8 Websites To Learn Gardening Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn gardening lessons online

learn gardening lessons online

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Since the beginning of the human race, we are looking around to find out resources and use them to our benefit.

Growing our food out of the ground is probably the first thing humans learned after getting senses of their being and ever since then it has become one of the top professions and passion for us. Gardening is not simply a hobby or a way to earn a livelihood. Gardening is considered to be an art by the people who love it.

Plants are living beings that require to be nurtured and cared for at all times. You need to understand their requirements and needs to have a healthy garden and keep your plants growing at the right rate. 

Technological evolution is bringing a revolution to every field in life and according to the researches conducted in the light of modern technologies, we have managed to enlighten several factors that are playing a key role in optimal nutrition and growth of plants. Call it art, science, or a passion, gardening is one of the best things about life on this planet and there are no second opinions about it.

If you want to get into gardening, you need to take care of certain factors and need to learn it properly. You might think it hard to learn gardening as you need to take actual classes and go to a farm in person for that.

This is not entirely true and with the boom of the internet, you have the liberty to learn gardening at home. 8 websites are offering lessons on gardening online such as below.

8 Best Websites To Learn Gardening Lessons Online Reviews

1) MasterClass: Ron Finley Teaches Gardening

masterclass learn lessons online

MasterClass.com is one of the top websites that you can use to learn Gardening online. Their unique perspective about every lesson listed online makes you look at the subject uniquely and creatively. You get an easy to use interface on the website that allows it convenient for students of every age to learn the lessons they want in detail.

The best part we found about this website is that they are offering HD quality of their video lessons with attention to detail. All you have to pay for learning on MasterClass.com is a monthly charge that you will be billed each month. You can get access to tons of topics, lessons, and subjects on this website that are going to help you through your learning journey.

Gardening is not something that you can learn out of a book. The videos listed on MasterClass.com are the best way you can learn gardening. They have a whole course based on different topics and how you can correctly manage your garden.

Each lesson on the course focuses on a topic that is going to help you in managing your garden the right way. Their HD videos are just the thing you need to learn all that you need to know about gardening. You will not only be learning how to manage your garden but also some creative, unique ways to gardening as well.

2) Udemy

udemy learn gardening lessons online

Udemy.com is probably the most popular online website. They are well known for their huge library of courses that is unmatched by any other learning platform online. You can find millions of courses on thousands of subjects, niche, and topics on this website easily.

All you have to do is search for the topic you want to learn and you are going to get surprisingly wide options. The best part is that you get lots of choice among the courses you want to take on and you can choose the course level and skill according to your needs. You only have to pay for the course that you want to learn from and you will have access to it for a lifetime. That means you can learn from the course at your own pace without any worries at all.

You can find hundreds of courses listed on Udemy.com on gardening that range from beginners to advanced levels. No matter if you are a beginner, looking to improve your gardening techniques or an expert gardener who wants to adopt new and innovative ideas to make your garden perfect. You can find the right course for you from the whole buffet of options that you can get on Udemy.com

3) SkillShare

skillshare learn gardening lessons online

SkillShare.com is also one of the largest online learning platforms. The basic difference it has then other websites is that you are being offered access to tons of courses under a single subscription. All you have to do is sign up for an account and you can learn hundreds of courses online that are for free.

A premium subscription will only charge you some bucks a month and you can have access to all the premium courses listed on the website that are in thousands. All these courses are on different topics and you can enjoy a versatile learning experience. You also get 14 days free trial of their premium membership upon subscription that is enough to get you hooked.

You can find tens of courses on Gardening on SkillShare.com that would make you fall in love with gardening. All these courses are specifically designed to facilitate online learning and all you have to do is give some time.

There are thousands of students enrolled with each course that can assure you that these courses would be worth investing your time in and you are going to learn all that you need about gardening. There is a course for every skill level listed on skillShare.com

4) OregonStateUniversity

oregonstateuniversity learn gardening lessons online

Universities and other traditional institutions are growing beyond the traditional forms of studies as they have beginning to realize that the scope of education is far beyond that. Some people see it that we are going back to what matters more and that is a good sign.

Nevertheless, this website Workspace.oregonstate.edu is managed by Oregon State University that is focused on providing professional and continuing education to all those who are willing to learn the skills that are employable and they can continue learning to grow. The website offers courses that you can learn in a couple of hours and you get to earn the certification as well.

There is an on-demand course available on gardening on the website that is not going to cost you much, but it can enable you to get employed at any farm or garden. You can even start your farm after learning from this course and become a contributing citizen to society. You can enjoy a certification from the State University of Oregon as well that would be a plus on your resume for your future endeavors.

5) TheGardenersWorkShop

thegardenersworkshop learn gardening lessons online

While you can find tons of multi-purpose online websites on the internet that are offering courses on a different range of topics. Thegardenersworkshop.com is dedicated to gardening and that is the best thing about it.

You get a one-stop-shop where you can not only learn but also source all the supplies that you might need for your gardening experience. You can start your own garden or a farm just with the help of this website.

There are tons of resources on thegardenersworkshop.com that would make it a perfect choice for you to learn gardening. To start with, you get access to a shop that would enable you to source the best courses, material, and even the tools and resources that you might need for your gardening. You can have them sourced at your doorstep without having to worry.

The interface of this website allures you to it and it is too irresistible to stop once you have started to learn on this website. There are online courses available on the website that will enable you to learn the essence of gardening and how you can make it work for you. The learning center has all the material that you might ever need while managing your own garden or a farm.

6) LearningWithExperts

learningwithexperts learn gardening lessons online

Learningwithexperts.com is the platform that offers you a unique and interactive interface on their website that is enough to let you know that you are in the right place. You get to choose from a list of courses that are being offered by this website and have a brief introduction to each expert as well that is teaching a particular course.

The best thing is that they are offering singular courses on a certain topic that would cover all your needs to learn the subject in no time at all. Needless to say, they got a dedicated page with the right vibes for each course as well.

Learningwithexperts.com is offering their cutting garden course by Charlie Ryrie who does not only have vast experience with gardening but teaching online as well that would be the perfect chance for you to learn gardening from the right expert. The course is a perfect opportunity for all the hobbyists or professionals who want to learn how to grow flowers and plants for their homes or garden gate sales.

You can learn how to treat flowering plants the right way and make your garden look beautiful, at the same time keeping it healthy and safe.

7) Alison

alison learn gardening lessons online

Alison.com is another versatile platform that is offering courses on thousands of subjects and niches online. You can get the right assistance from their carefully designed courses that are perfect for anyone to learn online.

These courses are created in such a manner that people of all skill levels can learn from them with no worries or problems during their learning process. You can find different courses based on course categories, course types, and courses for jobs on this website easily.

There are certain courses on Alison.com listed on gardening that range from skill level 1 to skill level 3. These courses are enough for anyone to have their start at the gardening and come up top with the right guidance from experts.

Each course contains an assessment at the end that will award you a certification to move forward with. You can also find course duration, a summary, and a brief course outline on the course page that will allow you to have a better idea about what you are getting yourself into and if it is worth your time and money.

8) GardenTutor

gardentutor learn gardening lessons online

GardenTutor.com is heaven for not only those who are looking to start gardening and want to learn it but gardeners as well. This is a dedicated website that is offering some of the top-level and highly advanced tools that you can use to keep your garden healthy, and safe.

Plants need to be kept happy for them to grow in the right manner and you need to understand not only about plants, but soil, moisture, fertilizers, and pesticides to maintain your garden in an optimal manner.

You can not only source all those tools and products that are going to help you maintain your garden but also learn how to use those products and tools in managing your garden and making it work for you.

The website offers elaborative insight on some of the most advanced topics and questions that you might have in your mind about gardening so you can understand those concepts better. If you are a perfectionist who settles for nothing less than best, this is your best chance to learn the gardening your way and make it count.

You can also read the blog and participate with a highly active community of gardeners who can help you learn the subject in detail and answer any questions you might have.

Choosing The Best Gardening Lesson Online

Gardening is a natural instinct for human being and our survival is depending upon growing food out of the soil. If you want to learn how to ace the gardening process, these websites are going to help you through it.

No matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert. You can go through these critical reviews and choose the right match for you that you think would be the perfect choice for you to learn Gardening online.

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