14 Websites To Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

Music has a connection with human soul that goes beyond the known history and it is considered food for soul according to most philosophers. Undoubtedly, pleasant tunes have a soothing effect on our bodies and moods and similarly, some tunes can cause otherwise effects that might be not as pleasant.

There have been multiple instruments of music into existence over the course of time. Some of them yet remain to be one of the popular forms to spread tunes over the air with slight changes.

A stringed instrument is seen over the course of history in almost every civilization and has been considered a vital part of the parties. We have seen single stringed instruments, that turned to violin and guitars as we know them today.

In current times, there is hard to imagine a music tune without guitar in it. Guitar has gained its popularity in the last century due to its high-pitched tones, mobility and a diverse range of genre that can be played using guitar.

Ever since, we have seen different forms of guitar ranging from acoustic to electrical guitars that all play their roles and are being played widely across the world. One such form is Flamenco Guitar that is not so popular but holds a significant place in the world of music.

It is basically similar to a classical guitar but has thinner tops and less internal bracing. The strings are not steel as you see in most guitars out there but are made of nylon for a bit softer tune.

It is used in the guitar part of flamenco, a traditional folk music form of Spain. If you are interested in learning how to play flamenco guitar, you can get help online from these websites:

14 Websites To Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

TrueFire Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

You can give TrueFire a try for your Flamenco guitar learning needs. TrueFire is a comprehensive guitar learning website that promotes customizable guitar lessons. Instead of going through a Flamenco guitar course step-by-step, you have the liberty to single out lessons of your choice and create a playlist of your own.

When you sign up for TrueFire Flamenco guitar courses, a world-class educator will present a detailed course of study for you to expect in the upcoming guitar lessons. Moreover, TrueFire courses are interactive, where you can control your study pace. For example, you can loop the video and watch it in slow-mo, so you practice your own drill.

In TrueFire, you can find three guitar courses on Flamenco guitar:

1. Soleares Flamenco Guidebook by Educator John Fillmore

2. New World Flamenco by Educator Tierra Negra

3. Chord Studies: Flamenco Chords Vol. 1, Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 by Educator Brad Carlton’s

To access True Fire Flamenco guitar courses and lessons, you must register as a TrueFire member. If you don’t feel like subscribing blindly, you can always sign up for TrueFire’s 14 days free trial. In your free trial, you will gain full access to all TrueFire materials and get a taste of what it’s like to be a student with TrueFire. So what are you waiting for? Check out TrueFire now!

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

Udemy is the home for a diverse range of online courses. The website holds hundreds of thousands online courses that you can learn from.

The library of Udemy is so vast that you can think of something randomly and can find hundreds of courses on the niche on this website listed. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it the most popular and number one online learning website across the world.

It has gained its popularity due to being flexible, and available for all. You can sign up on the website and get access too all the courses.

They offer regular promos that are going to help you save some bucks and learn from some of the most effective courses online at the same time.

There are hundreds of online courses listed on Flamenco guitars on this website that will be the right aid required to go along your journey to learn flamenco guitar.

You can find courses that will take you from the beginner level and help you guide on which guitar to choose for yourself and get the most out of it, to some of the advanced level courses that will help you with learning to play flamenco guitars like a pro.

You only have to pay for the course you want to learn from, and you will get lifetime access to that course in your account.

3) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

No matter how much the world be evolved, and we can adapt new methods of learning. Teaching is something that is best done the traditional way and nothing can replace the guidance and information delivery level of an actual teacher.

Although, there are numerous websites that we can find online these days, helping with learning online. But the problem with most of the websites are that they have pre-recorded lessons that you have to go through at your own pace and learn from them.

Lesson face is revolutionizing the world of online courses by presenting students with an opportunity to not rely on any of the courses that are pre-recorded but have the liberty to learn from experienced teachers in one-on-one sessions.

This highly interactive and engaging method ensures that there are no doubts remaining, and students can ask questions and get the right guidance to rectify their mistakes that they might be making.

You can find a number of flamenco guitar teachers listed on Lesson Face that are ready to help you with learning flamenco guitars.

You can learn from them at your own pace, and they will guide you to play flamenco guitars exceptionally, no matter what level of expertise you are on.

4) SuperProf

Superprof Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

Super prof is a south African base website that covers online teaching for all subjects across the world. The website has thousands of tutors listed on line that can help you learn any skill or subject you want to be taught at the comfort of your home.

Their teaching methods are highly flexible, you can choose a time that suits you both best and then, you only have to pay for the time you will spend on the website learning from a tutor.

This website is growing hugely due to their engaging teaching methods and top-notch support that takes your study experience to whole another level.

The website has an interactive interface that allows this website an extra edge over similar websites as they have a complete profile of professors listed on their page along with a short introductory video.

This will help you know more about the professor you will be learning from, and decide if they will be the right match for you.You can find some really cool flamenco guitar players on this website that can help you through your journey.

You can grow from a novice to expert really quick with the help of this website.

5) OnlineGuitarAcademy

Onlineguitaracademy Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

This is a dedicated website devoted to teaching guitar lessons online. The website got its popularity as they pay attention to details and have the option of slow-mo videos that will allow you to understand the movements of fingers on the guitar chords more efficiently.

The website is all about guitar and the love for music and you can feel that on every bit of the interactive interface on this website. From logo to pages, everything is filled with guitars.

There are some super cool guitar lessons including flamenco guitars listed on this website. There is free and premium content both listed on the website that you can choose from based on your needs and get the right edge of flamenco guitar learning.

In addition to slow motion videos, you can get assistance from the subtitles on videos that will help you greatly to learn how to play flamenco guitar the right way.

You can also find some additional helpful resources such as sheet music and tabs that will allow you to learn flamenco guitar the right way. The best part is, you can sign up for a free trial on the website as well to get a better idea about their learning.

6) TuFlamenco

Tuflamenco Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

Spain has a rich culture that goes back to hundreds of centuries, despite having the center of most important and great civilizations, the true culture of Spain remains intact.

Flamenco guitar is a vital part of Spanish music and what other way could be better than to learn from the experts who have flamenco guitar running in their blood. This is a Spain based website that can help you learn traditional flamenco guitar effectively.

There is a unique identity for flamenco guitar and certain devoted methods that make flamenco guitar mystical and you can have a chance now to learn traditional flamenco guitar at the comfort of your home.

This website provides you with the opportunity to cut the geographical boundaries and learn the traditional flamenco guitar in most authentic way possible.

This interactive website offers some unique features including multi-platform support that enables you to take lessons from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. They are offering a full range of online lessons that can help you learn flamenco guitar no matter where you are.

7) OnlineFlamencoGuitar

Onlineflamencoguitar Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

This website is another great way to learn authentic flamenco guitar in English. The website offers you to have lessons in English from the famous Antonio Dovao that is well known across the world for his marvels of music with his flamenco guitar.

On this website, you can have access to a dedicated section of posts where all the top content is uploaded regularly and you can use it for your learning journey.

There is a dedicated section for academy to help you learn all the fundamentals required to learn and play flamenco guitar the right way.

You can also access the courses tab listed on the website that will allow you to cover a lot of stuff including multiple courses that range from traditional folk Spanish music played on flamenco guitar to a list of modern music that is made alive with the help of flamenco guitar.

This is one of the most perfect ways to learn authentic flamenco guitar.

8) SpanishGuitarSchool

Spanishguitarschool Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

This website is a whole school for learning flamenco guitar online as it does not just have a few courses or a teacher listed online but follows educational perspective towards learning flamenco guitar.

Flamenco guitar holds a key value in traditional Spanish music and Spanish music is considered incomplete without flamenco guitar.

On the website, you can access the method of learning flamenco guitar effectively including some traditional techniques like Picado, Arepgio, Tremolo, Rasqueado, Alzapua and more.

There are numerous flamenco styles listed as well on the website that you can learn including, Rumba, Bulerias, Tangos and much more. To put it simply, this website is a complete, authentic institution online to learn the traditional Flamenco guitar effectively.

The website also offers you access to some software and tools that are purpose-built to help with the learning of flamenco guitar.

You can also find a blog and library on the website to get access to additional resources to aid your online learning journey. There are also some cool video lessons to learn on this website.

9) EliteGuitaristFlamenco

Eliteguitaristflamenco Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

This website’s first look will give you the impression that you are at the right place. If you are a perfectionist who settles for nothing less than the best, then this is the website for you.

This website offers you an opportunity to learn flamenco guitar from the teachers who are best at playing it. This way, you can ensure that you learn directly from the experienced guitarists who are exceptional guitar players and will be able to deliver the right information.

You can not only learn to play the basics on flamenco guitars on this website but also get your hands on some really cool music tracks that you always wanted to play.

You can now learn those expert tricks and tools that you have always wondered about and add value to your flamenco guitar learning experience with the help of this website.

You can find multiple subscription options to choose from according to your convenience. There is also a forum to discuss the hot topics or any problems you might have with learning flamenco guitar.

10) AlvaroAntonaFlamenco

Alvaroantonaflamenco Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

This is a dedicated website that is available in both English and Spanish for the convenience of students.

While it does not have the flashiest interface or bells and whistles attached but provides you with a chance to learn from highly experienced flamenco guitar player who has over 25 years of playing and teaching experience.

His extensive experience as a teacher and flamenco guitar player allows him to design a platform that is focused on the problems that a beginner might face while starting their journey of learning flamenco guitar online and they can help you with the right solutions.

The best part about this learning strategy is that they cover everything in a recap after every lesson so you can self-analyze the learning and re-take the lesson if you feel like you have missed something.

The teacher is also available 24/7 through Whatsapp and in addition to personalized lessons, you can reach out whenever you feel like you are getting stuck somewhere.

11) FlamencoExplained

Flamencoexplained Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

Flamenco is often misunderstood as another form of traditional guitars. However, it is a whole another story and has centuries of history making it one of the marvels of musical world.

Spanish folk culture and music is incomplete with flamenco guitar and to learn how to play it properly, it is imminent that you understand the Spanish culture, and importance of flamenco guitar along with the fundamentals of flamenco guitar.

It is also important to learn the differences that separate flamenco guitar from any of the traditional forms of music.This website focuses on learning from the core level and helps you learn all the basics of flamenco guitar conveniently.

The website presents an engaging and comprehensive narrative that will allow you to dive deep in the history of flamenco guitar and understand it. This will ultimately lead you to be able to play it the right way, and you will be amazed with your own self.

12) FlamencoLessons

Flamencolessons Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

Being able to listen to music might be the best thing in the world but if you are more on the creative side, you would know that creating music has to be the best thing in the world.

Sitting at the rooftop and flickering your own tunes is the feeling that everyone should experience at least once in their life.So, for all those people, honing their finger and plucking skills on guitar is the perfect activity.

However, there are different types of guitars available in the market but if you want to indulge in folk music, flamenco guitar is the right choice which has been extensively used in the past.

This website has been designed to teach flamenco guitar and set foot in the Spanish music world.There are beginner courses on this website which are basically designed to lay the foundations and teach the fundamentals.

Progressing forward, there are intermediate courses through which students can crank up the notch of basics and make tunes like never before.

The website has been designed by the professional guitarists who have managed to integrate their years of experience and knowledge in these flamenco guitar courses,promising optimal learning and melodious outcome.

13) GuitarMasterClass

Guitarmasterclass Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

If you have a knack for travelling and have traveled to different corners of the world, it would be easier for you to understand that every continent and country has their own touch of music and tunes.

Even more, their musical instruments differ on a great scale as well.So, when it comes down to the Spanish music, flamenco guitars are an integral part of their musical world and we wouldn’t mind saying that tunes made from flamenco guitars are the best and literally caramelizes your ears.

So, if you want to learn how to play flamenco guitar, this is an exceptional website that will cater to all such needs.Designed with a wide range of flamenco guitar courses, the website makes sure to add new lessons on a daily basis to teach new things and help amplify the learning experience.

There are specialized lessons through which students can learn the first pieces.The best thing about this website is that they have their own community in which students can interact with each other and improve their concepts, promising better results.

Even more, the students can readily interact with teachers as well and get their doubts cleared!

14) GuitarChalk

Guitarchalk Learn Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online

Be it the treats or food, music, or tourism, Spain is the utter heaven and we think that everyone must visit that place. But as far as the music is concerned, Spain has really ramped up its game with folk music because it’s literally famous all around the world.

When you are talking about the Spanish folk music, the nylon-threaded flamenco guitars make an integral part and have been spreading tunes and melodies for centuries.

The flamenco guitars are pretty intimidating and if you want to learn how to play the flamenco guitar, GuitarChalk.com will become your savior.First of all, the students will access the basic tricks that ease the learning experience and improve the tunes.

The website has been integrated with Jam Play and True Fire technique sand how they help in ramping up your fingering techniques for flamenco guitar.

There are speculated courses on this website that mainly focus on major and minor scales,while teaching about the finger picking techniques. Overall, the website has a comprehensive set of courses, focusing on essentials of flamenco guitar!

Choosing The Best Flamenco Guitar Lesson Online

Spanish music is enriched with centuries of history and has a significant place in the world of folk music. It is considered incomplete without flamenco guitar that has been a vital part of Spanish music for past several centuries in different forms.

If you consider it, it is probably the most important instrument being played for Spanish folk music. To learn flamenco guitar is not like an ordinary guitar and requires certain skill set.

If you are looking to learn flamenco guitar, we have compiled a list of websites and have reviewed their significant features to help you make the right decision for you.


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