14 Websites To Learn Guitar Chord Melody Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn guitar chord melody lessons online

learn guitar chord melody lessons online

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Guitar is being played not only for songs, bands and other orchestral music but Solo Guitar is a major part of guitar playing and there are multiple artists all over the world that are into solo guitar and guitar trio including guitar, bass and drum.

Such combination that includes a song with both melody and chords simultaneously is known as Guitar Chord Melody and is played mostly solo. It goes without saying that it is one of the best and most complex guitar skills and you need to have certain knowledge, and insight on playing the guitar. Of course, to master such skillful playing styles, you need to be perfect with the basic aspects of the guitar.

So, if you want to learn playing guitar chord melody, and you might be starting from scratch or to shift from any other genre of playing style of guitar, traditional guitar learning methods will not be the perfect fit for you and you need to take your learning experience to the next level.

Online learning comes in handy for such scenarios and allows you the right margin of time that you are going to need to be learning such skills. There are numerous websites available over the internet that are offering guitar lessons online that you can learn from the comfort of your home and at your own convenient schedule. So, a few of such websites that you can use to learn Guitar Chord Melody Lessons would be:

14 Websites To Learn Guitar Chord Melody Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar chord melody lessons online

TrueFire.com is not just an ordinary website that you can find online for learning, but it serves way more than that. The name of this website is enough to signify the passion of their team and that is put behind the design, development and collecting all the data on the website that is simply superb for learning and there are no matches to that.

The website is for guitar only and you can find specific tabs for courses, learning paths, Jams, Live training sessions and Educators that have their courses listed on the website for you to choose to learn the guitar. You can also get their private lessons if you are in a need of extensive training to get the right edge of any specific genre over the guitar.

Chord Melody Guitar course is also being offered on the TrueFire.com with all the compilation, and arrangement of lessons that will make it a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to learn Chord Melody guitar.

The website is simply perfect for all its worth and your one best bet at learning the Chord Melody Guitar arrangement without going through any hassle and with the authentic content that is not possible to find elsewhere.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar chord melody lessons online

GuitarTricks.com is another cool website that is simply offering the best lessons with a system they call the easiest system to learn online. Not to mention they are also claiming to have the fastest results among all the online learning platforms and that makes them a right choice to be considered by anyone who is simply looking to learn any possible genre over the guitar.

With all the multiple guitar playing styles, the website also have some pretty great tools with an interactive tool box that will help you tune your guitars effectively and you can make that count towards your learning, practicing and playing journey.

Moving forward, you are going to get some other cool features on the website including a progress monitor tool that will keep you updated with the progress you are making and you will have something to be motivated about.

The website has hundreds of courses listed for Chord Melody lessons, all ranging from some of the basic courses on the genre to some highly advanced courses so you can find a whole roadmap on this website to take you through the right skills that you are going to need to play Guitar Chord Melody for any sorts of songs.

3) Udemy

udemy learn guitar chord melody lessons online

The magnitude of Udemy.com in the world of online learning is second to none and so is their humongous library with millions and millions of courses listed on multiple genres worldwide.

Basically, whatever you can think of is listed on the website and you will be able to find thousands of courses listed on the genre that you might be looking for.

The website allows you a free account registration and one-time payment for each course gets you lifetime access to the course contents so you cannot only learn from that particular course whenever you need, but you can also come back and revise the course contents whenever you feel like it.

Udemy has got thousands of courses listed online on the Guitar Chord Melody lessons that are a perfect thing for anyone looking to learn online. The best thing about this website is that with such huge variety of courses, the learning experience is simply perfect and you can choose from a wide range of courses from beginner, intermediate and expert level.

You can also create your own curriculum by choosing multiple lessons and courses to develop the right proficiency over the Guitar Chord Melody Lessons.

4) Coursera

coursera learn guitar chord melody lessons online

Coursera.org is one of the best websites out there that are offering online learning, as this is not some online learning platform with random recorded courses, but they are offering a better experience, thanks to their interactive learning techniques that include some of the best courses online.

All the courses that are listed on Coursera.org are designed by some educational institute and they are being offered on the website so students. With that being said, you can expect some highly authentic learning courses with the right backing of the institute and that will make it certain that you can learn the right skills with a certificate of completion including Guitar Scales and Chords Progression.

The course listed on Couresera.org for Guitar Scales and Chord Progression is being offered by Berklee College of Music and that is enough to say about the efficiency and authenticity of the course.

With the course, you can get a shareable certificate and the course is fully online with flexible deadlines so that anyone can use the course material to learn about Guitar Chord Melody lessons.

It is an intermediate level course and you should have basic knowledge about playing guitar, chord progression and basic melodies over the guitar to make the best use of this course for your learning experience.

5) Berklee

berklee learn guitar chord melody lessons online

Online.Berklee.edu is the website powered by Berklee College of Music and there are certain courses on the website that will make it the best call for you to learn music online.

The website does not only have the perfect interface for you to learn from, but they are also offering online degree and certification programs that might be the perfect choice for those who are looking to peruse a carrier in the field of music.

You must understand that the website is all about authentic musical education and that might not be an easy task for someone who is limited on the resources or might be going through issues with geographical boundaries.

However, the course listed on Online.Berklee.edu on Guitar Chords is Guitar Chords 201: Chord Melody and Inversions. The course is just the best thing that one can have to get their hands on something authentic and viable for the online learning. The course is for 3-Credit hours and based on semester system.

With this course, you can have the right advantage of getting a perfect sense of concepts and theory that you can later on put towards practical usage and make it worth your while when you are practicing Guitar Chords Melody or even performing at some place.

6) MikesMasterClasses

mikesmasterclass learn guitar chord melody lessons online

Mike’s Master Class is another cool website that can help you learn virtually any course or skill that you might want to learn with the guitar. This website interface is perfectly designed to facilitate different sorts of learning patterns and you can easily navigate through the website while looking for the course of your choice that you will need to be learning from the website.

The best thing about learning from Mike’s Master Class is that all the courses that are listed on the website are crafted by top level guitarists and are polished to perfection over their years of expertise and experience with playing and teaching the guitar.

The website is a haven for perfectionists who would like to get their hands on the guitar and are looking to learn something that is truly amazing. The course listed on the website for Chord Melody is designed by Steve Herberman who is known for his melodic endeavors over the guitar and you are going to love everything about this course from beginning to the end.

This is one of the very few complete courses on Guitar Chords Melody that will help you pick it up from the very scratch and you can come out at top as one of the masters with these skills.

7) JazzGuitarLessons

jazzguitarlessons learn guitar chord melody lessons online

Well, Guitar Chord Melody is one of the most important and significant skills in the world of jazz music and that is why this highly sophisticated website is the perfect thing for anyone to learn from if they are looking to learn guitar for jazz genre and want to play it for any sorts of solo or band music.

The website focuses courses on Jazz Guitar specifically and you are going to love learning from the website, given their dynamic interface on the website with right access to all the course contents that you are going to need.

Moving forward, the website also has a highly improved and you can call it one of the best Jazz Guitar chord melody crash course that will help you master all the magic that you need to learn with your fingers over the guitar in no time at all.

The crash course covers all the practical elements so you need to be acquainted with the theory in advance to make the best use of this course and learn from it in the right manner.

8) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar chord melody lessons online

GuitarMasterClass.net might not look much at the first glance and you might see it as some outdated website since the interface is not something that you can call user-friendly and that makes it a bit hard to navigate for those who are not tech-savvy.

Nevertheless, the website is simply superb in terms of learning material and all the courses that are listed online that will make it a right choice for you to learn from the website if you don’t mind the interface and you are focused towards learning aspects more.

This website is simply amazing with all the courses, and all the courses are divided into their certain genres and guitars so that you can access them all in the right manner.

The website also has scale generator on the top of the website that can help you tune the guitars and scales accordingly that will help you with your learning. Moreover, you can find hundreds of lessons on Guitar Chord Melody listed on GuitarMasterclass.net that will make it one of the right choices on the internet to learn from and you will be simply loving the experience that you will have.

With these courses, you can master different melodic chord progressions such as, Emotional Chord Melodies, Triads Melody, chord melody in different scales and a lot more.

9) ActiveMelody

activemelody learn guitar chord melody lessons online

While the name ActiveMelody.com might sound a bit diverse for music learners, the website is all about guitars and there are tons and tons of guitar lessons listed on the website that would make it a right choice for anyone to learn from.

The website is offering certain guitar lessons on arpeggios, Bluegrass, and more including Chord Melody on the Guitar from beginner to advanced levels. The website also offers weekly lessons on guitar that are from some top-level guitarists for additional insight to aid the guitar learning journey for everyone.

The website is all about guitar and you can find tens of courses listed on the website for major scale improvisation, guitar chord melody and similar skills.

All these courses are recently recorded keeping all the major revelations in mind and with that, you can have one true learning experience that is unmatched keeping all the latest additions in the world of guitar chord melody in perspective.

With the help of this website, you will never be looking at the guitar learning experience same way again.

10) InfiniteGuitar

infiniteguitar learn guitar chord melody lessons online

InfiniteGuitar.com is a dedicated website for guitar learning that has lessons and courses divided on the basis of styles, topics and levels making it easier for you to look for the right course or lessons that you might be looking for.

The website also has a dynamic and easy to navigate interface that makes it a right choice for people of all ages and skill levels to learn from and grow their skills over the guitar. You can find lessons library, instructors’ information and articles on the website to supplement your learning experience.

The website has several cool features to offer like thousands of video lessons, and some of the best instructors across the world. There are thousands of courses on the website about learning the guitar chords melody and that way, you can truly enjoy learning the guitar chords melody with the right course of your choice.

You can also filter from these courses based on the expertise level you are at to make it worth your while and to ensure that you start from the level where you need to be without wasting any time going through unnecessary lessons or simply skimming through the lesson videos looking for the right information that you actually need to be learning.

11) CyberFret

cyberfret learn guitar chord melody lessons online

Cyberfret.com is all that the name says and it is one free website that requires no payments or monthly subscriptions but a simple login that is absolutely free and you can make the best use of it given all the guitar lessons and courses that are listed on the website to make your learning journey much smoother and more seamless.

The website also has an interactive tab with the guitar tools to help you understand major and minor scales, chords nodes and more so that you can tune your guitar perfectly with the help of these simulations. The website is simply perfect and to add the right learning edge, they are also featuring an informative blog with regular updates on guitar.

There is a comprehensive course on the Cyberfret.com by Shawn Bradshaw that will help you learn Guitar Chords Melody with a deeper insight and you will not be able to help it but loving the skills and practical knowledge that is being shared on the course. With this course, you won’t need to look elsewhere as it can help you start from the very scratch and come out to the top without having to face any sorts of issues or problems at all.

12) GuitarAndMusicInstitute

guitarandmusicinstitute learn guitar chord melody lessons online

GuitarandMusicInstitute.com is simply one of the most extensive websites out there that are offering e-learning for the guitar. Their tabs have some of the best content including a regularly managed blog to share all the updates, insights and information about guitar with the website visitors and students.

You are also going to get a deeper insight on guitar with the help of podcasts and GMI publications. The website also offers GTR songs that you can play along to practice and make sure your skills are up to par with the guitar.

And lastly, the website is offering some highly specific courses with guitar skills including a comprehensive and elaborative course on Chord Melody Jazz Guitar that is specifically designed to master all there is about the Chord Melody and with the help of this course.

You will not only be learning through instructions on the video and practice songs, but you will also be getting access to the legend for chord diagrams that will help you understand the chord lessons even better.

13) TheGuitarLesson

theguitarlesson learn guitar chord melody lessons online

The Guitarlesson.com is another website that allows you free access to all the courses listed online so it might be the right choice for you if you are on a budget. The website has a catchy interface and there are different lessons on Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, basic lessons, fingerstyle guitar, strumming and chords.

Since you might be looking for the chord melody, this website is not the right choice if you want to understand the concepts since there are no instructions-based lessons here.

What you are going to find here on the website is some highly specific play-along songs and tracks to practice the chord melody so that you can get a better control on all the skills, chords and tunes that you need to perform for any audition, or concert.

This website will sever as an excellent supplementing partner for all sorts of learning over the chord melody on a guitar.

14) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar chord melody lessons online

Wyzant.com is one such website that has basically no lessons or courses listed, yet it is considered one of the most efficient online learning websites over the internet.

The main reason is that while they are not offering any pre-recorded lessons or courses, it is an extensive database of teachers from all over the world that you can filter out based on your needs and learn from the in real-time either online through video links or in-person.

There are tens of teachers listed on the website that can help you learn chord melody over the guitar with the right expertise. The best part is that all these teachers are highly experience over the chord melody on a guitar and you are going to have their undivert attention and more focused approach towards the goals that you have for your learning.

Choosing The Best Guitar Chord Melody Lesson Online

These are some of the websites over the internet that you can use to learn Guitar Chord Melody. While their teaching methods and styles might be different, the learning quality and material provided on these websites is simply best and this makes them a right choice for anyone to be learning from them.

You will need to look for the right website that suits your learning style and get all the help you need from this article.

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