14 Websites to Learn German Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn German Lessons Online

Learn German Lessons Online

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Like several other European countries, Germany is attached to its official language and they would prefer studying, teaching, working, and carry out business using the same language.

While the military outbreak of Germany is not so old and people are still adapting to learn the helping and delightful nature of Germans that are sick of bloodshed and war and want to live peacefully, the German language is still a nightmare for some. Germany's history goes centuries back than any other country in the European region and they have a civilization from the very start of known human history.

That makes German a complex and difficult language to be learned as there are so many complex words that come from the language's origin.The German Language is far enriched with culture, literature, and civilization that is more than a century old and you can easily find some top-notch literature on the German language to be studied.

However, if you are planning to visit Germany for fun, traveling, sports, or business. You might need to consider learning the German language as they prefer communicating in German rather than English or any other language.

English has become of the most understood and spoken language around the globe and it is being called Global Language as well. However, while in Germany it may not come handy for your day-to-day communication and conduct business.

Hence, you must learn Germany if you plan on studying in Germany, work there, or simply go on a vacation to Germany. You will need to learn the German language to take full advantage of your visit.There are numerous institutes that can help you learn German effectively.

Although, it is hard to spare time to join classes or to pay fees at such institutes regularly. Nothing to be worried about, there are some great websites that can help you learn German in no time and these websites are:

14 Websites to Learn German Lessons Online Reviews

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn German Lessons Online

Udemy is one of the largest platforms across the globe that can help you learn anything online. They have a huge library on video courses that you can take advantage of while sitting at your home and learn anything you want.

They are offering courses on almost anything you can virtually think of learning online so that you can learn it feasibly in your budget without having to pay for the classes or spare the time to join actual classes being held out there.

Udemy.com offers a simple and unique sign up process that allows you a free membership on the website. You will only have to pay for the course that you want to learn from and it will be yours for a lifetime.

You get indefinite access to the courses you buy on Udemy.com and then you can use them whenever you want. If you like to learn online, this website will serve as the right platform for you as you can manage multiple courses that are being listed online in a single place.

There are some great courses on the German language listed on the website that ranges from beginners to advanced levels. These courses are self-paced and guide so you can choose the learning method that suits you best.

2) Lynda

Lynda Learn German Lessons Online

Lynda.com is a project of LinkedIn, one of its kind social media platform that focuses on bringing corporations and individuals on a single platform to communicate efficiently.

You can call it business Facebook. While you can get all the contacts and connect with your next job opportunity through LinkedIn, you might also want to learn the necessary skills required that can help you not only land the perfect job but to keep it, work exceptionally on it and make progress in your professional career.

Learning the right language can be your next big step towards growing your professional career and Lynda.com presents you with the perfect opportunity to learn any language online at a professional level. They offer a monthly membership with a free 1-month trial and you can learn the most necessary skills that are required in the corporate world on this website.

There are some highly insightful and efficient courses listed on the website on the German language that can help you move your career easily and grow new skills.

These German language courses on Lynda.com are focused on the corporate environment and are business-oriented to help you be confident with your presentation to your German clients or get a job with a German-based company.

3) FutureLearn

Futurelearn Learn German Lessons Online

FutureLearn is all about learning in the most advanced manner possible. They bring the best of online learning experience to their website and that too free of course. The website has a simplistic yet modern interface that allows you to search and learn from courses on multiple niches online.

There are some great short courses, micro-credentials and programs, and online degrees available on the website that will also help you get authentic certification once you have completed your learning.

FutureLearn.com is partnered with some of the renowned institutes and universities and presents their experience and best quality course material to help everyone learn online.

There are a few German language courses available on the website that range from day-to-day communication to advanced levels of the German language and you can choose the right course for you easily on this website and learn easily without having to worry about payments as the courses are free and more courses on the German language are expected to be introduced on the website in Future.

4) Preply

Preply Learn German Lessons Online

What other way could it be better to learn a language from a native speaker and that too with exceptional teaching experience? Preply.com is a platform that mainly focuses on helping students prepare for their exams.

The website covers a wide variety of categories, subjects, topics, and niches that you can learn online from these greatly helpful teachers on Preply.com.

There are some highly experienced teachers listed on the website that speak German as their native language and can help you speak, write, listen, and read German in no time at all. You may find courses on the internet that are pre-recorded video lessons that might be a little help but they are nothing compared to the exceptional teaching methods followed by Preply.com

All you have to do is select a language you want to learn and you can get all the teachers on that topic listed on the website. These teachers can help you learn German for whatever goal you might have including everyday communication, conducting business, or getting an A grade in your German language exam.

5) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn German Lessons Online

While there are websites that have centralized content issues by the website that you can use to learn online, SkillShare offers a uniquely interactive approach to help all.

Their websites are not only focused on helping those who want to learn online but also those who are good at some skills and want to teach others and also make some extra money. The website has thousands of courses listed online on multiple niches that you can take advantage of and learn the right skills you want.

The best part about this website is that you only have to pay for a single membership monthly and you can access all the premium content of courses on multiple topics under a single place.

There are hundreds of courses listed on the website on the German language by experienced teachers and native German Speakers that you can use to learn German online in no time at all.

6) Reed

Reed Learn German Lessons Online

Reed.co.uk is a UK based website that focuses on online learning and has course materials on thousands of courses listed on the website. These courses are unbeatable in terms of exceptional understanding methods, teaching qualities, and prices. 

You can sign up for a membership and they will offer you a 10% off promo for sign-up. There are also regular promos being offered by them that are going to help you greatly in building the right career profile by learning the necessary skills.

That is not all, the website also offers career advice and job placement opportunities that are going to aid you in developing your professional career to an optimal level of success.

The best thing about this website is its high number of course niches and topics that you can choose from and manage them all under a single account.

There are some top-courses from most popular institutions and teachers listed on the website that range from beginner to intermediate, advanced, corporate, and educational levels.

This website will serve you best if you want to learn German online and get assistance with certifications, Jobs, or Career advice.

7) LearnDirect

Learndirect Learn German Lessons Online

No matter how good an online or written content is, it can never replace the understanding and information delivery standards of a real-life instructor.

Though you don't want to join an online class, that doesn't mean that you need to compromise on the quality of education or learning experience you are getting.

Learn-Direct makes it possible for you to learn with their highly interactive courses that are available online and get guidance from the experts wherever you are stuck. These courses are exceptional in terms of their quality, information delivery, and utility.

There are some highly informative courses on the German language listed on the website that will enable you to reach the goal that you have set for your German learning experience.

You won't have to pay a monthly fee on the website either and all you will require is to buy a course and that can help you learn German with out of the box guidance of experienced teachers.

8) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn German Lessons Online

Want to learn German from the native speakers and don't have resources or time to join a class or an authentic institute? This is the 21st century and these hurdles are nothing significant in this ever-developing era of technology.

While there are online pre-recorded courses available on multiple websites that can help those, who like to learn online, but some may not prefer them.For those who like a more personal learning experience of a regular class or one-on-one sessions, take lessons is the best choice.

They provide you with the perfect opportunity to not learn from some pre-recorded lessons but a live instructor, that too in a one-on-one session.

There are some highly skilled native German Speakers with teaching experience listed on the website and you will have to choose from them to help you with your online German language journey.

There are no monthly fees involved and you will only have to pay for the time you will spend learning on the website.

9) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn German Lessons Online

LessonFace.com is another interactive and advanced website that takes your online German learning experience to a new level.

They are innovating the online learning experience with their smart approach of not using any standardized course material or use any pre-recorded videos but to learn from a native German speaker.

The website has an interactive interface that allows you to choose the right German instructor that can help you with one-on-one sessions and a personalized approach.

This is the perfect way to learn German as you can get help with your accent, pronunciation, and especially those areas that you are weak at to make sure you are confident once you are done with your learning and there are no flaws left.

The website is a great help for all those who are not getting the concepts from pre-recorded lessons and want to learn the German language in an interactive way with personalized sessions and undivert attention.

10) Bussu

Busuu Learn German Lessons Online

Bussu.com is another website that focuses on teaching German to all those who are willing to learn. With the first look on the website interface, you can get a German feel to it.

They offer an engaging platform that does not only attract the learner's attention but also keeps their interest throughout the learning journey. They offer some of the best plans for educators and business as well as individuals that will help you move rapidly towards your goals and carve your niche in the world of the online learning experience.

They have categorized their courses to different levels that depend on the goals you have set for your online learning experience. You might just want to learn to speak German or want a complete course on the German language.

There is nothing to be worried about as they got you covered with their wide range of German learning solutions.

The learning process is made interactive and fun with their mobile app that can help you create a study plan and has some other pretty cool features including Vocabulary Trainer and much more.

11) Lingoda

Lingoda Learn German Lessons Online

Lingoda.com is a website that is dedicated to teaching languages online. They are covering the gap for a dedicated website that covers all the websites and help you learn them effectively.

The best part about using Lingoda.com is that no matter what your native language is, you can easily learn any other language keeping your native language as your primary language.

Similarly, they are offering some great help with learning German online. The best part you ask me is their highly flexible course plans that allow you to choose the method of payment that suits your learning style and needs best.

They are offering a month-to-month subscription that allows you to pay monthly for the course and keep learning online at your feasible pace.

Also, there is a language marathon payment plan that allows you to pay for one language upfront and you are covered until you learn the language completely, this plan suit those who cannot make regular time to learn the German language.

Also, there is a Language Sprint that is sort of a crash course to learn German online. And the most important one is Linguaskill from Cambridge that is a certified program from Cambridge University and uses their intuition and teaching methods to help students learn online.

12) FreeGermanLessonsonline

Freegermanlessonsonline Learn German Lessons Online

Most of the websites that we have covered so far involved payments and you had to pay to use them. This one, however, is different in that regard as there are no payments involved.

The website, all the lessons listed online, and resources on the website are free to use. The website is dedicated to teaching German online for all those who are willing to learn. They believe in serving the community and doing their share to make German popular and understandable for all.

All you will have to do is sign-up for a free account on the website and the whole website is yours to play with.

There are beginners, intermediate and advanced level courses on the website along with some great learning material and other resources that are going to help you through the learning process and make learning German a lot easier for you.

The website is best for you if you don’t want to spend on learning German online but have the learning curve in you.

13) Thegermanproject

Thegermanproject Learn German Lessons Online

German has certain similarities with English. However, certain words can get you in trouble too.

The website is a free website that is accessible to all and provides you with an interactive and engaging interface that will help you learn German feasibly in no time at all.

The website follows a unique and informative approach that can take you from the beginner to advanced German-speaking level real-quick.There are free German lessons available on the website that you can take help from to learn German while sitting at your home.

There are also some informative and helpful German stories that will aid you in understanding German properly and get a touch of literature to your German learning Journey online.

14) ClassCentral

Classcentral Learn German Lessons Online

ClassCentral is the central hub for all online courses on the website. They follow an interactive approach to bring together all the online courses from multiple websites at a single place.

The issue with online learning is that you have to restrict the courses that are available on a particular website. Class Central brings the best-rated courses to a single platform where you won't have the issue to choose courses from a single website only.

You can choose from any of the courses that are listed online on the website conveniently without any hassles.

These courses on Class Central are not only limited to a certain niche or learning module. There are courses on the widest categories of topics to be learned online and not to mention all the best website content online.

There are online classes, self-paced, guided, and hybrid courses that can help you with learning German online at the comfort of your home. There are top-rated courses on the German Language listed on the website from the best universities as well that you can take advantage of.

Choosing the Best German Lesson Online

German is a complex language and it is not easy to learn German on your own. Especially when you are stuck at home, you need guidance and course material to aid your German learning journey online.

These are a few websites that can help you learn German in no time at all. It all depends on yourself and the goals you have set to learn German.

We have critically reviewed these websites based on the features, pros, and cons that are being offered by them and you can decide on which website will be the right one for you to learn German online.

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