10 Websites to Learn Guitar Chords and Progression Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

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Guitar is simply one of the most popular and most played instruments out there. It is one of the best instruments for any beginner who wants to step in the world of music and is looking for the right instrument that can help them grow their skills and make it count towards their success ultimately.

Guitar might seem simple, but it is not that easy to learn and there are far too many factors and different skills involved that one is going to require to be playing guitar.

While you look at it that way, and breakdown the key factors that might be playing an effective role with guitar playing, Guitar Chords and Progression is one of the most important skill that everyone who is looking to learn how to play guitar must master.

The thing is that it might not be convenient for most of the students out there to take actual classes in some music school or join some music studio as it might not only cost a lot more, but they would need to spare time regularly for the purpose.

So, online learning should be the best solution for all such students. There are tons of websites online that can help you with learning guitar chords and progression lessons online. A few of the best websites that you can choose from would be:

10 Websites to Learn Guitar Chords and Progression Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

Trufire.com is an online haven for guitarists or aspirants who are looking to learn guitar no matter what level of skills they are at. The website offers free learning for everyone including some great learning paths, courses, Jams, and Live lessons so that students can choose from the learning method that suits them best and continue with their journey to learn online.

Truefire.com is not totally free but there are some great lessons on chords and progression on guitar that you can learn from this website.

The curriculum is carefully designed to include accompaniment, Alternate tunings to learn all those chords and progressions, some arpeggios and Arranging as well. You are also going to learn about the applied theory for guitar chords and progressions that will allow you to have a better command over the skill.

You can practice it confidently to be prepared for any given performance or goal that you might have set for your learning journey.

Not only that, but you can also learn about the educators on the website to have a peek inside their lives and make it count towards not only developing a learning bond but to learn from their life journey in the field of music as well.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

GuitarTricks.com is another great website that is offering tons of courses on different guitar skills, playing styles and genres. The best part is that these courses are being offered for free and paid both so you can get a better learning experience according to the budget that you are looking for.

There are several hundreds of courses listed on the website on Guitar chords and progressions and most of the courses are for intermediate difficulty levels so you are not going to have any sort of difficulty while trying to learn from the website.

There are also some pretty exclusive perks such as a simple and easy to navigate website interface, introduction to the instructors and more. You can also get access to their toolbox on the website that includes simulations tools and stuff like that to aid you with your learning process so that you can excel the learning and make sure you are practicing the lessons in right manner.

3) Udemy

udemy learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

Udemy.com is undoubtedly the largest and one of the most famous websites all over the world for online learning and they are known for their extensively huge library of online courses.

The best part is that you don’t need any monthly subscription on the website and you just have to pay for the course that you want to learn from on Udemy.com. Once you have paid for a course, you get lifetime access to all the lessons and course contents so that you can create your own learning schedule and learn at the pace that you are comfortable with.

You can find thousands of courses on guitar chords and progressions listed on the website. It is literally a buffet of options to choose from and you can choose form these courses based on your needs, skill level, what goals you have set for yourself to learn guitar chords and progressions and a lot more.

You get a chance to skim through these courses to find the perfect course for you or create a multiple course-based curriculum to understand things better and make progress in your own personalized manner.

4) Coursera

coursera learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

Coursera.org is one of the most authentic online learning websites as they don’t allow any individual to list the courses on website. Instead, all the course that you can find on the website are designed by some institution.

The best thing is that these courses are designed specifically to facilitate distant and online learning programs and that is how you can enjoy getting a better learning experience without getting into any hassle.

The best perk that you get by learning from this website is that you don’t have to worry about the curriculum and you can have a peace of mind that the curriculum is designed by the right experts who have been playing and teaching guitar for years.

This course on Guitar Scales and Chord Progressions, listed on Coursera.org is offered by Berklee College of Music that requires no introduction and this might be a lifetime chance for some people to get their hands on a program that is being offered by Berklee.

Not only that, but the course is offering some great outcomes such as a shareable certificate upon completion and a tangible career in the world of music that is more than any other online course has to offer.

5) SkillShare

skillshare learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

SkillShare.com is another great online learning platform that offers learning for a wide range of genres including music. There are thousands of courses listed on the website that would make it a perfect choice for you and the best part is that they don’t only have premium courses but some great courses for free as well that you can use to learn any skill of your choice online.

SkillShare.com requires you to have a monthly subscription, but the advantage is that you can pursue multiple courses at a time on all the different genres that are available on the website.

There are some great courses on Guitar Chords and Progressions listed on SkillShare.com that will be just the thing that you need to learn the guitar lessons and make your efforts count towards getting a successful career in the world of music.

Their monthly subscription allows you to learn from multiple courses at the same time so that you can gain the expertise with Guitar Chords and Progressions with different narratives and teaching styles.

6) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

While students and even our team is not a big fan of the interface of GuitarMasterClass.net and it can be quite a task to find the right courses and information on the website, there are no doubts about the efficiency that this great website has to offer in terms of learning the guitar.

They are offering courses and lessons on all the major guitar genres and playing styles so that you can learn it the right way and make sure that you are making progress towards the right direction swiftly. Not only that, but the website is totally free to use and all the courses that are listed on this website can be accessed without any subscription.

However, you might need the subscription to keep your lessons organized and access some interesting tools like scale generator that is on the website and is going to help you greatly with learning the Guitar scales, chords and progressions lessons in no time at all. The website has necessary resources listed online to accompany your practice so that you can master those skills in the right manner.

7) Reed

reed learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

Reed.co.uk is unlike any other online learning platforms as this is not a website with some courses but they are also offering a job portal and free career advice to anyone who is willing to move forward in their careers. Not only that, but you can also find some great courses with the right employable skills listed on the website for a minimal price.

The best thing about learning from Reed.co.uk is that you will never have to worry about the quality as their courses are being offered by top British institutions and you also get a certificate of completion with each course that will help you greatly.

There are several courses listed on Guitar Chord and Progression lessons that can help you gain the skills that you are going to need for playing guitar solo, as a part of a band or any other performance and make a career out of it.

8) Lessons

lessons learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

While there are websites out there that are offering multiple courses from different teachers and organizations, Lessons.com has a different and pretty effective method for teaching the skills and they are creating these lessons on their own for a better learning experience for the students online.

With the help of Lessons.com, you can get access to multiple online lessons with the right learning edge and a comprehensive narrative that is easy to follow and understand.

You can find an extensive course with over 100 lessons on the guitar chords and progressions listed on lessons.com that is summarized over 15 extensive chapters. These include Chord types, Basic Guitar Chords, guitar Chord progression, A, B, C, and D chords and a lot more that is going to help all the students get the right learning experience and step up from beginner to advanced level really quick.

9) TheGuitarLesson

theguitarlesson learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

Theguitarlessons.com is a website that focuses more on the guitar techniques and theories. You are going to find lots and lots of text instructions and lessons on the website that are theory based so that you can get a better grasp over the contents and contextual part.

When you get your foundations strong, you can put that knowledge to practical usage and that would ensure that you are getting the best skills that you are going to need when you actually step in the practical world and start playing guitar for chords and progressions.

You also get simulations, images and video lessons on the website to aid your learning journey, but the cream of crop here are guitar tools that are simply amazing and you cannot find anything online to match the level of learning that this website has to offer and that too for free. You will need to subscribe, but that wouldn’t cost you anything at all.

10) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar chords and progression lessons online

Wyzant.com is one of the best online learning websites as all you can find on the internet are websites that are offering recorded lessons and stuff like that. Wyzant.com on the other hand allows you to search for the best online tutors that can help you learn any skill of your choice including guitars.

So, if you are at the absolute beginner level, or you are looking to make the switch and want to learn guitar chords and progression lessons, then Wyzant.com would be the best choice that you can get your hands on.

With Wyzant.com, you will be getting a chance to learn firsthand from some of the best teachers worldwide. They can help you with live sessions so that you can clear any doubts, ask any questions and practice along with them to have your mistakes pointed out and corrected in the real time.

Choosing The Best Guitar Chords And Progression Lesson Online:

Guitar Chords and Progressions may seem simple, but it is a skill that requires utmost devotion and the right practice to master. There are multiple ways that you can opt for to learn guitar chords and progressions and some of the best online websites are listed above for you to choose from according to your needs and goals.

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