14 Websites to Learn Grammar Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Grammar Lessons Online

Learn Grammar Lessons Online

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The English language is one of the more easy ones to learn due to its wide use all over the planet. There are some verbs and phrases that allow you to get a very good understanding of the language once you are able to learn them. Learning few words like it, you, me, they, okay etc. that are widely used in the English language can help you understand what people are referring to when they are talking even if you aren’t proficient with English.

However learning a few of these words cannot help you hold entire conversations with other people. Even if you are familiar with half the vocabulary of an entire language, there is no point in it if you haven’t got a clue about the grammar of said language.

It is impossible to properly communicate with someone in any language unless you are properly familiar with that language’s grammar. However grammar isn’t an easy thing to learn in any language, which is why there are so many lessons online that are solely meant to teach you grammar.

14 Websites to Learn Grammar Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

udemy-learn grammar lessons online

There are over 1860 lessons that you can take on Udemy if you are looking to improve your grammar in any language. They have hundreds of different lessons that focus on English grammar while also having grammar lessons for other languages like French, German and more. A very big majority of these lessons will focus on grammar for complete beginners, teaching students about grammar up to A1 and A2 levels when it comes to the CEFR scale.

A good thing about a lot of these lessons are the activities and exercises that they offer you in order to improve your grammar. These activities can sometimes offer themselves in the form of downloadable files that include tests and revisions that you can take to improve your grammar while also being able to see how much the lessons you’ve been taking have helped you so far.

Some courses will offer a more advanced approach, making you grow from an A1 in grammar to a C2 level student. Udemy also offers money back guarantees if you aren’t satisfied.

2) Coursera

Coursera learn grammar lessons online

On Coursera, you will find just a little short of 150 grammar lessons available. These lessons include some for English grammar, some for Russian and so on with most other widely spoken languages. There are different courses for each language and each course take on a different approach, while some are meant for people with a specific level of understanding of grammar, others are meant for everyone, letting even complete beginners develop an advanced knowledge of the grammar of a language that they are trying to learn.

There are also a few bundle courses on Coursera. Bundle courses are those that can teach you a side variety of different topics or can teach you both the basics of any language while also talking about the foundations of said language. There are also classes that have been designed by institutes such as universities that grant you professional certificates upon their completion.

These types of lessons are usually lengthier and harder than the others on show, however as mentioned they provide you with a printable certificate in grammar.

3) Lynda


Lynda is an online platform that has been developed by LinkedIn. The site is a means for people from all over the world to find different courses on things that they wish to learn about. They have a wide variety of lessons regarding most topics and for grammar itself, they have just a few short of 800 lessons available for you to take and improve your grammar.

Their courses are of multiple different criteria’s, meaning that they have something for beginners, average level students and people that have an advanced understanding of grammar all alike. They also have a few lessons that can help all three at once. Their grammar courses are mainly for English, while there are some that cover grammar for other languages as well.

There are lessons for beginners that can help them become advanced students. These cover things like teaching students how to use different pronouns correctly and how to create parallel sentences, while also teaching them differences between the different types of nouns, allowing them to establish a strong foundation.

4) EDX


EdX is a project of both Harvard University and MIT, two of the most famous educational institutes in the entire world. The site has been designed to include lessons and studies that have been designed and given by only the most reliable for tutors and institutes on the entire planet, while also including lessons that have been provided by both Harvard and MIT themselves.

There aren’t as many grammar lessons on edX as compared to the amount that you would be able to find on other similar websites, however their lessons are more than able to help you just like the other courses that you’ll find online. Their courses are designed to improve your grammar and familiarize you with the rules of grammar so that you can form and write completely understandable sentences without needing any sort of help. Their courses will focus on teaching you all the different tenses, pronouns, adjectives, punctuation etc that you’ll need in order to become completely proficient in the grammatical department.

All their courses are self-paced as well.

5) Skill Share


There are over 420 different grammar lessons on Skill Share that all take different approaches from each other, providing you with a lot of variety when it comes to different viewpoints in teaching you about grammar.

From English to Italian, you will find grammar lessons for each and every one of these lessons. A good thing that you’ll find helpful about most of these lessons is the fact that they will be able to take you as far as you wish on the CEFR level scale. This means that they can just help you study to build a foundation in a specific language’s grammar or guide you towards learning to the point where you develop an intermediate or advanced understanding.

Some lessons will focus on proper pronunciation of different words depending upon the type of sentence you’re speaking, along when with native speakers of the language that you are learning choose to ignore the rules of grammar for specific sentences. A few of them will only focus on helping you learn tenses.

6) Take Lesson

take lessons learn grammar lessons online

Take Lessons offers students with a variety of different tutors that can be hired to teach them regarding different topics, including something like Grammar. There are tutors on Take Lessons that can teach you online, while they also offer you tutors that can visit you and teach you personally if there are any that live near a suitable distance from your home.

Their teachers are either trained teachers that are new and great at what they do or are teaching veterans that have more than enough experience to properly teach you grammar. Being different people, all the teachers that you’ll find on Take Lessons will have different personalities from one another.

They’ll be teaching you in their own effective ways that will help you greatly. The amount of tutors that are featured on the site constantly keeps changing due to the fact that the tutors may or may not be available in the near future. You can just set an appointment with a teacher you like and they’ll teach you via video call.

7) Reed.co.uk


Reed.co is a platform that offers a variety of different grammar courses. The site is of British origin and has studies regarding English grammar held by popular universities and colleges all over the United Kingdom, while also having lessons for German, Italian and other language’s grammar that have been presented by educational institutes and tutors that are native to countries where those languages are spoken.

All of the courses on Reed.co can be taken at a pace that is suitable for the student. This allows you to learn anything you want, when you want, at a speed most suited to yourself. Once you purchase a course on the site you will be granted unlimited access to it for the rest of your life in most cases. Some of these lessons also grant you access to tutors that can help you figure out the lessons once you purchase them.

Most of their courses can be accessed on all platforms like laptops, computers and smartphones, allowing you to learn even if you are away from home.

8) Study.com


Study.com is a place where you can ‘’study’’ online through the multiple different lessons that they offer for the topic of your choice. They have more than a few different grammar courses available in their selection that can help you develop a proficient understanding of the grammar of specific languages.

A majority of their courses focus on English grammar, helping students learn either the basics that they’ll need to start their journey or providing students with everything that they should know in order to have an advanced mindset when it comes to grammar. The site also offers alternatives for teachers rather than just students, providing teachers with courses that help them teach their students about the different parts of grammar like pronouns, prepositions etc. and providing them with exercises that they can implement on their students so they’ll be able to learn more easily.

They also offer fun games on their site that you can use to teach children about simple grammar. A few of their classes also teach how to write grammatically correct.

9) Oxford Online English


Oxford Online English are a platform that allow people from all over the world get a better understanding of the English Language. The site mainly focuses on teaching students British English through a set of lessons that are available on their website. They also have a large enough amount of different grammar courses that can be taken anywhere in the world and at any time from their website.

They have some free video lessons that can help you get introduced to both grammar in the English language along with the type of tutors that the site will provide you with. These free video courses are available all the time while their tutors can be booked by a few easy steps. Their introductory lessons deal with important things like the proper use of contractions to join different words while also giving example like ‘’don’t, should’ve, could’ve, as well as harder and more complex ones like shouldn’t’ve etc.

Their tutors will then be able to teach you any specific thing you want

10) Grammar Monster


Grammar Monster is an online platform dedicated to teaching you and everyone else in the world that wishes to learn about grammar in the English language. They have about everything that you’ll need in order to become completely proficient at structuring sentences in English.

On their site, they have a complete glossary of the different categories of grammar. The glossary covers everything that you need to learn and much more in order to become a completely fluent speaker of English. They also have tests that you can take online regarding everything related to grammar to test yourself out. These tests usually include choosing the right answers, forming sentences related to specific topics in the correct tense and more. While you learn on their website, they also offer daily tests that you can take.

These daily tests are small and require you to choose the correct option between a few in order to form a grammatically correct sentence. The site also has its own YouTube channel that features video lessons.

11) LearnEnglish-Online


LEARNENGLISH-ONLINE is a website that offers students from all over the world with an easy means to learn one of the most commonly used languages in the world. They are a site that focus on teaching you English which is why they also focus a lot on teaching you about grammar in the English language, since you won’t be able to properly write or speak a proper sentence without it.

From adjectives to every type of verb and everything in between, their site has different classes that you can take in order to improve yourself in every aspect of English grammar. They have different pages for every sub-category of grammar, along with activities that can help you improve in said sub-category. For all of these, they have online tests as well that can be taken in order to see how much of an understanding you have developed so far.

They also have classes that can help you learn how to hold proper conversations in English so that everyone you’re speaking to understands you clearly.

12) English Grammar 101


EnglishGrammar101 is a website that offers you 16 different grammatical chapters, each one featuring a set of topics regarding a specific category of grammar. The first chapter is about nouns and will teach you about the different types of nouns along with their use in sentences.

After nouns you will study pronouns, the types of pronouns and when to use a specific type of pronoun. In chapter 3 you will be introduced to verbs and tenses. This chapter will focus on teaching you how to properly structure sentences when holding conversations. The rest of the chapters take on similar approaches for themselves while teaching you about different things.

Every single chapter is started with a warm up test, along with self-evaluation quizzes that you can take after every few lessons to see how far you’ve come on your grammar learning journey. All these lessons are available on their website which also work fine on laptops and smartphones so that you can continue learning grammar even if you are not at home for the time being.

13) My English Pages

my English pages learn grammar lessons online

My English Pages is an online platform that has been made specifically for students that are not familiar with the English language and would like to get started. From tenses to clauses they have everything related to English grammar on their site along with guidelines on how you can improve in each department.

They have all the explanations that you will need to get a proper understanding of how grammar works in the English language, whether it be in daily conversations or figures of speech, the site can explain everything that you have to ask about grammar. You can also find out about the origins of grammar, along with how it has changed throughout history and about the things that influenced said changes.

My English Pages have everything that you’ll need in order to become an advanced English speaker. The platform features lesson plans and courses that can help you develop an understanding of English grammar and their site can be used at any time to learn about the English language.

14) Class Central

class central learn grammar lessons online

Class Central is basically a search engine that can help you find the right lessons for yourself online. They have more than enough courses on grammar, allowing you to choose from any single one from the loads on show.

The search engine can help you find any type of grammar lesson online that match the criteria set by you while also being rated highly by students that have taken the lesson. Most of the lessons that you’ll find using Class Central will mainly focus on English Grammar and helping you develop a better understanding of how to shape different sentences and phrases.

These lessons cover things like widely used verbs and tenses for beginners while teaching slightly more advanced learners about how they can hold entire conversations in the English language while keeping their wording grammatically correct so the people they’re communicating with can properly understand them.

There are multipart courses featured on the website too. These courses take their time and teach you about punctuation and phrasing at a comfortable pace.

Choosing the Best Grammar Lesson Online

Grammar is definitely one of the most important parts of learning a language, if not the most important part. Without having a proper understanding of how the grammar of a language works, you will never be able to speak or write in that language while also being unable to understand anything said in the same language.

There are more than few thousand different courses and tutors available on the internet that can help you with grammar and the websites that were mentioned above are just some of the ones that can provide you with the best learning experience you’ll need to increase your knowledge.

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