7 Websites To Learn Erhu Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn erhu lessons online

learn erhu lessons online

The erhu is a very popular Chinese musical instrument. Its shape is more like a bow, with two strings attached to it. These are known by various names, such as a spike fiddle, southern fiddle, or more famously known as a Chinese violin in the western world.

This musical instrument can be used as both a solo instrument, or played with other instruments in large orchestras. The erhu is a very old and traditional musical instrument used in China. But not only the instrument is used in traditional music, it can also be used in modern classic music.

The erhu was first seen in China throughout the Tang Dynasty, which makes the instrument quite old. During the history, the instrument was actually used as a folk instrument by the southern Chinese people. The musical instrument has many uses now, and is used by people all over the world.

Now that we are done with giving a brief introduction about the instrument, let’s move on to what we will be discussing in today’s article. We will be giving our expert analysis on some of the websites that will teach you how to play an erhu effectively. You can find all of these websites right below:

7 Websites To Learn Erhu Lessons Online Review

1) TakeLessons

takelessons learn erhu lessons online

Take Lessons is a very popular online learning platform, providing its users with a list of online courses. These online courses cover multiple topics, which are taught by their team of experts. They have been providing students with enough diversity to make sure that the lessons meet all of the student needs.

Their team of experts comprise of teachers, having different individual backgrounds. Every teacher has his own style for teaching his students, but all of them have the same end goal, which is to help their students reach their goal.

Take Lessons features professional teachers that are willing to teach erhu lessons. There are multiple options you can choose from before starting a lesson. Depending on your budget, you can choose different online lessons, having different time durations.

Each online course feature brief details about the person who is teaching the course. This allows you to learn more about your teacher before starting the course.

2) Study

study learn erhu lessons online

Study offers a flexible way of teaching online lessons, making the procedure of learning faster and more efficient. Apart from giving online courses, they also give advice and help on test preparations, college and career decisions.

Their list of online courses is not only affordable, but they are also personalized for your ease. You can learn all of their courses at your own pace. They provide online courses on pretty much every subject, and these can be learned from anywhere in the world.

They have a number of online courses about playing an erhu. Some of these online courses will teach you all about the history of erhu, along with teaching you how to play one. Taking these courses will help you learn and understand all about the erhu.

You will learn how to play the Chinese musical instrument effectively, while also learning about its rhythms. Study can help you reach your learning goals as quickly as possible. All you need to do is choose them!

3) SuperProf

superprof learn erhu lessons online

Super Prof is one of the largest knowledge-based learning platforms available on the internet. By making use of their powerful platform, they have helped connect students from all over the world to a huge network of professional tutors and teachers.

They have tutors from all around the globe. These tutors are available for both online and face to face lessons. They will give you the opportunity of taking lessons from one of their expert tutors in a face to face class.

You will need to enter your postal code beforehand, and if there is any teacher available near you, the website will automatically match you with that respected teacher. But what if there is no teacher available near your region? Well you can always opt for online lessons through webcam.

The erhu lessons provided by Super Prof consists of erhu experts. You can try out the first lesson from any of these teachers without any cost! You must have access to a webcam before starting any of the erhu course.

4) Wyzant

wyzant learn erhu lessons online

Wyzant is a famous online learning platform which was founded back in 2005. They are mainly based in Bucktown, Chicago but are extending their online service to everywhere in the world.

Today, Wyzant is a digital marketplace, providing dozens of online courses to its students. The website offers an easier way of learning through their one -on- one courses.

First and foremost, you will need to specify about the subject you are struggling in. Then, you will need to choose from a list of their expert teachers, based on their qualifications and teaching hours. After you are done, the last thing before getting started on your lessons is to book a course with your teacher.

All online courses, including the erhu lessons are taught online. The erhu lessons feature qualified erhu instructors, who will teach you in a one -on- one private class. You also have the option of deciding your own teacher according to your specified budget.

5) ErhuLessons

erhulessons learn erhu lessons online

Erhu Lessons is a website created by Ling Peng for the sole purpose of teaching students all about the erhu. Ling is an expert who started her music career since a small age, and have years of experience on playing an erhu. She has performed music in front of thousands living in China.

The website is updated with new content almost every week. This means that you can expect getting new lessons very often from the website. Erhu Lessons also allows its community to share their own videos which helps the website to feature new content daily.

Many old users have shared their positive review and opinion on the website, and have recommended the website to everyone looking for erhu lessons. They have also shared their positive opinion on Ling Peng, who teaches the online lessons.

There are plenty of online erhu lessons available, ranging from beginner to intermediate. These online lessons have all the steps on playing an erhu, along with basic information about the instrument.

6) Musinno

musinno learn erhu lessons online

Musinno, more commonly known as the Center for Music Innovations offers Chinese music performances, and workshops. They also explore ways for playing Chinese musical instruments and orchestras in a modern classical manner, in an attempt to bring the East and West closer through the power of their music.

They were founded in 2018 by Patty Chan, which is quite recent. The website was created in an effort to broaden the knowledge about the traditional Chinese instruments to composers and musicians.

They offer a complete English guide on learning how to play the erhu. The guide is made especially for those who are thinking about getting started with the erhu.

The website also features online erhu lessons in the form of one -on- one classes. These online classes are made for people of all ages and skill levels. Each lesson will be customized according to the need of the student, which will encourage him more and help him learn faster.

7) iMusicSchool

imusicschool learn erhu lessons online

iMusic School is an online school focusing on providing high quality online music lessons to its users. Their goal is to provide an online marketplace where dozens of online courses are available covering every musical instrument.

Their courses are designed to be accessible, and are available 24/7. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, the online courses offered by iMusic School are for everyone. The online courses can be taken from a computer, phone, or a tablet.

While also offering a huge variety of online courses on every musical instrument, you can find great erhu lessons on the website. The erhu is taught by Chen Chunyuan, who is an incredible artist.

She has performed in stages for years, and is truly an expert of playing the instrument. She has a unique playing style that also gives a sense of the pure Chinese musical traditions.

Choosing The Best Erhu Lesson Online

The erhu is one of the most significant Chinese musical instruments, having a history of over thousands of years. It is a very famous musical instrument, especially in China. While only having two strings, it can deliver a wide variety of emotions. Some people also refer it to as a “Chinese violin”.

It is an expressive instrument, with having the ability of covering and replicating different kinds of sounds. The musical instrument is attached with the Chinese history and traditions.

Through this article, we have reviewed and analyzed a few websites that offer the best online courses for teaching you how to play the erhu. All of the above websites come with their own set of advantages, which are mentioned by us. You just need to pick any one of these and get started on playing the erhu!


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