15 Websites to Learn Fashion Design Lesson Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Fashion Design Lesson Online

Fashion design is the process of imagining, sketching and creating stunning patterns and styles for clothing and accessories.

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This form of art plays a crucial role in the fashion industry. It is basically the foundation on which every other aspect of fashion comes to life.

Fashion is an ever-evolving phenomenon that is prominent in our society today and the design phase is the catalyst for its manifestation.

If you have a passion for fashion design, then it is important that you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge of what it takes to thrive in this sector.

Typically there are some skills fashion designers need to possess including good drawing skills, creativity, superb communication skills, an in-depth understanding of colour, texture & fabric, competitive spirit etc.

For you to acquire these skills or improve your current abilities, your first thought may be to enrol in a fashion academy or institute. But this may end up being an expensive, time consuming and exhausting option.

Thankfully with the recent advancement of virtual classrooms and eLearning platforms, you can enrol for online training programs in fashion design lessons.

These learning platforms are designed with numerous offers and innovative features that allow you to learn anywhere and anytime you wish.

Here are some websites where you can learn fashion design lessons online.

15 Websites to Learn Fashion Design Lesson Online Reviews

1) MasterClass : Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design

MasterClass Marc Jacobs Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Masterclass is a leading provider of online lessons on different vocations. Each of the lessons is put together by prominent professionals who top leading experts in their respective field.

As a wide encompassing eLearning platform, you can enrol for exclusive online lessons on fashion design, film directing, food, entrepreneurship, negotiation, photography, design and architecture, dance music and lots more.

Master class focuses on providing learners with access to expert-led pre-recorded video instructions. With a dual payment option of either $15 USD (billed annually for complete access) or $90 USD (for a single class).

The instructor for this particular fashion design lesson is Marc Jacob's- an excellent fashion designer and former creative designer for one of the world's top fashion powerhouse.

In eighteen (18) lessons, Marc Jacobs will take you behind the scenes and explain the entire process of creating fascinating and stunning fashion pieces.

You can view your video instructions on fashion design lessons by Marc Jacobs anytime and anywhere.

Additional learning resources include a downloadable class workbook with lesson recaps, supplemental materials, and assignments to improve your fashion design skills.

2) MasterClass : Diane Von Furstenberg

MasterClass Diane Von Furstenberg Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Masterclass is a leading provider of online lessons on different vocations. Each of the lessons is put together by prominent professionals who top leading experts in their respective field.

As a wide encompassing eLearning platform, you can enrol for exclusive online lessons on fashion design, film directing, food, entrepreneurship, negotiation, photography, design and architecture, dance music and lots more.

Master class focuses on providing learners with access to expert-led pre-recorded video instructions. With a dual payment option of either $15 USD (billed annually for complete access) or $90 USD (for a single class).

The instructor for this Master class on building your fashion brand is Diane Von Furstenberg, a fashion icon best known for her “wrap dress”.

In seventeen (17) lessons, Diane Von Furstenberg will teach you on how to develop your product, carry out market research, build your brand, connect with your customers, market your products, brand collaborations, determination and giving back.

You can view your video instructions lessons by Diane Von Furstenberg anytime and anywhere.

Additional learning resources include a downloadable class workbook with lesson recaps, supplemental materials, and assignments to help improve your learning.

3) Udemy

Udemy Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Udemy is a resourceful eLearning website that hosts online training programs on a variety of different subjects. These include lifestyle, design, business, marketing, photography and lots more.

Utilizing this platform, you are most likely to find any subject or area of specialization you may want to learn more about or acquire practical skills on.

Udemy's platform is designed with various tools to help improve every aspect of the learning process.

You can search for fashion design lessons using Udemy's search icon located at the top left corner. Afterwards, the system will present you with a tally of the total courses available and a list of results.

To save time, you can filter the available results based on ratings, duration, topic, level, features, price or language. You can also use the sort option to view results based on the most relevant/reviewed, highest rated, newest, or lowest/highest price.

Additionally, Udemy allows you to learn risk-free with a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee. This way you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with a particular lesson or instructor.

Each course on Udemy includes on-demand video instructions, access on mobile device & TV, downloadable learning resources and round the clock access.

4) Skillshare

Skillshare Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Skillshare is an online learning platform that focuses on helping learners to learn new skills through expert-led instructions.

As an online learning community, Skillshare connects creators with curious learners on different subjects.

This online learning platform has an interface that allows you to easily search for skills in fashion design. After subsequent processing of your search term, you will be shown skills related to your search term along with the number of courses available and the video lessons available.

There is a filter icon that can refine your search based on class type (that is payment options), date course was created, lessons you follow and class length. Each filter you pick will automatically refresh the result list.

Skillshare also has provisions for you to learn on the move, with a mobile application you can download to access all your lessons and keep track of your progress.

For you to experience what Skillshare has to offer, you can opt-in for the two months of free trial.

To complete the enrollment process and gain access, you need to select one of two payment plans, that is either the $8.25 USD month plan (billed annually) or the $29.00 USD single monthly payment.

There is no commitment with the free trial option and you can cancel it at any time.

5) Coursera

Coursera Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Coursera is an online learning community consisting of learners and top leading lesson providers. Coursera hosts various online training programs that have been put together by leading universities and academic institutions around the world.

On Coursera, you can either learn for free or purchase a course. The free courses will give you access to on-demand video lectures, class assignments, and community discussion forums. While the paid courses provide additional quizzes and projects as well as a shareable Course Certificate upon completion.

You can easily search for fashion design lessons using the search icon. You can also filter your results by language, level, skills, lesson provider or learning product.

Skillshare also has an application to promote and foster mobile learning. This mobile application is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. This way you can stream your video lessons from anywhere, or download them for offline viewing.

With academic and technical support feature, you can request feedback through peer reviews and the wider Coursera Community. You can also receive additional assistance from the platform's support team.

6) Lynda.Com

Lynda.Com Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Lynda.Com is a digital learning platform from professional networking digital service LinkedIn. Lynda.Com focuses on providing effective learning solutions to different organizations, individuals and groups.

Some of the benefits of learning on Lynda.Com include:

— Access to thousands of expert-led courses

— View your lessons on your computer or phone

— Ability to download video lessons to Lynda's application for offline viewing

— Additional learning materials (that is quizzes and exercise files)

— Access to LinkedIn learning career features

— A certificate upon your course completion.

To preview the services of the platform using the one-month free trial offer, you will have to select a subscription on a monthly or annual basis.

The single monthly subscription costs $29.99 while the annual subscription costs $19.99 per month.

Before enrolling in a course, you can click on the profile page to view more details about the lesson structure. Each lesson differs in their duration, learning level and title. Although there is no filter to refine your search results, the course titles are boldly indicated above each result for your consideration.

7) Class Central

Class Central Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Class Central is a search engine for various free courses or MOOC's- which is an acronym for massive open online courses.

They typically comprise video lessons, readings, assessments, and discussion forums. As a wide encompassing online directory, you can find various online training programs from different course providers.

The MOOCs on class central are either available for

— Free: which gives you access to videos, readings, and forums without any charges.

— Paid Enrollment: which gives you access to all the content, including additional benefits such as a certificate of completion.

Class Central's filter option can assist you in refining your search results based on courses with a certificate upon completion or by subject, language and start date.

A quick view of each result shows you a brief description of the course provider, course rating along with the course syllabus and video trailer.

If you find an interesting course, you will have to link up to the initial eLearning platform as you do not learn via Class Central. It only serves as a catalogue and may earn a commission if you purchase certain services.

8) Oxford Home Study

Oxford Home Study Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

OHSC is an acronym for Oxford Home Study Centre. This platform focuses on providing a great alternative to traditional on-campus learning.

OHSC caters for the needs of learners with an interest in different subject categories including fashion design, digital marketing, travel & tourism, risk management, psychology, marketing, beauty therapy and lots more.

With a free online fashion design course, you can broaden your understanding of fashion design, hone your skills and talent as a fashion designer and earn a certificate upon completion.

Additionally, OHSC gives you free access to comprehensive learning content put together by professionals with vast years of experience. There is no time commitment, no restrictions, no deadlines or need for previous knowledge or experience.

To get started learning fashion design on OHSC, you need to perform a search for fashion design classes, complete the enrollment form and pay any required charges. Afterwards, you can sign into OHSC online learning management system using the appropriate details. On this system, you can communicate with your personal tutor, find learning materials to download plus the latest information about your course.

9) University of Fashion

University of Fashion Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

The University of fashion is a platform that serves as an online video library for fashion design.

On this website, you can find hundreds of video lessons that teach various areas in fashion design.

The University of fashion provides online lessons on different aspects of fashion designs. The different video instructions are categorized based on their learning level that is beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Additionally, the video lessons on this platform are easy to follow. Every video that teaches you how to do something, will be inclusive of the list of tools you need for that project. You can order online any tool you do not have directly from the platform's marketplace.

Every video lesson is professionally produced with easy demonstrations and written lesson transcript to help you understand easily.

This eLearning platform truly is comprehensive in its coverage as there is also provision for you to brush up on your knowledge of some terms used in fashion designs.

Additional learning materials include graphics and downloadable files to help you understand key concepts, make tricky calculations or customize your project for different sized models.

To get unlimited access to the video lessons and learning materials you need to choose a subscription plan. That is either $189 USD per year or a recurring monthly subscription of $19.95 USD per month.

10) EDX

EDX Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Edx is an online training platform by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard.

The objective of this collaboration is to satisfy the learning demands of individuals with an interest in different subject areas or vocations.

The aim of Edx is to provide an alternative to traditional on-campus learning methods and remove the barriers of cost, location and access that prevents a lot of individuals from participating in the learning process.

On Edx you can easily search for fashion design and thereafter you will be provided with a list of available options for your search term.

Below the result is a comprehensive write on why learning the course is so important, along with any course certification program & it's provider plus possible career options.

If you click on the individual search results, you can view additional information on the institution, learning level, time commitment, course syllabus, course instructors etc. The course certificate which costs $65 USD is verified, shareable, and signed by the institution

Edx also has a mobile application that is available for download on the app store and Google play.

11) International Career Institute (ICI)

International Career Institute Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

ICI is an acronym for international career institute, which is an independent private provider of online education.

The International career institute (ICI) has strong links to top employers and are fully aware of the skills and knowledge that an individual needs to be employable.

The International career institute (ICI) online training program allows you to learn and acquire new skills in your respective vocation at the comfort of your own home.

Following successful enrolment in the online training program on fashion design, you can access video instructions on six topics in the course scheme.

This fashion design course makes you eligible for either a Diploma (takes 24weeks) or Advanced Diploma (takes 31weeks) depending on which level you enrol at.

The different levels are achieved by the amount of course content and assessments involved within each module at the intermediate (Diploma) and advanced (Advanced Diploma) levels.

Your entire course is carried out via Distance Learning with learning materials that are interesting, lively and engaging.

Upon payment of your course fee and successful enrollment, you will receive the required study materials and course notes, assignment projects with constructive tutor feedback and a tutor who will handle all of your courses and provide professional guidance.

12) Milan Fashion Campus

Milan Fashion Campus Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Milan Fashion Campus referred to as M.C.F for short is an eLearning platform where you can enrol in a women or men's fashion styling course.

The cost of courses on this platform range from €15 to €291.

Typically each course has a downloadable eBook and is categorized into different sections including fashion styling tutorials (for men and women), templates (weddings, fashion illustration, shoes, bag, back & side and lingerie) and lots more.

The courses on MCF cover most of the complex aspects of the design process. You can download the free lesson video to determine if a particular course will suit your learning needs.

Your lessons will be delivered through a video file containing instructions on each step, which can help your practice along with your instructor.

Following successful registration and enrollment, you will be given complete access to the course content and every other benefit therein.

13) University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

UAL is an acronym for University of the Arts London and offers a comprehensive range of the uses in fashion, art, design, communication and performing arts.

UAL describes itself as a top leader when it comes to teaching fashion and focuses on teaching learners in-depth knowledge and skills that make them employable in the fashion industry.

This particular class on fashion design is a short online course by the London College of Fashion. You will be taught on the complete concept of fashion design plus how fashion designers work.

Your lessons on fashion design will be delivered through a live digital session with an instructor. Each week you will be given assignments and subsequently, your tutor will give you feedback on your tasks. There is also a student forum where you can communicate and interact with other students.

At the end of your study, it is expected that you will be fully aware of the design process along with the ability to create your own unique fashion collection.

Following the successful completion of your study, you will be eligible for an LCF Certificate.

14) Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

The Academy of Art University has an online website to provide you with the same learning materials and training on-campus students undergo.

All the lessons on this eLearning platform will prepare you for any future endeavours or employment within the fashion industry.

You will gain exposure to expert-led instructions and training similar to the University's on-campus students.

Your coursework will include original instructional videos, audio-enhanced slideshows, digital documentation, interviews with field experts, and much more.

All the learning resources are engaging, interesting, simple understand and will immerse you in the various concepts of fashion design.

As you complete your course assignments, you are to upload them to the platforms Learning Management System (LMS) where it is shared with your class, and your instructor can leave visual markups, video, written and recorded feedback.

These features are put in place to make the learning process interactive and fun.

You can also submit your work for evaluation. This can also include an audio, video, and/or written descriptions of the work, and instructors can provide detailed feedback in the same way.

15) Creative Live

Creative Live Learn Fashion Design Lessons Online

Creative Live is an online learning community consisting of creators and curious learners. This platform is a good fit for learning fashion design since it envisions creativity which is an obvious component of the design process.

Before enrolling, you can watch a short trailer to have an idea of what your class is going to be about.

You can access your video lessons at any time with offline synchronization on IOS applications.

There are two payment plans for Creative Live. These include the $39 USD monthly pass or the annual pass which costs $149 per year.

After purchasing a class, you will have complete access as well as bonus materials, that comes in a downloadable PDF format.

You can also read reviews of past students who have enrolled and completed the lesson plan.

Creative Live has a mobile application which is available for iPhone, iPad and AppleTV.

Creative Live also displays additional courses related to fashion design which you can enrol in to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the entire concept.

Choosing the Best Fashion Design Lesson Online

Learning online is fast becoming the preferred alternative to traditional onsite learning methods as it has no boundaries of location, access and cost (depending on the course provider).

Additionally, the added benefits make it appealing to the vast majority of learners who want to acquire knowledge without leaving their front door.

The fashion sector is a booming industry and fashion designers have a crucial role to play.

If you want to improve your existing knowledge of fashion design or acquire new skills and techniques on the concept, then you can consider one of the numerous eLearning platforms mentioned i in this article.

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