.

This is not as simple as it sounds and precision is indeed the key for making it work. So, if you are looking to master guitar then improvisation is something that you must learn. There are quite a few websites that can help you learn guitar improvisation and they are listed below.

16 Websites To Learn Guitar Improvisation Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar improvisation lessons online

Truefire.com is unlike any other website on the internet as it allows you to have a better understanding of guitar.

Not only that, but the website is solely focused on giving you all the guidance and tools required that will enable you to be playing the guitar in right manner and you can make it count towards any sorts of plans that you might have for playing the guitar.

There are certain guitar improvisation lessons also listed on the website that can help you master those techniques to shift the scales and play with the scales of your choice.

With the help of this website, you are going to get access to all those lessons that you need to make sure you are not stopping anywhere and that you are able to pick the right tones without breaking the continuity of the scales you are playing.

So, this website will be the best thing for you to sign up for as it is totally free, and all you are going to need is sign up for a free account to learn from the website.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar improvisation lessons online

GuitarTricks.com is another website dedicated to teaching guitar to all the students out there with a slight difference. While the website is not free and you will be charged for a subscription on the website, it is worth each penny being paid for, as you are going to get a better learning experience with easy access to all the courses listed on the website.

They are offering you access to tens of courses on improvisation with lessons in a comprehensive narrative to make sure that you are not missing out on anything and you can learn the right skills that you intend to with the help of this website.

Moving forward, GuitarTricks.com does not only have the right interface and access to courses but you are also going to find several tools listed on the website including a progress monitoring tool and more that are going to help you with graphs, charts and tuning the guitar in right manner so that you can enjoy a seamless and better learning experience over the instrument.

The website also got a news tab that will allow you to stay up-to-date with the happenings around the globe.

3) MasterClass

masterclass learn guitar improvisation lessons online

MasterClass.com is the perfect representation of its name and you are not going to find a website with such high quality of online learning materials, courses compilation and such marvelous teachers easily over the internet.

They are true to their word and only choose highly skillful and experienced teachers to teach specific skills. If you prefer quality over the quantity and you want to learn the right skills of guitar improvisation from some of the right experts then this is the best choice that you can get.

With MasterClass.com, you can master the guitar improvisation with this carefully structured course module that is simply the perfect thing for you to have. The website offers a wide range of skills and techniques covered in this course that will take you from the very scratch to the right expertise level in terms of guitar improvisation that is not possible otherwise and you are simply going to love the experience that you will have over this website.

4) Udemy

udemy learn guitar improvisation lessons online

Udemy.com is one of the biggest names in the world of online learning and that too for good reasons. Their inventory of online courses is far too wide that is second to none and millions of courses on a diverse range of genres are listed on the website.

The best part is about their payment method and you can sign up on Udemy.com for free. You will only have to pay for the course that you will be learning from and one-time payment is going to get you an unlimited access to all the course resources listed on the website so that you can have the luxury of learning at your own leisure and make your own schedule that suits your needs best.

The website has thousands of courses listed on Guitar Improvisation ranging from beginner to expert level so you can grow your skills gradually and master the art of improvisation on your own terms.

The website allows you to choose from these courses based on the description, expertise level and your needs so that you can create your own curriculum and choose the courses only that you think will be helpful for you to make you reach the level that you have always wanted to.

5) SkillShare

skillshare learn guitar improvisation lessons online

SkillShare.com is the website that is a true haven for those who prefer online learning over other traditional learning mediums as they offer you tons of free courses that you can learn from without having to pay a single penny.

The website has millions of courses listed online on multiple skills, and niches that make the deal even sweeter. The best part is that their premium courses are also unlimited and with just a monthly subscription you can get access to all the premium learning courses that are listed on skillshare.com.

You can also continue courses on different genres and skills at the same time and that makes the best of your monthly subscription fee. In addition to all these cool features, there are tens of courses listed on the website that are going to help you greatly with guitar improvisation and the experience that you are going to get with this website to learn guitar improvisation is simply unmatched.

You can sign up for their monthly subscription and enjoy multiple guitar improvisation courses including so you can gain access to different narratives and perspectives regarding guitar improvisation and that will help you grow your skills significantly.

6) JamPlay

playjam learn guitar improvisation lessons online

JamPlay.com is another one of those guitaring websites that is free to use and you can find lots and lots of resources listed on the website to supplement your online learning journey and you are going to love what the website has to offer.

There are lessons, teachers and libraries tab on the website that will help you find what you are looking for pretty easily so you can start the guitar improvisation journey with a better and seamless experience and make all that count towards learning new skills. You can also subscribe for a membership to get access to premium content and right tools listed on the website.

They are also offering a great experience with online chat on the website and you will simply be enjoying learning as there is always someone there to help you find the right course and lesson that you might need.

You can also get assistance in terms of making a curriculum of your own choice for your learning journey to help you cover all the basic and expert level parts of guitar improvisation in no time at all.

7) Berklee

berklee learn guitar improvisation lessons online

Online.Berklee.edu is the right proof that traditional learning methods are not something to stick with and with the technological advancement all around us, we need to grow with our learning methods and techniques as well to make the best use of technology possible in all fields including education.

With the right backing of Berklee college, this website is simply the best and closest thing that you can get to a music degree, as not only the website is powered by them, but the curriculum is also carefully designed based on their proven methods to learn music and is refined to facilitate online learning experience.

With this course on the website, you are guaranteed to get the right edge of online learning and get a strong grasp over the concepts that you are going to need while mastering the Guitar Improvisation.

With all those conceptual understanding that you are going to find on the website in addition to practical exercises and play-along tracks, you will grow your skills over the guitar exponentially.

8) DimeOnline

dimeonline learn guitar improvisation lessons online

Dime-Online.org is powered by Detroit Institute of Musical Education, this is more of an educational website that allows you access to multiple online short courses that are crucial in raising awareness about musical education and gaining the right interest towards learning music.

Not only that, but these courses can also help greatly to those students who don’t require much attention and with the least help, they can gain all those skills.

This course on guitar improvisation is a right choice for anyone who don’t want to spend chunks on learning as the website is totally free for all these online learning courses.

You are going to learn all the skills and vocabulary with the help of this course that can supplement your guitar improvisation learning and allow you to raise accordingly with those skills. You can decide to continue with the Detroit Institute of Music or any other organization or online course after this foundation course on guitar improvisation.

9) TheGuitarSocial

theguitarsocial learn guitar improvisation lessons online

TheGutiarSocial.com is another such website that makes guitar learning possible for everyone with the right interaction with other people in the field. As the name tells the tale for this website, their learning methods are a bit more non-traditional as they are offering courses and lessons that are not from the teachers or highly experienced guitarists but those who are at the same level as yours.

This learning method allows students to understand such skills in the right narrative and vocabulary that is at their own level for a better level of understanding and perception.

The website also has several courses that you can choose from if you wish to and get the expert insight on guitar improvisation. They are hosting regular online workshops, events, and retreats that are just the right blessing for people who are looking forward to learn guitar and specified skills such as guitar improvisation online.

10) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar improvisation lessons online

GuitarMasterClass.net is a website that might not be easy to use for you if you are looking for something with an easy to navigate interface. However, the same cannot be said for the content listed on the website and that outruns many other online platforms in terms of narrative, understanding and the topics covered by them.

The website has tons of courses and lessons to offer for understanding and learning guitar and you are going to enjoy it truly if you don’t mind a bit of leg work and going through the website to find the right course.

There is also a search bar in the right column of the website that allows you to filter the content that is listed on GuitarMasterClass.net but it is a bit smaller and things could have been designed better.

Except that, this would be the perfect thing as thy have scale generator listed on the website as well and that too for free, that is going to make learning guitar improvisation pretty easy and smooth for you.

11) AndyGuitar

andyguitar learn guitar improvisation lessons online

AndyGuitar.co.uk is powered by Andy solely and he is a true legend in the modern guitar world. He has mastered almost all the possible styles and techniques of guitar that makes it a right choice for anyone to learn playing guitar from the legend and this is one such chance that you can get.

These lessons for guitar are all complied by him so you don’t have to deal with different narratives and you can have the right learning edge over this website.

There are different courses listed on the website including one on guitar improvisation as well for you to choose from. Not only that, but all these courses are further divided into several lessons to increase the comprehension and information delivery level.

The first lesson for each course is free and you can choose to unlock further lessons by paying for them.

12) LibertyParkMusic

libertyparkmusic learn guitar improvisation lessons online

LibertyParkMusic.com is the right website for you to choose if you like to have fine interface. Their interface is one of the best you can find out there when looking for some online music learning website and that makes the website navigation a whole lot easier for you. Not only that, but it also signifies their dedication towards the website and the whole experience gets more pleasant.

Speaking of the courses, they have multiple musical courses listed on the website including an extensive course on guitar improvisation that you can choose to learn. The course entails 25 lessons spanning over 4 hours of video that will allow you to master the guitar improvisation skill without going to much troubles.

The course might not be fit for absolute beginners but anyone with the intermediate level of skills with guitar improvisation and the basic knowledge can get this course to grow all the way up to being an expert with guitar improvisation.

13) GuitarCompass

guitarcompass learn guitar improvisation lessons online

GuitarCompass.com got a bit outdated interface but same cannot be said for their learning content. They got some pretty great content listed on every possible lesson that you can think of to play with a guitar and that makes them a right choice for those who would settle for nothing less than the best.

The website is offering both free and premium lessons so you can choose from them based on what your needs might be. There are different guitar improvisation courses that you can access on GuitarCompass.com including Blues Improvisation, Sugar Style Improvisation and more.

So, whatever genre that you might need to play or learn, you can find the right course listed here on the website and you can start learning right away. The search bar on the top will accommodate you with virtually any skill that you need to learn with the guitar including guitar improvisation.

14) CountryGuitarOnline

countryguitaronline learn guitar improvisation lessons online

Guitar has to do a lot with the country music and it is probably one of the main contributing factors that have made country music such popular.

CountryGuitarOnline.com is the right website that you need to be on if you are trying to learn playing guitar for the country music genre and you are unable to find something specific about it.

The website has a minimalistic and modern interface that makes looking for the right information much easier and you are not going to have any issues with the website even if you are not that tech-savvy.

Not only that, but the website also has certain courses on guitar improvisation including Blues guitar, country guitar and guitar scales improvisation that is going to help you learn those skills in the right manner.

There are also additional resources on the website to supplement your learning process in addition to a highly active forum where you can interact with other guitar students and player to stay updated with the guitar techniques and make them count towards learning guitar.

15) GuyubGuitarByDionJanapria

guyubgitarbydionjanapria learn guitar improvisation lessons online

The domain name might be too long, but the website has all the right resources that you are going to need playing guitar and all the right skills needed for learning guitar improvisation. Dion Janapria is a renowned name in the world of music and his impeccable skills over the guitar require no introduction.

With the help of this website, you can get a chance to learn from the legend his master techniques to play guitar and those skills required to master the art of improvisation over the guitar.

The website has tons of interesting video lessons with an easy-to-follow approach that even beginners can follow and practice along with these lessons to master the guitar improvisation over short periods.

16) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar improvisation lessons online

Wyzant.com is unlike any other online learning website as they are not following the traditional online education style of pre-recorded lessons and videos that are focused on a diverse range of students.

Instead, the website has a huge database of teachers from all over the world that can help you learn the right skill of your choice online or in person. The website allows you to search for the skill you want to learn, the time you are comfortable with, the learning module and more. This way, you will be able to find the teachers that meet your requirements and learn directly from them.

Since guitar improvisation is such a specific skill, it would be injustice to the art if you are not learning it in the right manner and with the right tutor, you can have undivert attention and a more focused and goal-oriented approach.

You can ask the questions in real time and practice along with the teachers to make sure you are learning all the right skills that you need to master guitar improvisation.

Choosing The Best Guitar Improvisation Lesson Online

Guitar Improvisation is something that needs lots of practice, as you need to understand all the tones, scales that you need to shift and how to maintain the continuity and rhythm. That is why, you need to be a bit more proactive and online learning is simply the best way to learn guitar improvisation skills.

All these websites can help you learn those skills, and you just have to choose between them based on what your plans and goals are for the future.

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