8 Websites To Learn Guitar Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

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The guitar might seem like the coolest musical instrument out there, but it comes with a fair share of complicated techniques. For instance, for every guitarist who wants smooth playability, hitting the right notes is important.

Similarly, the guitarists need to learn the hammer-ons and pull-offs that helps them slide the notes. Also, one needs to keep in mind that hammer-ons and pull-offs are incredibly common as it’s the prime way of producing sound from the fretboard.

In simpler words, this technique is helpful in strengthening the fingers and practice correctly. This technique is used in various guitar categories, such as blues, metal, and jazz, as it helps create long and connected notes.

In some cases, this technique is named Legato. If you have been following the guitarists like Steve Vai, he has been using hammer-ons and pull-offs for creating smooth and fast runs. On the other hand, Buddy Guy uses it for creating soulful connected lines.

With this being said, if you are a beginner or intermediate guitarist, learning hammer-ons and pull-offs will help improve the sounds. For that purpose, we have added websites to learn guitar hammer-ons and pull-offs lessons online (free and paid). So, let’s get learning!

8 Websites To Learn Guitar Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs Lessons Review

1) GuitarTricks

truefire learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

GuitarTricks.com is the website focused on teaching guitar and the associated techniques. Likewise, they have more than twenty courses ready to teach you the hammer-ons and pull-offs.

In addition to this technique, trill drills are available. The students have the liberty to learn this technique with various guitar categories, ranging from metal to rock and acoustic. At the end of the course, the students can earn the certificate since it adds to the portfolio.GuitarTricks.com has designed a well-integrated chord chart that helps focus on chords while playing the hammer-ons and pull-offs.

There is a song section on this website that helps learn how such techniques can be implemented on real songs. We are absolutely in favor of the core learning system since it divides the course into various sections. As a result, students can take the step-by-step approach towards learning and actually helps build the skills.

Above all, GuitarTricks.com helps focus on various strings and chords because that’s what makes hammer-ons and pull-offs. There is a special review section on GuitarTricks.com that lets everyone check if the courses are worth their time or not.

Each course on this website has a brief introduction that helps check the potential course outline. Also, the course objectives are extremely helpful in determining if the course will meet the learning needs of guitarists.

2) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

Mastering the art of guitar is not as easy as it seems since there are various techniques to learn before you can pluck the smooth notes. For this purpose, GuitarMasterClass.net is here with the hammer-ons and pull-offs courses.

They have designed an extremely useful filter that helps access the most suitable course. For instance, the courses can be chosen based on the instructors. Also, the special courses are available based on the music category and lesson type.

The best part is that hammer-ons and pull-offs courses are available for everyone, given the difficulty level ranging from one to ten. Also, the students have the power to learn guitar tricks on the go since there is a spoken video feature available.

They have curated the YouTube channel where new videos are uploaded regularly; the videos are suitable for beginners to build up the concepts and fundamental skills. Also, every course adds the difficulty level, so you can determine the worth for you.

When students click on the course, GuitarMasterClass.et will show the complete course outline and what can be learned from the course. Even more, they add exercises in courses, so one is actually learning the practical aspects of guitar.

In addition, feedback and reviews are added to each course, showing if the course is actually effective or not. In case of any queries, GuitarMasterClass.net has highly responsive Facebook and Instagram handles, so you can text them!

3) GuitarLessons

guitarlessons learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

What can be better than GuitarLessons.com when you want to sharpen your skills and strengthen the fingers with hammer-ons and pull-offs? That’s to say, because they have integrated the well-detailed courses and video lessons.

To begin with, there are various discounts available, so you can learn how to play guitar while saving some bucks. As for hammer-ons and pull-offs, they have developed an entire series with twelve lessons, promising effective outcomes.

In addition to the video lessons, GuitarLessons.com has designed the jam tracks that help implement the techniques on songs, promising practical learning experience. Also, there is sheet music available with students will learn how to read the notes and chords.

The sheet music is actually available in PDF form, so you can even download it on your device. With each lesson, there is a complete outline and transcript available, helping decipher the actual contents of the course.

GuitarLessons.com has designed the guitar starter kit for beginner guitarists, and it can be accessed by signing up with the email address. Also, they have an active YouTube channel where videos are available for guitarists who need to learn the basic techniques.

In case you have any questions, they have responsive email support available. Lastly, the courses are available in various guitar categories, such as blues, lead, and acoustic guitars.

4) Fender

fender learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

Whenever someone has to learn anything related to guitar, Fender.com is usually the first preference. That’s to say because they have a long list of courses available and all of them are well-elaborated.

With this being said, Fender.com has designed the hammer-ons and pull-offs lessons since it’s one of the essential guitar techniques to learn. All the lessons on this website have intricate and detailed pictures available that actually helps learn the techniques correctly.

With Fender.com, the users can sign up with the email address, and they send the new content straight to the email address; it’s pretty convenient. The best part about this website is that one can even buy the guitars and music accessories, such as basses, guitar amplifiers, and telecasters from this website.

As for learning, Fender.com has various discounts available. The student section on this website is extremely elaborated to offer all-rounded learning.

Fender.com has the tuner app available that helps focus on the practical aspects of the implementation of hammer-ons and pull-offs. Moreover, it helps maintain the guitar for proper sound production.

With the availability of YouTube channel, the students can focus on building their concepts and basic techniques through free videos. On top of everything, Fender.com has separate smartphone apps for beginners, playing, and tuning that cater to various learning needs of the students.

5) CyberFret

cyberfret learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

For every guitarist who has been wondering about how they can learn the hammer-ons and pull-offs, CyberFret.com is the ultimate learning platform. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this website is the most well-designed platform that focuses on different guitar categories at once.

Every course on this website has a detailed overview and transcript available. Even more, there are illustrations available to help picture the guitar and how to implement various techniques.

Along with hammer-ons and pull-offs, one can learn the trills and note slurs with CyberFret.com. The best part is the availability of exercises that helps practice guitar techniques, building realistic techniques.

CyberFret.com has the strum pattern sheet available that actually plays a huge role in song playing. The pattern sheet has complete notations and directions illustrated. Also, the lessons and sheets can be downloaded from this website, promising convenient access.

In addition to the guitar techniques courses and lessons, CyberFret.com has tools available, such as ear trainer and chord finder, that positively impact the playability. They have a membership available for guitarists who need to access more than one course at a time.

All in all, there are guitar songs available that are quite helpful in learning the practical implementation of hammer-ons and pull-offs. The bottom line is that CyberFret.com is a reliable learning platform!

6) GuitarSecrets

guitarsecrets learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

Well, nothing about the guitar is a secret, but GuitarSecrets.com is the ultimate website for every guitarist who wants to learn the techniques. This website is designed to offer a well-rounded learning outcome since there are more than 150 lessons available.

When it concerns the hammer-ons and pull-offs, such courses will also teach bending and trills as they go hand-in-hand. There are pictures and illustrations available on GuitarSecrets.com that help focus better on the guitar.

The best thing about GuitarSecrets.com is that the entire videos are explained in theory, so they can even learning by reading if they aren’t comfortable with the videos.

As for the videos, they are designed to show examples on how hammer-ons and pull-offs can be implemented to the tracks. They have designed a YouTube channel as well that helps access the basic technique courses for free. In addition, there is a membership available at GuitarSecrets.com.

With the membership, the students will learn the theory, scales, progressions, and more. On top of everything, students can print down the lessons. Also, there are tablatures available for guitarists who need to focus on practical skills.

As for the payment, there are over five payment methods are available, so no one has to limit their learning path. Last but not least, video lessons can be accessed through Thumb Drive for easier accessibility.

7) FretDojo

fretdojo learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

Hammer-ons and pull-offs belong to the fretboards, which is why we are talking about FretDojo.com because it focuses on teaching in-depth skills. They have designed complete guides on hammer-ons and pull-offs that promises well-integrated learning outcome.

The guide comprises of multiple video lessons and episodes, so one can adopt the step-by-step learning approach. In simpler words, FretDojo.com is designed to teach the principles and techniques straightforwardly.

With each episode, there is an objective and summary part that helps everyone check what the episode will teach. The best thing about FretDojo.com is that students can download the essentials and exercises guide for free, promising effective learning.

In addition, these exercises can be accessed anytime or on any device. Again, there are illustrations available that are pretty helpful for beginners. In case of any issues, you can submit a comment, and FretDojo.com will resolve the issue.

FretDojo.com has an extensive range of free lessons available to meet the different needs of the guitarists. Also, they have a podcast available for students who like to learn remotely and while doing other chores.

In addition to a podcast channel, FretDojo.com has a smartphone app with which lesson episodes can be accessed on the mobile phone. Last but not least, they have a quick help section where students can file in complaints, if any, and get the solution.

8) GuitarPlayerWorld

guitarplayerworld learn guitar hammer ons pull offs lessons online

We saved the best for the last because GuitarPlayerWorld.com is the ultimate learning podium for every guitarist out there. To begin with, they have a well-curated lesson library that has something for everyone, be it the beginner guitarists or the intermediate ones.

The learning approach on this website is focused on students who need to learn the hammer-ons and pull-offs from scratch. They have videos available in the highest quality, so there are no blur parts.

Along with the video lessons, GuitarPlayerWorld.com designs the written instructions for people who want to practice on their own, without the videos. In addition, they have detailed illustrations and exercises available that help improves dexterity and strength.

Moreover, there are tricks and tips available for guitarists who struggle with boring content (we get you!). The students can also sign up for the eBook as it’s suitable for learning the theory.

When students sign up with GuitarPlayerWorld.com through email, they can get the latest lessons in the email box. On the other hand, there is a comment section for guitarists who need assistance or have queries regarding the lessons.

Choosing The Best Guitar Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs Lesson Online

The guitar is surely the favorite musical instrument, but it’s also the most difficult one to master. For instance, hammer-ons and pull-offs are essential for learning the chords and implement the notes. So, we added the websites to learn guitar hammer-ons and pull-offs lessons online to make sure every guitarist is following the correct playability approach!

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