15 Websites To Learn Golf Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Golf Lessons Online

Learn Golf Lessons Online

Golf is a game full of fun, activity and a lot of skills. While it looks like an expensive game to play, it indeed is. It involves numerous expensive gears like clubs, gloves, bags and not to mention the whopping amounts being spent on club memberships.

These memberships can really set back your bank account and if you are a newbie, looking to ace the game and want to learn some amazing shots, there are websites with golf lessons online.

Also, if you do not care about the expenses at all and got enough to cover them but still, golf is a passion for you and you want to learn all you can about playing golf and taking your game to the next level.

These online lessons can help you greatly. These lessons are crafted online to help you with your practice, trick shots, and other necessary knowledge required to play the game. You can take these lessons and impress your friends on your next round of the game.

In this review, we are going to compile a list of top Golf lessons websites online that can help you through your golf learning journey. You can read about them and decide for yourself about these

15 Websites To Learn Golf Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Golf Lessons Online

Udemy is one of the most popular names in the world of online learning. Their courses are being widely appreciated and endorsed across the world. Like any other topic, there is a huge variety of online golf courses available on the website.

You can sign up for a free account and purchase the online golf course that you think will suit your needs best. The courses are highly comprehensible and you can find every imaginable topic related to golf on the website.

There are some great courses on trick shots, swings, acing the perfect club choice and how to proceed on each type of turf available on the website.

You won’t have to worry about the time period of course as once you buy a certain course, you will get indefinite access to the course and you can complete it at your leisure.

The best part about courses on Udemy is that you will get certification on completion of each course on the website. They offer a number of great features including:

• Unlimited access to courses whenever you want

• No monthly subscription

• Certification on completion

2) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Golf Lessons Online

Skillshare is a multipurpose platform that allows people who are willing to learn a new skill from the right experts first handedly.

On this website, you can find a number of real golf players that are willing to teach you all the dynamics, rules and shots of the golf online.

This is a great way to grow your skills while staying at home so you can perform well in the field out there. There are high chances that you will be able to find the right instructor that will be compatible with you.

There are certain free courses available on the website as well along with the paid courses so if you don’t want to spend money on these courses, you can simply choose to get these free courses.

However, the paid courses on the website are really worth it and you should consider these as well if you want to get your hands on some great online golf lessons. Some commendable features offered by them are:

• You can access multiple courses at one time

• Get a chance to learn from expert players

• Great website support services

3) Reed

Reed Learn Golf Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk is a great online platform that allows you to buy the courses of your choice. You sign up for free on the website and it allows you access to hundreds of online courses available.

The website is considered a pioneer of online learning and the course material available on the website is a great help for all those who are looking to learn golf online.

With Reed.co there are multiple courses available based on the levels and difficulties of the game. The courses range from beginner to advanced level and you can choose these courses according to your requirements.

Reed.co also provides you unlimited access to a course that you have purchased so you can use it any time in the future.

There is also a dedicated team on their support department that understands all your concerns and is willing to help you through any issues you might face on your learning journey.

With Reed.co, you can sign up for a free account and get access to thousands of courses listed online that you can choose from according to your requirements. The salient features they offer are:

• Tens of golf courses to choose from

• A comprehensive training program

• Excellent support from a dedicated team

4) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Golf Lessons Online

Takelessons is anything but like online recorded lessons. They are taking online learning experience to a whole new level by helping you with the one-on-one sessions and much more.

With take lessons, the courses are not pre-recorded. They provide you with an opportunity to learn from the experts directly.

The process is pretty simple and straight, all you have to do is sign-up for a free account and you will get access to numerous well-reputed instructors online. You can then choose from them and see which instructor will be the right match to help you with your learning experience.

They provide you with an excellent opportunity to have all your questions answered by the experts. These golf professionals offer you to get the right rates through the website and you will have to pay for their time they will be spending you to teach you golf online.

This platform also offers a way for the experts to make some extra bucks by teaching golf online to willing people. The best parts about TakeLessons.com are:

• Straight access to the right professionals

• Get your questions answered instantly

• Only pay for the time you will be learning online

5) Study

Study Learn Golf Lessons Online

Study.com is a website that takes online learning to the next generation of teaching. They not only offer some smart programs that will enable you to learn new skills in a relatively shorter period of time but also offer a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the topic.

Study.com presents you with the facts and studies that are involved behind the game. Golf is more than just a simple game and you should be aware of the facts and the things that are involved in every game.

Learning about these facts about clubs, wind, different turfs, and balls will enable you to learn the game more effectively and learn some new skills and the truth involved behind these.

Study.com also offers certification upon completion of each course and it is a great way to learn golf online for all those who like to have attention to detail. They offer some great features including:

• A detailed insight on the knowledge

• Understanding on how things work

• Authentic certifications upon completion

6) GolfInfoGuide

GolfInfoGuide Learn Golf Lessons Online

Golf Info Guide is a website that is dedicated to teaching you golf and the principles online. There are certified and professional golf experts available on the website that will recommend the teachings based on a questionnaire that you will have to fill before joining the website.

Their highly interactive and immersive teaching method through online videos allow you to have personal golf lessons from some popular names in the field. If you are at a fix while improving your swing or would like to improve your trick shots, they are here to help.

The website also has free resources available that you can see to improve your game. There are numerous pre-recorded lessons available on the website along with the one-on-one personal sessions that are offered by this website to help you improve your game online.

You can also get help on the website in finding the appropriate resources that will allow you to learn the certain skills you are looking to improve your game with.

The best parts about using Golf Info Guide are:

• Liberty to choose the teacher of your choice

• An immersive personal training with experts

• Right resources to improve your game

• Free videos available on the website

7) V1Sports

V1sports Learn Golf Lessons Online

V1sports is powered by V1golf academy. They are probably one of the very first online academies that took it to themselves to start teaching sports online.

With their attention to details and highly interactive teaching methods, this can be considered among the top websites available over the internet to learn Golf virtually.

They are offering a number of great features that undoubtedly makes them a top choice. They have a dedicated team that focuses on your weak areas and help you tweak your game exactly where it is needed.

The website is all about sportsmanship and perfection. Along with the golf, they are offering online courses on baseball and other sports as well.

All you have to do is sign-up with V1sports.com and they will help you from there to start your golf learning journey online. Some salient features of the website are:

• Dedicated sports-based website

• Focus on your weaknesses

• Help you improve where you lack

• Goal-based trainings

8) GolfDigest

GolfDigest Learn Golf Lessons Online

For those who have an interest in Golf, golf digest schools must not be an unfamiliar name. Golf Digest Schools are teaching the game since 1950 and they have offered some great publications on the topic in the past.

Keeping their experience with publications in mind, they have taken the right shot on technology and have initiated their website with newsletter and regular videos that are a great help to improve your golf skills online.

They also offer dedicated training programs online with over 50 classes and 350 pre-recorded lessons that pretty much cover any issue that you might have a chance to face in the improvement journey of your game.

However, if you still find yourself at a fix, there is still hope for you on the website. Golf Digest provides you with the right opportunity to have pros on-demand that allows you to get in touch with the professional players who can help you with your golf learning journey online.

There are also regular classes each week that members can join to learn new things about golf and improve their skills. Their salient features would be:

• Easy sign-up process

• Decades of experience in teaching Golf

• Dedicated videos on each topic

• Verified Curriculum

• Ability to access professional players

9) Free-online-golf-tips

FreeOnlineGolfTips Learn Golf Lessons Online

Free-online-golf-tips.com is a blog that offers publications and tips and tricks across the world.

The reason to have this website in our review is that this website is not limited to a certain topic on golf. They are covering a great deal of topics and common troubles that one might face while learning golf or the right guidance for anyone who is having some trouble while trying to improve their game.

This website also has some tips and tricks related videos posted online that you can access at any time.

There is also an option to subscribe to the updates so you don't miss out on any video being published on the internet.

Plenty of choice materials like videos, articles, and tips make it a great free resource to be able to learn golf online.

• Multiple tips and tricks

• Totally free

• Video, audio, and text-based learning resources

10) GolfChannel

GolfChannel Learn Golf Lessons Online

Golfchannel.com is a website for those who take golf more than a game. This is the right way to stay up-to-date with all the news and what's going around in the world related to golf and golf players.

The website has the most recent and up-to-date insight on the latest tournaments, the players participating. They also feature a number of great shots that are being played in the field each day.

That being said, to watch is a great way of learning and you can not only watch and read everything that is going around in the world of golf but also learn from it.

There is a great section on the website that is dedicated to teaching golf to all the enthusiasts out there who have the will to learn and want to improve their golf skills considerably.

The learning section provides you with all the information and insight required to improve your skills.

If you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro-player, this website has got the stuff that will catch your attention and keep you hooked for hours and hours. Some top advantages of using them are:

• News all across the world

• Features about shots, clubs, and gear

• Everything that you need to know about golf is on the website

• Dedicated section for learning golf

11) Meandmygolf

MeAndMyGolf Learn Golf Lessons Online

As the name suggests, this website is for those who are enthusiastic about golf and consider it a vital part of their lives. This website takes golf as more than a game but a lifestyle.

They are offering plans for each person dedicated to their needs that will allow everyone to learn Golf and the required skills online. This website has to offer everything and anything one might need during their golf learning journey online.

If you are a beginner who wants to start golf and don't get yourself embarrassed on the field, they got you covered. Or, even if you are a pro player who is looking to improve their golf skills and want to master the game, me and my golf team is here to help.

They offer flexible online coaching plans based on the time you can spare and your needs to learn the game. There is also chat support available on the website to guide you through the process and make the best recommendations.

They offer a 7-day free trial period as well for those who are unsure and want to test the learning online. Some great features that they have to offer are but not limited to

• Chat support

• Variety of coaching plans based on your needs

• Highly dedicated team to help you learn golf

• 7-day free trial

12) Golfingpartners

GolfingPartner Learn Golf Lessons Online

Golfingpartners.com is another online website that is dedicated to helping you through your learning journey.

This website has a dedicated section for each part on your learning journey that will help you to bring out your A-game in all the possible ways. They offer a number of options on the website including Online lessons that will help you to learn golf through videos posted online.

There is also a great tool named fault finder that is going to help you locate any faults in your shots and help you overcome those online.

The website also offers 1-2-1 lessons for those who want to learn first hand from an expert online. Their online lessons are not limited to a certain category but cover a wide range of topics associated with golf that will help you to master the game while sitting at home in no time.

Some of the best features of this website are:

• Personal Trainers with 1-2-1 sessions

•Option to choose your own schedule with personal trainers

• Customization of course material available on the website

• Easy to locate your faults and fix them to master each shot

• Dedicated video material to perfect each shot

13) Coachtube

Coachtube Learn Golf Lessons Online

Coachtube.com is a website inspired by youtube. The idea is pretty much the same with videos being posted online that members can take benefit from.

However, coachtube.com is a website that is dedicated to sports and you can find numerous videos posted online on multiple sports including golf.

Along with golf, they cover Basketball, tennis, baseball and much more. The best part about this website is that they have a variety to choose from in paid and free material and with a free membership you can access some of the best videos that will aid you in learning golf online. 

Their paid stuff is quite helpful and once purchases, you will get lifetime access to those videos and you can watch them anytime you feel like. Some great features that they offer are

• Free materials

• Premium course materials that are paid

• Free sign-up

• Excellent customer support through chat

14) Shaughnessygolf

ShaughnessyGolf Learn Golf Lessons Online

What is a better way than to learn from the top experts of golf itself? If you don't have much time to learn in the field or want to master your skills by learning from the expert off the field as well, this website is the perfect choice for you.

This is an online platform supported and powered by an expert that does not only help you learn golf online but there are also videos posted that can help you with the process.

The best part is that this website allows other people to upload their videos on golf learning experience as they do not believe in limiting the knowledge.

The website is a great help for all those who want to see some experts in action to learn from them or to learn first handedly from a top player. The best features to be noted about the website are:

• Great insights on the game

• Learn the perspective of Golf from a pro player

• Ability to take one-on-one coaching

15) GolfInstructionCourses

Golfinstructioncourses Learn Golf Lessons Online

This is another great website that will allow you to learn golf online. While other websites are related to certain experts and limited to certain tips and tricks, this website allows you to dive deep into the world of golf.

The content listed on this website is not limited to certain shots or swings. This website provides step-by-step guidance and carefully structured course material for all those who want to learn golf from scratch to advanced levels.

The website also has some great support enthusiasts that can help you with any questions or confusion during the learning process. Some top features are

• Excellent support and guidance

• Carefully structured courses

• Step-by-step guidance

Choosing The Best Golf Lesson Online

This review presents a detailed insight into some of the top websites that can help you learn golf online.

If you miss being away from the field and want to learn your skills while sitting at home, or you are a beginner that does not want to be embarrassed while out in the field, these websites will serve the purpose for you.

We have critically reviewed these websites based on the pros and cons and by going through these reviews, you can choose for yourself as which website will be the right one for you to learn golf online


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